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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 285 – Filled with grief and pain Ye Hua was curious about the three that suddenly appeared, therefore, he suppressed everyone from Ji Family to prevent them from doing anything stupid. Meanwhile, Lie Gu looked towards the woman, then licked his lips, and even swallowed a mouth of saliva. This woman is not bad, should I request His Honor to bestow this woman to me? Will His Honor agree to my request? Jue Tian was not interested in women, after taking a look at the woman, Jue Tian didn’t pay any more attention to the woman. Wei Chang’s heart was filled with Xiao Tang, and no other woman was able to enter into his heart. From this, it could be seen that Lie Gu was someone that has a huge heart. Ye Zizi rolled her eyes at Lie Gu. This lecherous dragon is going into heat again. As for Ye Hua, right now, his heart was split into two pieces, one piece for Qing Ya, and the other piece for Donghuang Baizhi. No other woman was able to enter into Ye Hua’s heart anymore. Amongst the three people, the woman was actually the one who was walking in the front. Evidently, the woman was the boss amongst the three. Lie Gu licked onto his dry lips. Ye Hua felt that this woman was much more able to act cool compared to Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi. If not for being curious about those three, Ye Hua really wanted to end the woman’s life right now by giving her a slap on the face. “What are you all still being in a daze for? Quickly kneel down and pay your respect to Madam Zi Yuan!” One of the men who was standing behind the woman shouted out gravely. The shape of Lie Gu’s mouth turned into an O shape. The wife of a deity… This is so exciting! Madam Zi Yuan’s original name was Zi Shan, after marrying into the prince mansion, she was granted the title “Madam Zi Yuan”. In actuality, Madam Zi Yuan’s strength was very formidable, but because she wasn’t willing to serve upon the prince, even though she possessed an outstanding appearance, the prince wasn’t fond of her, and towards Madam Zi Yuan, the prince just casually threw a sinecure to her and left her on her own. Today, while she was bored, she saw that there was peculiarity at Ji Family, and thus decided to come down to the profane world to relieve boredom, and at the same time, give Ji Family a punishment while she was here in the profane world. Those three big powers are after all some small trump cards that the prince left in the profane world, thus it is only right for me to discipline them when they do something wrong. Upon arriving at Ji Family, Madam Zi Yuan immediately sensed the grievances of the souls who had died unjustly at Ji Family’s territory. Seems like this Ji Family just finished killing a bunch of people not too long ago. After walking into the main hall, Madam Zi Yuan felt rather baffled as she sensed that those people from Ji Family were trembling with fear. The more Lie Gu looked at Madam Zi Yuan, the more fond he became of her. This woman’s skin is that of a beautiful white, and furthermore, her demeanor is different from my three other women. Right now, I precisely lack such a woman like this. Yi Ran belongs to the gentle and lovely kind, Wen Xia belongs to the cool kind, and Bai Xiaozhen belongs to the adorable kind. Right now, all I’m lacking is the cold and haughty kind. Moreover, recently, because those three wives of mine have gone to shoot for their shows, it has been hard for me to fall asleep. And right now, isn’t it just nice that this woman has sent herself to my doorstep? This is great! “Who are you all!” Ji Zizhen who was being suppressed by Ye Hua asked. Although Ji Zizhen was currently being suppressed, his mind was still clear. One of the men who was standing behind Madam Zi Yuan shouted out, “Impudent, to actually dare to be disrespectful in front of Madam Zi Yuan!” After finished speaking, the man raised his hand and slapped onto the air. “Pa!” The sound of the slap was truly loud, and immediately, the imprint of five fingers appeared on Ji Zizhen’s face. Madam Zi Yuan said lightly, “A mere big power also dares to be so impudent? Seems like I am indeed going to have to give you all a good discipline.” Ji Teng shouted out loudly, “Discipline your mom!” “You are courting death!” Madam Zi Yuan shouted out. One of the men that was standing behind Madam Zi Yuan immediately appeared in front of Ji Teng and grabbed onto Ji Teng’s neck with just one hand. After sealing off Ji Teng’s spiritual energy, the man straightforwardly choked Ji Teng to death. Ye Hua took out a stick of cigarette, assumed the sitting posture of a big boss, then lighted up the cigarette. I didn’t expect that those people are here to give Ji Family a lesson too. However, for this woman to not actually place any of the three big powers in her eyes, this is rather interesting. My interest has been piqued, and my mood has become slightly better too. In such a short period of time, Ji Zizhen who was sitting on the main seat has witnessed both of his