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xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 277 – His Honor was duped “No!” Ye Hua rejected. As a Supreme Overlord, how can I forgive such a crime like this? I am not a lay practitioner of Buddhism, and I won’t pity you just because you possess my memories! When all is said and done, your subordinates are your subordinates, they are not my subordinates! “Wei Chang! Stop playing around anymore!” Ye Hua shouted out gravely. A confident smile appeared on Wei Chang’s face as he said to the three counterfeits in front of him, “I will let you all die a worthwhile death!” After finished speaking, Wei Chang’s body could be seen to begin expanding. Wei Chang’s handsome face began distorting and transformed into a huge head that only had a huge mouth on it, and the huge mouth possessed sharp teeth that had sticky liquid dripping out from them. Meanwhile, Wei Chang’s body transformed into over a hundred tentacles, and those tentacles helped to prop up the huge head. At the end of each and every tentacle was a small head, and all of the small heads were biting onto the ground with their sharp teeth! This was Wei Chang’s true form, a monster! Even Ye Hua himself was also not clear just what monster Wei Chang was. When Ye Hua first met Wei Chang, there were a bunch of similar monsters all around. However, all those monsters ended up being devoured by Wei Chang. To speak it frankly, Wei Chang devoured all of his kind and became the one and only existence of his kind. When the three counterfeits saw Wei Chang’s form, they were a bit stupefied, and from not far away, Counterfeit Ye Hua could be heard shouting out, “Quickly run away!” Without having time to think too much, the three counterfeits shot out at high speed. “Want to run?” Wei Chang’s tongue was very wrong, and the tongue was reckoned to be at least 50 centimeters long. Tang Wei will most likely be very happy in the future. After licking his teeth, the tentacles that were below Wei Chang’s head slightly bent, then catapulted! Wei Chang’s first target was Counterfeit Ye Zizi. To actually dare to impersonate Zizi, you are truly tired of living! Immediately, Wei Chang swallowed Counterfeit Ye Zizi, then soon after, swallowed the other two counterfeits. All those counterfeits did not possess the strengths to even transform into their true forms. From this, it could be seen that those counterfeits were not perfect. “Your Honor, I have dealt with those three counterfeits.” Wei Chang who had transformed back into his corporeal body landed beside Ye Hua and said respectfully. Ye Hua nodded his head. While looking at the counterfeit in front of him, Ye Hua kept away the night’s fallen moon that was in his left hand, then took out a cigarette and lighted the cigarette with a gold color flame that appeared on his fingertip. “This ardent burning sun flame should help free you from this world.” After finished speaking, Ye Hua flicked the gold color flame that was on his fingertip. There wasn’t really any special visual effect. When the gold flame landed on Counterfeit Ye Hua’s bone head, like a parasite, the gold flame began spreading throughout the counterfeit’s body, and in no time, the counterfeit’s entire skeleton frame turned into gold color. The counterfeit’s empty eye sockets were staring at Ye Hua, seemingly like he was telling Ye Hua that this matter won’t be over this easily. A breeze blew by and blew away Counterfeit Ye Hua’s bone ash, and even the mage robe that was worn on the counterfeit was turned into ashes too. “Boring.” Ye Hua sighed. Being invincible sure feels empty. Wei Chang said with a slight smile, “Your Honor’s strength knows no bound, therefore, it is only natural for Your Honor to be able to be above everyone.” “But, there are two women who had been placed high up above me by me myself.” Ye Hua laughed lightly. “That is because Your Honor loves the madams very much, subordinate completely understands.” “Wei Chang, it seems that the number of things that you know is increasing as the days go by.” Wei Chang laughed dryly. If it was possible, subordinate wouldn’t want to know so many things. “That’s right, there are still a few more of those counterfeits to deal with, I will hand them to you to deal with, I will be heading back first.” Ye Hua yawned, then said. I’m not sure if my daughter has woken up or not, that little fellow is not a deep sleeper. Right when Wei Chang was about to reply to Ye Hua, four figures suddenly landed from the sky. Ye Hua unhurriedly turned around, then said faintly, “And I was just about to leave.” Amongst the four, Greed appeared to be a bit agitated, and glistening tears were even flowing out from his eyes. “Your Honor~” Greed could be seen suddenly running out from the group, then kneeled down on the ground and hugged onto Ye Hua’s thigh. Ye Hua who was currently smoking onto his cigarette was stunned, and Wei Chang who was standing