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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 323 – The unordinary auction Along with Xiao Yi’s applaud, shortly after, everyone followed along and began applauding. Towards everyone’s applaud, Donghuang Li courteously expressed her thanks to everyone. Both Qing Ya and Qing Yutong let out a breath of relief. Alright, this is enough already, I cannot allow Ah Li to continue messing around. Qing Ya carried Ah Li up from the ground. Those fallacious reasonings must have been taught to Ah Li by Ye Hua. After returning home, I have to properly give Ye Hua a scolding, this isn’t how he should be educating a child! “Mommy Qing, don’t tell daddy about this, if not daddy will definitely reprimand Ah Li.” Seems like Donghuang Li also knew that she wasn’t behaving like a good child just now, and thus, she pleaded with Qing Ya to not tell what happened to her father. Qing Ya petulantly pinched onto Donghuang Li’s cheek, “You also know you weren’t behaving like a good child just now? You mustn’t behave so mischievous again in the future, okay?” Qing Yutong who was at the side hurriedly kept away her phone, having a look on her that she didn’t do anything. And in actuality, she had already sent the video recording over to her brother-in-law. Ah Li, don’t blame Aunt Qing, you said it a few seconds too late. Chu Bo had a blank look on his face. As someone who possesses the title of “Immortal of Poetry”, I didn't expect that I would actually lose to a little fellow. Furthermore, I lost to the little fellow while in front of a crowd… My face has all been thrown away… After quite a while, Chu Bo said, “Ah Li, uncle has lost!” Donghuang Li suddenly felt that this uncle was still decent, to dare to face against his loss. Donghuang Li said with her tender voice, “Uncle, don’t be discouraged, you should study more in the future and strive to one day be able to finally win against Ah Li.” The crowd had to give it to Donghuang Li. This fellow sure is sensible, she actually didn’t mention about the bet! Formidable! Truly formidable! Meanwhile, Chu Bo didn’t expect that Ah Li would console him, and he felt like crying but didn’t have tears to cry out. However, as the eldest son of an aristocratic family, the words that I uttered are like water that had been splashed out. “Since uncle has lost to Ah Li, uncle should become Ah Li’s underling from now on!” Chu Bo said after adjusting his mindset. Losing was not scary, what was scary was not daring to face against one’s own loss. If Chu Bo didn’t dare to face against his own loss, this incident will end up affecting his cultivation in the future. Chu Bo’s words caused the crowd to go into a daze. Immediately, the crowd’s image of Chu Bo seemed to have suddenly changed. To actually be willing to fulfill his end of the bet while under such a situation… As expected of the eldest son of an aristocratic family, he has a sense of responsibility! Ye Xiao who was standing outside of the crowd said faintly, “Old Chu, the temperament of this eldest son of yours is not bad. In the future, he is going to be able to take on huge responsibilities.” “You think too much. Look at how he behaves, he doesn’t behave like someone who could possibly take on huge responsibilities. This eldest son of mine is truly making me blush with shame.” Ye Xiao laughed, “It would be great if my son has your eldest son’s temperament. That son of mine, he only knows how to indulge in pleasure all day long. Right now, my Ye Family can’t even guarantee that it would be able to continue surviving through the next generation.” Chu He felt the same as Ye Xiao, and he said gravely, “That’s right, the generations are getting worse with each generation. There is going to come a day where my Chu Family ends up getting eliminated.” “Old Chu, in actuality, a big shot will be coming over tonight, and furthermore, north’s sixth aristocratic family is going to be born tonight!” Upon hearing that, Chu He’s expression turned grave, “Brother Ye, are you saying that someone from Voidless Realm is going to come over tonight?” “That’s right. Otherwise, why would Xiao Yi and Bai Cixin have come over here tonight? I was the one who informed them to come over to the auction. However, they still do not know about what is going to happen.” A few days ago, Voidless Realm came looking for Ye Xiao and told Ye Xiao to find a chance to gather everyone. And just nice, Yuanlinglong’s auction, which was held once every year was going to be held today, and thus, Ye Xiao decided to gather everyone on this day. However, to the other aristocratic families, the birth of another aristocratic family wasn’t something that they could be happy about. After all, there was a limit to the resources that Voidless Realm distributes out to the aristocratic families, and with the addition of a new aristocratic family, it would mean that the current aristocratic families were going to have to end up receiving lesser resources than they used to be able to receive. This was one of the reasons why Dongfang Family ended up being dragged down from the ranks of the aristocratic families back then. During the year that Dongfang Family was dragged down from the ranks of the aristocratic families, the resources that Voidless Realm was distributing were longevity