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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 264 – Some people are very anxious “How are their strengths?” Wei Chang replied respectfully, “Subordinate still hasn’t tested out their strengths, however, if I was to reckon, their strengths should be below Death Mage’s strength.” “You mean that, just Death Mage alone is enough to destroy them?” Ye Hua asked faintly. Originally, Ye Hua’s interest was piqued by a bit, but upon hearing that their strengths were weaker than Death Mage, Ye Hua immediately lost interest. “Reporting back to Your Honor, if it is one versus one, Death Mage would indeed be able to destroy any one of them.” This is a bit interesting, my interest is piqued again. “Do the south’s powers have any movements?” Ye Hua asked. “According to Xun Fang, some powers that are from the south lost their cool and are currently requesting the aristocratic families to deal with those people who destroyed Dry Zen Sect.” Ye Hua sneered, “Those people really do not have guts at all, losing their cool just because a sect was exterminated. In the past, when we went to exterminate a city, reinforcements would come immediately right after we just began with the extermination of the city.” “Your Honor, how would ordinary powers dare to deal with those people when those people were able to exterminate Dry Zen Sect in just a night. After all, those ordinary powers do not possess even one ancient godly item.” “I understand now. So, from the looks of it, those aristocratic families won’t be a match for those people too, and in the end, it would be up to the big powers to deal with those people. Inform Xun Fang to not let Ying Family deal with this matter and let the other big power deal with this matter instead.” Right now, the strengths of my wife’s power and Ying Family decreased greatly because of the battle they had with each other, thus, it is only natural that I can’t let Ji Family have it too easy. I will let those counterfeits help me to destroy some people. This should be counted as “making use of someone else to do your dirty work”, right? “Subordinate understood, subordinate should go and arrange everything now.” After cutting off the contact with Wei Chang, Ye Hua began pondering. What’s the matter with those counterfeits that suddenly appeared? Is the appearance of those counterfeits a mere coincidence, or is it planned by someone? Judging from their strengths, those people merely possess strengths that are below that of Death Mage, this is truly strange. Furthermore, those people are occupying someone else’s territory and waiting for others to come and deal with them. The way they do things is exactly the same as how we did things in the past. In the past, after exterminating a city, we would continue staying in the city and wait for more people to come and deal with us, then proceed to kill everyone that came. This is truly an unexpected surprise. You all better not get killed by those humans! If not, I will be very disappointed. Right now, south’s aristocratic family, Ding Family, was currently holding a meeting to discuss about the matter of Dry Zen Sect being exterminated! All five of south’s aristocratic families were here. Ding Family’s Family Head Ding Yuan. Wu Family’s Wu Sheng. Diao Family’s Diao Lang. He Family’s He Tian. Murong Family’s Murong Zhi. The looks of the five aristocratic families’ family heads were not allowed to be doubted, all of them were handsome looking uncles, and each has his own style. It was reckoned that, back when they were young, they were definitely popular with the ladies. Not the slightest bit of nervousness could be seen on the faces of those five family heads. Towards such a matter like this, those that needed to worry were always the weaklings. A power that possesses an ancient godly item was able to easily exterminate a sect, and all of the family heads’ families possess an ancient godly item. Therefore, to them, this matter could not be counted as a crisis, and at the most, this matter could be counted as a small trouble. While playing around with the matchbox that was in his hand, Diao Lang said faintly, “Originally, we were going to discuss about how we are going to deal with the north’s powers today, but because a group of people suddenly appeared last night and admitted the things that they did, things became much easier! Firstly, I will say, my Diao Family will not shirk away from this matter!” “Diao Lang, I’m afraid that this isn’t good, right? I have a friendly relationship with that Hai Daisi, and since he is killed by that group of people, this matter should be handed over to me to deal with.” Murong Zhi tapped lightly onto the table and said, wanting to fight over for the task to deal with the unknown power that suddenly appeared. “Murong Zhi, you and that Hai Daisi have only met with each other once, but that Guang Family’s Guang Tianlu is a distant relative of mine! Therefore, this revenge has to be sought after by me!” He Tian shouted out gravely, appearing very domineering Wu Sheng laughed lightly and said unhurriedly, “Distant relative? He Tian, are you here to make us laugh? If that’s the case, I might as well say that Xun Yi is my mistress.” “Enough!” Ding Yuan shouted out coldly. “My son, Ding Yuanwu, has been missing for a few days already, and from the looks of it, he has most probably been killed, and the culprit is very likely that group of people! Therefore, this matter