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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 316 – Boast Everyone that was at the scene expressed their pity for Dongfang Yuer. However, this was after all Bai Family’s own matter, and it wasn’t something that they could interfere in. “Darling, that Qing Ya is here too.” Wang Dabao said in a low voice. Bai Cixin looked towards the front, and her willow brows became slightly wrinkled. I feel that this Qing Ya has changed a lot, she has become much more beautiful than she used to be. It is no wonder that everyone had such a reaction when they saw me. Judging based on looks, I am indeed not comparable to her. “Dabao, let’s go and greet her.” Bai CIxin said. According to reasons, Bai Cixin should feel jealous. However, Bai Cixin was not an ordinary woman, or else, she wouldn’t have been able to lead Bai Family to where it was currently. It could only be said that, Bai Cixin was an incredibly shrewd woman. Although Wang Dabao felt puzzled, he was obedient towards his wife. That Leisure Bar’s boss is just like a shroud of mystery, even my wife has to be careful when dealing with that Leisure Bar’s boss. Therefore, it must be said that, smart women knew how to make the correct decisions, Shu Nan made the correct decision, and now, Bai CIxin has made the correct decision too. This also proves that their sixth sense was correct, some people were not people that they could afford to offend. When everyone saw Bai Cixin brought along her man and little brother with her and walked towards Qing Ya’s direction, they immediately gasped. Why are all the big shots greeting that woman! Just who is this woman’s man? The man isn’t even present here, and yet, that man’s limelight has already covered over everyone’s limelight. Qing Ya didn’t know who Bai Cixin was, and she was just slightly curious about Bai Cixin. The people within the Cultivation World sure are strange. “Mommy Qing, why is that auntie wearing a veil? Is it because she can’t let others look at her face?” Donghuang Li asked curiously. Qing Ya said with a slight smile, “Ah Li, there could be many reasons as to why a person has to wear a veil, therefore, you mustn’t anyhow guess, understand?” “Oh, Ah Li understood.” Donghuang Li nodded her head. I won’t anyhow guess anymore, if not, I would appear very ill-mannered and throw daddy’s face. Bai Cixin could be seen walking over to the front of Qing Ya and said tenderly, “It’s an honor to finally be able to meet CEO Qing, and as expected, CEO Qing’s beauty is indeed incredibly beautiful.” After finishing speaking, Bai Cixin extended out her delicate hand to Qing Ya. Qing Ya was feeling a bit awkward. This person knows me, but I do not know her at all, just what should I say to her? If Bai Cixin didn’t wear a veil, Qing Ya may perhaps recognize her. After all, just like Qing Ya, Bai Cixin was a philanthropist too, and Qing Ya had come across Bai Cixin once during a charity banquet. Song Huang who was at the side said in a low voice, “CEO Qing, this woman is Bai Family’s Bai CIxin.” However, after Song Huang finished speaking, he immediately went into a daze for a moment. Why did I call her CEO Qing! My mind is really in a mess right now. Song Huang, you are a Sage Doctor, don’t forget about your own identity! Right at this moment, Qing Ya finally recalled who Bai Cixin was and she said with a slight smile, “CEO Bai, you are being too courteous.” After finished speaking, Qing Ya was intending to shake hands with Bai Cixin. “Ah, Mommy Qing, don’t, daddy will become angry~” Little Ah Li cried out in surprise. Upon hearing that, Qing Ya immediately froze. It is fortunate that my fingers didn’t touch until her hand. Look at this Qing Yutong, she is even currently recording me, this Qing Yutong is truly a traitor! However, upon recalling that jealous king, Qing Ya laughed helplessly, “CEO Bai, I’m truly sorry, my husband does not like it when I touch other people, please forgive me.” Bai Cixin laughed lightly, “That is natural, after all, CEO Qing is so beautiful. If I am a man, I would feel the same as your husband.” As expected of Bai Family’s family head, able to easily dissolve such an awkward atmosphere. Also, Bai Cixin’s magnanimous demeanor was truly admirable, and the crowd couldn’t help but feel that Bai Cixin was admirable. However, while they feel that Bai Cixin was admirable, they also felt incredibly astonished. Because they heard that child said that her daddy would become angry. That man has such a beautiful woman, and yet he can still get angry at her? This simply can’t be tolerated! That man, it’s unlikely that he would also have domestic violence tendencies, right? No, we have to report to the police and set this beautiful woman free from that man! Wang Dabao had the utmost respect for his wife. My wife is truly formidable, being able to still have a smile on her face in such a situation. If it were me, I may perhaps not be able to help but say a few sneering sentences back in response. Bai Qi who was at