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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 272 – Panic How could Ye Zizi and Qing Yutong not look like they were about to die? Because Ye Hua was extremely noob in the game, Ye Hua’s addition into their team was basically raising the difficulty of the game for the both of them. “Zizi, go and check the brush!” “Big brother, I am a mage, and you are a tank!” Ye Zizi was very dispirited. Ye Hua shouted out gravely, “If I, the tank, were to die, who would be there to help you all tank the damage, and at that time, would you all still even have the chance to kill the enemy champions?” There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with what His Honor just said… “Yutong, protect me!” Ye Hua shouted out, and within the game, Huang Zhong could be seen gradually moving closer to Arthur, then stayed right beside Arthur’s side. The damage dealer can die, but the tank must not die! With the way they were playing, it was no wonder that they have been losing for an entire night. “Daddy, what are you all playing?” Donghuang Li jumped onto the bed and asked curiously. “Oh, so you all are playing King of Glory. Ah Li is already a High King.” The three looked toward Donghuang Li, and the look on their faces seemed to be asking, is High King formidable? Right now, the three still haven’t played ranked mode, and they don’t even know what bronze was. Upon seeing his daughter’s sweet smile, Ye Hua’s mood became much better, “Ah Li, is being a High King formidable in the game?” “Of course, Ah Li is top 100 in the entire server~” “Little Ah Li, please carry me~” Qing Yutong said hurriedly. Ye Zizi hugged onto Donghuang Li, “Ah Li, come and carry me for one game!” “Alright, alright, alright, let me go and find mommy and ask her for her phone first then.” However, one hour later, Donghuang Li finally understood what the meaning of “cannot be carried” was. So, Aunt Qing and Aunt Ye are this noob… And the one who is the most noob is daddy. When daddy sees that I am being bullied, he would rush in without thinking at all. Although daddy is really noob, I really like daddy~ Ye Hua who was currently playing with his game suddenly received news from Wei Chang. “Your Honor, Zhi Family was exterminated!” “Zhi Family? Never heard before.” Ye Hua was engrossed in playing with his game. And in actuality, losing or winning wasn’t important, the thing that was important was accompanying his daughter. “Eh… In actuality, subordinate has never heard of this Zhi Family too. However, according to the news that Xun Fang told me, this group of counterfeits is extremely ruthless, and the way that they do things is extremely similar to the way Your Honor do things in the past.” “There is such a matter like that? If that’s the case, leave them alone for now and see what happens.” “Yes!” Ye Hua didn’t expect that the group’s way of doing things would actually be extremely similar to the way that he does things in the past. While feeling that the matter was very interesting, Ye Hua also felt very confused. Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi suddenly appeared, and the expression that was on their faces was very grave. Ye Hua knew that they definitely found out of the news. “Ye Hua, I am going to take a trip back to Voidless Realm.” “I will be tagging along with Baizhi.” Qing Ya said. Ye Hua placed his phone away and asked gravely, “What are you two going to Voidless Realm for?” Donghuang Baizhi blinked her beautiful eyes, then said, “I’m just going back to hold a meeting.” “What about you?” Ye Hua asked Qing Ya. “Baizhi said that she was going to teach me how to use techniques.” Ye Hua thought for a bit, then said gravely, “If you two dare to not tell me anything and make decisions on your own, I will smack you two’s butts till they swell!” “Daddy, handsome~” Donghuang Li gave her father a thumbs up. Mommy is so obedient in front of daddy, much more obedient compared to when Ah Li is in front of daddy. The two women promised with a smile on their faces. “After you two leave, who will be taking care of me?” Ye Hua asked the question that he was concerned about. Qing Ya took a look at Ye Zizi, then took a look at her sister, “Yutong, I will be handing your brother-in-law in your hands while I’m away.” “Ah!!!” Qing Yutong cried out in surprise, then looked at her brother-in-law while shivering. After finished speaking, the two women left. And after finished playing a round of the game, Donghuang Li immediately left. Aunt Qing and Aunt Ye are really noob, and daddy is the most noob. I should go and watch cartoons instead. After his daughter left, Ye Hua said faintly, “Yutong, what are you waiting for, come and help me change my clothes.” “Brother-in-law, you don’t have to act anymore, my big sister is not here.” Qing Yutong said while pouting her small mouth. I have already been trolled by you for an entire night, so please let me off already. Ye Hua’s face immediately became solemn, “You are not listening to me? Come over and lie down on my legs!” Ye Zizi curled up at the corner, hoping to not get dragged into this. “Brother-in-law, you~” “Hurry up! After not educating you for a few days, you have