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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 299 – The night sky sure is beautiful Zi Shan who was hiding in the weeds was a bit surprised when she heard what Little Brother Red said. I didn’t expect that this little man would have such a side to him, this is truly a bit unexpected. Within Zi Shan’s eyes, Little Brother Red was the kind of man who was rather timid. Every time when Little Brother Red looked at her, Little Brother Red would become nervous, seemingly just like a child who still hasn’t grown up. What Zi Shan didn’t know was that, Little Brother Red would only act like this in front of someone who he likes. If he didn’t like ZI Shan, he would be able to act even more mature than Zi Shan’s father. Looking at Little Brother Red, the man’s gaze became eerily cold, “I have never killed someone who is nameless, what is your name!” Little Brother Red’s gaze gradually became resolute as he said gravely, “I am called Yi Hong!” “I am called Fiend King! When you head to the underworld, remember to report my name! When those little ghosts know that I am the one who killed you, they won’t make things difficult for you!” Fiend King laughed loudly. Yi Hong swallowed a mouth of saliva, then shouted out, “Alright! If that’s the case, I won’t bully you, I will let you have the first punch on me!” Zi Shan who was hiding in the reeds was speechless and frustrated. Your enemy would never go easy on you, and yet, you are letting your enemy have the first punch on you! You are really stupid! Fiend King seemed as if he had heard the funniest joke ever and began laughing at the top of his voice. Fiend King was laughing at just how ignorant Little Brother Red was. This guy is actually letting me have the first punch on him! Young fellow, my punch is not something that you are able to withstand! My punch is able to split apart a mountain. If this fragile body of yours were to get punched by my fist, you would most probably get sent flying into space! “Young fellow, I have lived for hundreds of years, and I have never seen someone who could act cool as much as you!” Fiend King stopped laughing. Although what this guy said was funny, what this guy said was also disrespectful towards me! Zi Shan felt the same way too, she had lived for more than a thousand years, and she had never seen someone who could act cool as much as Little Brother Red. Yi Hong said seriously, “I didn’t act cool, I don’t even know how to act cool.” Fiend King, “……” Zi Shan, “……” Yi Hong was speaking the truth, how would he know how to act cool? Fiend King’s expression changed and became serious, “Since you are intending to let me have the first punch on you, I should show you what a true punch is!” Yi Hong was honest, but he wasn’t foolish. He was clear of his own strength, otherwise, he wouldn’t have said such a thing like letting Fiend King have the first punch on him. As for why Yi Hong wanted to let his enemy have the first punch on him, it was because he didn’t want to feel guilty after killing Fiend King. At the least, if Fiend King punched him first, he could be counted as retaliating. Zi Shan who was hiding in the reeds was cursing out at Yi Hong in her mind, “Foolish idiot, I have never seen such a foolish man before!” Fiend King could be heard shouting out, “Powers of the demon gods!” A red light rushed forth from Fiend King’s body, and immediately, all of Fiend King’s muscles began to bulge, and Fiend King’s veins could be seen to be long and thick. “Ghost strength!” Fiend King shouted out again. Suddenly, Fiend King’s bulging muscles gradually returned back to normal. However, this wasn’t the sign of Fiend King’s power shrinking, instead, what Fiend King was doing was compressing his power! The ground began to tremble, and the land that was under Fiend King’s feet could no longer support him and was beginning to subside. A spiritual pressure spread out in all directions from Fiend King’s body, and the reeds were blown away, which in turn caused ZI Shan’s figure to appear in Fiend King’s eyes. What a beautiful woman… After I killed this man, I will snatch this woman for myself! How would Zi Shan who had her powers sealed be able to resist against such a level of spiritual pressure? Faced against the spiritual pressure, blood began spilling out from the corner of Zi Shan’s mouth. Yi Hong scolded himself for being stupid as he immediately appeared in front of Zi Shan and helped Zi Shan blocked all of the spiritual pressure. This caused Zi Shan who was behind Yi Hong to feel a bit better. With her willow brows wrinkled, Zi Shan looked at Yi Hong who was standing in front of her. “Ghost Fiend Fist!” Fiend King didn’t care that much, after gathering all of his spiritual energy into one point, a majestic aura suddenly erupted forth from the point. The aura that erupted forth from the point actually transformed into a huge ghost behind of Fiend King, and the huge ghost seemed as if it was going to devour the two humans that were in front of it. Zi Shan sighed lightly. Seems like I am going to die… So be it then. Bang! A huge sound that sounded similar to the booming of thunder suddenly rang out. Fiend King’s fist landed directly onto Yi Hong’s chest, and immediately, dust began flying everywhere, the ground subsided, cracks