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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 293 – Return of the Demon Emperor “Wei Chang, I will prepare a house for you when you get married.” Wei Chang and Tang Wei became embarrassed. We haven’t even done it with each other yet, and yet His Honor is already talking about marriage. “Boss, I’m already used to living in my current rented apartment, if it is possible, instead of preparing a new house for me, you can just buy the apartment for me.” Wei Chang said modestly. Some things, once you are used to them, you won’t want to abandon them anymore. Ye Hua nodded his head, “Sure thing, ask your lady boss to help you buy.” Wei Chang, “……” Qing Ya rolled her eyes at Ye Hua, then said to Wei Chang while with a smile on her face, “Wei Chang, you can be at ease, I will help you buy the apartment.” The madam is indeed the most reliable, His Honor is too fond of messing around with others. “This restaurant’s dishes are indeed not bad, let’s come here often in the future.” Ye Hua said faintly. I have decided, in the future, when going out to eat, I will come to this restaurant. This restaurant’s food is truly not bad. Upon hearing that, Qing Ya rolled her eyes at her man. Little Brother Red could be seen attending to Zi Shan with his heart and soul, pouring water for her at one moment, and placing food into her bowl at another moment. Little Brother Red’s service was much better compared to a waiter. On the other hand, Zi Shan felt that the dishes tasted pretty good. I didn’t expect that there would be such food in this profane world, this is truly unexpected. After dinner, Ye Hua and his family naturally headed back home, and so did the others. The green and red brothers decided to move over to the new house tomorrow, therefore, they were going to stay at Wei Chang’s house for one last night. Tang Wei appeared to be very happy. I can finally go back to living in a world of two people with Uncle Wei again. I definitely have to cure Uncle Wei’s illness, then begin my happy life with Uncle Wei. Just thinking about it is making me feel embarrassed. In the car, Donghuang Li who had eaten to the point that her small stomach had become a big stomach was currently sleeping while lying in her father’s embrace. “Ye Hua, why do I feel that Zi Shan doesn’t seem to be in a good mood?” Qing Ya asked curiously. Qing Ya’s intuition as a woman was telling her that the woman didn’t want to get married. Donghuang Baizhi nodded her head, “En, she seems to have something heavy on her mind.” While caressing his daughter’s hair, Ye Hua said faintly, “It is natural for a woman who is going to be getting married soon to be a bit nervous.” The two women stopped asking any more questions because both of them thought of a question. Marriage? When does Ye Hua intend to set up our wedding? The four arrived back home, and today, Qing Ya was the one to serve upon Ye Hua. Ye Hua knew that it was more or less time for him to become completely recovered. Everything has been planned out nicely by me, all that is left is for me to become completely recovered. And when I become completely recovered~ Little Baizhi, you won’t be able to run away from me! ...... Currently, deep within a certain forest! Clouds gradually gathered above the forest, and suddenly, gales began blowing, and thunder began rumbling. Boom! Boom! Boom! A big tree was split into two by a lightning, and suddenly, nine lightnings appeared within the sky, and the nine lightnings could be seen to be actually intertwining with each other! Suddenly, a dazzling white light was emitted out from the intertwining nine lightnings. The dazzling white light flashed for a second, and everything returned back to normal. However, currently, a figure could be seen to have appeared within the sky. The man slowly opened his eyes, and the distinctly clear eyes of the man seemed as if they were able to see through everything within the world. The man possessed a tall figure and a handsome appearance. A gorgeous robe was worn by the man, and the man could be seen to be smirking. The man could be heard mumbling to himself, “I, the Demon Emperor, has finally returned! Qing Ya, in this lifetime, I won’t let you die a tragic death! Long Aotian, you are completely unworthy of Qing Ya, you are practically a beast!” “Also, those who have wronged me, I, the Demon Emperor, will come and look for you all one by one!” After finished speaking, the man disappeared from the sky, seemingly as if he had never appeared before. At Wei Chang’s rented apartment, Big Brother Green was currently sleeping on the sofa. That little brother of mine is sleeping in the room with his wife, but I wonder if that little brother of mine is currently sleeping on the floor or not… Big Brother Green guessed correctly, Little Brother Red was indeed sleeping on the floor, and furthermore, he slept on the floor of his own accord. Zi Shan wasn’t courteous with Little Brother Red and she was currently lying down on the bed. Right now, with my powers sealed, if he were to do