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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 302 – Yi Hong and Zi Shan Within the villa, Yi Hong placed Zi Shan whose body was gradually turning stiff onto the bed, then lightly pushed aside the black hair that was covering Zi Shan’s eyes and forehead. She sure is pretty… Zi Shan who was in her primordial spirit form stood at the side of the bed, she had a very complicated look on her face, and who knows just what was currently going through her mind. Yi Hong stretched out his hands and was prepared to press his hands down onto Zi Shan. When Zi Shan saw Yi Hong’s action, she scolded, “Where are you intending to place your hands on!” That’s right, Yi Hong was preparing to press his hands down onto Zi Shan’s chest, after all, wasn’t this how it was always acted out within the television shows? However, Yi Hong didn’t end up pressing his hands down onto Zi Shan’s chest, feeling that it wasn’t good to press his hands down onto Zi Shan’s chest, he drew back his hands. Zi Shan took a glare at Yi Hong. This Yi Hong, to actually behave indecently with my corpse! Yi Hong was currently thinking, “Just where should I place my hands onto? No matter where I place my hands onto, it seems that I am still taking advantage of her.” Looking at Zi Shan’s white and delicate hand, Yi Hong swallowed a mouth of saliva, then held onto Zi Shan’s hand. Zi Shan’s brows became wrinkled, but she didn’t say anything. A faint black fog began emitting out from Yi Hong’s hands, and the black fog gradually spread to Zi Shan’s hand, and in no time, the black fog covered Zi Shan’s entire body. Back then, Wei Chang had given a tiny bit of this black fog to Xiao Yi, and when Xiao Yi’s heart was pierced, the tiny bit of black fog was able to even heal Xiao Yi’s pierced heart. From this, it could be seen just how formidable the black fog was. However, this black fog was just merely a very minor passive that Wei Chang possesses. While with a complicated expression on her face, Zi Shan’s primordial spirit gradually disappeared. Meanwhile, without caring about the consequences, Yi Hong transported as much black fog as he could to Zi Shan. Sensing that temperature was returning to Zi Shan’s ice-cold hand, Yi Hong became exulted. Uncle Wei didn’t bluff me, this is great! Five minutes later, Zi Shan’s body began to gradually turn rosy, and at the same time, Zi Shan opened her beautiful eyes. When Yi Hong saw that Zi Shan woke up, he became scared and immediately let go of Zi Shan’s hand, then retreated to the side and looked awkwardly around the room. The atmosphere was very awkward, both of them were staying still and remaining silent. After a long while, Zi Shan said faintly, “I’m going to go take a shower.” After finished speaking, Zi Shan got off the bed and walked into the bathroom. Seeing that Zi Shan walked into the bathroom, Yi Hong let out a breath. I managed to save her. Soon after, Yi Hong began laying out his bedding on the floor. After Zi Shan finished showering, Yi Hong went to take a shower too, the bloody smell that was on him was very heavy. Within the dark bedroom, two hearts were beating faintly. Yi Hong wasn’t able to fall asleep, and it was no different for Zi Shan too. After quite a while, Zi Shan said lightly, “Yi Hong, thank you.” Seeing that Yi Hong wasn’t uttering a word, Zi Shan mustered her courage and said, “Yi Hong, I know your feelings, I can promise to be your girlfriend for two months, but after two months, I hope that you won’t save me, I am not worth it for you to do so much for me.” From the looks of it, Zi Shan was indeed touched by Yi Hong. Zi Shan was now willing to be Yi Hong’s girlfriend for two months, but because she was still intending on going against Ye Hua’s wishes, she won’t share the same bed with Yi Hong. However, who knows what would happen after two months? Back then, wasn’t Qing Ya a hard one to deal with and was determined on separating from Ye Hua after she had finished giving birth to her child? But right now, look at how obedient Qing Ya had become, whatever that Ye Hua wanted her to do, she would do it. However, Ye Hua was after all Ye Hua, and Yi Hong was not Ye Hua. Seeing that Yi Hong wasn’t responding, with her brows wrinkled, Zi Shan leaned over and took a look at Yi Hong. He fell asleep… Zi Shan couldn’t help but smile, then closed her beautiful eyes and went to sleep. Yi Hong who was sleeping on the floor opened his eyes. Just now, Yi Hong had heard everything. In actuality, when he heard that Zi Shan was willing to become his girlfriend, he was very happy, he was happy to the point that he did not know what to say, however, after hearing Zi Shan talked about two months later, his heart became heavy. Kill her? That is not possible. His Honor is basically my benefactor, and Zi Shan is the person who I am fond of… Two months later, I will go and plead to His Honor, and if worse comes to worst, I will just sacrifice my life in exchange for Zi Shan’s life! Morning. To Yi Hong, today was a good day, as today was the day that he was going to be taking his wedding photos. Ye Hua had already arranged everything for Yi Hong and Zi Shan, thus, all the two had to do was to head to the location and began taking their wedding photos. Just thinking about the fact that I am going to be taking my wedding photos soon is making me a bit excited. I should toss all the worries