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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 318 – Youngster, turn back while you still can Back then, it must have been because Long Aotian tried to do something perverted to them, which then caused them to choose to commit suicide! Long Aotian who was currently sleeping within the mountains sneezed. If he were to know that someone was wrongly accusingly him, he would definitely cry out for justice. I haven’t even touched Qing Ya once and Qing Ya was already snatched away from me by that act cool guy! “Qing Ya, is she your child?” Sorrow appeared on Chen Xuanzong’s face. This is impossible! How could Qing Ya have possibly got together with Long Aotian! This is definitely impossible! Qing Ya really disliked the man who was in front of her. Whether if Ah Li is really my child or not, what does it have anything to do with you? “Humph~ I am precisely Mommy Qing’s child. If you dare to bully my Mommy Qing, I will call over my daddy and get him to beat you up.” While speaking, Donghuang Li even raised her fist at Chen Xuanzong. Chen Xuanzong tightly wrinkled his brows, he was completely unable to believe everything that was before his eyes. Seeing that Chen Xuanzong didn’t have any intention of leaving, Qing Yutong snorted, “Youngster, are you still not going to leave? You completely have no idea just who my brother-in-law is. If he were to know that you tried to hit on my big sister, you would be done for!” Qing Ya also said coldly, “Mister, I will warn you one last time, you better stay far away from me, I do not wish for my husband to become angry!” Chen Xuanzong’s face was filled with shock, and he couldn’t help but take a small step backward. Why did it become like this, Qing Ya is actually being so protective of that Long Aotian?! What is even good about that Long Aotian? Not only is that Long Aotian a womanizer, that Long Aotian also idles around all day and doesn’t work! Qing Ya must be putting on a facade, Qing Ya is definitely acting like this on purpose. That’s right, after all, Qing Ya is a kindhearted person. “CEO Qing, is there anything that I can help you with?” Right at this moment, Xiao Yi walked over and said with a slightly respectful tone. Looking at Xiao Yi who was currently standing not far away from him, Chen Xuanzong’s entire body shook slightly, and he almost couldn’t stop himself from attacking Xiao Yi. “I’m fine, CEO Xiao.” Qing Ya said faintly. Xiao Yi took a look at Chen Xuanzong, warning Chen Xuanzong to not do anything stupid. Soon after, Xiao Yi walked away with Shu Nan. Shu Nan was the one who suggested Xiao Yi to come over here and ask Qing Ya if there was anything that she needed help with. “Chen Xuanzong, what are you doing?” Suddenly, a man called out to Chen Xuanzong. Qing Ya went into a daze for a moment as she recalled what her mother had told her. Afterward, Qing Ya asked, “You are Chen Xuanzong? Fatty Chen?” Qing Yutong immediately thought to herself, “This is not good.” Meanwhile, Donghuang Li pouted her small mouth, having a look on her that was practically telling everyone that she was feeling unhappy. Looking at the look of surprise on Qing Ya’s face, Chen Xuanzong’s shock and disappointment from a while ago completely disappeared. I knew that everything was just a façade. “That’s right, I’m that fatty from back then.” While speaking, Chen Xuanzong pulled onto his cheeks, proving that he was indeed the fatty from back then. Qing Ya was rather surprised, “Fatty, I didn’t expect that I would come across you here. It has been about 10 years since we last met, you have lost a lot of weight and have become handsome.” “Haha.” Chen Xuanzong laughed embarrassedly, and his mood improved tremendously. “Yutong, why, you really don’t recognize me anymore?” Chen Xuanzong turned towards Qing Yutong and said with a smile. Qing Yutong pouted her mouth, “After disappearing, where did you go to fool around during those past ten years?” I have to destroy big sister’s impression of this guy, that way, big sister won’t treat him too nicely because of old times’ sake. In actuality, Qing Yutong was thinking too much, Qing Ya was currently merely interacting with Chen Xuanzong with the attitude of how a person would interact with an old friend of theirs. Qing Ya would never betray Ye Hua. After all, within Qing Ya’s heart, no matter what happened, Ye Hua was irreplaceable. “A great change happened in my family, therefore, I had to leave before I was even able to say my goodbyes to you all. During those past ten years, I have been living overseas, and it has only been recently that I have returned back to this country.” Chen Xuanzong explained. Qing Ya silently recalled the past and thought to herself, “It is fortunate that you went overseas, if not, I may have perhaps not been able to come across Ye Hua.” If Chen Xuanzong were to know what Qing Ya was currently thinking in her own mind, he would most probably fall into despair. “Have you been fine during those years?” Chen Xuanzong asked