the back felt that her big sister was being too cautious already. This woman is being disrespectful to our Bai Family, even if she is beautiful, such a thing can’t be tolerated! Bai Cixin naturally has her own consideration. Since my beauty has lost to her, I must win her in another aspect. By acting magnanimous, I have won everyone’s approval. However, it is a different situation for her, the way she acts will make her appear very discourteous in others’ eyes. However, using Ye Hua’s words, it would be that, “There is completely no need for my women to be courteous toward a group of salted fish.” Upon hearing that, Qing Ya smiled sweetly, immediately causing all of the men to go into a daze. This woman’s smile is too beautiful, I feel like I can’t breathe properly. “My man is basically a jealous king, he wishes that he would be able to tie me up by his side 24/7.” Qing Ya’s smile was filled with happiness. Looking at Qing Ya’s smile, everyone felt that, to be able to possess such a woman like this, that man must have definitely helped a lot of people to cross over roads in his past life. Qing Yutong laughed. Big sister has actually turned into a husband boaster, my god, I want to turn into a brother-in-law boaster! “That is because daddy loves Mommy Qing~” Donghuang Li said tenderly. Seems like a father boaster has appeared. Qing Ya pinched onto Donghuang Li’s small nose with dote, “Your daddy loves you too.” “This is only natural.” This was a family that continuously scatters out dog food, the people within the crowd who were still single want to express that they couldn’t take it anymore. Dongfang Yuer who was standing beside Bai Qi looked dazedly at Qing Ya, Dongfang Yuer felt very envious of Qing Ya. Song Huang who was standing at the side felt very depressed. In the past, whenever I appeared, who knows just how many people had to come over and greet me, fawn upon me. It was a total mistake to bring them here with me, I have basically picked up a stone and threw the stone on my own foot, the gains do not make up for my losses. “CEO Xiao, it has been long since we last met.” Bai Cixin said towards Xiao Yi, however, she didn’t have any intention of extending out her hand. “CEO Bai, it has indeed been long since we last met.” Xiao Yi replied courteously. Currently, Xiao Yi no longer had any ideas toward Bai Family. After all, the black-robed had already issued him an order, he won’t be fighting over becoming an aristocratic family anymore, therefore, there was no need for him to have any hostility towards Bai Family anymore. Qing Ya noticed Dongfang Yuer who was standing beside Bai Qi, and she felt very curious. It feels out of place for this girl to be in such a place like this. After all, she seems like the kind of girl who has a timid personality. From Qing Ya’s perspective, such a girl like this shouldn’t appear in such a place like this. After all, this place was a place that doesn’t show any consideration for the weak and feeble. “This lady is?” Qing Ya asked curiously. Wang Dabao said with a smile, “This is my brother-in-law’s girlfriend.” Dongfang Yuer seemed to be very afraid. While tightly grabbing onto her purse with her delicate hands, her delicate figure was slightly trembling, and she didn’t dare to look straight at Qing Ya’s gaze. “I’m sorry, CEO Qing, this girl still hasn’t seen much of this world yet.” Wang Dabao said apologetically. Meanwhile, Wang Dabao sighed in his own mind, “This brother-in-law of mine, stubbornly wanting to bring this girl here no matter what, I am truly speechless towards this brother-in-law of mine.” Qing Ya didn’t mind, and she even consoled Dongfang Yuer, “It’s fine, when I was at your age, I was still studying.” “CEO Qing, she is indeed currently still studying. After she graduated from her university, she will be marrying over to my Bai Family.” Wang Dabao followed along with his wife’s order and continued chatting with Qing Ya. “Oh? Which university is she currently studying at?” Qing Ya asked. Bai Qi pulled onto Dongfang Yuer who was at his side and said gravely, “CEO Qing is talking to you, stop being a mute!” Upon hearing Bai Qi’s words, Qing Ya couldn’t help but wrinkle her brows, but she didn’t say anything. “CEO Qing, I am currently studying at Zijin University.” With her head lowered, Dongfang Yuer said while trembling with fear, seemingly just like a startled small rabbit. Right now, Bai Qi was already regretting bringing Dongfang Yuer out. This Dongfang Yuer, she is completely throwing away my face, not only does she speak without any life in her tone, but she also speaks while with her head lowered! Does she not know that it is very ill-mannered to speak with someone while acting like that! If not for the fact that there are a lot of people here, I would have already given her a slap on the face! Qing Ya smiled tenderly, “Oh? I graduated from Zijin University. From the looks of it, I am your senior sister.” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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