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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 289 – Little Brother Red Madam Zi Yuan’s expression was gloomy. Shameless! This guy is truly shameless! “What is your name?” Ye Hua asked Madam Zi Yuan. “Zi Shan.” Ye Hua nodded his head, “Since you are the one who picked him, you best properly cooperate. Do not be 10 meters away from him, or else, this subordinate of mine is going to have to return back to being single again.” Madam Zi Yuan’s expression became even more gloomy. He is basically trying to destroy all my chances of escaping! “Alright, have a kiss with each other to show us that you two are truly a couple now. It’s about time for me to leave too.” Ye Hua said faintly. Ah Li is still waiting for me to go home. Kiss with each other!!! Looking at Little Brother Red who was dressed entirely in red, Zi Shan didn’t want to have physical contact with him no matter what. Big Brother Green gave Little Brother Red a push. Right now, Big Brother Green wasn’t gloomy anymore. After all, His Honor already told him that he will be introducing a partner to him in the future. Little Brother Red was pushed to Zi Shan’s side. Zi Shan was about 1.7m tall, while Little Brother Red was about 1.72m tall. Looking at the two of them standing next to each other, the two looked rather fitting for each other. Right now, Little Brother Red was shyly scratching onto the back of his head, not knowing what to do. Little Brother Red did not dare to touch the woman who was in front of him. This woman’s aura feels very similar to my class teacher’s aura. “Haha~ Haha~” Little Brother Red kept on laughing foolishly while scratching onto the back of his head. “Go on and kiss her, what are you being in a daze for?” Big Brother Green shouted out anxiously. This little brother of mine is making me become anxious to death. Back then when he wrote novels, the contents of his novels were so explosive, and yet, when it is his turn now, he doesn’t even dare to kiss the woman. Ye Hua said faintly, “Little red, as a man, your guts should be a bit bigger!” “Understood, Your Honor!” Little Brother Red took in a deep breath, then breathe out… However, he just kept on repeating his action of breathing in and breathing out... Suddenly, Zi Shan grabbed onto Little Brother Red’s collar, pulled Little Brother Red towards her, then… Children were not allowed to watch the following scene. With his eyes opened wide, Little Brother Red had a shocked expression on his face. The softness that is on my lips feels so real… Is this how it feels to kiss? This feels so nice… Meanwhile, Zi Shan had different thoughts. For now, I will make them think that I have accepted my fate and have given up on thinking of escaping. However, I didn’t expect that my first kiss would actually be given to a lowly human! In actuality, Zi Shan was still a virgin. Because she wasn’t willing to serve upon the prince, she was punished to take on a leisure position that possessed no authority. When the punishment ends, and the prince discovered that his beloved wife had disappeared, and had actually become married to an unorthodox person, the prince would definitely explode from anger! Right now, Little Brother Red could truly be counted as having won a 5 million rmb lottery, and in actuality, Little Brother Red had obtained something even better than winning a 5 million rmb lottery. After all, the woman that had been bestowed to him was a deity. “I will prepare a new house for you two, but for now, Wei Chang, the two of them should live at your place.” Ye Hua stood up and said faintly. “Understood!” “Today’s matter should conclude here, all of you can go back now.” After finish speaking, Ye Hua disappeared from the scene. Soon after, Jue Tian, Ye Zizi, and Lie Gu disappeared too. Wei Chang looked at Little Brother Red and said with a smile, “What are you still being in a daze for? Now that you have a pretty wife, you have to treat us to a meal! Let’s go outside to eat for lunch!” Big Brother Green placed his arm over his little brother’s shoulder and teased, “How did it feel? Great? Stop smiling foolishly already.” Little Brother Red was currently still smiling foolishly… Little Brother Red felt that his happiness came too suddenly. Meanwhile, Zi Shan’s expression was calm. The four returned back to Wei Chang’s rented apartment, and in the kitchen, Tang Wei could be seen washing the vegetables. From the looks of it, she was preparing to make lunch. “Ah, you all are back. Quickly go and help me buy some green onions from the market.” Tang Wei shouted out from the kitchen. Wei Chang laughed, “Xiao Tang, don’t bother with making lunch anymore, today is a happy occasion for Little Red, let's go to a restaurant to have lunch.” “Happy occasion?” Tang Wei