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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 274 – Wife pamperer Ye Hua who was feeling like he was in heaven nodded his head. However, the moment Ye Hua nodded his head, those delicate hands disappeared, and the comfortable feeling immediately disappeared too. Opening his eyes to take a look, there was no one else in the bedroom at all. If not for the body fragrance that was still lingering in the air, Ye Hua would have thought that everything was just a dream. Ye Hua rubbed onto his forehead and thought to himself, “Those two swindlers! To actually dare to even swindle me!” “Great, I ended up allowing them to head to the south to deal with that group of counterfeits. Should I go back on my words? No, this is not something a person of my character would do.” “The words that I spoke, even nine dragons wouldn’t be able to pull them back.” “However, my plans are all messed up now. Just base on the capabilities that those two possess, they are practically sending themselves to their own death. Seems like, I am going to have to go and deal with that group of counterfeits myself!” “Since they are intending on going to the south tomorrow to deal with that group of counterfeits, I will help them take care of that group of counterfeits tonight.” “Also, it is about time for me to go and meet with that group of counterfeits!” “Wei Chang!” Ye Hua said faintly. “Your Honor, do you have any orders for me?” “We will pay that group of counterfeits a visit tonight and exterminate them.” “Yes!” Although Wei Chang did not know why His Honor suddenly wanted to deal with that group of counterfeits, Wei Chang did not ask any question and merely responded respectfully. Meanwhile, right at this moment, in preparation for tomorrow’s big battle, Qing Ya was currently undergoing Donghuang Baizhi’s devilish training. The two were completely unaware that Ye Hua was going to help them sweep away their obstacle tonight. As expected of Ye Hua, the wife pamperer. News of Traceless Pavilion had been exterminated swept through the entire south in no time, causing the panic to become even more critical. All of the sects and families were going on a lockdown and scattering their disciples and members throughout the south. Meanwhile, the people in the north were sort of rejoicing in the south’s misfortune. Ji Family was situated in a jungle that was located within the southwest, and pretty much the same as Voidless Realm, there was a layer of barrier that covered Ji Family’s territory. However, Ji Family’s barrier was a lot weaker compared to Voidless Realm’s barrier. Of course, to Ye Hua, no matter what barrier it was, it was just a matter of one cigarette butt. Right now, outside of the barrier, several thousands of people could be seen to have gathered. Banners, speakers, and megaphones could be seen everywhere. “Not good! Not good!” A man could be seen appearing in the air and shouted out while with a flustered expression. “What’s the matter! Did something happen again!” “Traceless Pavilion has been exterminated!” Right now, Ge Zheng was currently holding onto a megaphone and cursing at Ji Family for being shameless and still has not noticed the situation that was behind him. “Pavilion Master Ge! Don’t shout anymore, something big happened!” Someone that was behind Ge Zheng patted onto Ge Zheng and said. Ge Zheng turned his head around and shouted out, “What matter is it? Right now, the most important matter is to pressure Ji Family to come out!” “Your Traceless Pavilion has been exterminated!” Ge Zheng’s expression immediately froze, and the megaphone that was in his hand fell onto the ground, “What did you say! My Traceless Pavilion has been exterminated?!” “That’s right, news of this matter just arrived a while ago!” Ge Zheng suddenly held onto his forehead, and he seemed like he was about to collapse onto the ground. Luckily, someone that was behind him held onto him. After a long while, Ge Zheng stood his body up. With his eyes filled with bloodshot, Ge Zheng gathered spiritual energy into his right hand and smashed his right fist onto the barrier, “You bunch of cowards! Come out!” Bang!!! Ge Zheng’s fist which landed on the barrier didn’t even cause a ripple to appear on the barrier. Upon seeing that, everyone became silent. Faced against that group of people, we are helpless against them, and even a big shot like Ji Family do not dare to go and deal with that group of people. If this is so, what can we even do against that group of people! “What are you all being in a daze for! Today, my Traceless Pavilion is the one who gets exterminated, and tomorrow, your power may perhaps be the next to be exterminated! If this Ji Family doesn’t go and deal with that group of people, we are all going to die at the hands of that group of people!” What Ge Zheng just said was quite effective. After hearing what Ge Zheng said, all of the big shots began attacking Ji Family’s barrier. However, their attacks were pretty much useless to the barrier. At the inner part of Ji Family. The three brothers were seated at