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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 320 – Admit Ah Li as boss Everyone could be seen enduring very hard, wanting to laugh but do not dare to laugh. Qing Ya and Qing Yutong also didn’t expect that Ah Li would be able to think of such a sentence, and after being dumbfounded for a moment, they began laughing heartily. Chu Bo felt as if he had really just eaten shit. I actually got looked down upon by a child! Although the child’s answer is wrong, she gave an even better answer. I must win against this child no matter what! Little fellow, my literacy skills are not something that you can possibly comprehend! Looking at the peculiar look on Chu Bo’s face, everyone felt that Chu Bo wasn’t going to give up and was still intending to continue competing with the child. Sigh, this Chu Bo, if he wins, it would be counted as him bullying a child as an adult, and if he loses, it would be counted as him being unable to even win against a child. No matter what the result was, this Chu Bo would still lose out in the end. Chu Bo was currently being put on the spot, and he was only able to get off from the spot if Donghuang Li was willing to give in. However, that was something that was never going to happen. After a while, Chu Bo’s eyes lighted up, and he said while lightly swaying his folding fan, “If thou do not have toilet paper.” F**k. This Chu Bo, the eldest son of Chu Family, really doesn’t want to back down! Everyone couldn’t help but look towards the little fellow. If this child manages to continue the poem, it is definitely going to become the highlight of today’s auction. Donghuang Li was a little flustered as she raised her head and looked at her Mommy Qing and Aunt Qing. Both Qing Ya and Qing Yutong had a helpless look on their faces. Ah Li, it is not that Mommy Qing doesn’t want to help you, it is that Mommy Qing also doesn’t know how to continue the poem. Seeing that Donghuang Li was requesting for help, everyone felt that Donghuang Li was going to lose. Meanwhile, Chu Bo was feeling a little pleased with himself. How could a brat be able to ever win against me? Seems like Donghuang Li had indeed pissed off Chu Bo and caused Chu Bo to forget about his initial intention when he came over. Chu Bo’s initial intention was not to compete with a child, his initial intention was to hit on the two beautiful women. Donghuang Li pouted her mouth and looked unhappily at Chu Bo. Stay calm, don’t get flustered, I am definitely able to think of a sentence to continue the poem. After quite a while had passed, seeing that Donghuang Li still wasn’t able to continue the poem, everyone felt that Donghuang Li wasn’t going to be able to continue the poem, and they just smiled and didn’t say anything. “Little fellow, are you able to continue the poem or not?” Chu Bo said with a slight smile. “Shameless.” Qing Ya and Qing Yutong scolded Chu Bo in their minds. Donghuang Li snorted and said, “Ah Li will continue the poem now. Thou use fingers to clean up.” At this moment, even the atmosphere came to a freeze. If thou do not have toilet paper, thou use fingers to clean up. Ha, ha, ha. Immediately, everyone burst out laughing. This little fellow is formidable! Truly formidable! She managed to continue the poem with a sentence that rhymes well and merged well with the previous sentence. Formidable! This little fellow is a child prodigy! Furthermore, this little fellow even managed to swear at that Chu Bo without using any swear words. Qing Yutong who was recording Ah Li was a bit stupefied, and so was Qing Ya. I’m becoming more and more fond of this little fellow. Qing Ya and Qing Yutong could both be seen walking over to Ah Li’s sides and giving Ah Li a sweet kiss on her cheeks. Upon seeing that, everyone became envious of the little fellow and they wished they could become the little fellow. Donghuang Li raised her chin up high. Quickly start praising me, Ah Li will accept all of your praises. Meanwhile, Chu Bo closed his folding fan, and he was angered to the point that his lips were trembling. This can’t be endured, I actually got mocked by a child! I have to think of a way to win back the face that I lost! Use my identity to pressure her? No, that’s too low-class. I have to crush this child with my literacy skills and let her know that the eldest son of an aristocratic family is not someone that could be easily pushed around! “Little fellow, you sure are formidable! How about we raise the difficulty by a bit?” Upon hearing what Chu Bo said, everyone immediately felt that Chu Bo was truly shameless. This Chu Bo wants to raise the difficulty? Can’t he see that the current difficulty is already hard enough for that little fellow? That