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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 291 – A person who is wise submits to circumstances Upon seeing that, Big Brother Green wrinkled his brows. Originally, I thought that this little brother of mine would be happy after getting a wife, but from the looks of it, this woman is not someone that is easy to deal with, and this little brother of mine is not able to handle her at all. Would I not know about the temperament of this little brother of mine? He is timid and kindhearted, he doesn’t dare to even kill a chicken, and when he sees a pretty girl, he would turn red. No, incorrect, it should be that, when he sees someone of the opposite sex, doesn’t matter if the opposite sex is pretty or not, he would turn red. This Zi Shan, she is indeed pretty, and even more, she is incredibly, incredibly pretty. For such a woman like this to suddenly become my little brother’s wife, would this little brother of mine not be happy? To be able to have a wife who is so incredibly pretty, one would be able to smile even when they are asleep. Unfortunately, how could such a cold and haughty woman be willing to be the wife of this little brother of mine? The only reason that this woman isn’t making a scene is because His Honor is there to suppress her. Wei Chang and Tang Wei were squatting at the side and peeling vegetable leaves, and when Wei Chang saw that Little Brother Red’s complexion didn’t look good, he looked towards Zi Shan’s direction. Upon seeing Zi Shan who was sitting on the sofa like a big boss, Wei Chang’s expression sunk. This woman is still not completely aware of the current situation that she is in right now! After wiping his hands on a cloth, Wei Chang stood his body up. “Uncle Wei, don’t be angry.” Tang Wei said with concern. It has already been quite a number of days, but the wolfberry tea that Uncle Wei has been drinking doesn’t seem to have any effect. It seems that I am going to have to find another remedy for Uncle Wei. Wei Chang patted onto Tang Wei’s shoulder. I am someone who is honorable, if I am able to use my mouth to solve a problem, I definitely wouldn’t use my hands. After sitting on the sofa, Wei Chang questioned faintly, “Zi Shan, what’s the matter? Not satisfied?” Zi Shan said coldly, “You all are not good people!” Upon hearing that, Wei Chang laughed lightly. “And you, who is a deity, is a good person? To you deities, humans are nothing but insects. But, to His Honor, you deities are nothing but insects too.” Zi Shan remained silent. After pausing for a moment, Wei Chang continued and said, “Furthermore, it’s not like we kidnapped you. If you feel that this is a great humiliation to you, you can feel free to leave right now. As long as you exceeded 10 meters, you will be able to free yourself in less than 10 steps.” Zi Shan tightly clenched her hands into fists, and looking at her expression, it could be seen that she was struggling on making a decision. Zi Shan had already tested what would happen if she were to be 10 meters away from Little Brother Red. After being 10 meters away from Little Brother Red, the first step that she took, she felt that her heart was in sharp pain, and the second step that she took, she felt as if her entire body was going to split apart, and afterward, she didn’t dare to take another step forward. For her pride, Zi Shan could choose to die, but if she wants to live, she will have to be well-behaved and stay within 10 meters of Little Brother Red. Zi Shan had two choices, and in the end, to her, just what was more important, her pride, or her life? While leaning on the sofa, Wei Chang said, “You deities are precisely hypocritical. I am already used to how hypocritical you deities are. You say that I have killed a lot of people, but didn’t you killed quite a number of people too just now?” “You think that this subordinate of mine isn’t worthy to be your husband, right? Let me tell you the truth, this subordinate of mine is able to kill you with just a finger of his. Don’t think that you are number one in the world, there are a lot of frightening things that you still haven’t come across yet in this life of yours.” Zi Shan’s brows were tightly wrinkled. While attentively listening to what Wei Chang said, Zi Shan was meticulously planning on just what she should do. Wei Chang said in a low voice, “I know what you are thinking, you picked him because you think that he is foolish, right? But do you really think that he is truly foolish? He is merely kindhearted, don’t take someone who is kindhearted to be someone who is foolish.” “Also, don’t think about going back anymore, the fate of you deities has already been decided. Let me give you a warning, right now, he is the only one who can save you and protect you. I hope that you will treat him a bit better. At the least, you won’t suffer any grievances by being with him!” After finish speaking, Wei Chang turned around and walked back to the kitchen, then began chatting with Tang Wei while with a smile on his face. Zi Shan slowly leaned onto the sofa, and a sense of powerlessness began spreading out to her body from her heart. While looking at the foolish-looking Little Brother Red, Zi Shan thought to herself, “Is this truly my fate? I wasn’t willing to serve upon a prince, and right now, I ended up having to serve upon a human.” When Little Brother Red looked