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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 327 – The quantity of a bottle cap It is recorded in my family history book that this kind of techniques only exist during the ancient times! And yet, this beautiful woman actually knows of such a technique! Just who is this woman! Qing Ya took off the bottle cap, and immediately, a fragrance fluttered out from the bottle. Upon smelling the fragrance, the corner of Chu Bo’s mouth twitched ardently. Isn’t this precisely the smell that jade immortal dew gives off?! Although I have only drunk a little bit of jade immortal dew in the past, the smell that jade immortal dew gives off is still fresh in my memory. Chu Bo took a look at the small bottle that was on the auction stand, then looked towards the water bottle that Qing Ya had passed over to Donghuang Li. And in the next moment, he actually saw Donghuang Li straightforwardly drinking from the water bottle in big gulps. Upon seeing half a bottle of jade immortal dew disappeared in just seconds, Chu Bo felt that his heart was aching. “Aunt Qing, this water tastes very good, it tastes just like the water from Ah Li’s home, you should drink some too.” Donghuang Li passed the bottle over to Qing Yutong. After taking over the bottle, Qing Yutong immediately began drinking from the bottle. Not bad, this water tastes very sweet. Looking at the empty bottle, Chu Bo was completely stupefied. And yet, Qing Ya took out another bottle and placed it on the table, then said with a smile, “This water is good for quenching thirst, and it is also very effective in removing spiciness from the mouth.” My god! They are actually using jade immortal dew to quench their thirst and remove spiciness from their mouths! Prodigal! They are truly prodigal! Such a thing like this can’t be forgiven! “Uncle, do you want a cup?” Donghuang Li asked with a smile. “I…” Seeing that Chu Bo was feeling embarrassed, Donghuang Li took the initative to pour a cup of jade immortal dew for Chu Bo. While pouring the jade immortal dew into a cup, Donghuang Li spilled a bit of the jade immortal dew onto the table, and upon seeing that, Chu Bo felt like crying. “Thank you, Ah Li.” Chu Bo held onto the paper cup with both of his hands, seemingly as if he was holding onto an utmost treasure. “You are welcome.” Donghuang Li smiled sweetly. Looking at the cup of jade immortal dew that he was currently holding onto, Chu Bo couldn’t bear to drink it like how Ah Li and Qing Yutong drank it. After hesitating for a moment, Chu Bo stretched out his tongue and licked onto the jade immortal dew. This jade immortal dew tastes exactly as I remember… And yet, this jade immortal dew is actually currently contained within a paper cup! This is basically an insult to the jade immortal dew! Furthermore, so much of it was spilled onto the table! With the jade immortal dew to remove the spiciness from their mouths, Qing Yutong and Donghuang Li began enjoying the spicy marinated duck meat. Whenever they felt that it was getting too spicy for them, they would drink a mouthful of jade immortal dew, and immediately, they would feel incomparably refreshed. “Big sister, this water is truly not bad, you should store some of it at home.” Qing Ya said with a smile, “Alright, I will remember to store a barrel of the water at home.” Chu Bo almost choked onto his own saliva. A barrel of jade immortal dew… Can you all show some consideration for my feelings? Ah… jade immortal dew tastes so good… Covert appeared in everyone’s gaze as they looked at the small bottle of jade immortal dew, completely unaware of the fact that Qing Ya’s table was treating jade immortal dew as drinking water, and that Qing Ya was storing jade immortal dew in water bottles. Even more, in the future, Qing Ya intends to store a barrel of jade immortal dew at home. Seeing that the little fellow’s drinking speed was rather fast, Qing Ya took out all of the bottles of jade immortal dew that she had stored. Looking at the few bottles of jade immortal dew on the table, Chu Bo has already gone numb. This woman is very mysterious… No, I cannot say it like that, all of them are very mysterious! “The starting bid for jade immortal dew is one spiritual stone!” The auctioneer shouted out. Upon hearing that, everyone was confused, they didn’t expect that this time’s auction would be using spiritual stones. One spiritual stone was roughly worth one million rmb. In ordinary people’s eyes, spiritual stones were merely stones and weren’t worth any money, but to cultivators, spiritual stones were extremely useful. Ye Xiao said with a slight smile, “The spiritual stones that are obtained in this auction will be converted into money and donated.” Chu He felt that Ye Xiao’s motive was very unclear. Spiritual stones are very scarce. Although spiritual stones have a price to them, there are very few people who would sell away their spiritual stones. After all, spiritual stones can be used for cultivating. Could it be that, this Ye Xiao needs a large number of spiritual stones? “10 spiritual stones!” Wang Dabao was the first to bid. As expected of an extremely rich person, he