appeared on the ground, and all of the reeds that were in the area were sent flying away. Afterward, Fiend King let out a breath. When withstanding head-on against this punch of mine, even the Celestial Emperor himself would end up with a hole in his chest! “It’s my turn now, right?” Yi Hong said as he patted onto his chest. Fiend King’s brows became wrinkled. Looking at YI Hong who did not move in the slightest bit, Fiend King mumbled, “Just who are you!” “I am just a foolish young fellow from Dongming Village who was able to be fortunate enough to receive His Honor’s recognition.” Zi Shan who was behind Yi Hong finally realized that Wei Chang did not lie to her, Yi Hong was indeed very formidable. “No, this is impossible! You are definitely a ghost king from the underworld who is currently disguising as a human! You are here to capture me, right! I will never go back to the underworld!” After finished speaking, Fiend King flew towards the horizon. If I don’t run now, when else will I be able to run away! Yi Hong did not have any experience in combat, and thus, upon seeing Fiend King run away, Yi Hong immediately shot off from the ground and chased after Fiend King. “Ah!” A painful cry rang out from the ground. Yi Hong who was flying in the sky scolded himself for being stupid as he immediately returned back to Zi Shan’s side, “Are you alright?!” Just now, the distance between the two of them was at the least 20 meters, and 20 meters was the maximum distance that Zi Shan could endure. Pfft. Zi Shan spurt out a mouth of blood, and immediately, her complexion turned pale, and her body became powerless and gradually collapsed onto the ground. Yi Hong hurriedly held onto Zi Shan, and he was currently at a loss on what to do, “Zi Shan, you…” Back then when Zi Shan tried to test out what would happen if she were to be 20 meters away from Yi Hong, during the second step she took after she was already 10 meters away from Yi Hong, she felt as if her body was going to explode, and just now, the distance between her and Yi Hong was actually 20 meters! From this, it could be seen just how grave Zi Shan’s situation was right now. Blood continuously flowed out from the corner of Zi Shan’s mouth, and Zi Shan’s body was also gradually turning cold. Yi Hong was already scared foolish by the situation in front of him, “I… I will bring you to meet His Honor… His Honor definitely has a way to save you.” “No, don’t.” Zi Shan held onto Yi Hong’s wrist and said. Yi Hong sat on the ground, and Zi Shan lied within his embrace. Blood continuously flowed out from the corner of Zi Shan’s mouth, and Zi Shan was able to sense that she was about to die. My organs have dried up and ruptured… There is no hope for me anymore… Well, it’s better this way, I guess. While lying in Yi Hong’s embrace, Zi Shan looked at the stars that were in the sky, “Profane world’s sky sure is beautiful.” “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to do that…” While flustered, Yi Hong wiped onto the blood that was flowing out from the corner of Zi Shan’s mouth, but no matter how much he wiped, the blood wouldn’t stop flowing out. Yi Hong kept on saying sorry while wiping onto the blood that was flowing out from the corner of Zi Shan’s mouth. Why did I act so impetuously, why did I not think about Zi Shan! “Yi Hong, this is not your fault, you have freed me from my worldly worries.” Zi Shan seemed to be experiencing her final radiance before death, her gaze became very clear, and an arc appeared on the corner of her mouth. Tears of remorse were flowing out from Yi Hong’s eyes, and his lips were slightly trembling. I hate myself so much, why am I so stupid! Zi Shan could be heard mumbling, “Death did not have any interaction with me before in the past. Right now, thinking back to the things in the past, some things don’t seem as important as they used to anymore. Power and wealth, those were the things that the me in the past sought. But right now… haha.” After finished speaking, an aura of death covered Zi Shan’s figure. Yi Hong did not want Zi Shan to die, but he did not have any way to save her. Zi Shan slowly stretched out her hand and lightly wiped onto Yi Hong’s tears. With a calm tone, Zi Shan said, “You are much better compared to those people, I did not pick the wrong person. You will find a much better woman than me in the future.” In actuality, Yi Hong wanted to say that he did not want to find another woman, and that he only wanted her. However, no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t utter those words to Zi Shan. While looking at the night sky, Zi Shan uttered her last words, “Truly beautiful.” Soon after, Zi Shan’s head slowly hung down. Upon seeing that, Yi Hong’s body began trembling as he hugged tightly onto Zi Shan’s body. However, Zi Shan’s body which gradually turned ice-cold pulled Yi Hong back into reality. While hugging onto Zi Shan’s ice-cold corpse, Yi Hong let out a downcast howl of anguish. Although she doesn’t like me, I like her… “Ah!!!” Yi Hong howled in agony towards the sky, and his full strength erupted forth from his body. Immediately, the river began surging, the color of the sky suddenly changed, and thunder began booming. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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