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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 266 – Everything is fake After hearing what Greed said, everyone became on the alert as they pointed their weapons at Greed. “You are the person who exterminated Dry Zen Sect?” Ding Yuan shouted out angrily as he raised the Soul Absorbing Bell that was in his hand. Greed said with a smile on his face, “Don’t act so overexaggerated, I merely killed some people to amuse myself.” “Arrogant fellow, don’t be so cocky!” Ding Yuan immediately shook onto the Soul Absorbing Bell that was in his hand. Along with the sound of the bell ringing out, a rainbow light that carried along a strange sound with it floated out from the bell and attacked at Greed. “Achoo!” Greed suddenly let out a sneeze, then said faintly, “It is rather cold here in the mountains.” Everyone looked dazedly at Greed. The ancient godly item’s attack was actually blown away by a sneeze… How is that possible! Greed stretched out his hand and grasped, and the Soul Absorbing Bell that was in Ding Yuan’s hand teleported and appeared in Greed’s hand. “This little bell is fine when used to amuse a dog, but to use it for killing people, it is still lacking a bit in quality.” Greed lightly grasped onto the bell, and Ding Family’s ancient godly item immediately burst into pieces. The huge mass of energy that was produced after the ancient godly item burst into pieces sent everyone in Ding Family flying, and immediately, almost everyone in Ding Family was sitting on the ground. Ding Yuan was stupefied. This guy actually destroyed the ancient godly item with just his hand alone! Did my eyes see wrongly? How is this possible! This is definitely not possible! “Everyone, calm down! This is merely an illusion!” Ding Yuan shouted out loudly, and sure enough, everyone from Ding Family calmed down. “Arrogant fellow, you think you can scare my Ding Family away with just a mere illusion? Hand over your life!” Greed let out a yawn, then said with a slight smile, “You humans just like to deceive yourselves.” “They still haven’t woken up, so I will just deal with you bunch myself. All of you, end your own life!” After finished speaking, Greed turned around and walked back into the main palace. Greed was intending to go back to sleep. “End your own life!” Those four words resounded in everyone’s ears. Without the slightest bit of change in his expression at all, one person from Ding Family could be seen drawing out his sword and stabbing the sword at his own body. Even more, because the person didn’t die after stabbing himself with the sword, the person drew out the sword from his body, then stabbed himself again with the sword. “Everyone, don’t panic, this is merely an illusion!” Ding Yuan shook his head, then shouted out loudly. Ding Yuan’s eldest son could be seen drawing out his own sword too, then slashed the blade of the sword at his own neck. Blood immediately splattered in all directions, and Ding Yuan’s face was filled with his son’s blood. “This is merely an illusion, everyone, stay calm!” “I stabbed myself, this feels great!” “Why am I not able to stab myself to death? Let me try stabbing myself a few more times.” Just like this, Ding Yuan watched as everyone killed themselves. All ten of his sons were currently already lying down on the ground, and before 10 minutes even passed, everyone from Ding Family was lying down on a pool of blood. A dense bloody smell drifted around the air, and the pungent smell was enough to make one feel like puking. However, everyone that was lying down on the ground did not have any painful expression on their faces, and instead, there was a smile of relief on their faces. “Illusion… this is merely an illusion…” Ding Yuan mumbled, not daring to believe everything that was before his eyes. Greed merely used the simplest hypnotism that he knows of, and when one reached the power level that Ding Yuan was at, low-level hypnotisms were no longer effective on them, therefore, amongst everyone in Ding Family, Ding Yuan was the only one not affected by Greed’s hypnotism. Cling! Ding Yuan drew out his sword while mumbling to himself, “This is merely an illusion… this is merely an illusion… everything is fake…” Stab! Ding Yuan stabbed the sword through his own heart. Ding Yuan’s lofty figure gradually collapsed onto the ground as blood spilled out from the corner of his mouth. While looking at his sons’ corpses, Ding Yuan mumbled, “Illusion… illusion… this is merely an illusion…” In the blink of an eye, Ding Family, one of south’s five aristocratic families, was exterminated. Ding Family saw their enemy, but they didn’t manage to even touch till the corner of their enemy’s clothing! The other four aristocratic families should be glad that they didn’t draw till the matchstick of death. Drawing the winning matchstick was no different from drawing a ticket to death. Originally, Ding Yuan wanted to take the merit for destroying the unknown power for his own family, but in the end, even up till death, he still wasn’t willing to believe that everything before his eyes was real. Some people were hiding in the dark and observing what was happening between Ding Family and Greed, and when they saw everyone from Ding Family committed suicide, they were scared to the point that their souls almost left their bodies. After a long while, then did those people finally came back to their senses and hurriedly sent out the news of Ding Family