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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 322 – Want to live a good life Very quickly, Donghuang Li received an answer from Wei Chang. “Little Ah Li, it is already more than two minutes, if you still don’t have an answer, I will count it as you have lost.” Chu Bo said with a carefree and relaxed expression on his face. I have finally won back my face. I have been engrossed with studying for tens of years, from nursery rhymes to profound poems, there is not a single nursery rhyme or profound poem that I do not know of. Studying allows me to grow, studying allows me to be happy, no one is able to stop my adoration for knowledge. Qing Ya and Qing Yutong were very worried for Ah Li. I really want to beat that narcissistic guy into a pulp, to actually dare to bully my Ah Li! Donghuang Li pursed her lips, then said as she assumed a pose with her striking out her fist, “I know celestial meteor punch~” Chu Bo was startled, and after silently muttering that sentence twice, his expression immediately sunk. The crowd exclaimed in surprise, the crowd was surprised by Ah Li too. Although this little fellow’s sentence isn’t really completely correct, it could still be counted as a way to continue the previous poem sentence. Towards a child who is only a few years old, such an answer makes a lot of sense when coming out of the child’s mouth. After all, these days, if a family could afford television, which family’s child doesn’t watch cartoons? The crowd began praising Ah Li, and Ah Li was enjoying this moment. Uncle Wei is truly great! Both Qing Ya and Qing Yutong let out a breath of relief. However, both of them felt that it was very strange. When did Ah Li learn all those things? Chu Bo’s brows were currently tightly wrinkled. This won't do, I have to raise the difficulty! “If I say you can, it means you can. Even if you can’t, you still can!” Chu Bo said gravely. Everyone had a look of disdain on their faces. This Chu Bo actually sneakily tried to go from competing in poem sentence continuation to competing in antithetical couplet. This Chu Bo’s shamelessness has already reached a whole new realm that we do not know of… Meanwhile, Donghuang Li’s face was filled with confusion. This isn’t poem sentence continuation, right? This bad uncle is actually blatantly bullying a child! Shameless! Qing Ya couldn’t help but say, “Shameless.” Meanwhile, Qing Yutong straightforwardly shouted at Chu Bo, “You are so shameless!” Chu Bo said while swaying his folding fan, “There is no difference between poem sentence continuation and antithetical couplet, no matter what is said, both are still poems at the end of the day. In the world of poetry, the only difference there is is the level of literacy skills that different people possess.” When a person’s shamelessness reaches a realm that others could not even comprehend, that person could indeed be said to have become undefeatable. Currently, Wei Chang has told the question that he had just received to everyone, and after listening to the question, everyone remained silent. This question is very difficult… Lie Gu silently turned his body away from everyone, seemingly like he was telling everyone, “Do not ask me if I know anything about the question. However, if any of you have any questions regarding positions on the bed, feel free to ask me.” Jue Tian, on the other hand, straightforwardly pulled down his sleeping hat and covered his eyes with the sleeping hat. If I am not able to even think up of an answer for poem sentence continuation, there is no way that I would be able to think up of an answer for antithetical couplet. I have truly failed as the brains of the group… Meanwhile, the green and red brothers felt very ashamed for not being able to help Ah Li. Wei Chang could only place his hope onto the few women in the living room. Zi Shan could be seen sitting silently at a side, appearing very unsociable with the group. From the start till now, Zi Shan has not said anything. Looking at those people, Zi Shan felt that those people were very strange. Those people are obviously very formidable, especially those two who are called Lie Gu and Jue Tian, and yet they are actually living their lives mundanely. Looking at them dressed up in pajamas, they do not look like how an expert should look like at all. That Jue Tian is even wearing a sleeping hat too, and there even seems to be an eye mask in that Jue Tian’s pocket… My god… Those people are practically a bunch of devils who possess chuunibyou syndrome. Yi Hong stealthily moved closer to Zi Shan and asked lightly, “Zi Shan, do you have an answer to that question?” After hearing Yi Hong’s question, Zi Shan let out a breath. Zi Shan was a deity who has lived for more than a thousand years, and she has studied quite a bit on poetry in her spare time. Shortly after, Zi Shan nodded her head. Upon seeing that, Yi Hong became exulted. “If you say you can’t, it means you can’t. Even if you can, you still can’t.” Everyone looked towards Zi Shan. Her answer is pretty good, it is neat and precise. As expected of a deity, she has skills. Yi Hong evidently felt very happy towards being able to help Ah