behind Ye Hua was stunned by this scene too. “Jue Tian?” Ye Hua cried out in surprise. Jue Tian took off his gold eyeglasses, then transformed into his true form. Upon seeing Jue Tian revealed his true form, Ye Hua and Wei Chang knew that the person in front of them was definitely Jue Tian, because there was no one else who possessed a more adorable form than Jue Tian’s true form! A small cat. But different from ordinary cats, Jue Tian’s hair possessed different colors, and the colors intertwined with each other. Jue Tian was what one would describe as, gorgeous but deadly. “Your Honor, subordinate has finally found you.” Jue Tian transformed back into his human form, and he cried just like a child. The three sins that were behind Jue Tian looked curiously at the scene that was in front of them. Ye Hua coughed lightly, “The reason that I came here today was to look for you.” Upon hearing that, Jue Tian became extremely touched, “To be able to receive Your Honor’s care and concern, subordinate will never forget this day, boohoohoo…” Right now, Ye Hua finally understood everything. No wonder those counterfeits possessed our memories, Jue Tian was the one that created those counterfeits. This also explains why those counterfeits’ memories stopped at five years ago. “Tell me, what’s with your situation.” Jue Tian began recounting his five years on earth. Five years ago when Jue Tian first arrived on earth, because he was not familiar with earth, and adding on with his longing to see His Honor and the other sins again, Jue Tian spent five years to create high-quality imitations of His Honor and the other sins. What Jue Tian wanted was to go back to the past and be together with everyone. Not long ago, Jue Tian finished with his creations, and thus immediately decided to come out and terrorize the humans that were on this planet. Those few days were the happiest Jue Tian had been during his five years on earth, as he was able to enjoy terrorizing the humans with everyone. “Jue Tian! You dare to order His Honor!” Wei Chang shouted out. “Jue Tian wouldn’t dare. Although Jue Tian did create an imitation of His Honor, Jue Tian didn’t act disrespectful in the slightest bit to His Honor’s imitation. What Jue Tian wanted was to merely live under His Honor’s might. Only His Honor’s imposing aura is able to make Jue Tian be able to sleep in peace.” Wei Chang said, “if that’s the case, the imitation of His Honor that you created was too foolish!” Ye Hua, “……” “Eh… Jue Tian created His Honor according to how His Honor was in the past.” Wei Chang revealed out a smile on his face, “His Honor is no longer the same as he was five years ago.” Ye Hua said faintly, “Wei Chang, you are also no longer the same as you were five years ago.” “Your Honor has overpraised subordinate.” Wei Chang said respectfully. Ye Hua said faintly, “It isn’t convenient to talk here, let’s change to another location.” Biu. Everyone appeared at Leisure Bar’s toilet. “Your Honor! Please lead us towards the direction of glory once again and exterminate all of the humans!” Jue Tian properly adjusted his own mental state. Now that I have finally found His Honor, I can start going on a massacre now! This is great! Ye Hua let out a light sigh. Jue Tian and Ye Zizi are still the same as how they were back then, wanting to kill everyone. “Jue Tian, do not use the way you look at things in the past to look at the current His Honor.” Wei Chang reminded. Although Ye Hua was very happy to have found Jue Tian, Ye Hua still criticized strictly, “Jue Tian, do you know that you have spoilt my plan!” “Subordinate do not know!” Jue Tian said sincerely. Ye Hua, “……” “Wei Chang, explain everything to Jue Tian, I will go and smoke a stick of cigarette first.” “Yes!” Wei Chang used about 10 minutes to explain everything to Jue Tian, and Jue Tian was very shocked after listening to everything. I didn’t expect that His Honor would have changed so much! “Subordinate knows his wrong now. Your Honor is no longer the same as five years ago, and right now, Your Honor even possesses superhuman intelligence. Subordinate is truly ashamed when compared to Your Honor. Subordinate’s cheap trick must have been seen through by Your Honor with just a look.” Jue Tian thought too much, during the start, Ye Hua even thought that the counterfeit was his past self. “If I am not able to even see through this cheap trick of yours, how would I be able to be you guys’ leader?” Ye Hua said gravely. I was actually almost duped by my own subordinate. “That’s right, where did you go to just now?” Ye Hua asked curiously. Jue Tian was a bit awkward as he said hesitatingly, “Because subordinate is a vegetarian, subordinate went to a vegetarian skewer shop that is located in a nearby city to eat supper.” xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman


From 19 Sept, 2-3 chapters a week.

Translator: Wigglegui



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