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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 295 – Have not returned home for 3 days The wind that was blowing into the window lightly blew onto Zi Shan’s face. Right now, Zi Shan had lost the imposing aura that she possessed in the past and simply looked just like a delicate woman, which was why the cab driver thought that Zi Shan might be in trouble when he saw that Little Brother Red was acting a bit strange. Little Brother Red didn’t say anything. From time to time, Little Brother Red would sneak a peek at Zi Shan. Why did she go and offend His Honor? How great would it be if she didn’t offend His Honor? That way, she wouldn’t have to die, and even more, she wouldn’t have to end up having to be stuck with me. “Young miss?” The old cab driver asked again. Zi Shan’s brows wrinkled as she said coldly, “Shut up!” Eh… Could it be that, this woman is the one who kidnapped the man? This woman is so fierce… Forget about it, forget about it, this is not my problem. Little Brother Red asked with concern, “Zi Shan, are you alright?” While propping onto her chin with her hand, Zi Shan looked outside the window and didn’t respond. Seeing that Zi Shan didn’t respond to him, Little Brother Red remained silent. Upon arriving at the urban district, the two got off the cab, and right after getting off the cab, Little Brother Red and Zi Shan immediately became the center of attention. In actuality, Little Brother Red was dressed rather fashionably, and the main reason was because Little Brother Red’s hairstyle was now a center-parting hairstyle and was no longer an unconventional hairstyle. Of course, the person who was the most eye-catching was Zi Shan. After all, Zi Shan looked really pretty. Upon seeing Zi Shan, some youngsters couldn’t help but have the urge to hit on Zi Shan. A handsome youngster that was holding onto something with his hand could be seen suddenly running over to Zi Shan. While with a smile on his face, the youngster asked Zi Shan, “Young miss, I have something that I want to give to you, do you mind?” Zi Shan raised her head and looked at the youngster, then said, “Scram!” “……” The youngster had a stupefied look on his face. For this youngster to dare to hit on a deity, this youngster was really tired of living. If it wasn’t for the fact that Zi Shan’s powers were sealed, this youngster would have immediately been killed by Zi Shan the moment he hit on her. With an awkward look on his face, the youngster ran away. Upon seeing that, Little Brother Red smiled. In actuality, this was the first time that Little Brother Red was out shopping with a girl, and he didn’t know what he should do. Meanwhile, Zi Shan just silently followed along with Little Brother Red. “Zi Shan, how about we go into this store and take a look?” Little Brother Red asked. Zi Shan lightly nodded her head. In actuality, Zi Shan didn’t like everyone. However, although Zi Shan didn’t like Little Brother Red, her dislike towards Little Brother Red was a bit less compared to Wei Chang and Big Brother Green. “You can go ahead and pick the clothes that you want to buy, you don’t have to keep on following me.” Little Brother Red said. Zi Shan said faintly, “I’m fine with you picking my clothes.” How would a person who was going to die soon have the mood to go and pick what clothes to buy? “Handsome fellow, your girlfriend is truly beautiful.” A female employee walked up to Little Brother Red and greeted him passionately. Little Brother Red laughed dryly, then said, “May I trouble you to help her pick a few sets of clothes.” “No problem, leave it to me. With such a good figure, whatever that your girlfriend wears would definitely look good on her.” The employee praised. Of course, while praising, the employee couldn’t help but envy Zi Shan’s beauty. Afterward, Little Brother Red sat on the sofa and began waiting, while Zi Shan walked into the changing room and began trying out the clothes that the employee picked for her. When Zi Shan walked out of the changing room, Little Brother Red couldn’t help but become stunned. Even the employees that were in the store were stunned by how beautiful Zi Shan looked. Currently, with her purple hair tied into a ponytail, Zi Shan was wearing western pants and a collared shirt. Immediately, Zi Shan turned into a beautiful city girl. Of course, Zi Shan was the aloof kind of beautiful city girl. “Go and change into another set of clothes.” Little Brother Red said. While with her willow brows wrinkled, Zi Shan walked back into the changing room. This time, it was a casual attire, skintight jeans adding on with a t-shirt. Little Brother Red’s eyes were about to pop out of his eye sockets. So Zi Shan’s figure is actually this good… Her legs are so long… And her chest is… good... “Cough, cough, cough, go and change into another set of clothes.” Little Brother Red turned his head around, seemingly to be embarrassed to continue looking at Zi Shan. Zi Shan let out a light sigh as she walked back into the changing room to change into another set of clothes. “Change.” “Change.” “Change…” “…” After changing over 20+ sets of clothes, Zi Shan finally couldn’t take it anymore and asked, “How many