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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 273 – Court death All of the family heads have heard that there was a big battle between Ying Family and Voidless Realm, and now that the battle was confirmed by Diao Lang, they still couldn’t help but exclaim in astonishment. For the south’s glory, Ying Family waged war with Voidless Realm, meanwhile, this damned Ji Family, their strength is intact and strong, and yet they are hiding and avoiding dealing with that group of people! “Let’s get Ji Family to deal with that group of people!” “That’s right, that’s right, Ji Family’s strength is the strongest right now!” “Everyone, don’t panic, we will head to Ji Family together and pressure Ji Family to go and deal with that group of people! Aristocratic family heads, the four of you should lead us to Ji Family!” “That’s right! We should head to Ji Family and pressure them to deal with that group of people!” “I will go and buy the loudspeaker megaphones!” “I will go and buy the banners!” “I will go and call more people to join us!” The four aristocratic family heads looked at each other. What should we do, the situation is getting even more out of hand! “Forget it, we will bring them to Ji Family, and the rest of the matter is not of our concern.” He Tian said gravely. Because of this matter, I have constantly been having a headache. This group of people, when they become afraid of something, they end up becoming not afraid of anything else. The three others silently nodded their heads. Right now, this is the only way to get those people off us. Meanwhile, at Voidless Realm, Donghuang Baizhi brought along Qing Ya to take part in an important meeting. In the beginning, Qing Ya rejected to take part in the meeting, but Donghuang Baizhi said that, they were a family right now, and there wasn’t anything that was needed to be hidden from Qing Ya. In the end, Donghuang Baizhi dragged Qing Ya to the main palace hall. At the main palace hall, Qing Ya expressed that she will sit at the lower seats and listen, she won’t sit together with Donghuang Baizhi at the main seat. Without choice, Donghuang Baizhi arranged a seat for Qing Ya in the lower seats. At the main palace hall, asides from Yuan De, Xing Han, and He Xuan, five new military officers of Voidless Realm were present in the meeting too. The five new military officers were puzzled about Qing Ya who was sitting right below their empress, but they didn’t say anything. After all, in their eyes, Qing Ya was a family with their empress, and during the battle against Ying Family, Qing Ya’s contribution to the battle wasn’t small as she was the one who repelled Ying Family at the end. Yuan De and the two other elders didn’t say anything. In their eyes, Qing Ya possessed the bloodline of Nuwa, and as someone who possessed the bloodline of Nuwa, it was fine even if Qing Ya sat on the same level as their empress. “Your Majesty, the south is currently faced against a big calamity, should we help them out or not?” Yuan De raised the most important topic in today’s meeting, should they help out the south or not? He Xuan cupped his hands and said, “Your Majesty, this matter is south’s own matter, it is best that we, the north, do not get involved in their matter.” Xing Han agreed with what He Xuan said, “Your Majesty, Voidless Realm’s strength has already been greatly weakened from the battle against Ying Family, it is not suitable for Voidless Realm to go into another battle again so soon!” How would Donghuang Baizhi not know about those things? But upon hearing that family after family was exterminated, she couldn’t bear to just ignore the matter. “Qing Ya, do you have any opinion towards this matter?” Donghuang Baizhi chose to ask Qing Ya. Qing Ya also understood everything. Standing at Voidless Realm’s point of view to look at things, Voidless Realm indeed shouldn’t go into battle again, but standing in justice’s point of view, this evil force has to be eliminated! “I think that Voidless Realm shouldn’t get itself involved in this matter.” After considering the entire Voidless Realm, Qing Ya gave her own opinion. After all, Qing Ya couldn’t joke around with others’ lives. Donghuang Baizhi let out a light sigh, she understood what Qing Ya was trying to say. “All of you can leave, we will discuss about this matter again later on.” Donghuang Baizhi waved her hand. Very quickly, only two people remained in the main palace hall. “Qing Ya, it should be fine for you to speak your mind now.” As an empress, Donghuang Baizhi’s ability at discerning things wasn’t a joke. Qing Ya laughed lightly, “Baizhi sure understands me.” After pausing for a moment, Qing Ya continued and said, “The strength of this group of people is very strong, therefore, even if you were to send lots of people over to the south to deal with that group of people, those people would only be throwing away their lives.” “So, what you are saying is?” Donghuang Baizhi asked while with her brows wrinkled. “The two of us can go to the south and deal with that group of people ourselves.” Donghuang Baizhi didn’t expect that Qing Ya’s guts would be this big. After being astonished, Donghuang Baizhi began praising Qing Ya in her own mind. As expected of the woman that Ye Hua chose, Qing Ya is not just a flower vase, and this courage of hers is truly remarkable! “Alright! The two of us will go to the south and deal with that group of people!” Donghuang Baizhi immediately agreed with Qing Ya's idea. However, soon after, the excited look that was on Donghuang Baizhi’s face collapsed, because a problem came to her mind. “Qing Ya, since your relationship