immediately started off the bid with 10 spiritual stones. In actuality, Wang Dabao was currently thinking in his mind, “If my wife were to drink it, she would become more beautiful, and then…” How would Bai Cixin not know what her husband was currently thinking in his own mind? However, she didn’t say anything and quietly watched the auction. Upon hearing Wang Dabao’s bidding amount, people began sighing. This Wang Dabao is truly shameless, to actually raise the bid all the way to 10 spiritual stones in one go! Although 10 spiritual stones can be converted to 10 million rmb, if a person were to use 10 million rmb to try and buy 10 spiritual stones, who knows how long it would even take for that person to be able to buy all 10 spiritual stones? Various family heads’ wives began acting cute to them, promising them various kinds of alluring promises if they were able to obtain the jade immortal dew for them. “20 spiritual stones!” Xiao Yi shouted out faintly. Xiao Yi wanted to obtain the jade immortal dew for Shu Nan. Shu Nan has been having it very hard during this period of time, having to run various errands for me, and even more, she was willing to die for me. How could I not pamper and cherish this adorable wife of mine? I definitely have to win the bid for jade immortal dew and give the jade immortal dew to Shu Nan! While deshelling peanuts and reading a novel with a serious look on his face, Gui Chengren said to Tang Wushuang who didn’t dare to bid for the jade immortal dew, “Wushuang, this bottle of jade immortal dew is very useful to you, it is able to have the effect of adding a finishing touch to something that is already beautiful.” Add a finishing touch to something that is already beautiful? Become even more like a woman… Tang Wushuang began gasping heavily. It is only a matter of time that I turn into a woman. Since that’s the case, if I am going to turn into a woman, I should turn into a woman who is beautiful! “25 spiritual stones!” Tang Wushuang said while with his voice lowered. Xiao Yi looked towards Tang Wushuang, he thought that Tang Wushuang was purposely going against him. Seeing that the bidding price has already raised to 25 spiritual stones, some family heads have already given up. After all, 25 spiritual stones were already more or less half of how many spiritual stones they have! For just a bottle of water, which could make a woman become more beautiful and remain youthful, all of the family heads felt that it wasn’t worth it to spend 25 spiritual stones. However, that caused the family heads’ wives to become very unhappy. “50 spiritual stones!” Wang Dabao shouted out imposingly. 50 spiritual stones were already the total amount of spiritual stones that some families possessed. Everyone felt that Bai Family was indeed formidable, to actually possess so many spiritual stones. Right when Xiao Yi was prepared to increase the bid amount, Shu Nan hurriedly pulled onto him, “Brother Xiao, don’t bid anymore, our family is currently under development and there are many more useful places to use the spiritual stones on.” Indeed, take for example, if Xiao Family were to give a spiritual stone to another family, it would be counted as that family owes Xiao Family a debt of gratitude. “Shu Nan, you have helped me so much, a few spiritual stones are nothing much compared to what you mean to me.” After finished speaking, Xiao Yi shouted out, “50 spiritual stones!” Shu Nan was very touched, and she lightly leaned onto her husband. Everyone felt that those three families seemed to be intending to have a fight with each other, and they felt that it would be best if they sat this one out. “60 spiritual stones!” Chen Xuanzong suddenly shouted. As for why he increased the bid amount, he did it because of Xiao Yi! As long as I can make Xiao Yi suffer, paying a few spiritual stones mean nothing to me! However, Chen Xuanzong didn’t bring along with him a lot of spiritual stones when he returned to earth, and in actuality, he didn’t expect that spiritual stones would be so scarce on earth. Qing Yutong raised her head and drank another cup of jade immortal dew. “I feel that I am about to become drunk.” Qing Yutong was feeling a bit muddle-headed as she propped on her chin and said. Qing Ya shook her head helplessly, and Donghuang Li could be seen to have already fallen asleep in her embrace. Donghuang Li’s face was red, making her look extremely adorable, and from time to time, she would purse her mouth. The effects of Voidless Realm’s spring water were indeed not bad, but if a person were to drink too much of it, the person would feel like they have become drunk. A cup of Voidless Realm’s spring water a day was enough to completely satisfy a person, and yet, because Qing Yutong and Donghuang Li used the spring water to remove spiciness from their mouths, each of them ended up drinking two bottles of the spring water. Chu Bo has already finished drinking his cup of jade immortal dew, and currently, he was sneakily licking onto his cup, intending to not waste even a single drop of jade immortal dew. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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