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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 290 – Are you in a good mood today? “Alright, I will forgive the two of you. But, in the future, if you two do this again, you two should see just how I will punish the two of you. So, how did things go with what you two went out to do?” Ye Hua asked. Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi told Ye Hua about what happened, and also told him about their suspicions. Upon hearing that the two of them suspect that everything may have been planned by someone, Ye Hua was rather startled. They actually suspect that everything may have been planned by someone! This is not a good thing, I have to use another matter to shift their attention away from this matter. “Do you still remember the green and red brothers? Little red is going to marry soon.” Qing Ya naturally still remembers the green and red brothers. Qing Ya’s impression of the two was that the two were good people. The green and red brothers are good people, if not for them, who knows what would have happened to Ah Li. However, Donghuang Baizhi has only met the green and red brothers once and did not know what the green and red brothers had done. Qing Ya told Donghuang Baizhi about what the green and red brothers did, and Donghuang Baizhi was the kind of woman who would repay kindness with kindness. “In actuality, I have already taken the two brothers in as my subordinate’s subordinates. Also, I will be in charge of setting up the entirety of little red’s wedding. Do you two have any objections regarding those two matters?” Ye Hua asked faintly. Just that, his expression seemed to be saying, if you dare to have any objections, you will be practically forcing me to throw a tantrum. Donghuang Baizhi naturally did not have any objections. And Qing Ya naturally also didn't have any objections. However, Qing Ya asked curiously, “Ye Hua, do you have the money to help set up the wedding of your subordinate’s subordinate?” “Isn’t what yours mine? Don’t ask me this kind of foolish question.” Ye Hua slapped onto Qing Ya’s butt, causing Qing Ya to become embarrassed and hit lightly onto Ye Hua. After finish flirting with each other, Ye Hua sat on the sofa, and his two wives sat on his sides and nestled onto him. “From the looks of it, my injuries should become completely healed soon. What do you two have planned for the future?” Ye Hua asked curiously. Qing Ya who had her eyes closed and was resting her head on Ye Hua’s shoulder said faintly, “Safely give birth to the child.” “What about you, Baizhi?” Ye Hua asked. Donghuang Baizhi said shyly, “Give birth to another child~” This is the tempo that I want, this feels great! Ye Hua decided that he was going to place his attention on his wives and children for the upcoming few years. Without a few years, there is no way that the south will be able to recover their strength. Since that is the case, I have no choice but to delay my plan. There is also no need for Xun Fang to monitor after Ying Family, there is no point for her to do that anymore. As for Jue Tian, since he wants to go and work as a professor, so be it then. In any case, I do not have any task to assign to him right now. Lie Gu has three celebrities to look after him, he is living a pretty good life. Wei Chang is still currently thinking about just how to push over that Xiao Tang of his. I reckoned that even after little red had a child, there still wouldn’t be any progress on Wei Chang’s end. As for that Ye Zizi, all she does all day is mingle around with Qing Yutong. Ye Zizi’s school is about to start, and since I am pretty much free now, I should supervise Ye Zizi and make sure that she goes to school. “Ye Hua, I want to meet the green and red brothers and thank them for helping Ah Li.” Donghuang Baizhi said tenderly. It is fortunate that my daughter came across them, if not, who knows what would have happened if she came across bad people instead. Ye Hua laughed lightly, “Alright. In actuality, I have already repaid the green and red brothers. I was the one who set up little red with someone, and I have already promised little green to set him up with someone in the future.” “Ye Hua, how were you able to set up someone with little red when all you do is stay at home? Is there still any other woman that you know of that I do not know of?” Qing Ya hooked onto Ye Hua’s chin and asked curiously. Looking at Qing Ya’s gaze, she seemed to be asking, “Are there still other women that you are hiding outside and keeping a secret from me?” Donghuang Baizhi was also looking at Ye Hua. F**k, I spoke too fast without thinking! “No matter what, I am still someone from the cultivation world. Not too long ago, I recalled that I had once saved a woman from the cultivation world, and that woman kept on wanting to repay me back for saving her, therefore, I got Wei Chang to contact that woman and set the woman up to a blind date with little red. Afterward, when the woman and little red met with each other, they fell in love with each other at first sight. For this matter, I could be counted to have done a good deed.” Ye Hua said