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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 32 – The trio 2/2 “Brother-in-law, let’s go to the arcade and play!” Qing Yutong shouted. Ye Hua took a glance at her, “Childish.” 5 minutes later, the three of them arrived at the shopping center’s arcade, and Ye Hua took out his WeChat to pay the bill and received Qing Yutong’s thumbs up. “The money that he is using is mine.” Qing Ya said out of nowhere. Ye Hua was very unhappy, “Will you die if you don’t speak!” “Will you die if you don’t hold onto my waist!” Qing Ya immediately attacked back, while Qing Yutong who was at the side shook her head, two low IQ beings… Coming to the front of the dancing machine, Qing Yutong walked up to it, her graceful and enchanting figure immediately attracted the cheers of a group of wolves. “Let go of me.” Qing Ya said coldly. “What do you intend to do!” “Nonsense, I am of course going to go play!” Qing Ya revealed out a look as if she was looking at an idiot, coming to an arcade and not playing? I still remember that I played the dancing machine together with my little sister when I was young, just that, because of a matter, we quarreled. Ye Hua said faintly, “Not allowed!” “I…you…” “I’m afraid that you would dance to the point that my baby is met with an accident!” Ye Hua said in a deep voice, why is this woman this foolish. Qing Ya herself was startled, luckily Ye Hua reminded me, if not, if I were to dance and caused my baby to meet with an accident, I would even have the heart to die, I almost forgot that I am currently a pregnant woman... Seeing that Qing Ya did not resist, Ye Hua let go of his hand and took out a cigarette from his pocket. “Can you not smoke in front of me? It is not good for the children, if you want to smoke, go outside.” Qing Ya said displeasedly, don’t you know that it is not good for a pregnant woman to breathe in second-hand smoke? Ye Hua paused for a moment, then placed the cigarette back into his pocket and said calmly, “Alright.” The two of them stood together and watched Qing Yutong danced crazily on the dancing machine. As expected of an actress, her dance posture and movement were incredible and incomparably sexy. Those coquettish glances of hers were thrown around randomly, attracting the group of wolves to shout out endlessly. Qing Ya’s face was cold, little sister’s action right now is practically slandering me, what if some reporters saw this and anyhow reported it? Qing Yutong who was sweating profusely seems to still not have dance enough, and Qing Ya couldn’t help but shouted, “Enough, it’s about time to go back!” Qing Yutong pouted her small mouth, seems like big sister is angry already, and I was finally able to let go of myself after such a long time, forget about it, forget about it, I will dress up as big sister again next time and come here to play. “Hey, beautiful woman, why are you not dancing anymore, how about dancing one more song.” A few youngsters who each had a cigarette held with their mouth walked out from the crowd, they had their head hang high and chest puffed out and walked in large strides. This kind of expression and demeanor, they were practically begging to be beaten up. There were even people talking about within the crowd. “I had a friend like this, in the past, he also walked and acted like this, right now, the grass at his burial mound is already 2 meters high.” “What a coincidence, I had a friend like this too, he was in jail for such a long time that he was still in jail even after his wife remarried.” Ye Hua missed this kind of feeling very much, I remember that in the past, there was a genius grade expert from the human race who also acted and walked up to me like this, intending to eliminate me. However, there seemed to be a problem with his brain, and in the end, he ended up in Wei Chang’s stomach. Thinking back to that scene right now, it was actually really funny. The scene from the past is more or less the same as the scene that is happening right now. “What are you smiling about?” Qing Ya asked curiously, although Ye Hua always kept on making me angry, but when he smiles, he truly looks very good and very charming, not sure just who my child will resemble after when he or she comes into this world, I guess I will know after 9 months. Ye Hua kept his smile and said indifferently, “Thinking about something from the past.” Qing Ya snorted, acting so mysterious, trying to keep me in suspense. I feel that Ye Hua has a stomach full of secrets, but he is just not telling me about those secrets.

Translator: Wigglegui



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14/7/2019, 10:29pm, 1/3.

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