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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 321 – Intelligence team Qing Yutong was waiting for a chance to stir up trouble, but she didn’t expect that Ah Li would be so talented in stirring up trouble. From the looks of it, in the future, Qing Yutong, Ye Zizi, and Ah Li will be able to go and stir up trouble while teamed up together. As the head of an aristocratic family, if Chu He were to make things difficult for a child, it would make him lose a lot of face. After all, there are currently a lot of people present at the location. “Little friend, that uncle is just joking around with you, therefore, you shouldn’t take that uncle’s words too seriously.” Chu He squeezed out a smile on his face. This scoundrel son of mine, causing trouble for me again! “I took it seriously.” Donghuang Li pouted her mouth and said. “I wasn’t joking around, I was being serious!” Chu Bo responded too. Ye Xiao laughed lightly, “Old Chu, your son’s bearing is out of the ordinary.” Chu He wished to just slap this damn son of his to death. If I had known that this would happen, I wouldn’t have brought him out with me! My face has all been thrown away by him! "Suit yourself, do whatever you want!” After finished speaking, Chu He turned around and left while panting with rage. Ye Xiao took a look at Qing Ya, then turned around and left too. Not every man in this world was fond of beautiful women. Perhaps, Ye Xiao was just merely admiring Qing Ya’s looks? Seeing that his father have left, Chu Bo laughed lightly, “Alright, there is no one here to disturb us anymore!” “Uncle, your father has become angry at you, are you sure that you can make a decision on your own without your father's permission?” Donghuang Li asked curiously. The question that Donghuang Li asked made the atmosphere become awkward. Chu Bo patted his folding fan onto his chest, and with a corner of his mouth raised, he said impressively, “Uncle is in charge of his own life, uncle can make his own decisions!” “If that’s the case, Ah Li can be at ease then.” Everyone was speechless. Why do I have this strange feeling that this little fellow has already dug out a hole for that Chu Bo to jump into, and that Chu Bo is currently trying his best to jump into the hole? Those people guessed correctly, Donghuang Li had indeed already dug out a hole for Chu Bo to jump into. As the representative of the buried love family, Donghuang Li has already begun taking in underlings while she was only three years old. When Ye Hua was at Ah Li’s age, Ye Hua was still playing with mud. It must be said, the daughter surpasses the father. Using Donghuang Li’s words, she would say, “Since daddy has so many subordinates, Ah Li has to start preparing to take in underlings.” Donghuang Li could be seen to have a confident smile on her face, and this smile of hers was very infectious. Looking at Donghuang Li’s confident smile, Chu Bo felt quite pressured. Where did this brat get her confidence from? Donghuang Li was not battling alone as there was an intelligence team backing her up. Donghuang Li shouted out in her own mind, “Uncle Wei, are you ready? Ah Li is going to begin competing. If Ah Li loses, Ah Li is going to have to become someone else’s underling~” Far away at an apartment that was located in Long’an City, Wei Chang received the Little Honor’s message. “Little Honor, Uncle Wei is ready!” Within the apartment’s living room, the living room could be seen to be filled with people! The people that were in the living room consisted of… Lie Gu and his three women, Yi Ran, Wen Xia, and Bai Xiaozhen. Jue Tian, who had rushed over from Zijin University. Death Mage and Xun Fang. The green and red brothers, and of course, Zi Shan. Naturally, Wei Chang and Tang Wei were present in the living room too. Ye Zizi was the only one that wasn’t present in the living room… Pitiful Ye Zizi, no one even bothers bringing her along to have fun anymore. Everyone in the living room was helping Donghuang Li to think up answers. Therefore, it must be said that, Chu Bo totally had no idea just what kind of a team he was facing against. Although Chu Bo was going to end up losing, at the least, he could feel proud of losing. In actuality, the first sentence that Donghuang Li spoke was thought up on her own, and starting from, “Since ancient times, when has there ever been a person who doesn’t die?”, the answers were thought up by the people in the living room. That poem was too hard for Donghuang Li who was just a three-year-old child. Back then when Ah Li was thinking up of an answer to that poem, she felt very anxious, and because she wasn’t allowed to request for help on the spot, she anxiously requested for help in her own mind, hoping that a god would somehow take pity on her and quickly help her think up of an answer to that poem. The god that Ah Li was hoping to appear did not appear, but Wei Chang managed to sense Donghuang Li’s request for help. Because Wei Chang was worried that the Little Honor may get injured or come into trouble, he specially created a magic spell where if the Little Honor were to request for help in her mind, Wei Chang would be able to sense it and immediately begin helping out the Little Honor. Ye Hua was completely not worried about his daughter at all. Don’t belittle Ye Hua’s daughter just because she was only three years old. If Ah Li were to get into a fight, all those special fires that she controlled were more than enough to enable her to eliminate her enemies. Just now, right when Wei Chang was about to