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xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 281 – The brains “Look! Someone is falling from the sky!” One of the Cloud Sect disciples could be heard crying out in surprise while pointing at the sky. Everyone looked towards the figure that was falling down from the sky at high speed, and in the blink of an eye, the figure landed within Cloud Sect. A big hole didn’t form from the impact of the figure. Right when Jue Tian was about to land on the ground, he stabilized his figure and lightly landed on the ground. Jue Tian’s clothes were in tatters, but the mask that was worn on his face was still intact. Everyone felt that the mask must be some kind of high-grade mask. Eh… Jue Tian wants to express that the mask he was wearing was just a mask that he snatched away from a child. Back then when I snatched the child’s mask away from him, the child even cried. Seeing that the outcome of the battle had been decided, everyone within Cloud Sect let out a breath of relief. The empress and that heroine are truly formidable. Although the battle was two against one, no one felt that it was inappropriate. Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi slowly descended onto the ground, and their beautiful eyes were fixed onto Jue Tian. If this person goes back on his words, there is really nothing that we will be able to do about it. Faced against our big moves, this man didn’t suffer any injuries at all, all our big moves did was make his clothes become tattered. Meanwhile, when fighting against this man, my skin tore. It will be bad if I gained scars because of this. If there are scars on my body, wearing a bikini will be out of the question… What time was it already, and one of them was still thinking about bikinis. “The two of you are indeed formidable, this humble one accepts defeat!” Jue Tian shouted out loudly, seemingly like he was afraid others wouldn’t be able to hear what he said. Just based on this shout of Jue Tian’s that was filled with vitality, where were there even any signs that look like he had been defeated? Jue Tian’s acting skills were no good. If Ye Hua was here, Ye Hua would definitely make it so that he was bleeding, and even poke a few holes in his own body. The two women’s faces were indifferent, however, upon hearing that, both of them let out a breath of relief in their hearts. “Since the two of you have won, this humble one should keep his words. As long as the two of you are in this world, we will definitely never appear in this world!” “Goodbye!” After finished speaking, Jue Tian disappeared from Cloud Sect. The scene was extremely quiet, this turn of events was too quick, it was quick to the point that everyone still hasn’t come back to their senses. After quite a while, loud cheers began ringing throughout Cloud Sect. The calamity that had been terrorizing the south had finally been dealt with! “Qing Ya, say, do you think that Ye Hua will flip out or not?” Donghuang Baizhi asked curiously. Qing Ya smiled tenderly, “Not only will he flip out, he is also definitely going to pout his mouth and throw a tantrum.” “However, Ye Hua looks extremely adorable when he is angry. Whenever I see that angry look on his face, I really want to pinch his cheeks.” Qing Ya laughed, “If that is so, you are going to have to quickly seize the chance to do it while he is still in a weak state. Once his strength completely recovered, we won’t be a match for him anymore.” Donghuang Baizhi shrugged helplessly. What to do when this is the man that I fell in love with. “Qing Ya, don’t you feel that the person that we fought against just now seemed to be losing to us on purpose?” Donghuang Baizhi seemed to feel that something was fishy. That man’s strength is very strong. When faced against our bloodline powers, he was able to come out completely unscathed. If he were to continue fighting with us, we would have definitely been the ones that had lost. And yet, that man actually admitted defeat just like that. This is very strange. Qing Ya nodded her head, “We are going to have to be vigilant, I feel that that man is planning some kind of big plot.” “En, I feel the same way too.” The two women were both very smart. It was a mistake for Ye Hua to let Jue Tian be the one to act in this act. It would have been better if Ye Hua had gotten Wei Chang to be the one to act in this act. Wei Chang would have definitely acted well and made it so that there wasn’t any flaw in the act. Right now, the two women were already suspecting that Jue Tian lost to them on purpose. If the two women were to find out that their man was the director of all those acts, they would definitely collapse from anger, and Ye Hua would definitely be done for. “Empress, heroine, on behalf of my sect, thank you for saving us from being killed by that man. If is it convenient for you two, how about staying here for a meal before leaving?” As Cloud Sect’s sect master, Wu Hao naturally had to give his thanks. This was basic etiquette. Of course, Wu Hao also had his own tiny motive for asking the two women to stay for a meal before leaving. This heroine saved my life just now, thus, it is only natural for me to repay her, right? I wonder what this heroine thinks about me repaying her with my heart and body? Donghuang Baizhi adjusted her mentality and once again revealed the aura that an empress should have, “For such a matter