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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 326 – Jade immortal dew equals mineral water “Alright, Ah Li, keep away the fires. In the future, you mustn’t anyhow play with fires, okay? It is very dangerous to play with fires.” Qing Ya was very attentive when guiding Ah Li, and Ah Li was willing to listen to Qing Ya’s words. Ah Li felt that Qing Ya was much gentler compared to her mother, and also easier to speak to. When her mother speaks to her, her mother would often have a stern look on her face, and it was only recently that her mother had become much easier to speak to. Donghuang Li kept away the fires that were on her fingertips, “En, Ah Li understood.” Right when the few of them were chatting, everyone had already sat down on their seats, and only Qing Yutong, Qing Ya, and Chu Bo were still standing. The atmosphere was a bit awkward. Chu Bo who was standing behind the two did not say anything. Since this pretty lady is not willing to accept my help, I might as well follow her wish. Meanwhile, Qing Yutong was itching to start acting cool. Someone, quickly come and provoke us! I am ready! It has been quite a long time since I last stirred up trouble, my hands are already starting to feel a bit itchy! However, Qing Yutong was destined to be disappointed. Two attendants could be seen carrying a table over to them, and after placing the table by Qing Ya’s side, one of the attendants said, “Miss, this table is prepared for you by my family head.” Qing Ya looked towards Ye Xiao who was sitting at the platform, and the latter nodded his head while with a smile on his face. Upon seeing that, Qing Ya politely returned the greeting by nodding her head at Ye Xiao. Qing Ya felt that this Family Head Ye was very gentleman-like, or perhaps, the family head may just be giving face to Chu Bo, but who knows? The other family heads were very surprised. Since Yuanlinglong has opened, something like this has never happened before. First, it was Xiao Yi, then it was Bai Cixin, and now, it is this Ye Xiao! For this woman to be able to receive this kind of treatment, just what is the identity of this woman? Meanwhile, Song Huang was feeling very dissatisfied. Originally, as long as they are willing to lower their heads to me, I would let bygones be bygones, but I didn’t expect that something like this would happen! Today, all of my plans had been thrown into disarray! In Qing Ya’s mind, since she was already here, she might as well finish watching the auction first before leaving. Qing Ya and her sister sat by the table’s side, while Chu Bo sat behind the table and boredly swayed his fan. This auction is so boring, there isn’t even a chance here for me to act as a hero and save the beauties. As a family head, Ye Xiao was currently standing up and giving an opening speech. His voice wasn’t loud, but his voice was able to enter into everyone’s ears. “Firstly, welcome everyone to the auction, I am very honored that you all showed up to the auction. Today’s auction items will be provided by my Ye Family, and all of the profits will be donated to mountain villages that are in poverty.” After Ye Xiao finished speaking, an ardent round of applause began ringing out. Chu He’s expression changed slightly. This Ye Xiao is trying to win over people’s hearts by donating to the poor. Seems like he is intending to start laying out the foundation for next year’s longevity fruits distribution. From the looks of it, I have to start preparing to win over people’s hearts. I reckon that the three other families are also going to start preparing to win over people’s hearts. “Big sister, should we join in on the bidding for some of the items?” Qing Yutong asked curiously. Qing Ya asked faintly, “Do you even have any money?” Qing Yutong paused for a moment, then rolled her eyes at her big sister. Right now, all of my expenses are being covered by big sister and brother-in-law, I have no choice but to lower my head since I am living under their roof. However, towards donating to the poor, Qing Ya felt that she had to do something. Hmm, I might as well just learn from Ye Hua and donate all of my income to charity. In the future, I will just depend on Ye Hua to provide for me. If Ye Hua were to know of what Qing Ya was currently thinking, he would definitely jump. My Leisure Bar’s business is not doing well, and you are thinking of donating all of your income? Do you want your entire family to starve? However, Qing Ya felt that her idea was very good. A man has to have some pressure on his shoulders, if not, he would just stay at home all day and do nothing. I have to discuss this matter with Baizhi. In the future, Baizhi and I will stay at home to take care of the child, and Ye Hua will be in charge of going out to earn money. If Ye Hua finds out that Qing Ya was thinking of making him, the Supreme Overlord, go outside and work, he would most probably die from anger. Donghuang Li, who was eating an apple, said with a smile, “Aunt Qing, don’t be sad, daddy is even poorer than you.” Pfft. Qing Yutong laughed. What Ah Li just said is indeed true. Although brother-in-law