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xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 280 – Formidable Why do those two women not know how to use their brains? One of them is pregnant, and the other is a mother, and yet, the moment their heads become hot, they immediately agreed to throw their lives away for a bunch of salted fishes! I have never seen before such irresponsible mothers. I can be counted to be rather unreasonable. But when compared to those two, my unreasonable can be considered to be nothing much! “Jue Tian! Give them a bit of a lesson, let them know that, it is not that easy to be a heroine!” Ye Hua was very angry. Originally, I was intending on pampering the two of you and let you two have some fun. But right now, I have become angry, and this anger of mine won’t pacify even if Ah Li coax me! Upon hearing what His Honor said, Jue Tian was shocked. Give the madams a bit of a lesson? Just how much is a bit of a lesson? If I go too easy on the madams, His Honor won’t be satisfied, and if I go too hard on the madams, His Honor won’t be happy. “Your Honor, so, should I dislocate the madams’ arms, or should I dislocate the madams’ legs?” “Erm… Forget about it, just make it so that they suffer some superficial wounds will do, I will give them a lesson by myself!” Ye Hua said gravely. Those two women are too worrisome, they totally do not know how high the heaven is, and how deep the ground is. If it was not for the fact that they have someone strong like me to support them, they wouldn’t even know it when death hits them. Superficial wounds are definitely a must, if not, this whole act would seem too fake. Moreover, superficial wounds cannot even be counted as wounds to them since they are able to heal superficial wounds in mere seconds! Currently, at Cloud Sect! When everyone heard that the empress and the heroine were actually planning on using their lives to exchange for Cloud Sect’s safety, everyone became extremely touched. In this day and age, good-hearted people actually do exist! Cloud Sect disciples were no cowards, after seeing that the empress and the heroine were willing to sacrifice their lives in exchange for their safety, they began standing up one after another. “Empress, heroine, we still have the strength to continue on fighting!” “That’s right, we are willing to fight against the enemy with you two!” “Fight against the enemy with the empresses!” Cloud Sect disciples began conveying their thoughts one after another. Right now, there wasn’t even any need for actors anymore. As a big power that belongs to the north, Voidless Realm has never been liked by the people of the south, and yet, today, Donghuang Baizhi obtained the support and respect of the people of the south. And in contrary, Ying Family and Ji Family’s positions within the hearts of the people of the south fell greatly, especially Ji Family! All of those loose cultivators were currently criticizing Ji Family for not willing to uphold justice and praising Voidless Realm for being benevolent. Not only did Ye Hua gave his wives a chance to act cool, Ye Hua also made Ji Family’s reputation become greatly damaged, killing two birds with one stone. Donghuang Baizhi shouted out loudly, “I appreciate everyone’s kindness, but I hope for everyone to not be impulsive and prevent needless injuries and deaths from happening!” Just how benevolent is the empress? I didn’t expect that the north’s big power would be this kind-hearted. I really want to migrate to the north. Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi looked at each other. From the looks of it, right now, they were able to converse with each other with their eyes! The two flew towards the sky, and upon seeing that, Jue Tian laughed lightly. The madams have already gained enough good reputation. Right now, all that is needed for this act is a final push! The three could be seen flying all the way high up above the clouds! Without hesitation, Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi stopped suppressing their auras and fully unleashed their auras. Meanwhile, Jue Tian unleashed his aura too. Of course, Jue Tian controlled his aura to stop at a level that was just a level higher than the two madams’ auras. Soon after, Jue Tian’s hands turned into sharp claws, and he began fighting with the two madams! The spiritual energies that were released by both parties caused the clouds to roll about, and the dense spiritual might that were being released by both parties caused everyone that was on the ground to be unable to raise their heads. The loose cultivators and Cloud Sect disciples’ gazes were filled with astonishment, all of them didn’t expect that the three would be this formidable! Those three are completely not on the same level as us, their strengths are too frightening! Biting cold killing intent filled the entire sky, and wave after wave of spiritual energy swept through the heaven and earth. Endless killing intent burst out from the two women’s bodies as the two women attacked Jue Tian from Jue Tian’s both sides! Meanwhile, Ye Hua who was watching Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi through Jue Tian’s eyes was slightly surprised. There is no need to say much about Donghuang Baizhi, her fundamental fighting skills are not