tenderly, and listening to the tenderness of Chen Xuanzong’s tone, as long as one was a human, they would be able to understand Chen Xuanzong’s feelings toward Qing Ya. Without waiting for Qing Ya to reply, Donghuang Li snorted coldly, “My daddy and mommy are very fine. If you still don’t leave, Ah Li is going to get angry, and when Ah Li gets angry, the consequences would be very grave! Ah Li is being serious!” Qing Ya knew that the child was speaking for her daddy, and thus, she said tenderly, “Ah Li, this is mommy’s friend, don’t be angry, okay?” “Ah Li doesn’t like this uncle, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm~” Donghuang Li hugged onto Qing Ya and began acting cute. Qing Yutong who was standing behind Qing Ya gave Ah Li a thumbs up, and Ah Li blinked her big eyes at Qing Yutong. Their coordination with each other was perfect. Wanting to confirm something, Chen Xuanzong asked gravely, “Qing Ya, is she really your child?” Towards Donghuang Li, Qing Ya liked her very much, and she even views her as her own child. “En.” Looking at Qing Ya’s smile which was filled with happiness, Chen Xuanzong seemed as if he had been struck by lightning. How could Qing Ya and Long Aotian possibly live happily together! And even more, have a child together! What’s more, Qing Yutong is even speaking up for that Long Aotian! After a long while, Chen Xuanzong said, “Qing Ya, does he treat you well?” Donghuang Li snatched to answer, “Daddy of course treats mommy well, there is currently even a small baby within mommy’s stomach!” Second pregnancy! Qing Ya currently already has a second child within her stomach! Demon emperor Chen Xuanzong was beginning to feel a little despair. “Mommy already said that, once she gives birth to little brother, she is going to have another child with daddy.” Donghuang Li added, causing Qing Ya to become a bit shy. Qing Ya is intending to have another child after she gave birth to the child that is in her stomach?! Donghuang Li’s words were like explosions exploding within Chen Xuanzong’s mind. This Long Aotian is definitely threatening Qing Ya, if not, Qing Ya wouldn’t be acting like this! “Qing Ya, you know that he is a liar!” Chen Xuanzong said. Qing Ya, you mustn’t get bluffed by Long Aotian’s sweet words! Upon hearing that, Qing Ya’s brows immediately wrinkled. Qing Ya didn’t like others saying bad things about Ye Hua. If not for looking at the sake that Chen Xuanzong was an old friend of hers, she would have already flown into a rage. In response to what Chen Xuanzong said, Qing Ya said faintly, “Fatty, he is my husband! Even if he lies to me, I’m willing to fall for his lies.” “But…” “Fatty, don’t say anymore, if not, we won’t be able to even be friends.” Qing Ya said coldly. Qing Yutong who was at the side was secretly recording everything. After I send this video to brother-in-law, brother-in-law should be able to stop worrying. “Qing Ya, do you like him that much? In actuality, I…” Donghuang Li couldn’t stand it anymore, “Uncle, don’t think that Ah Li’s temper is good, my mommy only loves my daddy!” Qing Ya originally wanted to reminisce about old times with this old friend of hers, but after discovering that Chen Xuanzong was no longer that fatty from back then, Qing Ya didn’t have any mood to continue chatting with him, “Ah Li, let’s go over there and eat some fries, okay?” “En.” Donghuang Li responded happily. “However, Ah Li can’t eat too many fries, if not, Ah Li will get a stomachache.” Qing Ya said with a tender smile, causing Ah Li to be unable to help but kiss onto Qing Ya’s cheek. Mommy is beautiful, and Mommy Qing is beautiful too, Ah Li feels so blessed. While carrying Donghuang Li, Qing Ya walked to the other side, and everyone who was in Qing Ya’s path couldn’t help but move to the side and made a path for Qing Ya. Perhaps, even they themselves also do not know why they had to make a path for Qing Ya, but they felt that they had to make a path for Qing Ya no matter what. Based on this point, it could be seen that Qing Ya’s aura was becoming stronger and stronger as days passed by. Qing Yutong patted onto Chen Xuanzong’s shoulder and said earnestly, “Fatty, there are some things that you just have to let go of and stop holding onto.” “But, I’m just not able to let go.” Chen Xuanzong said with his eyes red. Qing Yutong was being nice as she warned him one last time, “Right now, you have already taken half a foot into the abyss, it is still early for you to turn back while you still can, or else, you will die without an intact corpse. Don’t think that I am joking with you, you are unable to imagine just how formidable my brother-in-law is.” After finishing speaking, Qing Yutong went and followed after her big sister. Chen Xuanzong tightened his fists and mumbled, “Qing Ya, even if it would lead to my death, I still won’t give up on you! I will let you know that, only I, Chen Xuanzong, am worthy of being your partner!” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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