like this to have happened in the south, it truly pains my heart. Now that the enemy has been repelled, and peace has returned to the Cultivation World, there is no need for me and my good friend to be here anymore!” After finished speaking, Donghuang Baizhi and Qing Ya disappeared from Cloud Sect. “I didn’t expect that the empress would be so amiable and approachable.” “That’s right, leaving immediately after repelling the enemy, the empress is truly selfless!” “En, this is something that the south’s two big powers would never be able to do.” “That’s right. What did that Ying Family say? That they had to recuperate their strength? Take a look at the empress, does she look like she is recuperating? Two big powers? From the looks of it, they might as well be called the two big cowards!” The sound of people talking immediately rang out in Cloud Sect, and while praising the empress, those people were also criticizing the south’s two big powers. While looking at the spot that Qing Ya disappeared from, Wu Hao let out a deep sigh. I have to increase my strength! I have to strive to have the strength to be able to help her in battle! At the least, I must not be a burden to her when in battle! Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi didn’t return to Leisure Bar, and instead, they returned to Voidless Realm. The first reason for returning to Voidless Realm was so that they can treat their wounds, and the second reason was that, they didn’t dare to return home. If Ye Hua were to find out that we actually disregarded our lives in order to save others’ lives, he will definitely go crazy… And in actuality, Ye Hua had already long known about that, and he already has his whip prepared for when the two of them returned back home. The scene of Ye Hua whipping his wives with a whip would definitely be a scene to behold. However, right now, Ye Hua was currently accompanying his daughter to watch Calabash Brothers: Save the Grandpa. After Jue Tian was done with the act, Jue Tian appeared at Ji Family’s gate. Right now, Jue Tian was wearing a white color western suit, and a red color tie to match with the suit. Adding on with that confident smile that was on his face, Jue Tian looked very handsome. Furthermore, the gold spectacles that he was wearing helped to add an intellectual look to him. Looking at Jue Tian, one would think that, this person is either a doctor or a teacher. All those family heads that are holding a protest outside of Ji Family’s barrier still do not know that the crisis has already been dealt with. However, I reckon that, they will receive news of it soon. Therefore, I am going to have to quickly go into action and accomplish my order! His Honor’s intention is to get the humans to fight amongst themselves. As a subordinate, I naturally have to do things according to how His Honor wants things to be done. However, looking at just how dispirited those people are right now, things are going to be a bit difficult, especially since His Honor does not want me to expose myself. His Honor’s orders sure are getting harder and harder to accomplish. However, as the brains of the group, no matter how difficult His Honor’s orders are, they won’t be an issue for me! Right when Jue Tian was preparing to stealthily go into action, Traceless Pavilion’s Pavilion Master Ge Zheng suddenly stood up. Ge Zheng’s looks could be seen to have changed drastically. In just a day, Ge Zheng had at the least became older by 10 years old! “Ji Family’s youngster, come out!” Ge Zheng could be seen shouting loudly as he punched onto the barrier! This punch was just a normal punch, Ge Zheng did not use any spiritual energy on this punch of his. The other family heads turned their heads and looked at Ge Zheng, then shook their heads. Yesterday, after landing attacks on the barrier for more than an hour, and finding out that the barrier still remained intact after enduring all those attacks, everyone came to recognize a fact, which was that the barrier was not something that they were able to break through. In actuality, Ge Zheng also didn’t expect this punch of his to be able to do anything to the barrier. All Ge Zheng was doing was merely letting out his anger on the barrier. However… Crack! The spot where Ge Zheng’s fist landed on cracked slightly. Upon seeing that, Ge Zheng was stupefied. When did my fist become so powerful? Could it be that, I broke through my current realm and stepped into another realm? Ge Zheng shouted out loudly, and a formidable burst of spiritual energy exploded out from Ge Zheng’s body as he struck his fist onto the barrier once again! Crack… crack… Just like a glass that had suffered a hit, spiderweb cracks that were visible with the eyes appeared on the barrier. Everyone slowly stood their bodies up and looked in disbelief at the spiderweb cracks that appeared on the barrier. “Everyone, together!” Ge Zheng shouted out. Sure enough, few family heads immediately rushed over, and soon after, more and more family heads joined. Once again, the barrier began enjoying the feeling of being bombarded with attacks. Bang! After 10 minutes of attack bombardment, they finally opened a hole in Ji Family’s barrier! “Everyone, charge! Ji Family must give us an explanation!” Ge Zheng shouted out angrily as he took the lead to charge into Ji Family. xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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