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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 270 – Ye Hua’s questions While the two women were bragging about their men, the two men were feeling somewhat awkward. “Qing Ya, do you have any acquaintance who is perhaps able to help us accept our applications more quickly?” Yun Lan asked curiously. In actuality, even though Tang Han and Qin Cong submitted their applications to form a family, there was still a possibility that their applications would get rejected. After all, it was very difficult for one’s application to form a family to get accepted. Just now, when Yun Lan and Qiu Yan bragged about their men, they could be counted to have overexaggerated some things that they have said. Donghuang Baizhi was only in charge of overseeing which family was fit to raise into the ranks of the aristocratic families. And when all was said and done, all Donghuang Baizhi had to do was to merely take a look at the documentation, then sign onto the documentation. However, to others, Donghuang Baizhi’s signature could be an earth-shattering change for them. Qing Ya said tenderly, “I don’t think I know anyone who is able to help you all to accept your applications more quickly.” Ye Hua let out a breath. Qing Ya, why are you being so low-profile, you could have just said that I am able to help them with their applications. Just a word from me, and I am able to even let them become a big power. And of course, if I want their families to become exterminated, it would also be but just a word from me. Yun Lan and Qiu Yan didn’t intend to just simply reminisce about the past, both of them knew that Qing Ya’s family possesses quite some power, and thus, they wanted to try to get Qing Ya to help their husbands out with their applications. What Yun Lan and Qiu Yan did was normal and understandable. Upon hearing Qing Ya’s answer, both Yun Lan and Qiu Yan let out a light sigh. Originally, both of them thought that Qing Ya would be able to help them out a little bit. “Qing Ya, you have to be a bit more careful when you are outside nowadays, I heard that it is not really safe nowadays.” Although Qing Ya wasn’t able to help her out, Yun Lan still reminded Qing Ya to be careful. Qing Ya was very puzzled. How did they come to know about that? According to reason, this matter should be highly confidential. “Why? What happened?” Qing Ya asked. Qiu Yan paused for a moment, then said gravely, “We heard that recently, some people have been causing havoc, causing those families to become anxious and afraid.” “If that’s the case, why are you all still trying so hard to squeeze into their circle? Isn’t it good enough to be able to live peacefully and at ease?” Qing Ya was trying to persuade them from staying away from this circle. The water in this circle is too deep, just being slightly careless is enough to attract disaster to befall on you. Qing Ya was right, Ye Hua was an expert in the aspect of bestowing disaster upon those families. Yun Lan laughed, “Well, now that there’s a chance for us to join into this circle since the restrictions to form a family has been slightly relaxed, we might as well try our chances. After all, if we were to be able to get into this circle, there will be a lot of resources that we will be able to use.” “Being a family head is not a very easy thing.” Ye Hua suddenly said. This caused everyone that was at the table to become slightly dazed, especially Qing Ya’s old classmates and those two men. “Why?” Yun Lan asked puzzledly. Ye Hua said faintly, “Those family heads that I have met, all of them have a huge number of wives and concubines.” Wang Dabao, “I am being accused wrongly!” Qin Cong and Tang Han were startled. We also want to have two wives! You yourself have two wives, and yet you are actually trying to destroy our plans of having two wives! What you are doing is truly hateful! As expected, the moment the two women heard that, their brows became wrinkled. “Take that guy for example… what is that guy called again? Qing Ya, you tell them.” Qing Ya rolled her eyes petulantly at Ye Hua. The way that Qing Ya rolled her eyes at Ye Hua was very charming, causing Ye Hua’s chest to feel itchy again. “I remembered, that Tang Wushuang, he has 7-8 wives, and that Xiao Yi, he seems to have 5-6 wives.” Ye Hua’s tone seemed like he was talking about some nobodies. Seeing that the expression that was on the two women’s faces didn’t look really good, Ye Hua said faintly, “To be a family head, one would also have to shoulder the risks that would come with being a family head, and who knows just which day that a family head would end up being but a mere corpse in a street. This circle is very messy, it is best to just be an ordinary citizen.” Because of Qing Ya, Ye Hua bothered to persuade those people to give up on the idea of forming a family, lest they end up getting caught in his plan in the future. If they were to end up getting caught in his plan, at that time, they would really end up dying without an intact corpse. “What Ye Hua just said is right. Don’t see that those family heads look very impressive on the surface, in reality, those family heads have it very hard, especially nowadays, where pretty much all of them are being on edge all day long. Have you all heard of Ding Family?” Qing Ya said gravely, intending to give her old classmates a warning. The four shook their heads, they have never heard before Ding Family. “Then, have you all heard of aristocratic families?” The four shook their heads once again. Qing Ya said faintly, “Aristocratic families are above the families, and Ding Family is