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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 312 – Immortal Emperor vs Demon Emperor Qing Yutong was a bit interested in this auction and she could be seen looking towards her big sister and asking, “Big sister, do you want to go to the auction?” Seems like this Yutong wants to find someone to accompany her. Understandable. “Young Lady Qing, how about going to the auction together?” Song Huang invited while with a smile on his face. Although I do not have any relation with this woman right now, bringing a woman like this along with me would indeed help me gain face. Donghuang Li pulled onto Qing Ya’s arm and said sweetly, “Aunt Qing, Ah Li wants to go to the auction and have fun.” Originally, Qing Ya did not want to go to the auction, because she had promised Ye Hua that she wouldn’t attend any gathering. “Aunt Qing~” Donghuang Li began giving her all in acting cute. Zi Han also tried to persuade, “Ya’er, it’s not like you having anything else to do, so why not take this opportunity to broaden your view.” Qing Ya, “……” Qing Yutong, “……” Broaden view? Qing Yutong thought to herself, “Back then when I followed brother-in-law and went to subdue Ying Family with him, that scene that I witnessed was what that was truly called broadening one’s view.” “When everyone from Ying Family kneeled on the ground with utmost respect and did not dare to be disrespectful in the slightest bit towards brother-in-law, brother-in-law simply looked handsome to the maximum.” Meanwhile, Qing Ya couldn’t help but recall the big battle at Voidless Realm and thought to herself, “That big battle at Voidless Realm could be counted as something that has already broadened my view, right?” Not being able to bear Donghuang Li’s cuteness, Qing Ya said with dote, “Alright, alright, alright, I will bring you to the auction.” “Hooray~” Donghuang Li cheered, then kissed onto Qing Ya’s cheek. Qing Yutong smiled, “Ah Li, you are not being fair~” Donghuang Li jumped off from Qing Ya’s embrace, then jumped into Qing Yutong’s embrace and kissed onto Qing Yutong’s cheek. Song Huang didn’t feel dissatisfied since Donghuang Li was just a child. “It’s starting to get late already, let’s start heading over to our destination.” Song Huang said as he stood up. The auction that is being held at Yuanlinglong tonight can be counted as a small gathering of north’s powers, bringing them over to Yuanlinglong is a good thing for me, while they take this chance to broaden their views, I can use this chance to show off my capabilities to them. With a low voice, Qing Huaxuan exhorted his daughters, “Properly perform when you are at the auction, don’t throw away Qing Family’s face, especially you, Yutong, properly get along with Sage Doctor.” Both sisters let out a sigh. We are merely going to the auction to kill off time, we really don’t think that the auction is that big of a deal. Soon after, Wang Muqing walked over and exhorted her daughter to keep her temper in check and properly perform in front of Sage Doctor. After everyone left, Zi Han secretly gave Chen Xuanzong a phone call. Coincidentally, Chen Xuanzong was currently already at Yuanlinglong, and right at this moment, two men were kneeling down in front of him. “Aunt Zi, I got it, thank you.” After hanging the phone, a trace of a smile appeared on Chen Xuanzong’s face. Because he was going to be able to meet Qing Ya soon, he began feeling a bit excited and nervous. However, looking at the two men in front of him, his smile gradually sunk, and killing intent appeared in his eyes once again. “Let me ask you one last time, back then, who was it who sent you to exterminate my Chen Family!” In the past few days, Chen Xuanzong had been looking for the person who was responsible for the extermination of his Chen Family. Most of the killers from back then had already died, and only those two that were currently in front of him had changed occupation and were currently living care-freely as big bosses. “We really don’t know.” “That’s right, we feel very apologetic towards what happened back then.” As killing intent began surging out from Chen Xuanzong, Chen Xuanzong clenched his hand. The expression of one of the men changed. The man felt as if his neck had been clenched by someone and the feeling of suffocation immediately appeared. The man couldn’t help but grab onto his neck and begin rolling around on the floor. Gradually, the man stopped struggling and died while with a terrified expression on his face. The