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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 265 – We have won Tomorrow would probably be a wonderful sunny day. But to Wei Chang, today was a terrible day for him… It had been a few days since Wei Chang came to Leisure Bar, and today, when he arrived at Leisure Bar, he saw that the oil paintings that he had collected had all been torn into pieces and scattered around the floor. Those oil paintings that I collected are all authentic… Wei Chang was in so much pain that he felt like dying. Madam Donghuang is too vicious… If you are angry, go and beat His Honor instead, why did you vent your anger out on my paintings… Originally, I was intending to sell away a few of those paintings, then pay the money that I owed, but right now… However, to Ye Hua, every day was a good day for him, especially on this day where the empress was going to accompany him to sleep. Today, Qing Ya went to sleep in her sister’s room, and it was Empress Donghuang’s turn to accompany Ye Hua to sleep. Empress Donghuang’s face has been red since afternoon, and when night arrived, Empress Donghuang looked even more beautiful. Looking at those watery eyes of Donghuang Baizhi, Ye Hua felt very itchy in his chest. My women are all truly alluring. Originally, Ye Hua was intending to caress Donghuang Baizhi’s entire body, but in the end… “Daddy, hug hug~” In the end, Donghuang Li squeezed between the two of them, causing Ye Hua’s plan to go into ruin. However, towards his daughter, Ye Hua did not felt angry at her at all. Donghuang Li lied down between her parents, and the smile that was on her face seemed like it was about to blossom anytime soon. Donghuang Li kissed onto her left, then kissed onto her right, and words could not describe how happy Donghuang Li felt right now. Compared to the past, Donghuang Li’s life right now was practically just like a fairy tale. Now, she has both her father and mother to accompany her, and at night, all three of them were able to sleep together on the same bed. I’m so happy right now~ “Daddy, mommy, you two have to quickly give birth to a little brother for Ah Li.” Donghuang Li who was lying down in the middle said happily. Tonight, Donghuang Baizhi was wearing thin nightclothes, and that faintly discernible body of hers caused Ye Hua to feel very unbearable. While lying on her side, and her head rested on her arm, Donghuang Baizhi asked curiously, “Why do Ah Li want a little brother so much?” “Because Ah Li is the smallest right now. After Aunt Qing gives birth to the baby, Ah Li will become the biggest. But even if that is the case, Ah Li would only be older than one person. Therefore, mommy, you have to quickly give birth to a little brother for Ah Li.” Donghuang Li did not say her main motive for wanting her mother to give birth to a little brother for her. If I have a little brother, I would be able to bully my little brother~ After hearing their daughter’s explanation, Donghuang Baizhi laughed, while a smile appeared on the corner of Ye Hua’s mouth. The number of family members in my family is gradually increasing. This is a good sign. “Mommy, you have to quickly make a baby with daddy.” The little fellow said pitifully, and the little fellow’s words caused Donghuang Baizhi to become very shy. Seeing that her mommy's face turned red and didn’t speak, Donghuang Li began pleading with her father, “Daddy~ Mommy is not saying anything.” “Ah Li, the process of making a child cannot be seen by children.” Donghuang Li wrinkled her brows, then suddenly jumped up from the bed, “Ah Li won’t disturb daddy and mommy in making a child then, Ah Li will go and sleep with Aunt Qing.” After finished speaking, Donghuang Li wore onto her slippers, then ran out of the bedroom. From the looks of it, Donghuang Li really wanted to have a little brother to bully. “Ah Li…” Donghuang Baizhi shouted out tenderly. My daughter is my shield, and now that my shield ran away, Ye Hua is definitely going to bully me to death. “Baizhi, come over.” Ye Hua said faintly. Donghuang Baizhi’s heartbeat began accelerating and she said in a low voice, “Don’t want to~” “Quickly come over, if not, I’m going to tell Ah Li that you are not cooperating with me.” Donghuang Baizhi was completely speechless. This fellow actually used our daughter to threaten me, he is truly shameless… Donghuang Baizhi slowly moved towards Ye Hua… “This is more like it.” Ye Hua was very satisfied as he embraced Donghuang Baizhi’s willow waist with his big hands. “Ye Hua~” Donghuang Baizhi moaned. The fire in my body has been successfully ignited by this Baizhi, this Baizhi is truly an alluring empress. “Baizhi, your figure is still as good as it used to be.” Ye Hua’s hands had long slipped into Donghuang