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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 305 – A man who is called Chen Xuanzong Big Brother Green didn’t come back to his senses immediately, and after coming back to his senses, Big Brother Green immediately became excited, and to celebrate, he began doing Thomas flare on the spot. Seeing that Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi rolled their eyes at him, Ye Hua expressed that there was nothing he could do about it. Who told you two to be so stupid, to actually stand so far at the front? After the ceremony had ended, everyone began chatting with each other, the women formed a group, and the men formed another group. The women were all asking the bride questions. Afterward, they began discussing things like makeup products and so on. And in actuality, for people like them, makeup products no longer had any huge effect on them anymore. On the other hand, Ye Hua and the others naturally didn’t discuss trifle things like the women did. “Your Honor, according to the news that Xun Fang sent over, there have been a lot of foreigners showing up in the south. From the looks of it, those foreigners seem to be trying to fish for some easy benefits.” Wei Chang said gravely. Everyone remained silent, after all, how would they dare to speak when His Honor still hasn’t spoken. Ye Hua drank a mouth of champagne, then said, “Let them fish for whatever benefits that they can fish for themselves then, and after they have eaten their fill, we will catch all of them in one go!” Lie Gu praised, “Your Honor is truly a master tactician, to give those people a smack on their heads right when they are about to succeed, Your Honor is truly formidable!” “Lie Gu, when have you become so eloquent in speaking?” Ye Hua laughed lightly. Lie Gu scratched onto his chin embarrassedly, “In order to increase my knowledge, I have been reading books lately.” “That is a good thing, knowledge is power. The two of you should also spend time on studying.” Ye Hua looked towards the green and red brothers and said. The green and red brothers naturally gave their word that they would spend time on studying. After all, in their eyes, if they followed along with His Honor’s words, they would naturally be able to live well. Seeing that Yi Hong had a look on him that seemed like he had something to say but didn’t dare to say, Ye Hua asked curiously, “Little red, if you have something that you want to say, then say it, a man shouldn’t hesitate back and forth!” “Your Honor, can you take back the time limit of two months?” Yi Hong asked while trembling with fear. The moment Yi Hong finished speaking, Wei Chang and Lie Gu’s expressions immediately sunk, and even Big Brother Green also scolded his little brother for being extremely foolish! You are asking His Honor to take back his own words?! Are you tired of living, or is it that, your powers have gone to your head?! Yi Hong also realized that he had made a mistake. As Yi Hong lowered his head all the way down, he thought to himself, “I am really a fool, His Honor treats me so well, and yet I still tried to request His Honor to take back his own words.” Zi Shan was secretly observing the men’s side, and when she saw Yi Hong lowered his head, and the others’ expressions turned ugly, she more or less knew what Yi Hong had said. Ye Hua patted Yi Hong’s shoulder, and without saying anything, he walked towards his wives. After shaking his head, Lie Gu walked away too. You are fortunate that today is your wedding day. If this was placed at normal times, His Honor would have definitely chided you for being disrespectful towards one’s superior! Ye Hua’s action of patting little red’s shoulder was that he wanted to tell little red that, I, the Supreme Overlord, am able to bestow you what you have now, but I am also able to take it all back! Do not forget your own position! “Little red, don’t bring this matter up to His Honor again, if not, the consequences will be very grave!” Wei Chang said gravely. Right now, only Zi Shan herself could save herself from the current situation, and the way to save herself was to get pregnant as soon as possible. However, Zi Shan wouldn’t do that, which caused Yi Hong to have no choice but to anger His Honor. After finished speaking, Wei Chang went to accompany his girlfriend, leaving Big Brother Green to be the only person still standing with Yi Hong. “Little brother, don’t be disheartened, you can try to talk things out with Zi Shan and strive to get her pregnant as soon as possible. This way, nothing will happen in two months’ time.” Towards his big brother’s advice, how would Yi Hong not know that nothing would happen if Zi Shan became pregnant in two months’ time? However, Yi Hong didn’t want to force Zi Shan, and in actuality, he was already very satisfied with how everything was currently. After chatting for quite a while, everyone began returning back home. And on the way home, Ye Hua finally knew what it meant by reaping what one has sown. “Ye Hua, when are you going to marry us?” “Ye Hua, could it be that, you do not want to marry us?” “Ye Hua, could it be that, you still have other women outside?” “Daddy, Ah Li wants to marry too.” Qing Ya, Donghuang Baizhi, and Donghuang Li’s voices constantly rang out in Ye Hua’s ears, and Ye