a pavilion and drinking tea, completely not caring about the lives and deaths of those people that were outside. “Big brother, should I just go outside and kill them all? Look at just how much of a scene they are making outside our Ji Family!” Ji Ji snorted. Ji Ji simply despised those people. Ji Teng laughed, “Second brother, if those people were to all be killed, we would become infamous.” “If not, do we have to listen to those people curse at us every day?” Ji Ji was very gloomy. I didn’t expect that there would come a day where others would curse at us, and yet I am not allowed to do anything to those people. As the family head, while with a smile on his face, Ji Zizhen slowly placed his teacup onto the table, then said, “After cursing at us for a few days, those people will get tired and leave. At that time, we can just casually charge them with a crime, then kill a few of them to intimidate the rest.” “Big brother is brilliant!” Ji Ji calmed his anger, then cupped his hands and said. “However, it must be said that, that unknown power sure is cocky. If not for the sake of taking down the two other big powers, that unknown power would have long been exterminated by our Ji Family.” Ji Zizhen laughed lightly. Ji Zizhen picked up the teapot, then poured tea for himself and his two brothers. “Thank you, big brother.” The corner of Ji Zizhen’s mouth slightly raised, “In the future, there are still a lot of difficult matters that I will have to trouble you two to help with.” “Doing things for Ji Family is a part of my duty, big brother, you are being too serious with your words!” The two brothers stood up and said respectfully. Ji Zizhen was very satisfied with his two brothers’ attitude. Today, Ye Hua didn’t have anything to do, and both of his wives were not by his side too, therefore, Ye Hua went to accompany his daughter to watch cartoons. “Daddy, why is Wolffy not able to eat till any of the goats every time? Wolffy is so pitiful.” While lying in her father’s embrace, Donghuang Li asked curiously. This question made Ye Hua become a bit happy. Seems like my daughter takes after me. Ye Hua laughed lightly, “Wolffy is merely playing around with the goats, if he really wanted to eat them, he could easily do it.” Donghuang Li didn’t really understand what Ye Hua said. Ye Hua guided attentively, “Strong beings disdain killing weak beings, but strong beings can control the weak beings and use the weak beings to entertain themselves.” Now that Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi weren’t here, Ye Hua began instilling his daughter with his fallacious reasoning. “Then, is Ah Li a strong being or a weak being?” Donghuang Li pointed to herself. Listening to what daddy said, I seem to be a weak being. Ye Hua laughed, “In the future, Ah Li will naturally become a strong being, and everyone is going to have to listen to what Ah Li says.” “Is that so? Will Ah Li become a strong being in the future? But Ah Li wants to accompany daddy forever.” Donghuang Li hugged her father. She seemed to have thought that if she were to become a strong being, she wouldn’t be able to be with her father anymore. While patting onto his daughter’s back, Ye Hua said faintly, “Ah Li, every child has to become independent sooner or later. You can’t stay by daddy and mommy’s sides forever, there will come a time where you would have to soar.” “Hmmm~ Ah Li does not want to become independent, Ah Li wants to be together with daddy forever and take care of daddy~” Ye Hua was helpless. Children are like this, they are especially attached to their parents. I will talk about this topic again with Ah Li in the future, and if worse comes to worst, I will just “release” Ah Li into the wild. My children have to learn to stand on their own feet, no matter if they are a boy or a girl. This is all for their own good! In this world where the strong prey on the weak, one can only depend on themselves, and as a father, the most I can do is to guide Ah Li to become independent and strong. After finished watching the cartoon, in the afternoon, Ye Hua began teaching Ah Li techniques. It must be said that, Ah Li was very quick in learning things, no matter what techniques Ye Hua tried to teach Ah Li, Ah Li was able to grasp the basics of the techniques after being taught just once or twice. For a child, this could be considered a very remarkable feat. The sky gradually turned dark, and after eating dinner, Ye Hua played King of Glory with his daughter, Ye Zizi, and Qing Yutong. And after Ye Hua was done trolling the three girls in the game, Ye Hua placed his daughter who was currently asleep onto the big bed, then placed a spell on his daughter which allowed his daughter to sleep soundly. Afterward, Ye Hua used a mirror image spell, and a mirror image of Ye Hua could be seen sleeping on the bed. If my wives came back and saw that I am not home, it won’t be good. This time, Ye Hua didn’t intend on bringing too many people, and he only brought along Wei Chang with him. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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