Li, and he said with a smile to Zi Shan, “Thank you.” “No need.” Zi Shan said calmly. If it weren’t for Yi Hong requesting me for help, I wouldn’t have bothered helping those people. Both Lie Gu and Jue Tian looked toward Zi Shan. It has been so many days already and this Zi Shan still hasn’t laid down that pride of hers as a deity. It seems like His Honor is going to be in for a disappointment. In actuality, Jue Tian understood His Honor’s intention. Towards Zi Shan, His Honor was trying to test and see if a deity’s way of thinking could be changed or not, and as to how to change Zi Shan’s way of thinking, it was all going to depend on little brother red. Wei Chang hurriedly passed on the answer to Donghuang Li. And upon receiving the answer, Ah Li smiled and placed her hands behind her back, displaying a look on her that she was very knowledgeable. This caused Chu Bo to have an ominous feeling. Could it be that, this child is actually able to answer this question? If so, is this child really truly a child? “If you say you can’t, it means you can’t. Even if you can, you still can’t.” Looking at Donghuang Li’s small figure, everyone couldn’t help but give it to her. A drip of cold sweat flowed down from Chu Bo’s forehead, and he currently had a very grave look on his face. How could such a small child be able to be so talented! When I was her age, I was still drinking milk! After closing his folding fan, Chu Bo said gravely, “Not bad, Ah Li.” “Thank you, uncle, for the praise.” Donghuang Li even imitated the adults and cupped her hands at Chu Bo. “However, Ah Li took too long to answer the question. How about this, let’s have one last question! And for this question, Ah Li is allowed to only think for 5 seconds!” Upon hearing that, the crowd immediately gasped. This Chu Bo is too despicable! Qing Ya shouted out coldly, “Just what are you trying to do!” “Lady, don’t be angry. After all, because Ah Li is just a child, there is no way that I would be serious and not go easy on her.” Chu Bo has once again shown the others just how shameless he was. The crowd wanted to say a few mocking sentences at Chu Bo, but when all was said and done, Chu Bo was still the eldest son of an aristocratic family, and an aristocratic family was not something that they could afford to offend. “Alright, one last question then.” Naturally, Donghuang Li wouldn’t cower. Chu Bo smiled gratifiedly, “Good! Ah Li’s courage is applaudable. No matter what the result turns out to be, Ah Li will still have uncle’s admiration.” “Ah Li also admires uncle, to actually be so serious when competing against a child.” Donghuang Li pouted her small mouth. There is no way that I would believe the nonsense that comes out of your mouth. Chu Bo remained silent with a smile, and after opening his folding fan once again, he said leisurely, “If you want to live a good life, you have to carry a bit of green on your body.” This was a sentence that Chu Bo would say every time after he had managed to steal away a man’s wife. Upon hearing that sentence, Chu He shook his head. Although the strength of this eldest son of mine is not below that of mine, he doesn’t like killing and fighting, and he only likes stealing away others’ wives and fiddling with his subpar poetry skills. If not for Donghuang Li stopping them, Qing Ya and Qing Yutong would have already begun giving Chu Bo a lesson. Meanwhile, Donghuang Li hurriedly passed on the question to Wei Chang. Upon hearing what Donghuang Li said, Wei Chang was startled. We only have five seconds, and two seconds have already passed by! “Quickly, there are only three seconds left!” Wei Chang was anxious to the point that his viciousness aura was being emitted out from his body, and the windows began creaking continuously because of the aura. After hearing the question, big brother green's eyes immediately lighted up and he hurriedly raised his hand, “I have an answer!” “Speak!” “If you want to live a good life, you have to grow a bit of grass on your head.” Big brother green said hurriedly. Upon hearing big brother green’s answer, everyone looked towards big brother green in disbelief, and big brother green scratched onto his head and smiled embarrassedly. Back then, not too long after big brother green got cheated on, when he came across that sentence on the internet, that sentence became imprinted in his mind, and today, that sentence could finally be put to good use. Little brother red patted onto his big brother’s shoulder, consoling his big brother like how a brother would console another brother. Wei Chang hurriedly passed over the answer to Donghuang Li, and after getting the answer from Wei Chang, Donghuang Li immediately uttered the answer. Just nice, Donghuang Li answered right before 5 seconds had passed. Upon hearing Donghuang Li’s answer, the crowd exclaimed in surprise. This little fellow is truly a child prodigy! Right at this moment, Xiao Yi recalled his son. That son of mine, he is still trying to memorize nursery rhymes, and this daughter of CEO Qing’s is already this formidable. Xiao Yi couldn’t help but applaud. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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