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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 267 – Frightening idea “What’s the matter?” Qing Ya could be seen entering the bedroom with Ah Li. Donghuang Li immediately jumped onto the bed, then kissed onto her father’s cheek, “Daddy, time to wake up~” Soon after, Qing Ya walked over and gave Ye Hua a sweet kiss. This made Ye Hua felt incredibly great. While Ye Hua played around with Ah Li, Donghuang Baizhi began recounting what happened to Qing Ya. After awakening her bloodline, Qing Ya became aware of her duty to protect the humans. Therefore, when Qing Ya came across such a matter like this, she wouldn’t shirk away from the matter with dishonor. “Baizhi, I will come along with you.” Qing Ya said with a tender smile on her face. “Qing Ya, thank you.” Donghuang Baizhi was very grateful towards Qing Ya, and because of Qing Ya’s reaction, Donghuang Baizhi’s impression towards Qing Ya became even more favorable. “What do you mean that you will go along with her! Who allowed you two to go!” Ye Hua shouted out gravely. It has only been a few days since they have been obedient, and right now, they are beginning to be disobedient again. Is this matter even something that you two should meddle in? What do those knockoffs killing others have anything to do with the two of you? Donghuang Baizhi pulled onto Qing Ya, indicating Qing Ya to go and speak to Ye Hua. After all, in the two women’s eyes, Ye Hua was acting this way because he was worried about the two of them. Qing Ya said tenderly, “Ye Hua, don’t worry, we are able to take care of this matter.” “What do you mean that you two are able to take care of this matter? Do you two not know that it is very dangerous? In any case, you two are not allowed to go to the south.” Ye Hua said gravely. Right now, although Qing Ya has become strong, she does not have any experience in fighting at all. With the way she is right now, even if she went to the south, it would be pointless. Donghuang Li began acting as the judge, “What daddy said is right. Mommy and Aunt Qing, you two are not allowed to go to the south.” “Look, look, Ah Li is much sensible compared to the two of you.” Donghuang Baizhi smiled helplessly, “Ye Hua, it is not like I am saying that I am intending to go to the south right now, what I am saying is that, I will decide on what to do after seeing how the situation at the south goes.” “This is more like it. Carry me to the wheelchair, we will go out to eat breakfast, I know of a store that makes pretty good wontons.” “Ah Li will help daddy get off the bed.” “My Ah Li is the most sensible.” Ye Hua rubbed onto his daughter’s head. Take a look at this daughter of mine, then take a look at those two women of mine, do those two women think that they are ultramen? To actually intend to head to wherever that has danger. Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi shook their heads helplessly. Ye Hua’s temper is still as smelly as usual, only we would be able to withstand this temper of his. Just like this, the four left the bar. Two beautiful women, with one of the women pushing onto a wheelchair which has a man sat in it, and an adorable little child. The light that was emitted out from the combination of those four people caused everyone’s eyes to become blind. Right now, no matter if it was male, female, old, or young, everyone was looking at Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi, and no one was even looking at Ye Hua… Even more, the number of gazes that Little Ah Li received was higher than the number of gazes that Ye Hua received. This caused Ye Hua to be speechless. In the future, I might as well just stay at home, when I leave the house with them, my limelight is pretty much completely stolen by them. However, bringing them out with me does indeed help me to grow my face… What are you all looking at! Continue looking and I will kill all of you! “Your Honor! Subordinate has a matter to report to you.” Wei Chang’s voice rang out in Ye Hua’s head. “What is it?” Wei Chang said gravely, “Ying Family acted according to Your Honor’s order and did not step forth to deal with the counterfeits. However, Ji Family also found an excuse to not step forth and deal with the counterfeits.” “Haha, this Ji Family is rather smart, they know that they are not a match for those counterfeits.” Ye Hua sneered. This Ji Family is much smarter than I had expected. However, this Ji Family still has to be exterminated. In the south, there is Ying Family, and in the north, there is Voidless Realm, therefore, the existence of this Ji Family is unnecessary. “Your Honor, this Ji Family is not acting according to common sense. Should we give this Ji Family a warning, or perhaps, just exterminate this Ji Family?” Wei Chang asked curiously. Ye Hua pondered for a moment, then said faintly, “Leave this Ji Family alone for now. Instead of us dealing with this Ji Family ourselves, we might as well let others deal with this Ji Family. I reckon that, for Ji Family to shrink back instead of stepping forth to deal with those counterfeits, Ji Family will receive a lot of hate.” “Subordinate understood Your Honor’s intention. I will make Ji Family’s reputation become tarnished by getting Xun Fang to spread the news of Ji Family not intending to step forth to deal with those counterfeits.” “Good.