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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 306 – Going back to parental home When Ye Hua heard the word “mom”, he immediately wrinkled his brows as he had a bad feeling. Zi Han said delicately, “Ya’er, mom misses you.” Zi Han’s words straightforwardly pierced through the deepest and tenderest part of Qing Ya’s heart. Thinking about it, it has indeed been a very long time since I went back home to visit mom. Sigh… “Mom, I miss you too.” Qing Ya sat straight up on the bed and said tenderly. Ye Hua pulled Qing Ya into his embrace and gave Qing Ya a warning look. It has only been a few days since you came back home, and yet you are intending on going out again? “Ya’er, I heard your dad said that south isn’t quite peaceful during these recent days, we can’t put our minds at ease knowing that you two sisters are currently staying at south.” “Mom, you can be at ease, Yutong and I are very safe, nothing will happen to us.” Qing Ya consoled her mom. This damned fellow, I’m on the phone, and yet he is still messing around, caressing my body! Zi Han said faintly, “Your dad is tough on the outside but soft on the inside, in actuality, he misses you two very much, and his body hasn’t been feeling well during these few days. Also, your grandpa and grandma are here at the villa too, they have been staying at the villa since a few days ago.” After thinking about it, it makes sense. Dad definitely received news that south isn’t safe, and thus, he called grandpa and grandma to come over and stay at the villa. Hearing that her daughter wasn’t saying anything, Zi Han held onto her forehead and said, “Mom’s body hasn’t been feeling well too during these few days.” Now that Zi Han had spoken up to this point, if Qing Ya were to still not go back home and visit her family, it would really be unfilial of her. “Mom, I get it, I will come back home with Yutong in a few days.” Qing Ya said helplessly. Ye Hua’s gaze turned cold. What are you saying? You are going to be staying outside again? Are you thinking of dying! “Ya’er, don’t wait a few days, come back home tomorrow, mom misses you.” “Alright, alright, alright, I will come back home as soon as possible.” Hearing that her daughter agreed to come back home, Zi Han let out a breath of relief, then hung the phone. “This Ya’er, she is truly worrisome, I have to feign that I am sick, then would she be willing to come back home.” Zi Han said helplessly as she stood up and poured a cup of water for Chen Xuanzong. “Thanks.” Chen Xuanzong said as he took over the cup. Afterward, he said, “Aunt, no matter what is said, Qing Ya still cares about you.” While with a smile on her face, Zi Han asked curiously, “Xiao Chen, do you have a girlfriend?” “Sigh, it is hard to find a girlfriend, I am currently still single.” Chen Xuanzong laughed embarrassedly. Zi Han smiled, “Xiao Chen, don’t say that, with your conditions, it is easy for you to find a girlfriend if you want to.” “Indeed, but it is hard to find one who I truly like.” Chen Xuanzong let out a breath. In this entire lifetime of mine, I have only truly liked one person. Zi Han seemed to have understood something, and all she could do was cover her awkwardness by taking a sip of her tea. Chen Xuanzong also knew that he had spoken too much and thus he apologized, “Aunt, I’m sorry.” “It’s fine.” “Alright, I still have some other matters to attend to, so I will be taking my leave now. In any case, I shouldn’t be taking up any more of aunt’s time.” Chen Xuanzong stood up and said. Chen Xuanzong acted very modestly, and Zi Han was very fond of how modest Chen Xuanzong was. Zi Han nodded her head, “Alright, Xiao Chen, take care.” “Ah, that’s right, Xiao Chen, give me your phone number, when Ya’er returned home, I will tell her to give you a call.” Chen Xuanzong became exulted as he took out a business card and handed it over to Zi Han, “Thank you, aunt!” “En, aunt has high hopes for you.” After walking out of Qing Family’s villa, Chen Xuanzong let out a breath. During my past life, I wasn’t able to bring happiness to Qing Ya. However, this lifetime, I will definitely properly cherish her and not allow her to suffer any harm! Zi Han who was within the house took a look at the business card. The business card was pure gold, and on the front of the business card, only a name was carved on it, and the name was naturally Chen Xuanzong’s name. As for the back of the business card, there was a phone number carved on it. This business card looks very imposing, this Xiao Chen seems to be doing pretty well for himself. Not bad. “Zi Han, who came just now?” Qing Yutong’s mother, Wang Muqing, walked down the stairs while yawning. Zi Han smiled lightly, “Ya’er's childhood friend.” “Qing Ya and Qing Yutong, those two are truly worrisome…” Wang Muqing poured a glass of water, and that coquettish look on her was truly beautiful. Qing