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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 317 – Demon Emperor feels awkward Senior sister? Dongfang Yuer slowly raised her head. The words “senior sister” sounded very amiable and approachable, and this made Dongfang Yuer felt that she has found a slight trace of warmth while she was at this unfamiliar place. “Hello, senior sister.” “Hello, junior sister.” Dongfang Yuer finally revealed out a trace of a light smile. Even in this kind of gathering, there are still good people, and this big sister is a good person. Don’t think that this was just a mere short meaningless conversation, because the crowd didn’t think that way. They felt that Dongfang Yuer seemed to have found an enormous backing. Everyone who was at the scene was sharp, after hearing what Qing Ya said, they immediately knew Qing Ya’s intention. This beautiful woman seems to be telling Bai Family to treat that girl better. Everyone’s guess was indeed correct, when Qing Ya saw that Bai Qi wasn’t treating the girl nicely, perhaps it was because she felt pity for the girl, she decided to say a few sentences to help this helpless junior sister of hers. Bai Cixin also understood Qing Ya’s intention, and she said to her little brother, “Bai Qi, treat Yuer well from now on, do you understand!” “Understood, big sister.” Bai Qi responded while with his head lowered. Seeing that she had attained her goal, Qing Ya said to Bai Cixin while with a smile, “To be able to have such a lovely and delicate girlfriend, your little brother sure is fortunate.” “You are extremely right, CEO Qing. As a big sister, I am also very happy for my little brother.” Bai Cixin said with a slight smile. Although Qing Ya felt pity for Dongfang Yuer, she didn’t have any intention of interfering too much in Bai Family’s own family matters. However, to Dongfang Yuer, just the few sentences that Qing Ya had spoken were more than enough. In her own mind, Dongfang Yuer silently thanked this senior sister of hers. “CEO Qing, it’s getting late already, let’s head into the venue.” Wang Dabao felt that they have already chatted enough. Furthermore, tonight’s big show was going to be happening inside, not outside. Qing Ya nodded her head, then walked towards the stone bridge while holding onto Donghuang Li’s hand. Qing Yutong stopped recording for now. I will continue recording when we are inside the venue. Everything that is happening here is so interesting, it’s a pity that brother-in-law is going to miss this big show. Song Huang, the person who brought Qing Family’s sisters to this place was currently actually following behind the two sisters. Towards what was happening, Song Huang felt indignant. Since you all are not showing any face to me, don’t blame me for not showing any face to you all too! After crossing the stone bridge, everyone arrived at Yuanlinglong’s main hall. The auction was about to begin soon, and a lot of people were currently waiting at the main hall. Various family heads were chattering with composure, and by those family heads’ sides were various kinds of beautiful women. To be frank, at this kind of gathering, there was not a single woman who didn’t possess good looks, all of the women who were present here possessed grade-A looks. After all, they were the family heads’ women! However, when Qing Ya and the others walked into the main hall, all of the men who were in the main hall stopped talking and looked towards Qing Ya and Qing Yutong. Bai Cixin and the others were overlooked by them. These two women are truly… truly beautiful! However, the people that were within the main hall did not know just what had happened outside a while ago. If they had seen what had happened outside a while ago, they would have definitely exclaimed in astonishment. Chen Xuanzong was currently amongst the people within the main hall, and he was currently chatting with the family heads, trying to improve his relationships with the family heads. After all, it was better to have one less enemy than to have one more enemy. When Chen Xuanzong looked over, he didn’t immediately see Qing Ya, and instead, he looked towards Xiao Yi, the man who exterminated his entire family! As a demon emperor, Chen Xuanzong wanted to just straightforwardly walk over to Xiao Yi and kill Xiao Yi. However, in the end, he didn’t lose his rationality. Calm down, I can’t do that right now! When Chen Xuanzong moved his sight to the side and saw Qing Ya, his entire body froze. How many hundreds of years has it been… Hundreds of years of longing to see her again, hundreds of years of missing her, hundreds of years of thinking of her, and today, I am finally able to see her again. She has become much more beautiful than she used to be in the past. She is still as gentle and kindhearted as she was in the past, she didn’t change at all… Qing Ya, since