little fellow had to think for so long before she was able to continue the poem. Qing Ya’s expression turned grave. I don’t mind others playing around with Ah Li, but if others try to blatantly bully Ah Li like this, as Ah Li’s Mommy Qing, I will not allow it! Qing Yutong was the same. Want to bully my Ah Li? You will have to get through me first! System, bring over my sword! As the Supreme Overlord’s child, the gene of not willing to admit defeat was contained within Ah Li’s blood vessels. Towards other people’s challenges, Ah Li would never cower, and she would only charge forward bravely. “Mommy Qing, Aunt Qing, let Ah Li handle this!” Donghuang Li said while acting like a mature adult, and looking at her acting like a mature adult, others couldn't help but feel that she was adorable. Qing Ya and Qing Yutong took a look at each other, and after thinking for a bit, they decided to let Ah Li handle the matter by herself, and perhaps, Ah Li may even be able to bring to them a nice surprise. However, if the man dares to go overboard, Qing Ya would definitely not let him off. Donghuang Li could be seen saying to Chu Bo, “Uncle, competing like this is too boring, how about adding a little bet?” Adding a little bet? Qing Ya and Qing Yutong went into a daze for a moment. When did Ah Li learn of such a phrase? No, there’s no need to think too much, that phrase must have been taught to her by that father of hers. Qing Ya decided that she was going to have to have a proper chat with Ye Hua when she returned home. I have to stop Ye Hua from leading Ah Li astray. Look at what he has taught her, Ah Li is only three years old and she already knows how to bet with other people. The people in the surroundings were evidently startled by Ah Li’s attitude. This little fellow is formidable! This is my first time seeing a child not giving any face to someone who is the eldest son of an aristocratic family. Chu Bo was very confident as he opened his folding fan once again and said, “Ah Li, no matter what it is that you want to bet with uncle, uncle will accept it!” “Alright, if uncle loses, uncle will have to admit Ah Li as boss, and as uncle's boss, Ah Li will teach uncle how to comb center parting.” Pfft… Everyone laughed. Admit her as boss, and she will teach him how to comb center parting? Seems like this child watches Douyin too. Qing Ya sighed. I am going to have to delete Douyin from all of the electronic devices at home, I cannot allow Ah Li to watch Douyin anymore. However, this time, Qing Ya wrongly blamed Douyin, Ah Li learned that sentence from Lie Gu. “Alright! If Ah Li loses, Ah Li will have to become my underling!” “Alright, the bet has been set then! Pinky promise.” Donghuang Li extended out her pinky finger. And Chu Bo actually walked over and locked his pinky finger with Donghuang Li’s pinky finger. “Chu Bo! What are you doing!” Chu He suddenly walked out from the crowd, and on his side was actually Ye Family’s family head, Ye Xiao! Just now, Chu He went to discuss a little something with Ye Xiao, and after he had finished his discussion with Ye Xiao, he saw that everyone was gathering here, and when he walked over here to see what was going on, as he had expected, he discovered that his son was the one that was causing the commotion. Chu Bo looked over to his father and said without any fear, “Father, don’t meddle in this matter.” “Don't meddle in what matter?” Chu He was confused. After a family head that was by Chu He’s side explained everything to him, Chu He felt that his face had all been thrown away by his son. This eldest son of mine, he loves acting like an elegant scholar and claiming that he is a cultured person… As your father, do you really think that I would not know just how much ink you have in your stomach! Most importantly, the person that you are competing against is a child, and if you lost, you are going to have to admit that child as your boss… Even if you don’t want face, I, your father, still want face! “Old Chu, they are just playing around.” Ye Xiao who was at the side said with a slight smile. Just playing around? If that was what Ye Xiao really thought, he has over-underestimated Donghuang Li. “Uncle, if your son loses to me, he is going to admit me as his boss. Are you fine with it?” After hearing what Ah Li said, everyone froze. Little fellow, this is the family head of an aristocratic family that you are talking to right now! Just a single sentence that is uttered from this family head’s mouth is able to decide the life and death of a person. Qing Ya didn’t speak, she wanted to observe just how the aristocratic family head would act. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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