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xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 282 – Show yourself if you have the guts Ge Zheng was doing a good job in leading the tempo. In the flash of an eye, everyone had already charged into Ji Family! Jue Tian slowly walked behind everyone. Just now, the reason that Ge Zheng was able to make a crack appear on the barrier was naturally due to Jue Tian’s doing. If not, with Ge Zheng’s strength, how would he ever be able to deal any damage to the barrier? It is fortunate that this Ge Zheng exists. Because of him, my plan is perfect now! After walking into the barrier, Jue Tian raised his head and took a look. The hole that was made in the barrier was slowly restoring, and in no time, the hole disappeared, and the barrier restored back to how it was before! “Today, everyone is going to have to die!” With a smile on his face, Jue Tian mumbled. If Ye Hua knew that his subordinate, Jue Tian, had overthought the order that he gave to him and was currently planning on killing everyone, another big scolding was definitely going to be unavoidable. I told you to make them bear grudges against each other, not kill all of them! If you killed all of them, where am I going to find people to toy with in the future?! What has to be noted was that, the family heads of 90% of the south’s powers were gathered at Ji Family. If all of them were to die here, the south will definitely no longer be a match for the north anymore, and Ye Hua won’t be able to continue executing his plan anymore. As expected of the brains of the group, Jue Tian was able to disintegrate all of the south’s powers in mere minutes, and furthermore, he was able to do it while with his identity kept secret! Ji Zizhen who was currently enjoying a scrumptious breakfast suddenly wrinkled his brows. They actually broke through the barrier! How is this possible! “Big brother, the situation is looking bad! Those people actually broke through the barrier!” Ji Ji rushed over and reported to his big brother about the current situation. Ji Zizhen said gravely, “Do you not even know how to handle such a matter like this? Chase them all out!” “Those people are smashing everything in their paths without any regard for their own lives at all! Without an order, the imperial guards also do not dare to do anything to those people. Right now, a few imperial guards had even been beaten up by those people!” Right now, those family heads were indeed acting like a bunch of hoodlums, destroying everything in their paths, and had even beaten up a few Ji Family imperial guards. The scene within Ji Family was basically chaos right now! “Wicked commoners! Those family heads are precisely a bunch of wicked commoners!” Ji Zizhen shouted out angrily. Seeing that his big brother was flipping out, Ji Ji didn’t dare to speak too much. After quite a while, Ji Zizhen finally calmed down. While drinking his high-grade spiritual porridge, Ji Zizhen said unhurriedly, “Beat up a few of them, then chase all of them out!” “Yes!” Ji Ji quickly left the living room. Soon after, Ji Teng walked into the living room and said gravely, “Big brother, this matter is very strange, for the barrier to break for no reason, could it be that there is someone intentionally messing with us?” “Perhaps. However, no matter how ruthless or formidable the person that is trying to mess with us is, if he has entered into our Ji Family’s territory, I will make sure that he won’t be able to leave!” While with stern killing intent flickering in his eyes, Ji Zizhen said coldly. After hearing what his big brother said, Ji Teng felt a lot more at ease, “I will go and help out second brother then.” “Go on. However, don’t kill anyone right now! We will kill them in the future instead!” “Understood!” Right now, all of the family heads have already charged into Ji Family’s inner territory, and the imperial guards that were guarding the entrance to the inner territory have already been knocked down onto the floor by them. Of course, those imperial guards were merely beaten up, and not killed. No matter how angry those family heads were, they still possess rationality. Jue Tian unhurriedly followed behind the group and quietly waited for his chance to strike. Suddenly, Jue Tian discovered that the man that was leading the group seemed to be very stirred up. This guy should be it then! Ge Zheng was currently fighting with his fists, however, he did not revolve his spiritual energy at all. And since that was the case, his punches would at the most hurt, and wouldn’t be fatal! “Stop! If not, I won’t be courteous with you anymore!” A Ji Family imperial guard could be seen speaking to Ge Zheng while pointing his pike at Ge Zheng. “Call your family head to come out and give us an explanation! We demand justice!” Ge Zheng who was in rage kicked away the pike that was pointed at him, then punched onto the imperial guard’s stomach! Bang! The eyes of the imperial guard almost popped out from his eye sockets as he pointed at Ge Zheng and shouted out, “You dare to kill me! You actually dare to kill me!” Ge Zheng’s brows became wrinkled, and the surrounding imperial guards and family heads all stopped what they were doing and looked towards the imperial guard and Ge Zheng. The imperial guard could be seen slowly collapsing onto the floor. After collapsing onto the floor, the imperial guard’s entire body began twitching, and blood began spilling out from the corner of his mouth. Upon seeing that, the other imperial guards immediately rushed over to check on the situation. Faced with this situation, none of the family heads stopped the imperial guards from heading over to check on the imperial guard that had collapsed on the floor. Right now, the family heads were still a bit stupefied. We were obviously just fighting without