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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 284 – If I moved a step, I lose The man that was in front of them had a cigarette in his mouth, and had a look that was practically saying, “I am a big boss”. However, the expression that was on the man seemed to be looking a bit unhappy, seemingly like he had just been diagnosed with constipation. The four people that were following behind the man were very strange too. Amongst the four people, there was a handsome uncle, a youngster, a young man that wore a pair of gold spectacles, and an adorable loli. This group of people was naturally Ye Hua and the four sins. However, the look on Jue Tian’s face didn’t look really good, because he didn’t manage to accomplish his order correctly. Ye Zizi was yawning, and her small hand was patting onto her lips. Today, Ye Zizi was wearing a princess dress as usual, and a big ribbon bowknot was tied to the top of her head. Ye Zizi looked extremely adorable. Meanwhile, Wei Chang and Lie Gu both had a smile on their faces, seemingly like they were here to visit an old friend. “Who are you guys!” The imperial guards looked vigilantly at Ye Hua and the others. Who are these five people, I have never seen them before in Ji Family! Ye Hua didn’t have the mood to speak with some mere salted fish, and as subordinates, it was only natural for them to have to understand what was going through their boss’s mind! Jue Tian said faintly, “Lead us inside!” The elder and the two imperial guards went into a daze for a moment, then soon after, said respectfully, “Please come in.” Jue Tian’s strongest ability was that he was able to change a person’s thoughts, or to put it simply, hypnotism was Jue Tian’s strongest ability. Also, Jue Tian possesses another very formidable skill, and that skill was speed! Within the group, Ye Zizi was the symbol for power, and Jue Tian was the symbol for speed. Wei Chang’s strength was relatively comprehensive, there wasn’t any point of his strength that really stood out. However, Wei Chang’s true body alone was enough to make others tremble in fear. As for Lie Gu, there was no need to say too much, he was the king in air combat. Naturally, the three other sins also have their own characteristic. Ye Hua’s entire group was able to dominate the sky, land, and sea. And it was precisely because of this, all of the Overlords had to gather together in order to be able to eliminate Ye Hua and his group. Back then, as the leader of the group, Ye Hua’s physical attacks were the weakest amongst the group, but his magic attacks were the strongest. And because all of those Overlords knew that, they put aside their differences and made a series of battle plans to fight against Ye Hua and his group. At that time, the Overlords could be said to have truly achieved the state of being willing to share their treasures with each other! Therefore, it must be said, Ye Hua and the Seven Sins were targeted by the Overlords. After all, Overlords have their own pride, and such a thing like Overlords being willing to share their treasures with each other was never before heard of. Even more, even Demonic Overlords were involved in the plan to eliminate Ye Hua and the other sins. In the end, although the Overlords managed to exterminate Ye Hua and the other sins, the Overlords themselves also suffered tremendous losses. However, what the Overlords do not know was that, the skeleton from back then did not die, and instead, the skeleton’s strength had become even more powerful than before, and the same could be said for the skeleton’s subordinates. If the Overlords were to find out about this, it was reckoned that the Overlords would start panicking and won’t be able to even sleep in peace. The elder and the two imperial bodyguards respectfully lead the way for Ye Hua and the others. While smoking his cigarette, Ye Hua looked at the people that were in the main hall and thought to himself, “Those damn fellows are the ones who messed up my entire plan! I really want to call the police and get them all arrested! Those murderers!” Ji Zizhen who was inside the main hall was currently formulating a series of annexation plans. Suddenly, Ji Zizhen saw a few figures appeared outside the main hall, and immediately, his brows became wrinkled. Upon seeing the peculiarity that appeared on their family head’s face, everyone couldn’t help but looked towards the direction that their family head was looking at. Ye Hua and the others walked to the center of the main hall, and after Ye Hua swept his eyes over everyone that was in the main hall, Jue Tian who was standing behind Ye Hua shouted out, “What are you all waiting for? Quickly kneel down and pay your respect to His Honor!” Ye Zizi took out a lollipop from her small pocket, took off the lollipop’s wrapper, then placed the lollipop into her mouth. An adorable smile was on Ye Zizi’s face, and the color of her scarlet pupils was becoming even brighter. His Honor is definitely going to allow me to have my fill today. Upon hearing Jue Tian’s words, everyone from Ji Family became extremely dumbfounded, especially the elders. After coming back to their senses, all of the elders kneeled down and said respectfully, “This one pays respect to Your Honor!” Ji Zizhen didn’t believe that the people in front of him were