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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 301 – The feeling of first love Male deities are all high and mighty, especially the male deities that possess high authority. To the male deities, women are merely props to help enhance their brilliance. Take the harem chambers of those princes for example, let’s not say that there are three thousand beauties in each of those harems, but at the least, no matter what, there are still a few hundred beauties in each of those harems. If a prince were to pick a different woman to accompany him every night, a woman would still only be able to enjoy sexual intercourse once a year. And perhaps, if a woman that belonged to a prince’s harem chamber were to suddenly die one day, the prince may not even remember the name of the woman who died. Of course, the situation is different for those who are favored by their prince, and I am precisely one of those women who is favored by her prince. But even if I am favored, I still have to withstand the jealousy of other women within the harem chamber. Compared to that prince, Yi Hong is perhaps lacking by a lot. However, Yi Hong has his own good points. Today, Yi Hong has given me a lesson. Perhaps, people really can’t be judged just based on their outer appearances. “Have you thought it through?” Wei Chang asked. “Thought what through?” “To live two more months or not.” Zi Shan remained silent. Originally, I felt that dying like this isn’t too bad, because, at the least, I won’t have to continue being threatened by this group of people anymore. However, looking at just how broken-hearted Yi Hong looked, I want to go over to him and console him, I am really not worthy for him to sacrifice himself for me. Wei Chang smiled lightly, “You have never been in a relationship, right?” Zi Shan, “……” “In the past, I have never been in a relationship too, and it is the same for His Honor. However, after getting into a relationship, then did I know just how great being in a relationship is. The feeling of wanting to treat your partner well, the feeling of wanting to live happily together with your partner, those feelings are truly great. I feel that His Honor is very benevolent towards his subordinates. Love is a very sweet thing, and His Honor is willing to share this sweetness with his subordinates. Would you deities be willing to share such a thing?” Ye Hua who was standing by the window and smoking his cigarette choked onto the cigarette smoke that was in his mouth. I only wanted to… Forget it, I precisely wanted to share with my subordinates just how it feels to be in love. Seeing that Zi Shan wasn’t speaking, Wei Chang continued and said, “My little red’s family circumstance is not good, he didn’t go to school much, and he doesn’t have a silver tongue. Since little red was small, little red has been mingling around with little green. Although the two aren’t brothers who are related by blood, they are closer to each other than brothers who are related by blood. In actuality, after speaking so much, all that I want you to understand is that, it is very hard to find a man who is willing to sacrifice himself for you.” “Right now, you have two choices! The first choice, wait for your primordial spirit to dissipate. With this, although little red will slowly accept this reality, he would also live the rest of his life in guilt. The second choice, continue living on. Perhaps, it could be two months, or perhaps, it could also be for the rest of your life, this will all depend on your own decision.” While looking at Yi Hong, Zi Shan remained silent. After a long while, Zi Shan let out a breath, then said, “I…” “Alright, good choice.” Zi Shan’s expression sunk. I haven’t even finished my sentence, and you already knew what I was going to say?! Who are you bluffing! However, this is good too, this way, I don’t have to bring my face down and finish my sentence. “Not willing to lose face is a known common problem amongst deities. Since that’s the case, I will help give you another push.” With a smile on his face, Wei Chang shook his head. Zi Shan retorted, “Just who isn’t willing to lose face!” Currently, the green and red brothers were flying over to Zi Shan's corpse, and the two of them saw Wei Chang. Upon arriving in front of Wei Chang, Yi Hong immediately kneeled in front of Wei Chan and pleaded, “Uncle Wei, are you able to save Zi Shan?” Zi Shan who was standing beside Wei Chang had a complicated look on her face. Why are you even going to the trouble of trying to save me? Is it worth it? “I am not able to save her.” Wei Chang said faintly. A sense of powerlessness immediately appeared in Yi Hong’s body. Even Uncle Wei is not able to save Zi Shan… “But, you are able to save her.” Wei Chang’s sentence immediately pulled Yi Hong from hell to heaven. Even Zi Shan who was in her primordial spirit form was shocked by what Wei Chang said too. Knowing that there was a way