become very naughty, huh!” In actuality, Ye Hua wanted to educate Qing Yutong because his hands were feeling itchy. Qing Yutong looked towards Ye Zizi for help, and the latter straightforwardly covered her head with her blanket. “Brother-in-law, don’t hit too hard.” While with her face red, Qing Yutong lied down on Ye Hua’s thighs. My butt is going to be smacked by brother-in-law again, I feel so happy~ A beautiful symphony began ringing out within the bedroom. After quite a while, Ye Hua left the bedroom while in his wheelchair and headed to his own bedroom to sleep. Qing Yutong rubbed onto her butt. My butt hurts and feels numb~ “Big Sister Qing, does it feel good?” Ye Zizi stretched out her small head and asked curiously. “Feel good your head! I’m exhausted to death, I’m going to go to sleep now.” Qing Yutong said petulantly, then lied down on the bed with the front of her body on the bed, she didn’t dare to lie down on the bed with the back of her body on the bed. “Masochist.” Ye Zizi mumbled, then went to sleep too. While the few of them were sleeping, the entire Cultivation World was in a mess, everyone was panicking and worried about their own life. Outside of the aristocratic families’ houses, there were a bunch of people seeking the aristocratic families for an explanation. And amongst those people, there were family heads, sect masters, and so on. ”Those aristocratic families are all cowards! The moment something happened, all of them shrunk back into their shells like turtles!” One of the family heads said indignantly. Every year, I handed so much money over to those aristocratic families, and yet, when a serious matter like this arises, they are ignoring the matter and leaving the matter unattended! “It has been only a few days, and Dry Zen Sect, Ding Family, and Zhi Family have all been exterminated! I heard that, even up till now, screams of agony that could send shivers down one’s spine still ring out from Zhi Family!” “No, this won’t do, we have to get the aristocratic families to deal with that group of people! Those aristocratic families possess ancient godly items, if they don’t dare to go and deal with that group of people, they should hand over their ancient godly items!” “Hand over the ancient godly items, you all do not deserve to possess the ancient godly items!” “Hand over the ancient godly items, you all do not deserve to possess the ancient godly items!” “Hand over the ancient godly items, you all do not deserve to possess the ancient godly items!” Shouts continuously ring out outside. And the four aristocratic families’ family heads that were sitting inside were having a hard time too. The big powers that are above us are not willing to go and deal with that group of people, so what else could we do? If we were to go and deal with that group of people, it would be no different from us sending ourselves to our own death. “Since they are being heartless, there is no need for us to be loyal!” Diao Lang stood up from his seat, then straightforwardly walked outside. The three others immediately followed after Diao Lang. It is not that we do not want to take care of that group of people, it is that we do not possess the power to deal with that group of people. Diao Lang stood in the air and shouted out to the few hundred people, “Fellow family heads, fellow companions, and fellow brothers and sisters! Do not be flustered!” “Companions your mother! Quickly go and kill that group of people!” The people below completely did not give face at all, and right after Diao Lang spoke, they immediately began cursing out at Diao Lang. When have the aristocratic families ever been cursed at like this before? However, with how the situation was right now, it was inevitable for them to be cursed at. Wu Sheng’s temper was not really good, and he could be seen shouting out, “All of you, shut up!” As expected, martial strength was the only way to suppress those people! Diao Lang let out a light sigh, “Everyone, I have already reported this matter to the big powers, but the big powers are completely avoiding this matter! We, the aristocratic families, are also at a loss of what to do right now!” “How is that possible! One of the big powers’ responsibilities is to maintain order in the south, you are definitely lying to us!” Immediately, the scene became just like a market, with everyone shouting and screaming. All of those people were the head of a power, and yet right now, they were acting just like a bunch of peddlers. “Ying Family’s power became greatly weakened because of their battle against Voidless Realm, thus Ying Family rejected to deal with that group of people. And as for Ji Family, they completely ignored us. We, the aristocratic families, are having it hard too!” Diao Lang shouted out, and his voice was filled with helplessness. If you all want to look for help, you all should go and look for the big powers for help, what use is there in looking for us for help. Ding Family was exterminated by that group of people in mere seconds, so what makes you all think that we are able to deal with that group of people? https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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