faintly, and he did not even blink once while lying. “Oh.” Qing Ya responded. Afterward, Qing Ya said lovably, “Let me give Wei Chang a call to confirm what you just said.” “Do as you wish.” Ye Hua expressed that he didn’t mind. The mind of a woman is indeed truly scary, I have to be more careful in the future. As for now, I should hurry up and contact Wei Chang and inform him on what to say when Qing Ya call him. After ending the phone call, Qing Ya hugged onto Ye Hua’s arm and said happily, “Ye Hua, you are so great, you even know how to act as a matchmaker now.” “Who was it that was suspecting me just a while ago? Tell me, how are you going to make it up to me.” Ye Hua snorted. Qing Ya looked lovably at Ye Hua, then raised her butt up. The scene was truly alluring. This woman, she really has my heart grasped in her hand. “Let’s head over to Wei Chang’s place tonight then, lest you say that I am petty.” Ye Hua said faintly. Since Baizhi wants to go and thank the green and red brothers, let’s go then. Afterward, Ye Hua informed Donghuang Li that they were going to go and meet the green and red brothers tonight. Upon hearing that, the little fellow became rather excited. When Wei Chang found out that His Honor was going to come over tonight, Wei Chang informed the green and red brothers. Of course, Wei Chang also informed Zi Shan and warned Zi Shan to not anyhow speak, if not, the consequences will be very serious. In actuality, the atmosphere right now was still very awkward, especially the atmosphere between Little Brother Red and Zi Shan. Little Brother Red has already been smiling foolishly for a few hours. If one didn’t know him, they would think that he was a fool. Meanwhile, looking at the foolish smile that was on Little Brother Red’s face, Zi Shan felt like wanting to die. Should I just kill myself? I really can’t stand to live on like this. “Big brother, what should I say to her?” Little Brother Red could only request his big brother for help. Based on his experience, Big Brother Green said, “Don’t be nervous, right now, you can go and ask her if she is in a good mood.” Ask ZI Shan if she was in a good mood? Big Brother Green’s advice was truly too formidable. Little Brother Red naturally listened to his big brother’s advice. After sitting at Zi Shan’s side, Little Brother Red asked in a low voice, “You… Are you… in a good mood today?” Zi Shan really wanted to give Little Brother Red a smack on the face. You are asking me if I am in a good mood today? As if I am a product, I was tossed over to you by your boss, and now you are asking me if I am in a good mood? Furthermore, I have to become pregnant with your child in two months, if not, I am going to have to die! You tell me, am I in a good mood or not! Seeing that Zi Shan was remaining silent while with an ugly look on her face, Little Brother Red returned to Big Brother Green’s side. “She isn’t willing to speak.” Little Brother Red said helplessly. Right now, Big Brother Green was a little glad that Zi Shan didn’t pick him. This woman is practically an ancestor. Big Brother Green patted onto his little brother’s shoulder and said, “Don’t be disheartened, perhaps she is just excited to the point that she isn’t able to speak.” “Is that so? Why do I feel like she wants to kill me?” “If that is what you feel, it means that what you are feeling isn’t wrong.” Big Brother Green let out a sigh. Little Brother Red had a bitter look on his face. I have a wife, and yet it seems as if I don’t have a wife. It is no wonder that big brother is no longer jealous of me anymore. “Big brother, you say, just what should I do right now?” Big Brother Green scratched onto his head, then said, “How about this, go and ask her if the weather is good or not. If this question doesn’t work, continue asking her questions like, what movies does she like to watch, what food does she like to eat, where does she like to travel to, how many family members does she have, how many villas does she have, how many racecars does she have, how many mines does she have.” “Big brother, look at her clothes, she is definitely someone who is rich, therefore there is no need to ask her those last few questions. I will go and ask her if she liked the food that she ate at the restaurant." After finish speaking, Little Brother Red walked towards Zi Shan again. Big Brother Green wanted to pull onto Little Brother Red, but he was too late. She didn’t even eat a single thing at the restaurant, so what use is there in asking that question? “Zi Shan, was the fish just now delicious?” Little Brother Red actually really asked, and upon seeing that, Big Brother Green held onto his forehead. Zi Shan couldn’t stand it anymore and shouted out lightly, “Don’t annoy me!” Little Brother Red was startled, and the complexion on his face gradually turned pale, seemingly like he had just suffered a serious injury. “Big brother, she is bullying me!” Right now, Little Brother Red finally came to a realization. What use is there in having a wife, having a big brother is what truly matters. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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