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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 325 – Bosses Qing Ya looked over to Song Huang, and as expected, Song Huang was currently sitting on a seat with a straight look on his face. So, this is north’s famous Sage Doctor? What a hypocritical man. “CEO Qing, how about coming over and sitting at my table?” Xiao Yi walked over and asked. This time, it wasn’t Shu Nan’s suggestion, and instead, Xiao Yi took the initiative to walk over and asked. “CEO Xiao, thank you for the offer, but it’s fine.” Qing Ya replied politely. If Qing Ya had sat at Xiao Yi’s table, wouldn’t others end up thinking that Qing Ya was someone from Xiao Family? Furthermore, Qing Ya didn’t want Ye Hua to misunderstand. This was a matter of honor. Shu Nan shook her head as she thought to herself, “Brother Xiao, why are you so stupid? This woman is someone who has a family, if she were to sit at the same table as you, what would others think of her?” Xiao Yi went into a daze for a moment, then said, “Alright, please excuse me then.” “En.” Qing Ya was very confused towards Xiao Yi’s attitude towards her today. Perhaps, I should find a time to ask what is going on. Tang Wushuang didn’t invite Qing Ya over to his table, after entering the inner venue, he followed along with his master and head straight to their seats. Bai CIxin also didn’t invite Qing Ya over to her table, when passing by Qing Ya, she merely politely nodded her head at Qing Ya. In the blink of an eye, most of the guests have already sat down on their seats. “Qing Ya, come and sit at my table.” Right at this moment, Chen Xuanzong suddenly walked over and said. Although Qing Ya was very cold towards him, Chen Xuanzong had no intention of giving up, let alone cower. Qing Ya could be heard saying faintly, “Fatty, I am already someone who has a family, so please keep your distance away from me.” “Qing Ya, what’s the point in acting like this?” Chen Xuanzong wasn’t able to understand what was even good about that Long Aotian. “Swoosh.” With a swoosh sound, Chu Bo opened his folding fan and walked over with a graceful posture. While swaying his folding fan, Chu Bo said bluntly, “What are you even still rumbling about when you have already been told to scram? Quickly scram!” Chu Bo was used to acting as a beauty protector and he was very experienced in how to act in situations like this. Chen Xuanzong knew that this person was the son of an aristocratic family head and was someone that wasn’t easy to push around. I have to endure and be patient for now, after all, my current power is still too small. “Qing Ya, I will go on ahead first then.” Chen Xuanzong was still acting refined and courteous, and even more, he seemed very humble. However, the more Chen Xuanzong acted like this, the more Qing Ya disliked him. At such a time like this, the way to gain others’ respect was to display one’s strength. However, even if Chen Xuanzong were to display his strength, it still wouldn’t be of any use as Qing Ya was no longer the same Qing Ya that she was in the past, the current Qing Ya has already awakened. With Qing Ya’s current strength, no one at the venue was able to withstand even a single blow from her. After all, back when Qing Ya awakened, Wei Chang gave a primary judgment that Death Mage was not a match for Qing Ya. And Death Mage himself was already formidable to the point that he could eliminate a person that belonged to a huge power in just a second, so let alone the aristocratic families. Death Mage could most probably eliminate an entire aristocratic family with just a puff. Therefore, the biggest boss that was in the venue right now was Qing Ya. In actuality, there was a hidden boss in the venue, and that hidden boss was Donghuang Li. Donghuang Li has already learned how to play with fires, and the fires that she controlled were what that were truly known as special fires, and no one in the venue was able to resist against those fires. Back then, even Ye Zizi fainted after being burned by one of the fires. Of course, there was a small boss in the venue too, and that small boss was Qing Yutong. Back when Qing Yutong was working as a celebrity, after completing all of the missions that her system gave to her, the rewards that she had received brought her strength to a frightening level, which was more or less at the same level as Death Mage. Otherwise, how would Qing Yutong have dared to go around creating troubles with Ye Zizi? It was all because she possessed the strength to back her up. However, bringing Qing Yutong’s strength to that level was already the system’s limit, if Qing Yutong wanted to raise her strength further, she was going to have to depend on her luck. After coming across Ye Hua, the system decisively gave Qing Yutong a mission. Of course, there was also that mission to live stream, but Qing Yutong has already long forgotten about that mission. With such a formidable