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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 32 – The trio 1/2 Especially towards Thanos’s glove, were those gems combination really able to achieve that kind of effect? To actually be able to destroy half of the population of the entire universe, to speak the truth, without using any items, Ye Hua was also not able to do that, the most he was able to do was eliminate earth’s entire population with the snap of his finger. Stroking onto the ring that was on his finger, there are quite a few pair of gloves within the ring, and also a few boxes of various kinds of gems, not sure if I followed the arrangement in the movie, would I be able to achieve the same effect? Ye Hua expresses that he was very curious, and if he feels bored, he could try making the glove and see how it goes. “My god, Thanos is actually winning, he is too formidable.” Qing Yutong who was at the side cried out in surprise and hurriedly drank a mouth of beverage to calm herself down. Ye Hua said indifferently, “So-so.” “If you don’t act cool, we are still husband and wife.” Qing Ya discovered that the thing that she likes to do the most right now was to verbally attack Ye Hua. Ye Hua seemingly was a bit immune to Qing Ya right now, and wouldn’t get angry that quickly. Hearing that, Ye Hua said indifferently, “Ignorant.” “The way you act cool does seem a bit genuine, if one didn’t know, they would even think that you were a demon king.” Qing Ya pouted her mouth and said with a face full of disdain. Ye Hua turned his head around, looked towards Qing Ya and said evilly, “You actually guessed right.” “Move your face away, your face is too big, it’s blocking the entire screen!” Qing Ya pushed onto Ye Hu and the latter smiled and continued watching the movie. After finish watching the movie, Ye Hua suddenly really wanted to meet with this Thanos, at the least, there was no problem with Thanos’s IQ. It is a pity for my subordinates, all of them are extremely abnormal. Wei Chang and Lie Gu were counted as being still fine, but the other five were already at the stage of being twisted, however, there was no need to question about their strength. I’m really curious as to just what they are doing right now, however, what can be confirmed is that, they are definitely not doing anything that is good right now. “The movie was so good, I’m so excited for Avengers 4.” Qing Yutong seemed to be Marvel fan, the anticipating expression was really unbearable for one to look straight at. Both Ye Hua and Qing Ya did not express their opinion of the movie and each of them walked their own path, if one looked at them, they would think that those two did not know each other. This made Ye Hua felt very unhappy as he questioned, “What are you walking that far away from me for!” “I like it, don’t need you to care.” Qing Ya was doing it on purpose, she gradually discovered that Ye Hua’s controlling desire was pretty strong, and as long as she tackles at this aspect, she would definitely be able to see Ye Hua’s looks when he was being angry, so handsome~ “Come over!” Ye Hua shouted in a deep voice. Qing Ya tsked, “If I come over just because you asked me to, I will be losing a lot of face.” A few black lines immediately appeared on Ye Hua’s forehead, just who is making who lose face! “If you add another word in front, I will perhaps consider it for a bit.” A smart woman would always leave a bit of room for the man, won’t overdo it, and would definitely not add oil to fire, after all, their relationship right now was established on the child that was still not born yet. No one would like to have their child to not have either a father or a mother when they come into this world. As for the divorce, the both of them well aware of it, but if you don’t, and I don’t say, when the time comes, we could choose not to divorce then, but at the end, who would know how things would end up in the end? Listening to Qing Ya’s words, Ye Hua was angered to the point that he laughed, this woman is really daring! “Wife, come over!” Although he added one more word in front, but his tone was still as arrogant as ever. Qing Ya also didn’t place it in her heart, he is my husband after all, I can slowly educate him. Just that, who knows just who would be educating who in the end. Slowly approaching Ye Hua, Qing Ya suddenly felt that her waist was tightened, this fellow is actually holding onto me and eating my tofu! “Let go.” Qing Ya shouted with her face red. Ye Hua tightly held onto Qing Ya’s waist, I have to prevent this foolish woman from doing some other thing that I dislike. Qing Yutong followed behind them and carefully pondered, these two people…if I’m not guessing wrongly, there must be a problem with both of their brain, I am the only that is counted as a normal person.

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