time has allowed me to start over again, I, Chen Xuanzong, won’t give up on you ever again! “Mommy Qing, Ah Li’s stomach is feeling hungry.” Donghuang Li mumbled. In actuality, the moment they arrived at the main hall, Donghuang Li’s eyes had been looking at the desserts that were at the side, and her saliva was about to drool out from her mouth at any moment. Qing Ya rubbed onto Donghuang Li’s small stomach, “You have already eaten so much at night, and you are still hungry?” “En~ Ah Li’s body is still growing after all~” Donghuang Li said pitifully. Without a choice, Qing Ya said to everyone, “Everyone, I will be bringing this child to go and eat some food, you all can head on without me.” Everyone nodded their head courteously. Soon after, they went on their ways and began greeting and chatting with the family heads. Now that my Xiao Family has got back on its feet, I should properly go and greet those people who left back then. Meanwhile, Song Huang was currently surrounded by a bunch of people, and those people were all greeting him, calling out his title “Sage Doctor”. I have finally found back my sense of belonging. Being together with those two sisters just now caused all of my limelight to get snatched away. Right now, if I were to go and chase after Qing Yutong, it would seem quite faceless for me. Forget it, I will think about it again later. The two sisters came to the dessert area. Qing Yutong carefreely picked up a slice of cake, then shared the slice of cake with Donghuang Li. From time to time, Qing Yutong would tease Ah Li, causing Ah Li to pout her mouth and cry out. “Aunt Qing is a bad egg, making fun of a child.” “Qing Ya.” A gentle voice rang out, and Qing Ya went into a daze for a moment, then slowly turned her body towards the voice. A tall and handsome man could be seen to be standing in front of Qing Ya, and a gentle smile was hung on his face. Both Qing Yutong and Donghuang Li also looked towards the man who appeared. “You are?” Qing Ya asked confusedly. Chen Xuanzong said with a slight smile, “Qing Ya, don’t you remember me?” Qing Ya didn't have any good opinion towards this kind of man who hits on others, and she could be seen saying faintly, “Why should I remember you?” “Eh…” Chen Xuanzong wants to express that he was feeling very awkward. However, after thinking about it, it makes sense. Back then, I was still a fatty, therefore, it is only right that she doesn’t remember me. In actuality, many family heads wanted to come over and strike a conversation with Qing Ya, but because Qing Ya’s aura was very strong, and adding on with that mysterious husband of hers, all of them didn’t dare to. However, now that there was a man who dared to try to strike a conversation with Qing Ya, everyone immediately moved their attention over to Qing Ya and that man. How would Qing Yutong not know how those men think? Those men, all of them are enchanted by my big sister when they see her. If my brother-in-law were to know that this man tried to hit on my big sister, this man’s four limbs would definitely get broken by my brother-in-law. “Hey, you are trying to hit on my big sister, aren’t you?” Qing Yutong mocked. As my brother-in-law’s sister-in-law, I have to properly watch after my big sister. Chen Xuanzong looked over towards Qing Yutong, and he wasn’t able to immediately recognize her. After all, Qing Yutong had also become much more beautiful than she used to be. However, one thing that didn’t change was Qing Yutong’s temper. “Mommy Qing, this uncle looks like a bad guy, let’s ignore him.” Donghuang Li pulled onto Qing Ya’s hand. Donghuang Li’s small face was filled with vigilant, and right now, she wished she could call her daddy over to come and beat up the bad guy. Donghuang Li wasn’t wrong, Chen Xuanzong was indeed not a good guy. Chen Xuanzong was after all a demon emperor, and the number of lives he had taken with his hands was immeasurable. Right now, Chen Xuanzong was feeling very gloomy, Qing Ya still hasn’t even recognized him, and yet, he has been called a bad guy while in front of her. Qing Ya carried Donghuang Li up from the ground, then said coldly, “Please leave, if not, don’t blame me for being rude!” “I…” Chen Xuanzong didn’t know what to say. I remember that, in the past, although Qing Ya was cold and aloof, she was also a gentle person. However, right now, she is not like how she used to be in the past, the aura that she is emitting out right now is very strong. Wait! Something’s not right! Just now, that child called her mommy! This is impossible! Has Qing Ya and Long Aotian married each other? In my past life, I remember that they didn’t marry each other! Even more, a few days before the day of her wedding, Qing Ya passed away, and so did Qing Yutong too! https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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