more sets of clothes do I have to change into!” Little Brother Red’s expression collapsed as he said, “But, you didn’t say that you were satisfied with any of the clothes that you had changed into.” “……” The employees held onto their mouths and laughed lightly. “We will take all the clothes that she has tried on.” Little Brother Red felt that all of the clothes that Zi Shan had tried on looked good, and thus, he decided to buy all of the clothes that Zi Shan had tried on. Upon hearing that, the employees let out cries of surprise. This young fellow’s family definitely owns a mine! Because Little Brother Red bought a lot of clothes from the store, the store was able to deliver the clothes to Little Brother Red’s house. After paying for the clothes, the two left the store, and right now, Zi Shan was wearing a dress, and she looked extremely beautiful wearing the dress. Looking at Zi Shan’s pure white neck, one would feel tempted to lick onto her neck. “Zi Shan, do you still have anything else that you want to buy?” Little Brother Red asked. Zi Shan said faintly, “No, you can do as you see fit.” “Then… let’s go and buy a few sets of underwear for you.” Zi Shan’s expression sunk. I didn’t expect that this red would be this frivolous too! After bringing Zi Shan to an underwear store, Little Brother Red stayed outside of the store and waited. Little Brother Red didn’t dare to enter the underwear store. After about 20 minutes, Zi Shan walked out of the store while carrying a shopping bag. “Young miss, you still haven’t pay for your items.” The store’s lady boss ran out of the store and shouted out to Zi Shan. Little Brother Red hurriedly took out money and paid for the items that Zi Shan bought, then asked Zi Shan, “Do you want to go and eat something?” “Anything.” After arriving at a restaurant, Little Brother Red asked, “What do you want to eat?” “Anything.” Afterward, towards all of Little Brother Red’s questions, Zi Shan’s answers were all ‘anything’. Suddenly, Little Brother Red asked, “Zi Shan, do you want to eat shit?” “Anything.” Little Brother Red, “……” Shortly after, Zi Shan realized just what kind of a question she had just answered to. With an ice-cold expression on her face, Zi Shan stared at Little Brother Red, and looking at Zi Shan’s expression, she seemed to be saying, “Do you want to die?” In actuality, Little Brother Red really wanted to laugh, but he endured. “Don’t be angry, I was only trying to make you laugh.” After a short while, Little Brother Red said embarrassedly. Zi Shan said coldly, “I don’t know about me, but you sure do look happy!” Little Brother Red knew that Zi Shan had become angry, and thus, he remained silent and ate his food in silence. “If there is another time, I will just run away!” Zi Shan said gravely. Although I am currently pretty much a prisoner, if I get pushed too hard, I won’t hesitate to end my life. Little Brother Red meant good, but the problem was that, his idea of trying to amuse Zi Shan was very weird. To actually ask Zi Shan if she wants to eat shit? It was no wonder that Little Brother Red had been single all this time. “En.” Little Brother Red responded. After lunch, the two returned back home. Right now, Zi Shan only wanted to spend the rest of her remaining time in peace. Meanwhile, Little Brother Red still continued on being extremely caring towards Zi Shan. ...... Days passed by one day after another, and right now, Ye Hua has already been sleeping alone for three days! If it was in the past, Ye Hua wouldn’t feel anything about sleeping alone, but right now, he wasn’t used to sleeping alone! No, he was extremely not used to sleeping alone! It has been three days and these two women still haven’t returned home! I have already prepared the keyboards, when they returned, the first thing that I will make them do is to kneel on the keyboards! During those three days, Voidless Realm and Ying Family teamed up to break Ji Family’s barrier. Right after the barrier broke, countless people immediately rushed into Ji Family’s territory. Everyone wanted Ji Family to give an explanation, and even more, they wanted Ji Family to go into seclusion as punishment for what they did. However, after rushing into Ji Family’s territory, they discovered that there was not a single person in Ji Family’s territory! Ji Family must have run away, we came too late! With the video as a source of help, everyone began searching for the family heads’ corpses, and sure enough, they found the family heads’ corpses buried within a huge pit. With this, the video has now been proven to be real. “This Ji Family ought to die a painful death!” At the scene, there were many relatives of the deceased family heads. When those people saw the corpses of their husbands, sisters, or brothers, mournful cries began ringing out at the scene. From the looks of it, Ye Hua seemed to have done a good deed. After all, Ye Hua had helped those people take revenge on Ji Family. Meanwhile, Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi arrived at the middle of Ji Family’s main hall, and Ying Jingshan could be seen to also be at the scene. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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