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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 28 – The underling of an underling’s underling 1/2 Very quickly, Qing Ya stopped beside the bar, and with no one bothering the other, all of them straightforwardly opened the car door and got off the car. After Ye Hua got off the car, before entering the bar, he lighted up a cigarette first. Qing Ya hurriedly shouted, “Brother-in-law, my suitcase is very heavy, can you help me for a bit?” “No.” Ye Hua took a puff and said indifferently, without turning his head at all, he walked straight into the bar, leaving alone the stupefied Qing Yutong. This brother-in-law of mine is too formidable, responding in ways that are unexpected. Carrying the suitcase, Qing Yutong walked into the bar and saw that Ye Hua was mixing a drink at the bar counter. Not caring about the suitcase anymore, Qing Yutong sat on the tall chair and asked with a face full of curiosity, “Brother-in-law, I want to drink.” “Get it yourself.” “I want to drink this glass of yours.” Qing Yutong pointed to the glass of wine that Ye Hua had mixed. Ye Hua pushed the glass of scarlet color wine that was in his hand towards Qing Yutong, “This glass of wine had been spiked by me, if you are not afraid, you can drink it.” “Tsk, as if I would believe that.” Qing Yutong said in disdain and picked up the glass of wine, intending to drink it in one gulp. However, her movement came to a stop, taking a look at Ye Hua, this fellow didn’t really spike the drink right, I am a pure maiden after all. No, both of them are definitely cooperating together, no wonder big sister even said that she would deliver protection over! “Forget it, I don’t want to drink it anymore.” Qing Yutong said with a smile. Ye Hua laughed lightly, this Qing Yutong’s guts is too small, Qing Ya’s guts is bigger than hers. Picking up the glass of wine, Ye Hua drank it in one gulp. Comfortable! My mood is much better now. Qing Yutong discovered that she was duped and a feeling of defeat raised in her. Thinking about it, I am an international celebrity, and nevertheless, a best actress! For me to actually be duped by a handsome guy, this is a disgrace! “Erm, the paintings you have here sure are nice.” Qing Yutong immediately changed the subject to prevent herself from getting mocked at. Ever since I met brother-in-law, I have already been mocked countless times. “You want it? You can take any of them if you want.” Ye Hua said indifferently. Qing Yutong tsked and said, “I don’t want it, they are all fake.” Ye Hua remained silent, women are precisely childish, and also foolish! Placing down the glass, Ye Hua walked upstairs, because there was a matter that he needed either Lie Gu or Wei Chang to settle. “Brother-in-law, where do I sleep at?” Qing Yutong shouted anxiously. “Anywhere you want.” Qing Yutong scratched her head, this brother-in-law sure is tough, to be able to be that calm and collected when facing against my enticement, I have to go ask big sister just how did she meet with this weird brother-in-law.

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