turned her head around and took a look. An extremely beautiful looking woman who was dressed up nobly appeared in Tang Wei’s eyes. “She is?” Tang Wei asked curiously. Wei Chang placed his arm onto Tang Wei’s shoulder and said with a smile, “This is Zi Shan, she was bestowed to Little Red by His Honor.” Tang Wei had an astonished look on her face, and soon after, she said happily, “Little Red, congratulations! You definitely have to treat us to a meal!” “Of course… of course… Lunch will be my treat…” Little Brother Red said embarrassedly while with his head lowered. And from time to time, Little Brother Red would sneak a peek at Zi Shan. So beautiful… I actually have such a beautiful wife… It feels like I am dreaming… “But, there aren’t enough rooms in this house…” Tang Wei pursed her lips. Originally, this apartment was supposed to be me and Uncle Wei’s romantic love nest, and yet, right now, more and more people are staying in this apartment. Wei Chang rubbed onto Tang Wei’s head, “His Honor is very meticulous this time, he has everything planned out already.” Big Brother Green said hurriedly, “I will sleep on the sofa for the upcoming days, the two of them can have the room to themselves.” “Big brother, you are truly so nice to me, let’s not break up anymore…” Little Brother Red said gratefully. Big brother is finally acting like a true big brother for once. Big Brother Green blushed with shame and said hurriedly, “Who would want to get back together with you!” Everyone was smiling happily except for Zi Shan. From the beginning till now, Zi Shan had a calm look on her face. They possess such formidable strengths, and yet, they are actually living such a quality of life… I really do not understand them! Little Brother Red had a limited amount of money, thus, the five merely went to a small fast-food restaurant and ordered a table of food. …… When Ye Hua returned back to the bar, it was already noon. Originally, because his plan was messed up, Ye Hua was feeling quite gloomy. But who would have expected, after he helped Little Brother Red get a wife, his mood became better by quite a bit. Standing by the window, Ye Hua lighted up a stick of cigarette. The wedding of a subordinate’s subordinate naturally has to be grand, and as the boss, it is my duty to see it through that the wedding is planned properly. Also, now that most of the south’s bosses have died, it is going to take quite a while for the south to recover their fighting strength… Forget it, I will leave those things at the side for the time being. Thinking up to here, Ye Hua decided to discuss with his two wives about how to set up the wedding of his subordinate’s subordinate. Suddenly, Ye Hua’s brows tightly wrinkled, he sensed spiritual energy appearing in the room. Immediately, Ye Hua tossed away his cigarette. However, this time, he did not jump onto the bed, instead, he fell onto the ground, and his hand was even stretching towards his wheelchair. Furthermore, he was making an expression that seemed like he was trying his best to reach his wheelchair. Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi decided to come back home. After all, there was still a crippled and a daughter at home that they needed to look after. “Ye Hua!” “Ye Hua!” The two women cried out in surprise as they immediately went up to Ye Hua and held onto him. “Let go of me. You all still know to come back home, huh?” Ye Hua shook his body, shaking away their hands. Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi took a look at each other. As expected, he is very angry. Qing Ya said fawningly, “We are sorry, don’t be angry anymore~ Darling, be obedient~” “Let go of me, don’t obstruct me.” Ye Hua said faintly as he used all his strength to climb towards his wheelchair, then got onto the wheelchair by exerting all the strength he could muster. Ye Hua has successfully made it known to the two women that he was indeed slowly recovering. Upon seeing that their husband was now able to get onto the wheelchair, both of them became exulted. Ye Hua finally got a little bit better. Just that, he is still throwing a tantrum now, what do I do about this? Donghuang Baizhi signaled to Qing Ya to do something, and looking at Donghuang Baizhi’s expression, she seemed to be saying, “Go on and do something, Ye Hua likes you the most.” “Don’t think of seducing me, such a thing like this no longer works on me!” Qing Ya could be seen leaning to Ye Hua’s ear and saying something. Afterward, with his brows tightly wrinkled, Ye Hua asked, “Really?” “When have I ever bluff you?” Qing Ya said petulantly as she pinched onto Ye Hua’s cheek. Since you two are so sincere, I will forgive the two of you this time. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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