bad. But Qing Ya is different, even though she awakened her bloodline, she still does not have any experience in combat. And yet, after just a few days of learning how to fight, Qing Ya’s combat skills seem quite decent, and even more, she is able to coordinate pretty well with Donghuang Baizhi. Right now, the two of them seemed to have even formed a unique disposition and trapped Jue Tian within the disposition! If Death Mage were to face against those two and get trapped in this disposition, Death Mage would most probably not be a match for them, unless Death Mage is able to escape from the disposition. Also, those two women’s speeds are extremely quick. It is fortunate that Jue Tian is the one that is facing against them, the two of them won’t be able to defeat Jue Tian no matter what. The longer the two women fought, the smoother their moves became. Meanwhile, Jue Tian who had suppressed his strength was having a hard time. The two women’s strengths, adding together with their coordination, were not something easy to deal with. “This is more or less enough already, quickly use a big move, then admit your defeat, there are still other things waiting for you to go and do.” Ye Hua’s voice rang out in Jue Tian’s head. Jue Tian shouted out angrily, causing the two women to get pushed away from him. Afterward, Jue Tian began forming hand seals with his hands at high speed. A huge spheroid could be seen to be forming slowly. Thunder lingered around the huge spheroid, and a terrifying aura was being emitted out from the huge spheroid. In the blink of an eye, the color of the sky changed, black clouds filled the sky, and thunder began booming continuously! Everyone that was on the ground was not able to see what was happening above the clouds, and all they could sense was that a terrifying aura was currently congregating above the clouds. The gale blew onto the two women’s hair, causing their hair to flutter in the air. Looking at their eyes, there was no fear within their eyes, and instead, their eyes were filled with immeasurable righteousness. Looking at his wives’ gazes, Ye Hua felt that his head was in pain. No, this won’t do, I must lead the two of them astray! The two women kept away their weapons, then pushed onto the air with their delicate hands! “Power of bloodline!” The two women shouted out in unison. This move that Qing Ya was using was taught to her by Donghuang Baizhi. Although Donghuang Baizhi didn’t inherit the power of Donghuang Bloodline, she was still after all a descendant of Donghuang, and a little bit of the power of Donghuang Bloodline still resides in her body! On the other hand, Qing Ya inherited 100% of her bloodline’s power. Right now, Qing Ya still did not know that Nuwa’s descendants were the weakest when they were pregnant. And yet, while Qing Ya was in her weakest state, she was actually still this strong! From this, it could be seen that, if Qing Ya was not pregnant, it was reckoned that she would be able to fight against Jue Tian one on one. Of course, the chance of Qing Ya winning against Jue Tian was still very slim. Nuwa’s descendants become stronger as they grow older. Right now, Qing Ya was still only a youngster. Perhaps, after a few hundred or thousand years have passed, Qing Ya would be able to defeat any one of the seven sins easily. However, it was rumored that, because the power of Nuwa’s descendants were all too enormous, only one Nuwa descendant can exist in this world! If there was already a Nuwa descendant in this world, another Nuwa descendant was not allowed to appear in this world! And yet, right now, Qing Ya was currently pregnant with a Nuwa descendant in her stomach… The two women revolved their bloodline power, and a huge faint image appeared behind Donghuang Baizhi’s back! The huge faint image was a Three-Legged Golden Crow! Meanwhile, the huge faint image that appeared behind Qing Ya was Qing Ya herself. However, the faint image of Qing Ya possessed a human body and a snake tail. The snake tail was a trait of the Nuwa Clan! The two bloodline powers erupted together at the same time, and this caused Jue Tian to become a little astonished. Without choice, Jue Tian raised his strength by a bit. Right now, a huge volcano seemed to have appeared in the sky and was currently erupting. The sound of thunder rang out continuously, lightning was continuously being discharged, the mountains were shaking, and the ground was trembling! The scene seemed just like the end of the world was coming. Everyone was pressed onto the ground by the might that was being emitted out from the sky, however, their eyes were still looking at the sky. Boom! Suddenly, the entire sky seemed to have turned into a white color sun, the dazzling white light caused everyone to not be able to help but close their eyes. Immediately after that, seemingly just like the explosion of a galaxy, a strong airwave erupted out in all directions. Right now, everyone was actually able to see the outer space through the sky, it was truly an astonishing sight to behold! Ye Hua who was lying on the bed and watching the live broadcast through Jue Tian’s eyes was startled. These two women are truly wild! I like it! xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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