little brothers die a miserable death in front of him. Right now, Ji Zizhen’s eyes could be seen to be filled with bloodshot. I didn’t expect that those three are actually deities. If that is so, those five people who appeared at the beginning, could they be those people who had been going around massacring people during those past few days? Madam Zi Yuan moved her gaze to Ye Hua. This man’s expression is indifferent, seemingly like he doesn’t fear me at all. Furthermore, for him to smoke onto whatever that he is smoking right now while he is in front of my presence, he is simply being disrespectful towards me! Lowly human! To actually dare to be so insolent while you are in front of the presence of a deity! Ye Hua released the suppression that was on everyone from Ji Family. Ye Hua was very curious as to just which side would Ji Family choose to side with. Everyone suddenly felt their bodies became lighter, and confusion appeared in their eyes. No matter what is going on, now that the deities have appeared, we have to pay our respect to them! “This one pays respect to you deities!” Aside from Ji Zizhen, everyone from Ji Family kneeled respectfully on the ground. Of course, Ye Hua and the other sins did not kneel too. After taking a look at Ye Hua, then taking a look at Madam Zi Yuan, Ji Zizhen made his decision. Ji Zizhen slowly walked to the front of Madam Zi Yuan, then kneeled down in front of her and shouted out, “This one pays respect to you deities!” Madam Zi Yuan lightly raised her hand, and everyone was propped up from the ground by an incorporeal power, “To know to recognize your own mistake and mend your mistake, you guys still have hope. However, some people on the other hand are beyond hope!” Madam Zi Yuan looked towards Ye Hua and the other sins. Ji Zizhen seemed to have forgotten that this woman's subordinate had just killed his little brother just a while ago and could be seen saying hurriedly, “Deity, this group of people are invaders, if not for the fact that you had appeared here, I reckon that my Ji Family would have been exterminated by them!” Ye Hua flicked his cigarette ash, then said, “You seem to be mistaken, even with those three here, the fate of your Ji Family being exterminated still won’t be prevented.” “Audacious!” The two men shouted out gravely. Madam Zi Yuan raised her hand and signaled her two subordinates to not do anything. Madam Zi Yuan still had some questions she wanted to ask. Ye Hua did the same too. “Who are you?” Madam Zi Yuan asked. Ye Hua said calmly, “I am a good person.” Pfft! Everyone from Ji Family began cursing out at Ye Hua in their minds. If you are a good person, there won't be any bad person left in this world! “He is the one who barged into Ji Family and killed my second brother! Deity, this person killing someone from Ji Family is a small matter, but this action of his is basically trampling on you deities’ dignity!” Ji Zizhen was smart, but what he did wrong was that he chose to side with the wrong side. Although, even if Ji Zizhen chose the right side, the aftermath would still be the same. Since Ye Hua had already decided on what he was going to do, it was not going to be easy for him to change his mind. “Is what he said true?” Madam Zi Yuan questioned gravely. Ye Hua said, “What he said is true, but that is because they messed up my plan and killed a lot of innocent people. Right now, my heart is still filled with grief and pain!” Grief and pain! Ye Hua didn’t lie, he was indeed filled with grief and pain, but the reason he was filled with grief and pain was because his plan got messed up. “Deity, do not believe him!” Ye Hua said faintly, “Jue Tian, let her have a look.” Jue Tian took out his phone, then walked to the front of Madam Zi Yuan and played a video for Madam Zi Yuan to watch. From the video that was played, Ji Family’s ruthlessness was on full display. The video was concrete proof of what Ji Family had done. “Those people are all my people! And yet, in the end, they were all killed by this Ji Family. All I’m here to do is to take revenge by exterminating this Ji Family. There’s nothing wrong with what I’m trying to do, right?” Ye Hua said gravely. Madam Zi Yuan turned her head around and looked towards Ji Zizhen, “What do you have to say for yourself!” “Deity, I…” Ji Zizhen really did not know how to explain. Madam Zi Yuan said faintly, “For deceiving a deity, you should be punished by having your soul destroyed!” Madam Zi Yuan could be seen slapping onto the top of Ji Zizhen’s head. Ji Zizhen’s eyes were opened wide, he couldn’t believe what had just happened. She is killing me just because I told a lie? This man also did the same just a while ago, so why isn’t he dead? An unknown fire began burning from the inside of Ji Zizhen’s body, and in no time, Ji Zizhen’s entire body was enveloped in flames. Afterward, Madam Zi Yuan turned her head around and looked towards Ye Hua, “Only I am allowed to kill my people! You are not allowed!” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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