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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 268 – Family of four “Handsome fellow, this business of mine is just a small business, I will add just a few more wontons for you.” The boss was a straightforward person. However, the main reason that the boss was willing to give a few more wontons was because of the child, and of course, the two beautiful women. Donghuang Baizhi took out a paper napkin and wiped onto the soup that was on the corner of her daughter’s mouth, “Ah Li, as a girl, you have to eat slowly.” “But, if Ah Li were to eat like how mommy eats, Ah Li would have to take at least half an hour to finish a bowl of wontons.” Donghuang Li took a look at the bowls that were on the table. Daddy and I have already finished eating a bowl, and yet mommy and Aunt Qing still haven’t finished eating half a bowl. Both Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi were women that were at the peak, therefore, when they were outside, it was only natural that they would pay attention to their images. How could they act as recklessly as how they would act when they were at home? Towards how the two women act outside, Ye Hua was very pleased. As my women, this is precisely how they should act! “Ah Li is still small right now, after she grows up, she would naturally feel embarrassed to eat like this.” Ye Hua didn’t really mind how Ah Li eats. As my daughter, Ah Li would naturally not be just a pretty face. In the future, Ah Li will be following along with me to kill enemies. “Here are your wontons, be careful, they are hot.” The boss carried two big bowls of wontons over to them. Now that my hands are able to move, I am no longer able to enjoy their tender service. Although it is a bit disappointing, at the least, I am now able to touch them with my hands, and this alone is a rather great enjoyment too. Donghuang Baizhi once again received Voidless Realm’s jade letter, and she could be seen letting out a light sigh. “What’s the matter?” Qing Ya asked with concern. “Ying Family let out words that they are not going to step forth and deal with the unknown power because they are recuperating. Ying Family’s reason is reasonable, but this Ji Family actually chose to not deal with that unknown power without any reason! This Ji Family is truly too much!” Donghuang Baizhi felt incomparably indignant. As one of the south’s big powers, when such a big matter happened, Ji Family actually chose to turn their heads away from the matter! This Ji Family’s action is simply hateful! Ye Hua did not speak. From the looks of it, Wei Chang and the others did a good job with their intelligence. Right now, their intelligence is even ahead of Baizhi’s intelligence by a bit. “This Ji Family is most probably planning to do something. Baizhi, you have to be a bit more careful.” Qing Ya was very concerned. After all, right now, they were all a family, and as a family, it was only right to care about each other. Donghuang Baizhi let out a heavy sigh, “En, I will be a bit more careful.” “Since those two are not intending to deal with that unknown power, you shouldn’t involve yourself with that unknown power, lest you end up falling into those two’s traps.” Ye Hua warned. Donghuang Li said with her tender voice, “Mommy, you have to listen to daddy.” “Alright, mommy will listen to daddy.” Donghuang Baizhi laughed lightly. Donghuang Baizhi knew that those two families were forcing her to deal with that unknown power, and that if she were to really step forth and deal with that unknown power, she would be falling into those two’s traps. Donghuang Baizhi was not foolish. Ye Hua felt a lot more at ease. As long as Donghuang Baizhi doesn’t involve herself with those counterfeits, everything will still be under my control. Although I am living very comfortably right now, I still need some entertainment to entertain myself. As the family head, Ye Hua said faintly, “Today, we will accompany Ah Li to have fun. Shopping mall and amusement park, we will be going to those two places.” “Yay, this is great! Thank you, daddy!” Donghuang Li immediately became excited, and she could be seen finishing the remaining wontons that were in her bowl in just two mouthfuls. Right now, Donghuang Li wished she could immediately fly to the amusement park and began having fun. The two women naturally wouldn’t reject such a thing like this. While bringing the child out to have fun, it was also counted as a date with Ye Hua for them. Up till now, Donghuang Baizhi still hasn’t gone on a date with Ye Hua, and only Qing Ya has enjoyed going on dates with Ye Hua. The family of four arrived at Long’an City’s biggest amusement park, Fangte. During the whole journey to the amusement park, the little fellow was extremely excited, and when they arrived at the entrance of the amusement park, the little fellow couldn’t contain herself anymore and began running all around the entrance, seemingly like she had been injected with a stimulant. Without choice, Donghuang Baizhi