Hua felt like his head was starting to ache. It seems like I cannot let them attend weddings anymore in the future. However, regarding marrying the two women, Ye Hua had naturally thought of it before. My wedding with them has to be the grandest in the entire universe. However, for that to happen, it will still have to take some time, because I still have not conquered this entire universe. …… Zijin City! Qing Family’s villa. A handsome-looking man who was driving a Bentley stopped the Bentley in front of the villa’s doorway. The man carried a lot of gifts from the car, then walked to the front of the door and knocked on the door. The door could be seen being opened, and a woman appeared behind the door. The woman was precisely Qing Ya’s mother, Zi Han. Looking at the unfamiliar handsome man, Zi Han asked confusedly, “You are?” “Aunt Zi, do you not remember me? I am Chen Xuanzong. Back when I was small, I had even come to your house to play. During the time when I attended school, I used to walk back home together with Qing Ya every day. At that time, I was still very fat.” While speaking, Chen Xuanzong puffed his cheeks to prove that he was the fatty from back then. Zi Han suddenly recalled. Back then at Long’an City, a family with the surname Chen did indeed live next door to me. This Chen Xuanzong, I still remember that he was very fat when he was still small. It has only been a few years since I have last seen him, and he has now already become so handsome. “Ah, so you are Xiao Chen! Come on in.” Zi Han said with a slight smile. “Thank you, aunt.” Chen Xuanzong changed into slippers, then walked into the house. All of this feels so familiar, seemingly like it was still yesterday. “Aunt Zi, is Qing Ya not home?” Although Chen Xuanzong knew why Qing Ya wasn’t home, he still couldn’t help but ask. After all, what if history had changed? The moment her daughter was mentioned, Zi Han let out a deep sigh. Seeing that Aunt Zi’s expression didn’t look good, Chen Xuanzong knew that history did not change, and Qing Ya was still engaged to that bastard, Long Aotian! “Aunt, please take a seat.” Chen Xuanzong placed the gifts down, then helped Aunt Zi to the sofa. Look at this handsome and outgoing young fellow, isn’t he much better than that Ye Hua who always has a cold look on his face? Why is Qing Ya so stubborn? Zi Han let out a heavy sigh, “Xiao Chen, truth to be told, Qing Ya left home in a fit of pique and is currently staying outside.” As expected, nothing has changed. That damned Long Aotian, not only did he harm Qing Ya, but he also harmed Qing Yutong too, he is simply inhumane. Brother, since Ye Hua appeared, your memories have already become messed up. Right now, Long Aotian was still struggling deep within the mountains. “Although Qing Ya’s temper is not good, she still cares about her family.” Chen Xuanzong was naturally going to speak good things about Qing Ya, and at the same time, express his reason for coming here today. Zi Han naturally still had a bit of impression of Chen Xuanzong. I remember that Xiao Chen used to be very shy back then, and now, he has become tall and handsome. Looking at him, he is indeed suitable enough to be Qing Ya’s partner. “Don’t bother trying to say good things about her, just mentioning her is making me angry!” Chen Xuanzong laughed lightly, appearing very refined. This caused Zi Han to feel that Chen Xuanzong was much steadier compared to Long Aotian. “Xiao Chen, back then, why did your family suddenly move house?” Zi Han asked curiously. Chen Xuanzong’s expression froze. That time, it was not that my family moved house, it was that my family had been exterminated. Back then, because I wasn’t at home, I managed to escape death. Afterward, I continued living while with my identity concealed. However, I would still regularly check on how Qing Ya was doing. However, one day, when I heard of the news that Qing Ya had committed suicide, I began to become addicted to drinking, and in the end, I jumped into a river and died. But who would have known, I ended up reborning in a different world, and after hundred years, I finally became a demon emperor! And right now, I have returned back to earth! Chen Xuanzong said with a light smile, “Aunt, my family moved because of business-related issues. Back then, because we left in a hurry, I didn’t have the time to even say goodbye to Qing Ya.” “It’s fine, it’s fine, I will give Qing Ya a call now and tell her to come back. I really can’t put my mind at ease with her staying at the south.” While speaking, Zi Han picked up her phone and called her daughter’s phone number. Currently, Qing Ya was being pressed down onto by Ye Hua’s body, and Ye Hua was enjoying Qing Ya’s soft and sweet lips. “Don’t mess around anymore, my phone is ringing.” “Don’t pick it up!” Ye Hua said gravely. I, the Supreme Overlord, am currently enjoying myself, no one is allowed to interrupt me! “Just wait for a bit~” Qing Ya rolled her eyes at Ye Hua. Ye Hua wrinkled his brows, “Make it quick!” After picking up her phone, Qing Ya realized that it was her mother who was calling her. It has been a very long time since I have last seen mom, I do quite miss her. “Mom.” Qing Ya called out tenderly. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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