Ya and Qing Yutong's father could truly be said to be a man who knows how to enjoy life. “I gave Ya’er a call just a while ago, she will be bringing Yutong back home with her.” “Really?” Wang Muqing cried out in surprise. Zi Han nodded her head. As long as it is something that my daughter herself said that she would do, she would definitely do it. However, there was a very grave consequence for Qing Ya’s action of giving her word that she would go back home as soon as possible, and the consequence was that she was going to be ruthlessly bullied by Ye Hua. “You are going to go back home?” Ye Hua questioned coldly. Qing Ya placed her phone down, then stared straight at Ye Hua’s eyes. Right after, Qing Ya suddenly pushed onto Ye Hua with her hands! Qing Ya pushed Ye Hua down onto the bed, then boldly kissed towards her own man. I precisely like how domineering this woman is! “Ye Hua~” Ye Hua couldn’t stand this kind of voice the most, upon hearing this voice that Qing Ya made, he immediately got goosebumps. Every time when she has a request, she would act like this. “Ye Hua~ Hmmm~ Hmmm~ Hmmm~” Ye Hua asked gravely, “How many days will you be away for?” “Erm… half a month?” “Half a month?!” Ye Hua shouted out gravely. Ever since Qing Ya awakened that whatever blood vessels of hers, she has been constantly going out and staying away from home. Even I, the Supreme Overlord, am not even as busy as this Qing Ya is! “10 days then.” Qing Ya shook onto Ye Hua’s arm and pleaded. Ye Hua said gravely, “A week! If you don’t return back home in a week, don’t blame me for coming over to drag you back home!” “Alright, a week it will be then~” Upon hearing that Ye Hua agreed for her to go back home for a week, Qing Ya immediately jumped off the bed. As expected, I cannot agree to her requests too easily, the moment I agreed to her requests, she immediately changes her face. Also, isn’t a week a bit too long? I should have just given her 2-3 days instead. Qing Ya opened the wardrobe, intending to prepare the clothes that she will be needing for the trip back to her parental home, “Ye Hua, during the time where I am not home, you can just focus on making a new child with Baizhi.” “Hah.” Ye Hua laughed coldly. “Also, tomorrow is the day that Ye Zizi has to report to school, don’t you forget about it!” Qing Ya reminded. Ye Hua was very unhappy, “This was obviously your job, and yet now, you are pushing your job onto me.” “You are my husband after all, right~ Muacks~” There was nothing wrong with what Qing Ya said. “What are you packing your clothes so early for?” “Well, the earlier I leave, the earlier I come back. And the earlier I come back, the higher the chances that a certain king of jealousy won’t flip out.” The corner of Ye Hua’s mouth twitched. Ye Hua snorted coldly, “Would I, Ye Hua, become jealous? You are dreaming too much.” “It would be the best if you really won’t become jealous. Come, let your wife have a kiss~ Good boy~” “……” Do you take me as a three-year-old child and think that just by giving me a kiss, everything would be fine? Aren’t you going to at least give me a hug too? After finished packing her clothes, Qing Ya booked an afternoon flight. As for why Qing Ya doesn’t just fly over to her destination, that was because Qing Ya didn’t want to lose the line of thought that a normal person possesses. Just like Ye Hua, when the situation wasn’t very urgent, Qing Ya would choose to travel by vehicle. Qing Ya walked to Qing Yutong’s bedroom, and without too long, Qing Yutong could be heard howling in grief. What’s the matter with big sister, did she discover her conscience? While holding onto his crutch, Ye Hua said to Qing Yutong, “Stop making a scene already. If your big sister is telling you to go back home with her, then just go back home with her.” Meanwhile, Ye Hua secretly sent a communication transmission to Qing Yutong, “Properly look after your big sister for me. When you come back, I will let you eat meat!” Upon hearing that there was meat to eat, Qing Yutong’s expression changed, “Big sister, it has indeed been a very long time since we have last returned home, I will quickly go and pack my things now.” Qing Ya was no longer an ordinary human now. Although she wasn’t able to hear what was said in the communication transmission, she knew that Ye Hua sent a communication transmission to Qing Yutong. This fellow, to actually sent a spy to watch after me! This fellow is truly petty. However, this fellow’s action does make me feel delighted. “Zizi, I will be heading back to my parental home for a few days, you have to be obedient while I’m not home, okay?” Qing Ya rubbed onto Ye Zizi’s head and reminded. Ye Zizi nodded her head, “I will definitely be obedient!” Upon hearing that, Ye Hua thought to himself, “I will be damned if I believe you.” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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