carried her daughter, while Qing Ya took charge of pushing onto Ye Hua. It was Ye Hua’s first time coming to an amusement park too, and he felt that it was a rather fresh experience. Humans sure know how to play. However, is that roller coaster really that exciting? Those people that are riding the roller coaster are screaming so loudly. “Daddy, mommy, Ah Li wants to ride the roller coaster!” Donghuang Li who was in her mother’s embrace shouted out. Donghuang Baizhi said tenderly, “Ah Li is still not tall enough yet right now, the amusement park won’t allow Ah Li to ride the roller coaster.” “Hmm~ Hmm~ Ah Li wants to ride the roller coaster~ Daddy, help Ah Li to convince those uncles to let Ah Li ride the roller coaster~” Seeing that it was useless to plead her mother, Ah Li began pleading her father for help. While smoking a cigarette, Ye Hua said with a light smile, “Ah Li, some rules have to be followed, do you understand?” Donghuang Li pouted her small mouth, having a look on her that was saying, I am angry right now, the kind of angry that can’t be pacified no matter what. “Ah Li, look, that place is selling ice creams.” Donghuang Li who had a look on her that seemed like she was about to throw a tantrum immediately become cheerful again, “Mommy, Ah Li wants to eat ice cream~” “Alright, alright, we will go and buy ice creams together.” Seeing Donghuang Baizhi carried their daughter to go and buy ice creams, Ye Hua grabbed onto Qing Ya’s small hand and asked, “What’s the matter? Envious?” “Of course not.” Qing Ya smiled lovably. “In a few more months, you are also going to become a mother, you have to prepare yourself.” Ye Hua said tenderly. Qing Ya laughed lightly, “I have long already prepared myself. If our child is the mischievous type, there is going to be enough for you to suffer.” “Haha, I like children that are mischievous. If our child is mischievous, in the future, he can follow along with me to conquer the universe!” Ye Hua laughed heartily, causing people who were around him to place their attention on him. However, those people’s attention moved onto Qing Ya in no time. What a beautiful woman! Qing Ya rolled her eyes at her husband, “You better don’t misguide my child. In the future, my child is going to become either a scientist or a doctor.” “What future is there in becoming a scientist or a doctor? In the future, our family will be standing at the peak of the universe and overlooking everyone!” “Don’t smoke anymore, your acting cool after smoking syndrome is acting up again.” Qing Ya took away the cigarette that was in Ye Hua’s mouth and threw it away. “Daddy, Aunt Qing, here are your ice creams.” Qing Ya pinched onto Donghuang Li’s tender cheek, “Ah Li sure is thoughtful.” Receiving an adult’s praise, Ah Li became even happier. On the other hand, Ye Hua was paying attention to his wives eating ice creams. Donghuang Baizhi and Qing Ya could be seen licking and sucking onto the ice creams. If… they were to… it should feel very great… right? “You are Qing Ya?” A voice could be heard ringing out, and Ye Hua turned his head around to take a look. The person who spoke was… someone who could just barely enough be counted as a beautiful woman in Ye Hua’s eyes. Looking at the person who suddenly appeared, Qing Ya wrinkled her brows, then soon after, she cried out in surprise, “You are Yun Lan!” “Qing Ya, it has been 10 years since I last met you, I almost couldn’t recognize you anymore, you have become so beautiful.” Yun Lan had a surprised look on her face. Qing Ya appeared very polite, “You are being too nice. You still look the same as how you looked back then, you didn’t change much.” The two were high school classmates, and at that time, Qing Ya was still expanding her business at Long’an City. It was only a few years ago then did Qing Ya’s business began expanding at Zijin City. During Qing Ya’s high school life, she studied at Long’an City. “This is?” Yun Lan looked towards Ye Hua and asked, while thinking to herself, “This man sure is handsome, it’s a pity that he is in a wheelchair.” “This is my husband, Ye Hua.” Qing Ya appeared to be very gentle and didn’t seem embarrassed at all. “Hello.” Yun Lan said with a smile as she stretched out her hand. If it was based on Ye Hua’s past character, he would definitely not shake Yun Lan’s hand. Right now, the only reason Ye Hua shook Yun Lan’s hand was because he was giving Qing Ya face. After stretching out his hand and lightly shook Yun Lan’s hand, Ye Hua immediately withdrew his hand, seemingly like the other person’s hand was filled with germs. Yun Lan felt that Ye Hua’s attitude was very cold. Qing Ya is truly pitiful, she has money, and has the looks, and yet, she actually found herself such an arrogant man. Looking at Donghuang Baizhi and Donghuang Li who were at the side, Yun Lan exclaimed in her own mind, “This woman’s looks sure are outstanding, and this child, she is adorable to death.” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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