towards Zi Shan and saw that Zi Shan was looking at him, he immediately turned his gaze away from her, not daring to look face to face with her. This was not Little Brother Red being angry, it was merely Little Brother Red being embarrassed. Just a while ago, Little Brother Red was still angry at Zi Shan, but the moment he saw that Zi Shan was looking at him, he immediately stopped being angry. Little Brother Red was truly a little puppy. Looking at how timid his little brother was being, Big Brother Green immediately knew that this little brother of his was going to turn into a henpecked male in the future. Right now, Ye Hua and his family had left the bar, and the family of four was currently sitting in an Audi A8. The two lovely wives were sitting at the front, while Ye Hua was sitting at the back and hugging his daughter who had dressed up prettily. “Daddy, fasten your seatbelt.” “Mommy, Aunt Qing, you two have to fasten your seatbelts too, Ah Li is going to supervise you all.” After entering the car, Donghuang Li began acting like a small adult, instructing everyone to fasten their seatbelts. Ye Hua took out a cigarette while laughing. Donghuang Li could be seen snatching away her father’s cigarette, “Daddy, you shouldn’t smoke while you are in a car. Also, Aunt Qing is still currently pregnant with a baby, it is bad for the baby to inhale secondhand smoke. After we arrived at our location, Ah Li will return the cigarette back to daddy. For now, Ah Li will help daddy safe keep the cigarette.” Upon hearing that, Ye Hua laughed heartily, and the two wives that were sitting at the front also laughed. Qing Ya said with a smile, “Our Ah Li sure is formidable.” After finished speaking, Qing Ya even gave Ah Li a thumbs up. Donghuang Li who had received praise became immeasurably happy. “Ye Hua, you have to listen to what your daughter said, you should smoke less.” Donghuang Baizhi turned her head around and said with a smile. Ye Hua wrinkled his brows, “Right now, you two are already only allowing me to smoke three sticks of cigarettes a day, how much lesser do you still want me to smoke!” “Ye Hua, it’s best for you to stop smoking cigarettes. You are already preparing to have another child with Baizhi, and yet you are still smoking every day. Not only should you stop smoking cigarettes, you should also stop drinking.” Qing Ya urged. After I finished giving birth to my child, I am definitely going to want to have another child. Right now, I should get this man of mine to change his bad habits. Donghuang Li followed along and said, “Daddy, smoking is bad for your health, you should listen to mommy and Aunt Qing.” Alright, those three are ganging up to attack me, and I am completely unable to fight back at all. “Slowly.” Ye Hua said. From the looks of it, he has come to a compromise. Upon hearing that, a gratified smile appeared on Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi’s faces. Ye Hua is rather sensible, isn’t he? “That’s right, Qing Ya, the house that we bought back then, let’s give that house to little red. In any case, I don’t really want to move away from the bar, I feel that it is rather nice to live at the bar.” Ye Hua said. Back then, Qing Ya bought a villa, and we were preparing to move over to the villa once the villa had been renovated. Right now, it has already been quite a while since the villa had been renovated, but we still haven’t moved over to the villa yet. And in actuality, I don’t really feel like moving over to the villa. Although this bar is small, this bar has everything that is needed, and furthermore, this bar is filled with lots of memories. Qing Ya felt the same way too. During the start, Qing Ya didn’t want to live at the bar, and even more, she felt that the bar was very dirty and disordered. However, after time had passed, Qing Ya was now reluctant to move away from the bar. After all, the bar was filled with lots of memories between Ye Hua and her. “Alright.” Qing Ya nodded her head. Ye Hua opened the car window and allowed the wind to blow into the car. While with his eyes squinted, Ye Hua looked at the view outside. Although I have stayed here for five years, because I rarely leave the bar, I am totally unfamiliar with the roads of this city. Suddenly, a huge billboard attracted Ye Hua’s gaze. Isn’t this Lie Gu’s wife? Should I consider taking back Lie Gu’s corporeal body? Wei Chang stayed at an apartment that was located in an ordinary neighborhood. Furthermore, the apartment was rented. While looking at the neighborhood, Ye Hua thought to himself, “Should I buy a house for Wei Chang too? But, I would then have to ask Qing Ya for money…” “The money that I won from gambling is currently all in Qing Ya’s bank, and I was indeed the one who gave her all the money. Although I do not have the face to take back the money from her, asking her for a bit of money is nothing to be embarrassed about, right?” Before Ye Hua and his family had even arrived, Wei Chang brought along Tang Wei and the others downstairs and respectfully waited for the arrival of Ye Hua and his family. When Ye Hua and his family arrived, Qing Ya immediately spotted a beautiful woman who she had never seen before, and she asked curiously, “Ye Hua, is that woman little red’s wife?” “That’s right, not bad, right?” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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