to the back of my head and enjoy this day. After finished washing up, Yi Hong brought along Zi Shan and walked out of the villa. Naturally, Big Brother Green won’t be accompanying the two of them and act as a lightbulb. “Zi Shan, what do you want to eat for breakfast?” Yi Hong felt that Zi Shan was not acting as cold as she used to act towards him, and even more, he noticed that Zi Shan was walking right by his side. In the past, Zi Shan would always walk behind him. Zi Shan said unhurriedly, “Cold noodles.” Upon hearing that, Yi Hong became even happier. After all, in the past, all Zi Shan would say was, anything… anything… “Alright.” After driving the car to the urban district, Yi Hong drove to a cold noodles store, then parked the car in front of the cold noodles store. After getting off the car, the two immediately attracted others’ gazes. Little Brother Red was a little different today. His face was still that same face, his hairstyle was still that same hairstyle, but after what happened yesterday, Little Brother Red seemed to have become mature, and his temperament had undergone a kind of qualitative change. Looking at Little Brother Red right now, he didn’t seem like a loafer anymore. In actuality, the green and red brothers were unaware that, the powers that were within their bodies were slowly changing their bodies and the auras that they exude. “Boss, two bowls of cold noodles, no chilis for one of the bowls.” Yi Hong shouted out. Yesterday, Yi Hong had brought along Zi Shan to eat cold noodles, and during then, when Zi Shan got her bowl of cold noodles, she picked out all of the chilis that were in her bowl of cold noodles. Therefore, this time, Yi Hong ordered a bowl with no chilis for Zi Shan. There wasn’t any change to Zi Shan’s expression, Zi Shan’s expression was very calm, but who knows just what was actually going through her mind? After finish eating the cold noodles, the two head to the arranged photoshoot building. The two were most likely going to be spending a whole day indoors. When the staff members saw Zi Shan, their gazes were all attracted by Zi Shan’s appearance. What a cold and aloof woman, this little brother sure is fortunate. Currently, Yi Hong changed into a black color western suit which made him looked much more refined. Yi Hong’s hairstyle had also changed. Looking at Yi Hong right now, he pretty much looked like a different person. When Yi Hong saw Zi Shan who came out of the changing room, Yi Hong completely froze. Although Zi Shan is not as beautiful as the two madams, in my eyes, Zi Shan is the most beautiful woman in the world! It was the first time that Zi Shan wore a white color wedding dress. Looking at the mirror, Zi Shan was a little surprised at how beautiful she looked. This profane world truly possesses a lot of fun and interesting things. “The two of you, come over here.” The photographer said while with a light smile on his face. Groom, stop looking at the bride, if you still continue on looking at the bride, we won’t be able to finish taking all of the wedding photos by the end of the day. Yi Hong and Zi Shan walked over to the studio set, then, both of them stood side by side with each other. The photographer felt very awkward. Are you two really here to take wedding photos? What are you two standing so far apart from each other for? Is there an invisible wall between the two of you? “The two of you, can you two move closer to each other?” The photographer said helplessly. Yi Hong was very nervous. However, Yi Hong was not the only one who was nervous. Zi Shan who was holding onto a bouquet with both of her hands was a bit nervous too. Seeing that both the groom and bride weren’t moving, the photographer seemed to have sensed something, and thus, he didn’t rush the two. “You, come closer.” In the end, Zi Shan called out to Yi Hong. After obtaining Zi Shan’s permission, then did Yi Hong dare to move closer to Zi Shan. However, although the two moved closer to each other, the two still looked too solemn! The two of them pretty much seemed as if they were on a battlefield. “Groom, hug the bride. Afterward, both of you, smile at the camera.” The photographer shouted out. However, Yi Hong didn’t dare to touch Zi Shan. “Hug me.” Zi Shan said lightly. Hearing that, Yi Hong’s heart began beating at high speed. Zi Shan is actually letting me hug her, my god, I am not dreaming, right! “Groom, don’t be embarrassed anymore, even the bride herself has spoken.” Yi Hong took in a deep breath. I feel so much more nervous than during the time when I cheated on a test. Yi Hong lightly embraced Zi Shan’s willow waist. While hugging onto Zi Shan’s willow waist and smelling onto the sweet scent that was emitted out from Zi Shan’s body, Yi Hong thought to himself, “So, it turns out that, the world can actually be so wonderful…” The photographer smiled, “Alright! Now, smile.” Yi Hong was nervous to the point that he wasn’t able to smile. Meanwhile, Zi Shan let out a light smile, and upon seeing Zi Shan’s smile, even the photographer couldn’t help but go into a daze for a moment. “Groom, even the bride herself has smiled, are you going to leave her hanging?” Yi Hong was startled. Zi Shan really smiled? I have never seen her smile before, I really want to take a look at how she looks when she is smiling. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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