anything to me, I won’t be able to resist at all. But, if he were to really try to do anything to me, I will take that ten steps! But then again, two months later, if I don’t become pregnant, wouldn’t I still end up having to die! Ye Hua knew that, within this relationship, Little Brother Red would be the one that was submissive, and Zi Shan would be the one that was dominant, and thus, he used time to restrict Little Brother Red and Zi Shan. During the time restriction, Little Brother Red won’t be the one who would be anxious, and instead, the one who would be anxious would be Zi Shan. In the end, the result would be that, Zi Shan would have to be the one to push over Little Brother Red. Of course, everything above was merely Ye Hua’s own deduction. Looking at the current situation, Little Brother Red didn’t dare to even touch Zi Shan. Within Little Brother Red’s eyes, such a pretty wife like this has to be properly protected and cherished by him. “Are you hungry?” Little Brother Red who was lying on the floor asked with concern. Zi Shan who was lying on the bed opened her beautiful eyes and said faintly, “Not hungry.” “Then, are you thirsty? If you are, I will go and pour a cup of water for you.” Little Brother Red asked another question. Zi Shan wrinkled her brows, “I’m not thirsty.” Little Brother Red was a bit downcast. Is she rejecting me in a roundabout way? “Are you cold? If you are, I will increase the temperature of the air conditioner.” Little Brother Red was basically trying to find something to chat about even though there was nothing for them to chat about. However, the way that Little Brother Red was trying to start a conversation was very awkward. Which girl would like to have an awkward conversation with another person, let alone Zi Shan who was a deity? Zi Shan said gravely, “Red, there is no way that I will end up falling for you. Everything is set up by your Overlord, and I am merely passively accepting everything that is happening. I have already thought it through, I will live as happily as I can through these two months.” After listening to what Zi Shan said, Little Brother Red was very dispirited. In the end, after tightly hugging onto his quilt, Little Brother Red mumbled, “I understand.” After thinking about it, how could a high and mighty deity like someone who is like me? Even with His Honor there to suppress her, there is no way that she will end up falling for me. I should stop thinking about unrealistic things and just go to sleep. With her back faced against Little Brother Red, Zi Shan had decided that she was going to happily live through those last two months of her life, then happily depart from this world. The night went on silently. During the second day, one shocking news after another erupted out in the south. The first news was that, Voidless Realm’s empress brought along a brave heroine with her, and the two defeated the powerful enemy that was causing havoc in the south, in turning rescuing the south from the crisis they were in. The moment this news got posted on the forum of the south cultivation world, the post exploded. Everyone began praising the empress and the brave heroine. Aside from praising the empress and the brave heroine, on the south cultivation world forum, people began denouncing Ji Family’s conduct. Look at our south’s big power, then take a look at the north’s big power, look at just how big the difference between the two is! Meanwhile, on the north cultivation world forum, there were different opinions. Some felt that the empress shouldn’t have helped the south and should have just let the south get exterminated by the powerful enemy. Meanwhile, some others felt that what the empress did was right, Also, on the north cultivation world forum, someone even suggested that the empress should unify the entire south and north cultivation world and become the cultivation world’s one true empress! And surprisingly, such a suggestion actually got a lot of likes. Immediately, the north cultivation world forum exploded. However, this was just the first news! The second news was due to a mysterious person who uploaded a video! When the people of the south and north cultivation world saw this video, their expressions froze, and only after a long while had passed, then did they come back to their senses! Even though the north was hostile with the south, when the people of the north saw the video, even they also felt pity for the south. Meanwhile, when the people of the south cultivation world saw the video, they started feeling a bit dizzy. Those are all family heads, and yet, all of them died at Ji Family’s territory! Our south is done for, with this, our south’s strength is most likely going to fall back quite a number of years! Furthermore, with the sudden deaths of those family heads, families will definitely be undergoing a series of internal conflicts, and with this, more deaths and casualties will ensue! Our south completely has no hope anymore. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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