fruits. Another reason was that Dongfang Family’s strength was somewhat at the point of overpowering the combined strength of all five other aristocratic families. As the saying goes, “people fear getting famous like pigs fear fattening up, and the shot hits the bird that pokes its head out”. “Brother Ye, counting the time, next year seems to be the year that Voidless Realm is going to distribute out longevity fruits again.” Chu He’s tone was cold, and it seems like he wants to let history repeat itself. Ye Xiao nodded his head, “That’s right. Just how many longevity fruits we are able to get is completely up to those families below us. However, next year, there is going to be one more aristocratic family.” Longevity fruit was a special local product of Voidless Realm’s, and the longevity fruits only come to fruit once every 100 years! About 1000 longevity fruits would come to fruit once every 100 years, and amongst the 1000 longevity fruits, Voidless Realm would keep 900 for themselves and distribute the longevity fruits to the disciples who have made contributions to Voidless Realm, and the rest of the 100 longevity fruits would be distributed to the aristocratic families. However, the distribution wasn’t an even distribution, the number of longevity fruits that each aristocratic family could get depends on the number of families that voted for them. Of course, the families don’t know anything about the longevity fruits distribution that happens once every 100 years. The families merely think that the votes were for an evaluation assessment of the aristocratic families. Back then, as the strongest family, Dongfang Family had the support of 80% of the families and was able to obtain 80% of the votes, and this caused the other five aristocratic families to go green with envy. Amongst the 100 longevity fruits, Dongfang Family was able to obtain 80 of the longevity fruits, and the remaining 20 longevity fruits were going to be split amongst 5 families, which meant that each family was going to be able to obtain only 4 longevity fruits. Immediately, the five family heads couldn’t just remain seated in their seats anymore. Therefore, the fall of Dongfang Family happened. This was also the reason why Ye Xiao wanted to help Tang Wushuang snatch over the ancient godly item, it was so that he could make Tang Wushuang owe him a favor and get Tang Wushuang to vote for him when the time comes. Also, in actuality, Ye Xiao wouldn’t really help Tang Wushuang snatch over the ancient godly item, all Ye Xiao would do was act as if he had tried. There was a reason as to why Voidless Realm decided on this kind of distribution, Voidless Realm wanted to make it so, in order to obtain other families' votes, the aristocratic families had to do more good deeds. The more good deeds an aristocratic family did, the better the aristocratic family's image would be, and with a better image compared to the other aristocratic families, that particular aristocratic family would be able to obtain more votes than the others, right? However, Dongfang Family precisely did too many good deeds, and ended up… “That’s right, another portion is going to be taken off from our portions again.” Chu He let out a long sigh. No one heard what the two were talking about, everyone was currently watching Ah Li take in an underling. As Ah Li’s guardian, Qing Ya definitely had to step out and speak, “My Ah Li is still small, the bet from earlier on is cancelled, you don't have to become Ah Li's underling." Little Ah Li didn’t protest after hearing her Mommy Qing say that. Ah Li is an obedient child, and an obedient child has to listen to her mommy. However, it is a pity that I am going to have to let go of such a clever underling. Sigh, and I was thinking of expanding my buried love family’s strength… Chu Bo had a resolute look on his face, seemingly like he won’t allow Qing Ya to stop him from becoming Ah Li’s underling. “Lady, what you are saying is wrong, everyone is independent and has the right to speak for themselves. This matter has to be decided by Ah Li herself.” Chu Bo was not afraid of losing. Anyway, isn’t losing a good outcome for me? After becoming Ah Li’s underling, I will have to follow along with Ah Li every day, which means that, I will be able to see the two ladies every day too. Both Qing Ya and Qing Yutong have never seen before such a shameless person. It must be said that, Chu Bo’s decision was correct, After all, just how fortunate would it be for a person to be able to become Donghuang Li’s underling? Don’t belittle Ah Li just because she was still small right now. In the future, Ah Li was definitely going to become an extremely formidable existence. However, different from the green and red brothers, Chu Bo wanted to join the buried love family because he was attracted by Qing Ya and Qing Yutong’s looks and wanted to look for a chance to get close to Qing Ya and Qing Yutong. Of course, every single woman that was within Ye Hua’s group was not someone that Chu Bo could afford to offend, and they were also not the same as those women Chu Bo managed to swindle over with just some sweet words. When Chu Bo learned about those in the future, he would most probably be filled with despair. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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