the rumored deities. No, this is impossible! The deities have already disappeared for more than a thousand years, so why would they suddenly descend into the mortal world out of nowhere? Those people are definitely not deities! Ji Ji and Ji Teng looked towards their big brother. Just what is going on? Should we kneel and pay our respect too? Those elders have already kneeled down. “You all are deities?” With a gloomy look on his face, Ji Zizhen asked. Wei Chang could be heard shouting out, “Impudent! How could those garbage deities ever be able to be compared to His Honor!” Ye Zizi who was sucking on a lollipop said, “En, en, en~ Deities are all garbage.” “State your identities, if not, we will deem you all as invaders and deal with you all just as how we would deal with invaders!” Ji Ji took out his flying guillotine and shouted out gravely. Ye Hua let out a mouth of smoke, then said faintly, “My identity is not something you insects are worthy of knowing. Furthermore, your Ji Family has long been invaded by me!” Jue Tian understood, and immediately, he flung out a throwing knife, and the throwing knife once again pierced into Ji Teng’s chest! With a dazed look on his face, Ji Teng lowered his head and looked at the familiar throwing knife. Ji Teng suddenly stood up from his seat, then shouted out while pointing at Jue Tian, “Big brother! He is the one! He is the one who kept on flinging throwing knives at us, causing us to become enraged and thus ended up killing those family heads!” Everyone that was in the main hall gasped. It was only now that most of them come to realize that they had been plotted against this whole time! “Talkative!” Jue Tian laughed lightly. A throwing knife appeared once again, just that, different from before, the throwing knife pierced through Ji Teng’s right cheek and came out from the left cheek. The throwing knife’s blade perfectly sealed Ji Teng’s oral cavity. “Audacious!” Ji Ji flung out his flying guillotine, and the flying guillotine flew towards Ye Hua’s head! Ye Hua said faintly, “If I moved a single step today, I will count it as I have lost!” Right when the flying guillotine was about to land onto Ye Hua’s head, Lie Gu who was standing behind Ye Hua grabbed onto the flying guillotine’s sharp blade, and after the flying guillotine’s sharp blade struck onto Lie Gu’s hand, the sharp blade actually became blunt. This youngster actually made the blade of an ancient godly item become blunt with his mere hand! In actuality, just now, Lie Gu stealthily transformed a part of his dragon bone onto his palm. Meanwhile, while all that was happening, Ye Zizi’s hair moved stealthily, and right now, her hair had already appeared on top of Ji Ji’s head. The hair could be seen forming into a mouth, and the mouth was currently looking at Ji Ji’s head. “Ji Ji! Be careful!” Ji Zizhen who was sitting on the main seat shouted out loudly. However, it was already too late. The small mouth immediately bit into Ji Ji’s head, then began feasting on Ji Ji's insides. While being feasted by the small mouth, Ji Ji’s eyes rolled upward, and his four limbs twitched continuously. “Stop!” Ji Zizhen shouted out loudly and was preparing to attack at Ye Zizi. “If I didn’t allow you to move, then do not move!” Ye Hua said lightly. Ji Zizhen felt a formidable pressure pressing down onto him, causing him to sit back down onto his seat and not be able to move his body! The feasting was still going on, and Ye Zizi’s beautiful eyes had currently turned into crescents. So tasty~ Slurp~ Looking at the scene that was in front of them, everyone from Ji Family was completely terrified. An elder shouted out while hitting on the ground with his hands, “Retribution! This is retribution!” After sucking Ji Ji dry, Ye Zizi tossed Ji Ji to the side. Afterward, Ye Zizi licked onto her lips, seemingly to not have had enough yet. When Ye Zizi’s eyes swept through everyone from Ji Family, all of them couldn’t help but tremble! Ye Hua could be heard saying faintly, “Everyone, sit down, let’s discuss how you all should die.” Ye Hua walked to Ji Ji’s seat and sat down. As for the four sins, the four of them stood behind Ye Hua. Suddenly, one of the elders shouted out loudly, “You moved a step! You lost!” Ye Hua went into a slight daze, then soon after, said faintly, “I am not one who keeps his words.” Everyone from Ji Family, “……” How could you be like this! You were evidently the one that said you would count it as you have lost if you moved a single step! And right now, you are saying that you don’t keep your words! How could you do this! However, right when Ye Hua was about to have some fun, outside of the main hall, a gold light suddenly descended from the sky! The formidable might pressure that was being emitted out from the gold light caused everyone to become astonished. After the gold light dispersed, two men and a woman could be seen to have appeared outside of the main hall. The two men wore robes, had their hair tied onto hair crowns, while the cold and haughty-looking woman wore a blue dress. ( If you are curious what having one’s hair tied onto a hair crown looks like: https://www.wse.me/wenhua/shen-me-shi-shu-fa-guan-shu-fa-guan-qi-yuan-shu-fa-guan-shi-shen-me-yi-si-24088.htm ) https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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