“ Wei Chang asked again, “Then, how should I deal with those counterfeits?” “We will first see what they intend to do next before we decide on how to deal with them.” “Yes!” Right now, at Ji Family’s main hall, 10+ Ji Family’s important members were currently holding a meeting together, and the topic of the meeting was regarding the unknown power that destroyed Dry Zen Sect. Ji Family’s family head wore a gorgeous gown, which helped further amplify his unique temperament. To add on, Ji Family’s family head’s facial features were extremely outstanding, and when placed in the outside world, he could be considered a very handsome fellow. Ji Family’s family head’s name was called Ji Zizhen. Sitting at Ji Zizhen’s right and left sides were his two little brothers. The one sitting on the left was called Ji Ji. Ji Ji was Ji Family’s second eldest child. Ji Ji was tall and sturdy, and the sideburns that were on his face gave him a very unique look. Sitting on the right side was Ji Family’s third eldest child, Ji Teng. Same as Ji Ji, Ji Teng was a tall and sturdy man. Amongst the three brothers, Ji Zizhen was the only one who looked handsome and elegant. It was truly very strange. The remaining people were Ji Family’s elders. Towards those people, Ji Zizhen didn’t really place them in his eyes, because in his eyes, those people were all people who already had a leg stretched into their own coffins. “Family head, the four aristocratic families are requesting us for help. We cannot shrink back at such a time like this, if we were to shrink back, how would others look at us?” One of the elders spoke. At this time, what our Ji Family should do is to step forth and deal with that unknown power! If not, what rights do we have to have those aristocratic families and families acknowledge allegiance to us? Ji Ji laughed heartily, “Elder, you are over exaggerating, the correct thing for us to do right now is to not step forth!” “What second brother just said is right. Right now, now that both Voidless Realm and Ying Family are greatly weakened, it is precisely the time for our Ji Family to rise up above them! If our power were to become weakened because we chose to step forth and deal with that unknown power, won’t we end up missing this good opportunity that is right before us?” Ji Teng said in disdain. Suppressing the other two big powers is the matter that we should care about right now! In spite of what those two said, the elder still said insistently, “Family head, with how things are right now, it won’t be good for us if we were to not step forth and deal with that unknown power. Dry Zen Sect was destroyed by that unknown power, followed by Ding Family being destroyed by that unknown power too. Ying Family let out words that they are not able to deal with that unknown power because their strength was greatly weakened. Therefore, the mission to deal with the unknown power is currently on our shoulders. Family head, if you were to choose to not step forth, it would be hard for our Ji Family to continue making those aristocratic families and families be willing to pledge allegiance to us!” Ji Ji laughed lightly, “Elder, you have become old, you are afraid of everything. Would our Ji Family be scared of those aristocratic families and families? I would reckon that they wouldn’t dare to do anything even if we chose to not step forth to deal with that unknown power!” Ji Zizhen who had been remaining silent since the beginning said faintly, “I have already rejected their request for help. There is no need to discuss about this matter anymore because there is no point in further discussing about it.” “Family head!” “Elder, I think that you should go back home and rest. The sun today is a bit big, be careful to not catch a heatstroke.” Ji Zizhen said with concern, but obviously, his intention was to chase away this elder. The elder stomped off. This Ji Family will wither within the hands of those three brothers sooner or later! After remaining silent for quite a while, killing intent gradually emitted out from Ji Teng as he said, “Big brother! When Voidless Realm and Ying Family fought with each other, it is rumored that someone came to stop the two from continuing on fighting. However, up till now, no one has shown up in our Ji Family. It is possible that those people have long disappeared, therefore, there is no need for us to do things according to the rules!” “Third brother, let’s wait a bit more. If no one shows up in our Ji Family within half a month's time, we will annex Ying Family! The south only needs just one big power! As for Voidless Realm which is located in the north, after we exterminated Ying Family, we will exterminate them! At that time, our Ji Family should unify the entire Cultivation World!” Ji Zizhen said indifferently, seemingly like what he just said was something that was very easy to do. Everyone stood up, then cupped their hands and shouted out, “Unify the entire Cultivation World!’ A slight arc appeared on the corner of Ji Zizhen’s mouth. Right now, Ye Hua was currently eating wontons with his family. “Boss! Give me another big bowl of wontons!” Ye Hua shouted out. The number of wontons in a bowl is really too little. Humans are precisely too stingy. On the other hand, Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi ate the wontons gracefully. Just looking at them eat was an enjoyment on its own. “Boss, Ah Li wants another big bowl of wontons too!” Donghuang Li still hasn’t learned how to eat gracefully, and the way she eats right now was the same as how Ye Hua eats. “Alright.” Ye Hua shouted out gravely, “Give us a bit more wontons this time.” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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