had been exterminated to their respective powers. Even an aristocratic family is not able to deal with that person! It seems like the big powers are going to have to be the ones to deal with this unknown power! As expected, the moment the news was sent back, the entire cultivation world went crazy, and pretty much all of the powers within the south began to panic. Ding Family who possesses an ancient godly item is exterminated just like this! Not a single person remained from everyone in Ding Family that went to deal with the unknown power, and furthermore, everything was done by just one person! My god, just how did that person managed to do that! That person is not a human at all, he is practically a demon! When the other four aristocratic families received the news regarding Ding Family, all of them had a stupefied look on their faces, then soon after, they patted onto their chests in relief. It is fortunate that I didn’t draw the winning matchstick, if not, I would have been the one that died. Afterward, the remaining four aristocratic families held a meeting again. All four of the aristocratic families were definitely not going to go and deal with the unknown power, and there was practically only going to be one outcome from the meeting, which was to request for the big powers to deal with the unknown power! Us aristocratic families are not a match for that unknown power. In the bedroom that was on the second floor of Leisure Bar. Donghuang Baizhi’s pure white arms were placed on Ye Hua’s chest, and she was currently nestled within the crook of Ye Hua’s arm. To Donghuang Baizhi, it has been a very long time since she had last slept so well. Suddenly, an urgent jade letter was sent to Donghuang Baizhi, causing Donghuang Baizhi to open her hazy beautiful eyes. Seeing that Ye Hua still hasn’t woken up, Donghuang Baizhi stealthily gave Ye Hua a kiss, then checked onto the contents of the jade letter. Slowly, Donghuang Baizhi’s expression became grave. Just a while ago, Ding Family was exterminated! And it was all done by just one person! Just one person alone exterminated an aristocratic family! How is this possible! The strengths of those aristocratic families are all very strong, especially those family heads. And adding on with the help of an ancient godly item, how was it possible for Ding Family to be exterminated by just one person? Furthermore, the amount of time it took for that person to exterminate Ding Family was so short! “Baizhi, what’s the matter?” Ye Hua asked faintly. Just a while ago, Ye Hua received news from Wei Chang. That guy did a good job in exterminating that Ding Family. However, those people are too stupid, they don’t know how to act at all. If I was there, I would have definitely made it so that it seems that I won the battle with great difficulty, and everyone in my team would have to suffer grave injuries too. That way, the other humans would then be willing to come and attack us. Instead, right now, now that those people used just one person to intimidate everyone, I dare to guarantee that even the big power, Ji Family, wouldn’t dare to go and deal with them. Those knockoffs sure are stupid. However, thinking back to how I was in the past, I seemed to have indeed been as stupid as those knockoffs. The me in the past was indeed very stupid. “Ye Hua, just a while ago, Ding Family was exterminated, and that was all done by just one person that the unknown power sent out!” Donghuang Baizhi said gravely, and worried could be seen flickering within her eyes. Ye Hua pulled Donghuang Baizhi into his embrace, then said faintly, “What does this matter have anything to do with you.” “This matter of course has something to do with me. One of the jobs of the three big powers is to uphold the law and order of this world!” While pinching onto the empress’s cheek, Ye Hua said gravely, “Baizhi, your job is to properly be a wife and a mother.” “Ye Hua, be serious~” “You forgot just what you should do after waking up in the morning?” Ye Hua reminded. Donghuang Baizhi rolled her eyes petulantly at Ye Hua, then gave Ye Hua a sweet kiss. This feels great! After taking liberties of the empress, Ye Hua let go of his hands, then said calmly, “In any case, this is the south’s problem and isn’t a problem for you to care about.” Donghuang Baizhi who had turned incomparably red because of Ye Hua said gravely, “But, what if that group of people end up coming to the north?” “Don’t tell me, you are intending on going to the south and meddle in the south's matter?” Ye Hua asked gravely. Donghuang Baizhi nodded her head, “If the south has no way of dealing with that unknown power, I will have no choice but to go!” “You are not allowed to!” Ye Hua shouted out coldly. My dear empress, why do you even have the ambition of upholding the law and order of this world? Aren’t you practically going against me by having such an ambition like that? Moreover, with that bit of capability that you possess, you are not a match for those people at all. Do you intend on sending yourself to your death? Donghuang Baizhi pouted her small mouth and shook onto her husband’s arm, “Ye Hua~ This is my job~ You should support me in my job~” “No!” Ye Hua was determined in objecting to Donghuang Baizhi’s idea. If you were to go, in the end, I would have to be the one to come and save you. You are truly a foolish woman! https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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