with Ye Hua is the best, you should go back and plead Ye Hua to let us go to the south.” Donghuang Baizhi said stealthily, seemingly like she was afraid that Ye Hua would find out if she spoke too loudly. Qing Ya shook her head, “Ye Hua likes it when you act all high and mighty. You should go back and exhibit your empress aura in front of him and get him to allow us to go to the south.” Donghuang Baizhi immediately cowered, “I don’t dare. Qing Ya, I think it is best for you to go and plead Ye Hua.” “How about we go back together and seduce him into agreeing to let us go to the south?” A good idea appeared in Qing Ya’s mind. “Would that work?” Donghuang Baizhi asked curiously. “Definitely!” Qing Ya was very sure that it would work. Donghuang Baizhi smiled tenderly, “Come, I will teach you how to use techniques first.” “En, we are going to have to speed things up.” If Ye Hua were to know of what was going through their minds, he would definitely give them a lesson. Do the two of you think that you two are playing house, where the two of you can run away if you two aren’t able to defeat that group of counterfeits? These two wives of mine truly do not know how high the heaven is. Early morning, Ye Hua who was on the bed slightly opened his eyes, then moved his hand to his side, but his side was completely empty. They actually didn’t return home! What is the meaning of this! Do they not know that there is a handicapped at home that needs to be looked after! “Your Honor! Traceless Pavilion has been exterminated, but the pavilion master, on the other hand, is still alive.” Wei Chang’s voice rang out in Ye Hua’s head. Right now, Traceless Pavilion’s Pavilion Master Ge Zheng was currently heading towards Ji Family, and was still completely unaware that his Traceless Pavilion had been exterminated. And it was because that Ge Zheng wasn’t at Traceless Pavilion, he ended up surviving from a calamity. Ye Hua said, “The speed of this group of counterfeits is rather fast, they are exterminating one power each day.” “Your Honor, should we start doing something now?” “Do what? Call the police instead.” “……” After cutting off the connection with Wei Chang, Ye Hua got off his bed, then lighted up a stick of cigarette. Standing by the window and looking at the hotpot store that was not far away, Ye Hua thought to himself, “Is someone manipulating things to try and force me to show up? Or am I just thinking too much?” “There are always some people who think that they can challenge me. And in the end, their fate would be but a word, death. Why do some people just like courting death?” A ripple suddenly appeared in the bedroom, and Ye Hua could be seen immediately jumping onto his bed. Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi could be seen appearing in the bedroom. While looking at Ye Hua who was sleeping soundly, the two of them smelled a cigarette smell drifting in the air. This Ye Hua, he is able to smoke while sleeping? “Ye Hua, wake up.” Qing Ya shook onto Ye Hua and tenderly called out to him. Ye Hua opened his eyes and looked at the two women, “The two of you have come back.” “Were you smoking just a while ago?” Donghuang Baizhi asked curiously. Eh… “I have indeed smoked a stick of cigarette just a while ago, and I went back to sleep after finished smoking that stick of cigarette.” Looking at the cigarette butt that was on the window ledge, Qing Ya asked confusedly, “Why is the cigarette butt on the window ledge?” F**k, what is the meaning of this! Are you two questioning me! I still haven’t even talked to you two about the matter that you two stayed out all night! “I threw the cigarette butt all the way over there from the bed. What did the two of you go to do! To actually not even come back home!” Ye Hua began changing the subject and asked while with a solemn expression on his face. Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi took a look at each other. It is time to begin with our plan. The two women could be seen suddenly lying on Ye Hua’s sides, then stretched their delicate hands into Ye Hua’s clothes and caressed onto Ye Hua’s sturdy chest. “Ye Hua~” The two women called out lovably, and even gave Ye Hua a kiss. This caused Ye Hua to become engrossed in what the two women were doing. No, something is wrong! They wouldn't suddenly fawn upon me for no reason! The two of them actually tried to seduce me! Truly brilliant! There is no need to say much, this is definitely Qing Ya’s idea. “Ye Hua, we are intending to go to the south and deal with that group of people by ourselves.” Qing Ya kissed onto Ye Hua’s cheek and said tenderly. Donghuang Baizhi did the same too. Right now, Ye Hua’s face was filled with red kiss marks. As a man, to be able to enjoy such treatment from those two women, Ye Hua should really feel content. Is this all you two have to offer? If this is the case, the two of you are looking down on my willpower! “No! The two of you are not allowed to go to the south!” Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi knew that it would end up like this, and the two of them finally steeled their hearts and stretched their delicate hands into Ye Hua's pants! This caused Ye Hua’s brows to twitch. These two are ruthless enough! This feels so comfortable… Donghuang Baizhi said shyly, “Ye Hua, let us go please~” “En~ We will head to the south tomorrow, then return back on the day after tomorrow and accompany you to sleep~” Qing Ya bit onto her lips, and this action of Qing Ya’s caused Ye Hua to almost go crazy. This Qing Ya, she is too alluring! This feels great~ https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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