should be dealt with by my Ding Family!” Ding Yuan said while glowering. It pains my heart dearly that my most doted son has been killed, the culprit who killed my son should not live under the same sky as me! Wu Sheng stroke onto his sideburn and said lightly, “Ding Yuan, who doesn’t know just what kind of morality and conduct that that small son of yours possess, it was only a matter of time that he would end up being killed.” “That’s right, you are speaking without any evidence at all. Perhaps, that group of people may have not even been the one who killed your son.” Diao Lang said in disdain as he took out a matchstick from the matchbox, ignited the matchstick, then watched as the matchstick burned. Murong Zhi paused for a moment, then stood up and said, “Since everyone wants to take this merit for themselves, let’s settle it by drawing lots. This way, it would be fair for everyone.” The other four nodded their heads. Eliminating troubles was one of the ways to obtain merits, and if they had the chance to run for becoming a big power, the merits that they have accumulated will be very useful. Diao Lang took out five matchsticks, then cut the matchsticks into different lengths. “The one who draws the shortest matchstick should be the one to go and deal with that unknown power.” The other four did not say anything. Everyone’s strength was more or less the same, thus, if someone were to cheat, the others would be able to discover it. Soon after, all of them began drawing a matchstick one by one, then showed the stick that they drew. Diao Lang let out a light sigh, then cupped his hands at Ding Yuan and said, “Ding Yuan, your chance to seek revenge is here.” The other three shook their heads and sighed. This Ding Yuan is truly lucky. This is truly disappointing! Ding Yuan tightly clenched his fists and said faintly, “Tomorrow, I will hang the heads of those people at the front of my Ding Family’s toilet!” “I should congratulate you in advance then.” He Tian congratulated with a mocking tone. The five sat back down on their seats, the meeting still hasn’t seemed to have ended. “I’m sure that everyone has heard about what happened yesterday, right?” Diao Lang changed the frivolous expression that he had on his face and said solemnly. Wu Sheng said faintly, “Yesterday, Ying Family fought with Voidless Realm, and although I do not know the result of the battle, I’m sure that both parties suffered great losses from the battle.“ “Amongst the three big powers, the strengths of two big powers have been weakened. I wonder if this matter will cause those people to become dissatisfied, and thus pick two other powers to replace those two big powers.” Murong Zhi said curiously. Ding Yuan said gravely, “It is rumored that the three big powers were selected by those people, therefore, it is only natural that there would be a possibility for any of the big powers to get kicked out of the ranks of the big powers by those people. Just that, so much amount of time has already passed, and who knows if that kind of regulation still exists or not?” The other four silently nodded their heads. It was rumored that, the three big powers were selected by some other powers during a thousand years ago, and the functions of the three big powers were, firstly, to mutually put each other in control, secondly, to uphold the law and order of the world, and thirdly, to suppress some people who got too cocky. One thing to note was that, the ancient godly items that were within the hands of the three big powers were handed to them by the powers that selected them! That’s right! The ancient godly items that the three big powers possessed were handed down to them. Just like when a student goes to school, the teachers in the school would hand them textbooks. However, this was a matter that happened a thousand years ago, and no one knew if the other powers that selected the big powers still cared about the three big powers or not. After all, when the two big powers went into battle with each other, no one came to stop the two big powers. Donghuang Baizhi did not know about all those things, mainly because her father died too suddenly, and thus didn’t have the chance to tell her about some matters that she was unaware of. However, Ying Family was aware of all those things, but they didn’t report any information about those things to Ye Hua and the others, because even they themselves also didn’t know if the other powers that selected them still existed or not. And in Ying Family’s mind, if those powers still existed, then great, they could get His Honor to exterminate those powers. The five remained silent for quite a while. All of them wanted to climb upwards, if not, why would they want to take on such a troublesome matter like dealing with the unknown power that suddenly appeared? What they really wanted was the merit that they would get from after dealing with the unknown power. After quite a while, the four others left Ding Family. And after the four left, Ding Yuan began ordering Ding Family to prepare for battle! In order to win this battle beautifully and marvelously, and thus cause the good reputation of his Ding Family to become more well-known, Ding Yuan dispatched everyone in Ding Family except for the elderlies and the frails. This was all so that Ding Yuan could display just how strong his Ding Family’s strength was! https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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