Baizhi’s nightclothes. Hmm, hmm, hmm~ Donghuang Baizhi couldn’t contain herself anymore. A slight trace of smile appeared on the corner of Ye Hua’s mouth, “Baizhi, you are still as sensitive as you used to be.” “Don’t mess around anymore~” Donghuang Baizhi shouted out shyly. Donghuang Baizhi was having it hard, because Ye Hua would only ignite the flame within her body but wouldn’t help her extinguish the flame that he ignited. After retracting back those wicked hands of his, Ye Hua lightly embraced Donghuang Baizhi’s impressive body, “Baizhi, after I recovered, let’s make a little brother for Ah Li.” Donghuang Baizhi let out a breath of relief, then said, “En, as long as you are happy.” Did anyone hear that? Those two women have already been subdued by me! After I become completely healed in a few days, I will… Eh… Is becoming completely healed in a few days a bit too fast? It would be bad if they end up seeing through my act because of that. The feeling of hugging onto an empress to sleep is indeed different. It would be great if Qing Ya were here too, that way, everything would be perfect. The night gradually went by, and daybreak arrived. Above Dry Zen Sect, 3000 people could be seen to have gathered, and on a bunch of big flags, the word “Ding” was written on them. While with armors worn on their bodies, everyone from Ding Family was gazing at the Dry Zen Sect that was below them. Right now, Dry Zen Sect looked completely the same as it used to. There was no bloodstain or smoke, and only a faint aura of death was drifting above Dry Zen Sect. The aura of death made everyone in Ding Family to feel uncomfortable in their hearts! Ding Yuan shouted out loudly, “Steel your minds!” This group of people is truly formidable. Just this aura of death alone is enough to make others feel intimidated. It is no wonder that they were able to exterminate Dry Zen Sect in just a night! Ding Yuan could be seen taking out a rainbow color bell from his body. This was Ding Family’s ancient godly item, Soul Absorbing Bell! “People that are within Dry Zen Sect, listen! All of you have been surrounded by us! Those that are smart, lay down your weapons and walk out of the sect while with your hands hugged onto your head, and I should give you an intact corpse!” Ding Yuan shouted out towards Dry Zen Sect. However, the sect was extremely quiet, seemingly like there was no one inside the sect at all. “Family head, we can launch an attack at them and force our way into the sect!” Ding Yuan’s eldest son took a step forward and said in a low voice. Ding Yuan remained silent for a moment, then ordered, “Ding Hui, you should bring along a thousand people with you and launch an attack at them!” “Yes!” Ding Hui waved his hand, and a thousand people followed along with him and descended into the inside of Dry Zen Sect! Everyone was very careful as they were afraid that they were going to be landing into the enemy’s trap. However, there wasn’t any trap or ambush at all after they landed in Dry Zen Sect. Upon seeing that, Ding Yuan ordered everyone to charge forward! Deafening shouts immediately began ringing out from the valley. According to logic, the sounds of weapons colliding should have definitely rung out along with the shouts. However, there were only shouts and no other sounds. Without any effort at all, Ding Family occupied Dry Zen Sect! “Family head, we have won!” Not sure who was it within the group that shouted that out, soon after, everyone in Ding Family began cheering, and those who were carrying the big flags began waving the big flags! A smile appeared on the corner of Ding Yuan’s mouth. Isn’t this too easy? Is there no one in Dry Zen Sect anymore? However, up till now, Ding Yuan still did not know just how many people were in the group that exterminated Dry Zen Sect, and he thought that there were definitely at least over a hundred people in the group. Zi… The main palace’s two huge redwood doors slowly opened, and a man who wore a nightgown, hair that was fluffy, and had eye bags could be seen walking out from the main palace. “It’s early in the morning, what are you all making so much noise for, do you all still intend to let others sleep or not!” Greed took out a pair of eyeglasses from his nightgown’s pocket and wiped onto the eyeglasses with his nightgown, then wore the eyeglasses. Everyone from Ding Family looked towards Greed. Why is there only one person? Ding Yuan asked, “May I ask who your distinguished is?” Greed sized up the human who was in front of him as he dug onto his eye boogers, then said unhurriedly, “Only this many of you came here?” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman


From 19 Sept, 2-3 chapters a week.

Translator: Wigglegui



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