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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 296 – Not far away from being done for The moment both parties came across each other, Voidless Realm’s anger level became very high and almost got into a fight with Ying Family. While looking at Ying Family, Donghuang Baizhi restrained her anger. Now is still not the time to settle old scores with Ying Family, there will be plenty of time in the future to settle old scores with Ying Family! Everyone was once again awed by how magnanimous the empress was. However, Ying Family, on the other hand, sort of seemed to be trying to fawn over the empress, especially Ying Family’s family head, Ying Jingshan. If one didn’t know, one would have thought that Ying Jingshan was the empress’s servant. Right now, three people were standing at the center of the ruins of Ji Family’s main hall and sizing up the surroundings while with a grave expression on their faces. With deep confusion in her tone, Qing Ya said, “From the looks of it, this Ji Family doesn’t seem to have run away from their territory.” While with her brows tightly wrinkled, Donghuang Baizhi nodded her head, “En, it seems that someone else had been here before!” Ying Jingshan did not know Ye Hua’s plan, the mission that he received was to join the campaign against Ji Family and head over to Ji Family’s territory, he was completely unaware of the fact that Ye Hua had been here before. Ying Jingshan could be seen squatting down, then stretched out his hand and touched onto the black dust that was on the floor. The black dust was Ji Family’s bone ash, and as to why the bone ash was black? That was because the bone ash was burnt black by the godly might that exploded forth from Zi Shan. Ying Jingshan rubbed onto the black dust with his finger, then licked onto his finger. Hmmm, tastes like burnt caramel. From the looks of it, this elder has diabetes. Qing Ya looked at the black imprints that were arranged orderly on the floor, then said faintly, “I have a bold idea as to what happened.” “En?” Donghuang Baizhi responded. “Ji Family has most likely been exterminated by someone!” Qing Ya said gravely. Ying Jingshan stood his body up, then said gravely, “Indeed, those black imprints are most likely Ji Family’s members, and looking at the arrangement of those black imprints, during then, they were most likely having a meeting, and while they were having a meeting, all of them were killed in an instant by someone!” Donghuang Baizhi said gravely, “Who would be able to exterminate Ji Family in an instant! No matter what, Ji Family is still one of the three big powers!” Qing Ya pulled onto Donghuang Baizhi and said in a low voice, “Baizhi, say, could it be...?” “That group of people?” Donghuang Baizhi knew what Qing Ya was trying to say. Right now, that group of people is indeed the biggest suspect. “Empress, the two of you are currently stepping on two corpses.” Ying Jingshan said with a smile on his face, and his expression was very respectful. Facing against the two madams, how could Ying Jingshan not be respectful? Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi slightly moved away from where they were standing. “Why are those two black imprints here?” Ying Jingshan said confusedly. Donghuang Baizhi said gravely, “This imprint is most likely Ji Family’s family head, Ji Zizhen, and the other imprint is probably Ji Ji or Ji Teng!” Immediately, the three’s brows became tightly wrinkled. This is not a good thing. Such a big family like Ji Family was actually exterminated without anyone knowing! Furthermore, Ji Family was exterminated in an instant! If it was not for the fact that this main hall had been reduced to ruins, I would have thought that the entire Ji Family had run away. “You two, look at right there!” Qing Ya cried out in surprise as she pointed to the spot that Ye Hua was sitting on back then. Donghuang Baizhi looked at the surroundings and thought to herself, “According to the arrangement of the black imprints, there should be someone sitting at this spot too. And yet, there isn’t a black imprint on this spot!” Ying Jingshan began walking around the ruins and looked around for clues. Suddenly, Ying Jingshan shouted out, “There is something here!” The two women walked over, and they saw a thin layer of black imprint on the floor. The thin layer of black imprint was Ji Ji who had turned into mere skin. “There is a chair over there!” Qing Ya cried out in surprise. When Ye Hua left the scene, he didn’t clean up the scene at all. Or to be more precise, Ye Hua’s subordinates still haven’t cleaned up the crime scene yet. Ying Jingshan moved the chair over to the spot that didn’t have a black imprint, then sat on the chair and said, “Back then, someone may have been sitting here, and everyone except for Ji Zizhen, Ji Teng, and Ji Ji didn’t dare to move and fight back. However, in the end, no matter who it was, everyone from Ji Family died!” Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi nodded their heads. This deduction is not bad. However, there isn’t direct proof to support this deduction. “Don’t move!” Qing Ya suddenly shouted out. Ying Jingshan immediately froze. What does the madam intend to do? Qing Ya could be seen squatting down, then placed her fingers into the cracked limestone floor and pinched onto something. Donghuang Baizhi moved closer to inspect what Qing Ya pinched onto with her fingers. The two women could be heard saying confusedly, “Is this, cigarette ash?” Ye Hua was currently not far away from being done for. Ying Jingshan said gravely, “From the looks of it, the culprit is a smoker.” After finished speaking, Ying Jingshan felt that something was amiss. Every time when I saw His Honor, His Honor seemed to always be smoking onto a cigarette. Furthermore, someone who is able to exterminate Ji Family in an instant… Asides from His Honor and His Honor's subordinates, who else would be able to do it! Ying Jingshan’s expression suddenly changed greatly! The reason His Honor ordered me to come here was not to cooperate with the two madams, it was to help His Honor clean up his tracks and prevent the two madams from finding out the truth of what had happened here! And yet, I actually provided a number of clues to the two madams! I’m finished! “Ying Jingshan, did you think of something?” Donghuang Baizhi asked gravely. The color that is on the face of this Ying Jingshan doesn’t look really good, he seemed as if he had discovered something. “Nothing. Normally when I have nothing to do, I would smoke too.” Ying Jingshan very quickly came back to his own senses. As expected of an experienced actor. Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi took a look at each other. The first person that came to their minds was actually Ye Hua. It must be said that, a woman’s intuition was truly scary, especially the intuition of two formidable women. “Do you two not sense a trace of godly might here?” Ying Jingshan said gravely, and that solemn expression that was on his face made it seemed as if he was saying about something that was true. In actuality, Ying Jingshan was merely trying to change the topic, but he ended up actually guessing correctly, a deity had indeed been here before. Qing Ya asked Donghuang Baizhi in a low voice, “How does a deity smell like?” “Eh… A deity basically smells the same as the smell that emits out from your body.” Donghuang Baizhi said secretively. “The smell that emits out from my body?” While with her brows wrinkled, Qing Ya smelled onto herself. Hmmm, I smell rather nice. Upon seeing that, Donghuang Baizhi laughed lightly, “Qing Ya, the smell that I’m referring to is the godly might that is within your blood vessels.” “Oh…” Right now, Qing Ya was the only one that was able to try to sense if there was really a trace of godly might in the scene or not, because only her blood vessels could be counted to be pure. Ying Jingshan was a bit flustered. If something bad were to happen because I didn’t comprehend what His Honor wanted me to come here to do, my entire Ying Family is going to be done for, just like Ji Family! “Baizhi, there is indeed a trace of godly might here!” Qing Ya opened her beautiful eyes and said. Ying Jingshan was greatly surprised, and Donghuang Baizhi was the same too. A deity actually really came down to our world? If that’s the case, everything makes sense now! Donghuang Baizhi said faintly, “The deities discovered that Ji Family massacred the family heads, and thus, a deity came over to Ji Family’s territory to punish Ji Family. This spot is precisely where the deity sat at!” The other two did not retort Donghuang Baizhi’s deduction. “It has been over a thousand years! The deities have finally appeared once again!” Ying Jingshan’s brows were tightly wrinkled. The fact that the deities have appeared once again may not be a good thing for us. Donghuang Baizhi said confusedly, “Back then when our two families went into war with each other, why didn’t any deities show up?” “It may perhaps be because our war was just a normal war, while what Ji Family did on the other hand managed to cause the deities to become infuriated.” Ying Jingshan explained. Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi nodded their heads. Thinking back to that video, it is indeed possible for the deities to become infuriated at Ji Family and thus decided to exterminate Ji Family. Qing Ya asked curiously, “The deity who exterminated Ji Family left right after exterminating Ji Family?” Donghuang Baizhi and Ying Jingshan shook their heads, expressing that they do not know. “The people that were in the main hall have turned into black imprints, but what about the rest of the people from Ji Family?” Qing Ya asked confusedly. This is strange, no matter what, Ji Family is still a family that has over ten thousand people, so where are the rest of those people? Suddenly, the sound of people discussing about something rang out from not far away. Quite a number of people could be seen standing in the sky and looking down at Ji Family’s entire territory. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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