to save Zi Shan, Yi Hong became very stirred up, “Uncle Wei, what should I do?” Wei Chang said faintly, “It will depend on just how much you are willing to sacrifice.” While speaking, Wei Chang thought to himself, “So this is how it feels to do this kind of thing, it is no wonder that His Honor is so fond of doing this kind of thing, this kind of thing is indeed very interesting to do.” His Honor has successfully brought Wei Chang astray. “I am willing to sacrifice everything to bring Zi Shan back to life.” Yi Hong said resolutely. Big Brother Green let out a sigh. This is the power of first love, youngsters are completely unable to guard against the power of first love. “To save her, half of your life force may disappear. Are you still willing to save her?” Wei Chang asked gravely. Yi Hong’s expression became exulted, “Only half? Can I give her a bit more of my life force? I want her to live a bit longer.” Upon hearing that, Wei Chang sighed too. It seems like I have gone too easy on little red, I should have said that saving Zi Shan would require him to sacrifice his entire life force. His Honor has dealt with this aspect much better than me, I have more to learn from His Honor. Upon hearing Yi Hong’s words, Zi Shan smiled. Want me to live a bit longer? I have already lived for a very long time. However, those words of his are truly guileless, he truly is foolish. “Little red, you have to know one thing, even if you saved her, perhaps, she won’t even appreciate what you had done for her.” With his hands placed behind his back, Wei Chang said faintly. Looking at Wei Chang, he seemed to sort of be trying to imitate how His Honor acts. Zi Shan who was at the side glared ruthlessly at Wei Chang. What are you saying, it’s not like I am as cold-blooded as you! Yi Hong of course knew that, but he didn’t mind, “Uncle Wei, I know that Zi Shan won’t ever fall in love with me, but I want her to be alive, being able to take a look at her every day is enough for me.” Wei Chang let out a deep sigh, while Zi Shan who was at the side had a grave expression on her face. “Uncle Wei, I still have another request.” Yi Hong said. “Speak.” “Uncle Wei, please keep this matter a secret, I do not want Zi Shan to know of this matter.” Wei Chang and Big Brother Green were puzzled. If you don’t let Zi Shan find out about this heroic deed of yours, how are you even going to obtain her heart? Big Brother Green really wanted to smack onto Yi Hong’s head right now. You are about to sacrifice so much for her, and yet you are not willing to let her know how much you had sacrificed for her, are you stupid! “Why?” Wei Chang was very curious as to what was going through Yi Hong’s head. Zi Shan was also very curious as to what was going through Yi Hong’s head, and she was even more curious about Yi Hong’s answer. Yi Hong scratched onto the back of his head embarrassedly, then said while stammering, “I’m afraid… afraid that Zi Shan would laugh at me.” Everyone was speechless… What kind of logic is this? Why would Zi Shan laugh at you? This little red, he is basically the example of a male chauvinist, always wanting to preserve his face in front of women, likes a woman to death, but isn’t able to tell the woman that he likes her, and even more, doesn’t want the woman to know how much he had sacrificed for her because he is afraid of getting laughed at by her, therefore, he would rather keep how much he had sacrificed for her a secret. “Alright, I promise you, I will keep this matter a secret.” Wei Chang said. Yi Hong looked towards his big brother. Big Brother Green said helplessly, “Alright, big brother will keep this matter a secret too.” Upon receiving the two’s promises, Yi Hong was finally able to feel at ease. But unbeknownst to him, Zi Shan had been watching everything from the start to finish. “Uncle Wei, what should I do to save Zi Shan?” Yi Hong asked nervously. Wei Chang let out a breath, “Do you remember what I taught you? All you have to do is transfer your power over to Zi Shan’s body.” “This simple?” While with a smile on his face, Wei Chang nodded his head, “Alright, I will be heading back first, you all should go back and rest too. Also, little red, remember to go and take your wedding photos tomorrow.” Yi Hong was currently in a very cheerful mood, “En, understood.” “Little brother, let’s save her after we returned home.” Big Brother Green said. “En.” Yi Hong carried onto Zi Shan’s corpse, then along with his big brother, disappeared from the night sky. While with a trace of a smile on the corner of his mouth, Ye Hua threw away his cigarette butt, then said, “Ah Li, come and sleep with daddy.” “Hmmm~ Ah Li still wants to watch a while more~ Just a while more~” Donghuang Li began acting cute. While with a warm smile on his face, Ye Hua sat by his daughter’s side, and Donghuang Li snuggled to her father. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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