precisely one of the five aristocratic families. Just today, Ding Family was exterminated.” The four immediately became stunned. Right now, we still haven’t even thoroughly understood about those families, and yet, we have now come to learn about existences that are even more formidable than those families, the aristocratic families. Furthermore, an aristocratic family was actually exterminated just today. If that’s the case, just how much worse do those normal families have it compared to the aristocratic families? “Don’t divulge this matter, if not, you all may attract some unnecessary troubles to yourselves.” Qing Ya warned once again. The four hurriedly nodded their heads. A family being exterminated! This is something that I don’t even dare to think of! “Qing Ya, your husband?” Yun Lan asked curiously. Qing Ya let out a light sigh, “Above the aristocratic families, there are even more formidable existences. Ye Hua became wounded when he was battling against those existences.” The four looked at Ye Hua while with a dumbstruck expression on their faces. Originally, I thought that aristocratic families are already very formidable, but it turns out that, there are even more people above the aristocratic families! And this man that is sitting in the wheelchair is actually able to survive after battling with those people. From this, it could be seen just how frightening his strength is. Such a warning like this definitely has to be listened to! The four could be seen standing up and saying towards Ye Hua, “Thank you for telling us all of those things, we will never forget this favor.” Ye Hua laughed dryly in his mind. In the past, I was specialized in killing people, and yet right now, I am actually persuading others to not put their lives in danger. “There is nothing bad with being an ordinary citizen. At the least, with the conditions that you all possess, you all are able to live without worries. Therefore, it’s best for you all to stop thinking about other pointless things.” Ye Hua said lightly. From this, it could be seen just how much Ye Hua had changed. Perhaps, this was the power of love. Of course, Ye Hua still didn’t have any good impressions of humans. However, at the least, right now, Ye Hua’s impression of humans was much better than in the past. Upon hearing Ye Hua’s words, the four silently nodded their heads. However, in the end, as for what choices they would choose to make, it was their own business. When all was said and done, humans would always never be satisfied with their own current situation, and they would want to climb as high as possible, even if it meant that they may fall and die. And perhaps, a few years in the future, Ye Hua may look at their corpses and say something along that line. After lunch, the four left, and Ye Hua and his family continued having fun at the amusement park. “Qing Ya, come over.” “What’s the matter? Want to pee? Hold it in first, okay? I will help you with it once we returned back home.” Ye Hua, “……” “Tell me, just what mistake did you make today? Quickly admit your mistake.” Ye Hua chided with a solemn expression. Donghuang Baizhi was carrying Donghuang Li who had fallen asleep, and with a smile on her face, Donghuang Baizhi watched the scene in front of her. Not sure why, I just like seeing how Ye Hua looks when he chides at others, he acts just like a child when he chides at others. Qing Ya was completely puzzled as she mumbled, “I didn’t make any mistake today though? My big boss, what did I do that wasn’t to your satisfactory this time?” “As my wife, asides from me and Donghuang Li, no one else is allowed to touch you!” Qing Ya recalled. I just merely held hands with a girl for a while, is there even a need to be angry at something like this? For Ye Hua to be angry at something like this, as expected, he is truly the jealousy king of the Cultivation World. “Alright, alright, alright, in the future, I guarantee that I will comply with my husband’s requests.” Ye Hua was very satisfied with Qing Ya’s attitude when she was admitting to her own mistake. However, there were still a few questions that he needed to ask. “Qing Ya, in the future, if you came across your female classmates, how should you greet them?” Ye Hua asked gravely. Qing Ya was startled, and she hurriedly said, “I will just smile at them.” “Wrong! You should ignore them and walk past them!” Ye Hua raised his hand and smacked onto Qing Ya’s butt. Luckily, no one saw it. Qing Ya pouted her small mouth, appearing very pitiful. “In the future, if I became angry because of you, what should you do!” Ye Hua asked once again. Qing Ya pondered for a moment, then said hesitatingly, “I will coax you.” Ye Hua raised his hand and smacked onto Qing Ya’s butt again, “Wrong! You shouldn’t have even made me become angry in the first place!” Donghuang Baizhi immediately memorized Ye Hua’s questions and answers, so that in the future, if Ye Hua asked her those questions, she would know how to answer. Qing Ya rubbed onto her butt pitifully, “Ye Hua, you are bullying me, I’m not going to play with you anymore.” After finished speaking, Qing Ya pulled onto Donghuang Baizhi and walked away, leaving Ye Hua alone in his wheelchair. While looking at his wives walk away, Ye Hua thought to himself, “I have to give them a lesson again tonight and let them have a taste of my bone softening palms.” Ye Hua spread out his hands and congregated a formidable power into his hands, then grabbed onto the wheels and thrust the wheels forward. “The both of you, come back!” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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