go to sleep, he sensed the Little Honor’s request for help, and after hurriedly asking what was going on, he immediately let out a breath of relief. However, the poem sentence that followed by caused Wei Chang to feel that his head was going to explode. If the answer that the Little Honor wanted was just a normal poem sentence, Tang Wei who was a university student would know how to answer to the poem sentence immediately, but because the Little Honor wanted an answer that stood out from a normal answer, Tang Wei had difficulty coming up with an answer for the Little Honor. Without choice, Wei Chang straightforwardly gathered everyone in his living room, and furthermore, he described the situation as “extremely urgent” to the others. At this timing, everyone was more or less prepared to go to sleep. Looking at everyone in the living room, everyone including Death Mage was wearing pajamas, and Jue Tian was even wearing a sleeping hat… As expected of the saying, “there is strength in numbers”. The first person to come up with an answer was Lie Gu’s wife, Yi Ran. And the second person to come up with an answer was Cloud Sect’s previous sect master, Xun Fang. This was also the reason why Ah Li took so long to answer, because she was waiting for the answers. Right now, everyone in the living room had their brows tightly wrinkled as they prepared to listen to the next question! The naïve and foolish Chu Bo still did not know that the little fellow in front of him was secretly cheating, and behind the little fellow, there was an intelligence team that possessed the power to cause absolute mayhem currently helping her. From this, it could be seen that, one should not ever belittle Donghuang Li as they would never know just how big of a backing this little fellow possessed. Chu Bo was serious this time, he did not intend to go easy on Donghuang Li anymore. After opening his folding fan, Chu Bo said with a smile, “Why when people part, the moon is full and bright?” “Shameless!” Everyone immediately exclaimed in their own mind. Even I myself also am not able to continue that poem sentence, and yet this Chu Bo expects that little child to continue that poem sentence? Shameless! Truly shameless! Chu He who was standing not far away shook his head. This son of mine has truly thrown away Chu Family’s face, to actually be so serious when competing against a child! “This guy is practically a scum.” Both Qing Ya and Qing Yutong had an unhappy look on their faces as they thought to themselves. Donghuang Li was silently muttering to herself, and it seemed like she was pondering to herself. But in actuality, she was telling the question to Wei Chang. After receiving the Little Honor’s question, Wei Chang stood up and shouted out to everyone, “Why when people part, the moon is full and bright? What’s the next sentence to that poem sentence? The answer has to stand out from a normal answer!” Lie Gu rubbed onto his temples with his hands, he felt that his IQ was not coming online at all. Jue Tian had a calm look on his face, but his eyes were filled with confusion. Recently, Jue Tian had started working at Zijin University as a professor who teaches hypnotism, and ever since he had become a professor, he had been trying to raise his literacy skills. Currently, Jue Tian was still busy memorizing nursery rhymes, and he still hasn’t come into contact with profound poems. The green and red brothers? They wouldn’t have any problem if they were asked to breakdance. Death Mage? He wouldn’t have any problem if it was regarding fishing games or sports betting. A group of men that possessed the capability of causing absolute mayhem had no choice but to depend on the women. After all, the literacy skills of Ye Hua’s male subordinates were very low, and Ye Hua’s female subordinates, on the other hand, possessed more than enough literacy skills. “Xun Fang, do you have an answer?” Wei Chang asked hurriedly. Just now, this Xun Fang was the one who thought up an answer, and the Little Honor was very satisfied with her answer. With her willow brows wrinkled, Xun Fang began revolving her mind at high speed, trying to think up an answer that could stand out from a normal answer. The three celebrities were also trying their best to think up an answer. After waiting for a minute and seeing that there was still no one who had an answer, Wei Chang began feeling extremely anxious. At the scene. With a confident smile on his face, Chu Bo swayed his folding fan and said, “Ah Li, you have already been thinking for quite a while, have you thought up of an answer yet?” Donghuang Li pouted her mouth and snorted, “You… don’t you look down on Ah Li. Give Ah Li a little bit more time.” “Uncle Wei, quickly, Ah Li is going to lose soon if Ah Li still doesn’t have an answer… If Ah Li loses, Ah Li will end up throwing away daddy’s face, and if daddy finds out about that, daddy will definitely fly into a rage.” Wei Chang felt that his head was going to explode. If His Honor finds out that we weren’t able to even protect the Little Honor, His Honor will definitely fly into a rage, and at that time, every one of us is going to get scolded by His Honor. “I got an answer!” Tang Wei’s beautiful eyes lighted up. Upon hearing that, Wei Chang became exulted. With a slight smile, Tang Wei said, “Why when people part, the moon is full and bright? I know celestial meteor punch." After listening to Tang Wei’s answer, everyone felt that the answer was pretty good. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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