man who was kneeling beside the dead man was a little startled and his forehead was currently filled with sweat. It has been many years since this man had killed anyone and seeing such a scene in front of him after such a long time made him felt very uncomfortable. “Speak and I will spare your life!” Chen Xuanzong said coldly. The man gasped heavily, then asked, “Will you really spare my life?” “That’s right!” The man steeled himself, then said, “It’s Xiao Family’s Xiao Yi!” Chen Xuanzong’s brows gradually wrinkled as he picked up a wine glass with his hand and lightly swayed the wine glass, “Xiao Family is located at the north, why would he want to exterminate such a small family like my Chen Family?” “I do not know, all I heard was that it was because of an ancient godly item. Asides from that, I really do not know anything else!” Chen Xuanzong raised his head and drank finish the red wine that was in the wine glass, then clenched his hand. The man could be seen opening his eyes wide, and blood began flowing out from his eyes. Soon after, blood began flowing out from all of the man’s seven apertures. “You lied to me…” “Do I even need to give you an explanation if I, Chen Xuanzong, want to kill you?” “You!!!” Looking at the man who collapsed in front of him, the anger within Chen Xuanzong did not decrease, and instead, the anger burned even brighter. North’s Xiao Family, Xiao Yi! Ancient godly item! From the looks of it, back then, my parents must have known something that they shouldn’t have known, and thus, Xiao Yi decided to exterminate my Chen Family! Xiao Yi, since you killed my entire family! I should kill your entire family too! Immortal Emperor vs Demon Emperor. This was going to be a great show that Ye Hua would like. On the other side, Qing Ya and Qing Yutong have arrived at Yuanlinglong. For such clubs like Yuanlinglong, their locations would usually be located on the outskirts. After all, the outskirts were peaceful, possess good air, and of course, mainly because, killing and burying people were very convenient to do so in the outskirts. However, no murder cases have happened before at Yuanlinglong. After all, this was Ye Family’s territory, family heads wouldn’t dare to cause trouble here, and the other four aristocratic families would also give face to Ye Family. Of course, Voidless Realm does not have to give any face to Ye Family. Yuanlinglong was located at the middle of a lakeside. This lake was created artificially, and at the middle of the lake, there was even a small island that was roughly the size of a soccer field. The building that was located on the island was not tall, possessing only one level to it. At the lakeside, all kinds of luxurious cars were parked there. The luxurious cars that were parked there were more than enough to open an auto show. People could be seen getting out of their cars and heading towards Yuanlinglong. Qing Ya and Qing Yutong both got out of their car. Although the two did not wear formal gowns, the moment they appeared, they immediately attracted others’ attention. After all, with their looks, they were extremely beautiful no matter what they wore. The two sisters sized up Yuanlinglong, and they felt that it was no different from a normal gathering, everyone was dressed up gorgeously, the women were showing off themselves and boasting, while the men were walking around the venue and conversing with different people. Even more, some men had three to five beautiful women tagging along by their sides. Upon seeing that, Qing Ya felt that Ye Hua was much more well-behaved compared to those men. I reckon that Ye Hua is most probably rolling around in bed with Baizhi right now. This scoundrel wishes that I would come out so that he could have some alone time with Baizhi, damn scoundrel. When Song Huang appeared, as expected, he gave rise to a commotion. As long as one was alive, there would come a time where they would fall sick, and when one was sick, they would have to get their sickness treated. Therefore, even the aristocratic families had to be courteous toward Song Huang, because Song Huang was able to treat most sicknesses. “That person is Sage Doctor Song Huang!” “It really is him, Sage Doctor Song Huang! I didn’t expect that he would come here too!” “Eh? Who are those two women at Song Huang’s side? I have never seen them before.” “Eh… I have never seen them before too. However, they are truly beautiful…” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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