the intent of killing anyone, so why did this Ge Zheng suddenly kill an imperial guard! Very quickly, the imperial guard stopped breathing. Upon seeing that, the other imperial guards shouted out loudly, “To actually dare to commit a murder in Ji Family! What that will be waiting for all of you should be the most severe punishment there is!” For a matter like this, the imperial guards definitely have to report the matter to their family head and let their family head decide on what to do. However, not sure what was going on in the brain of one of the imperial guards, the imperial guard held onto his pike and thrust his pike towards the family heads, “You bunch of scoundrels, all of you should die! I am going to take revenge for my brother!” In a flash, the imperial guard thrust two family heads to death. Those two family heads were brought here by a certain family head, and when that certain family head saw that his two good friends were killed by the imperial guard, his head turned hot! Immediately, spiritual energy exploded out from the family head’s body as he attacked the imperial guard! Soon after, the imperial guard’s body exploded, and blood splattered throughout the scene. The change of events caused everyone to become shocked. “Kill!” The imperial guards shouted out angrily. Meanwhile, Ge Zheng was not afraid too as he shouted out, “Kill!” Immediately, both sides began fighting with the intent to kill. Soon after the fight began, even more Ji Family imperial guards rushed out and joined the fight! Jue Tian was very satisfied with the situation right now. With just a snap of my fingers, they were made to kill each other by me. This kind of feeling sure is wonderful. It is no wonder that His Honor would prefer killing them this way. Killing them this way feels much greater than just straightforwardly killing them by myself! From time to time, Jue Tian would kill a few imperial guards and family heads, which in turn caused both sides to become even angrier. Jue Tian was very happy right now. “All of you, stop!” Ji Ji could be seen to have rushed over to the scene, then shouted out loudly. Jue Tian disliked the person that appeared very much. Those people were having a great time killing each other, so why did you have to interrupt them? As expected, along with Ji Ji’s shout, everyone stopped and separated from each other. The imperial guards gathered at one side, while the family heads gathered at the other side. The brows of Ji Ji, and Ji Teng, who had just arrived, were tightly wrinkled. I only left for a moment, and over a hundred people have died on both sides! If this matter were to spread out, my Ji Family’s face would be completely thrown away, and my Ji Family will be deemed as a power that bullies the weak! However, no matter if Ji Family was in the wrong or not, how would Ji Family allow those wicked commoners to mess around in their territory? “Audacious! To actually dare to kill my Ji Family imperial guards, do you all not know the consequences of doing that?!” Ji Teng landed on the ground and shouted out. Biu. A throwing knife shot out from the family heads’ group, and the speed at which that throwing knife was shot out was so quick that even Ji Teng also didn’t realize a throwing knife was shot out from the family heads’ group. With the sound of a plop, the throwing knife pierced into Ji Teng’s chest. And although the speed at which the throwing knife was shot out was very fast, the might of the throwing knife didn’t seem to be very big as the throwing knife merely pierced through a small bit of Ji Teng’s skin. Jue Tian who was within the family heads’ group had a faint smile on his face. “Who! Who dares to attack me while hidden in the dark! If you have the guts, show yourself!” Ji Teng was in disbelief. I was actually pierced by a throwing knife! “Second brother, are you alright?” Ji Ji asked with concern. “I’m fine, it’s merely a small flesh wound!” Ji Teng said gravely while sweeping through the crowd with his eyes. Biu. Another throwing knife was shot out, and the throwing knife steadily pierced through Ji Teng’s chest. Although the might of the throwing knife wasn’t big, every throwing knife that pierced his chest was practically just like a pierce in his heart. “Who! If you have the guts, show yourself!” Biu. Ji Teng lowered his head and took a look. Three throwing knives could be seen to have pierced his chest. This is happening while with so many people watching, my face has practically been completely thrown away! Ji Teng was angered to the point that his face became completely red, “Wicked commoners! All of you are a bunch of wicked commoners! There are always wicked commoners who want to harm me!” Upon hearing that, the family heads couldn’t stay silent anymore. Your Ji Family is acting like a coward, not daring to deal with that unknown power, and yet you still dare to be so cocky?! Even more, do you think that you are an emperor! “Who do you even think you are! Go and call your family head to come out, we want an explanation from your family head!” “That’s right, quickly scram and call your family head to come out!” “That’s right! If not, we are going to exterminate your Ji Family today!” Such arrogance, to actually even think of exterminating our Ji Family! Ji Ji and Ji Teng’s eyes were about to start shooting flames, both of them were almost unable to hold themselves back anymore. Biu, biu, biu… Countless throwing knives shot out from all directions, and all of them pierced into Ji Ji and Ji Teng’s chests. The throwing knives that were pierced into Ji Ji’s chest formed an “S”, while the throwing knives that were pierced into Ji Teng’s chest formed an “B”. Putting the two letters together, “SB” was formed. xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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