brother-in-law as my backing, all I have to do is to behave cutely and fawn upon brother-in-law, what use is there in doing missions anymore? If I come across someone who I am not able to fight against, I can just call my brother-in-law for help. Qing Yutong secretly took a glance at her big sister, and she discovered that her big sister seems to intend to cause trouble tonight. Is big sister preparing to erupt? If big sister is going to erupt, there is going to be a great show to watch. Just that, with big sister’s mentality, the most that she would do is scold at those people, she definitely wouldn’t kill any of them. Tagging along with brother-in-law and acting cool with him is indeed the best after all. “Big sister, what should we do?” Qing Yutong was already ready to get into action. Those seats and tables are all arranged very neatly and there isn’t any space for additional seats at all. Therefore, adding seats is totally out of the question. What are they going to do? Let big sister continue standing here like this? Or chase her out of the venue? If either of that were to happen and brother-in-law finds out about it, everyone here is going to be done for. Qing Ya has never come across this kind of situation, but she could sense that her blood vessels were telling her that those people weren’t allowed to disrespect her. “Humph, Ah Li is not happy, they are actually not giving us seats, I’m going to tell daddy about this.” Donghuang Li pouted her small mouth, having a look on her that seemed to be saying, “If you don’t give us seats, Ah Li is going to tell on you to daddy, and if daddy finds out about what happened, you are going to be done for.” Right now, Qing Ya already knew Ye Hua’s strength. For Ye Hua to be able to fight against that shadowed figure for that long, he is definitely more formidable than me, and those people here at the venue are definitely not a match for him. If Ye Hua were to find out that the child and I suffered grievance, with Ye Hua’s personality, he would definitely kill everyone that was present at the venue. However, there are also good people here at the venue, and the reason we are in such an awkward situation is because we got tricked by that Song Huang. Qing Ya consoled Donghuang Li, “Ah Li, be obedient, Mommy Qing will find a seat for you.” “No, Ah Li doesn’t want to let Mommy Qing suffer any grievances.” Donghuang Li was very obstinate. As she stretched out her little finger, a gorgeous purple color fire appeared on her fingertip. Qing Ya and Qing Yutong’s pretty faces were illuminated by the fire. If that small fire were to be tossed out from Donghuang Li’s fingertip, basically everyone that was at the venue would dissipate. “Ah Li, how did you make this fire appear?” Chu Bo cried out in surprise. Because his strength was too weak, he wasn’t able to sense the aura that the fire was emitting out, and thus, he merely thought that the fire was just a normal fire. Meanwhile, Qing Ya and Qing Yutong were able to sense the aura that the fire was emitting out. “Uncle, do you want to play with it? Go ahead.” Donghuang Li did not know about the might of firmament ghost fire, and she even thought that she could let other people play with the fire. Upon hearing that, Chu Bo actually really stretched out his hand towards the fire. Upon seeing that, Qing Ya shouted out gravely, “Don’t touch it!” Right when Chu Bo’s hand was about to come into contact with the fire, Qing Ya stopped him. “Ah Li, quickly keep away the fire.” Qing Ya said while with her brows wrinkled. Why does Ah Li know of such a frightening technique? No, I don’t even need to think too much about it, Ye Hua must have definitely been the one who taught her the technique. I really don’t know what to say about this Ye Hua anymore, how can he teach such a dangerous technique to a child! If the child were to mess around with the fire, who knows what would end up happening! Seeing that Qing Ya was a bit angry, Donghuang Li kept away the firmament ghost fire dispiritedly, “Mommy Qing, don’t be angry~” Acting cute has always been something that Ah Li was good at. “Ah Li, was this taught to you by your daddy?” Qing Ya asked. Donghuang Li nodded her head. “What else did your daddy teach you?” Upon hearing that, Donghuang Li immediately wanted to show off what she had learned. After Donghuang Li stretched out all of her fingers, ten different fires could be seen appearing on Donghuang Li’s fingertips, and upon seeing those fires, Qing Ya and Qing Yutong’s mouths twitched. Qing Ya was speechless. I must hold a family meeting when I get back home. In the future, the child’s education and the techniques that the child learns will all be handled by Baizhi and I, all Ye Hua is allowed to do is to play with the child. “Ah Li sure is good at magic!” Chu Bo, who was at the side, said naively. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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