is very formidable, he finds it beneath his dignity to go out and earn money by himself. However, no matter what, life still has to go on, and every time when I saw brother-in-law asking big sister for money, I find it so amusing no matter how many times I have already seen it. However, big sister herself is basically a wife who pampers her husband very much. Recently, I heard that brother-in-law’s daily allowance has been raised to 100 rmb. “Yutong, when do you intend to start working?” Qing Ya asked. “Big sister, can we not learn from others? All that everyone does is work, work, work. I, Qing Yutong, am precisely going to remain workless.” “Haha… You can prepare to starve to death then.” Qing Ya laughed dryly. Qing Yutong hugged onto her big sister’s arm and said lovably, “Well, I have you, my big sister~ You wouldn’t be willing to let your sister starve to death in the streets, right?” Donghuang Li also hugged onto Qing Ya and said, “What Aunt Qing said is right! In the future, Ah Li is going to have to depend on Mommy Qing.” The two like-minded fellows, Qing Yutong and Donghuang Li, gave each other a high-five. Qing Ya was feeling very helpless. It seems like, only when I have no more money, then would they be able to have some ambition. “Do you all need money? I have a lot of money, how much do you all need?” Chu Bo saw his opportunity. Qing Yutong took a look at Chu Bo with disdain and said, “Even if I, Qing Yutong, have to starve to death, I still wouldn’t want your money.” “That’s right, that’s right, even if Ah Li has to go and beg for money, Ah Li still wouldn’t use her underling’s money!” Wow, those two sure are resolute… Chu Bo wants to express that those two have his admiration. Right when they were chatting, the first auction item has already been carried and placed onto the auction stand by a staff member. The person who was in charge of auctioning the items was an elderly man, and the elderly man seemed to be very experienced. The cloth that was covering the auction item was lifted away by a staff member, and upon seeing the auction item, everyone gasped. A small bottle could be seen being situated on the auction stand. The workmanship of the small bottle was exquisite and was gold in color. Although the bottle was sealed, an astonishingly delightful fragrance was still being emitted out from the bottle. The elderly man said unhurriedly, “This item is called jade immortal dew and it is a product from Voidless Realm. Family Head Ye was fortunate enough to obtain this item as a reward from Voidless Realm, and today, he has decided to auction this item at today’s auction!” “Jade immortal dew has the effect of strengthening one’s body, and it even has the reputation of being able to cure every illness. If a cultivator were to drink this jade immortal dew, the cultivator would be able to stabilize their strength.” “However, the best thing about jade immortal dew is that it is able to regulate a woman’s body, thus slowing down the woman’s aging and making the woman become more beautiful!” The entire venue turned silent for a moment, and what followed by were the women’s gasps of astonishment. To the women, their looks were basically their lives! And this small bottle of jade immortal dew was basically an antidote that was able to allow them to be reborn. Which woman wouldn’t want to become even more beautiful? Which woman wouldn’t want to remain youthful? At the venue, even Bai Cixin was enticed by the jade immortal dew, so let alone the other women. And in actuality, Tang Wushuang was enticed by the jade immortal dew too. Qing Yutong mumbled, “Is it really that mystical?” Qing Ya said tenderly, “Those meat are much more effective than this jade immortal dew by a thousand times.” Qing Ya knew that the so-called “jade immortal dew” was merely Voidless Realm’s spring water. I have drunk before this water, it is indeed effective, but compared to those meat that Ye Hua let us eat, this water pales a lot in comparison. However, towards the people here, this water could be counted as an utmost treasure to them, I guess. Upon hearing their conversation, Chu Bo became dissatisfied. This jade immortal dew is an utmost treasure, and yet they are speaking about it as if it is mineral water. “Ladies, although I don’t know what meat you two are talking about, this jade immortal dew is indeed very exceptional.” Chu Bo felt that he needed to help them expand their knowledge. “Ah, spicy~ This is so spicy~” Donghuang Li said while fanning her hand at her mouth. Donghuang Li ate a piece of marinated duck meat, but who knew, the duck meat was super spicy. Qing Ya suddenly recalled that she has a few bottles of jade immortal dew stored at home. Although the quality of this jade immortal dew cannot be compared to those meat, it is qualified enough to be used as a substitute for mineral water. Qing Ya stretched out her delicate hand into the void, then took out a water bottle from the void. Upon seeing that, Chu Bo’s expression turned grave. She… she just fetched an item through the void! https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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