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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 328 – Voidless Realm “65 spiritual stones!” Wang Dabao raised the bid amount again. Everyone was incredibly surprised as they thought to themselves, “As expected of a prodigal.” Xiao Yi was intending to raise the bid amount again. But this time, he was stopped by Shu Nan, “Brother Xiao, I know your feelings for me, but you cannot continue bidding anymore, it isn’t worth it!” “For you, anything is worth it.” Xiao Yi said with deep affection. “Brother Xiao, have you forgotten about Big Sister Nangong! Xiao Family is currently in a difficult time, you shouldn’t spend resources on useless things like this jade immortal dew.” Shu Nan had no choice but to bring up Nangong Xinyi, this was the only way to make Xiao Yi give up on the bidding. Thinking back to Nangong Xinyi, who was currently still being kept frozen in his house’s basement, Xiao Yi slowly lowered his hand, and a layer of mournfulness appeared on his tough-looking face. “Brother Xiao, Big Sister Nangong would have also hoped that you would be able to bring Xiao Family to great heights.” Xiao Yi took in a deep breath, “I understand. Thank you, Shu Nan.” Shu Nan smiled sweetly in response. Brother Xiao has changed a lot, he isn’t as rushed as he used to be in the past, he has learned to endure. “70 spiritual stones!” Tang Wushuang increased the bid amount once again. Upon seeing that Xiao Yi was no longer bidding anymore, Chen Xuanzong stopped bidding too. Right now, it was Wang Dabao vs Tang Wushuang. Prodigal vs soldier king. Incorrect, it should be, prodigal vs the soldier king who was about to turn into a woman soon. Wang Dabao took a glance at Tang Wushuang who was sitting not far away from him, then shouted out coldly, “100 spiritual stones!” Tang Wushuang’s expression froze for a moment. This is already one-third of the spiritual stones that my Tang Family possesses! “101 spiritual stones.” Qing Yutong shouted out while feeling drunk. Qing Ya pinched onto her little sister. “Why are you even bidding, do you even have any spiritual stones?” Qing Yutong stuck out her tongue, “I was drunk talking, that bid doesn’t count…” “102 spiritual stones!” Song Huang shouted out. Upon seeing the Sage Doctor bid, everyone had a surprised look on their faces. As expected of Sage Doctor, the moment he bids, he bids more than 100 spiritual stones. Song Huang merely wanted to give Qing Yutong a lesson. In any case, I merely added one spiritual stone to the bid amount, there’s no way that Tang Family and Bai Family wouldn’t continue bidding, right? Right when Wang Dabao was intending to increase the bid amount once again, Bai Cixin said lightly, “That’s enough.” Wang Dabao was an obedient boy, he was a man who listens to his wife. Tang Wushuang was currently pondering. One hundred spiritual stones are a huge sum, and I have to use spiritual stones too when I cultivate. “102 spiritual stones one time!” The auctioneer began counting down. Song Huang’s expression was a bit strange. What are you all doing? Go on and continue bidding! I only added one spiritual stone to the bid amount and you all immediately stopped bidding? From the looks of it, you all are teaming up to mess around with me, aren’t you! “102 spiritual stones two times!” “102 spiritual stones three times! Congratulations Sage Doctor Song Huang in winning the bid for jade immortal dew.” An ardent round of applause began ringing out in the venue. In response, Song Huang stood up from his seat and squeezed out a smile on his face, then cupped his hands at everyone. And in actuality, Song Huang’s heart was in deep pain. 102 spiritual stones! After collecting for so long, I have only collected 103 spiritual stones! And in the blink of an eye, I am left with only one spiritual stone! This is all because of that Qing Yutong! This jinx! I must make her pay for my loss! Even more, she is currently smiling and rejoicing at my misfortune! This simply can’t be tolerated! “Mommy Qing, Ah Li feels very hot.” Donghuang Li who had her eyes closed mumbled. Looking at Qing Yutong, her situation was the same as Donghuang Li, her forehead could be seen to have been filled with sweat. Qing Ya had no choice but to take out the star clean fan that Ye Hua gave to her back then and lightly fanned the fan at Donghuang Li. Donghuang Li felt a refreshing light breeze blowing onto her, and gradually, she fell back to sleep again. Upon seeing her big sister took out the fan, Qing Yutong straightforwardly took out the gold delicate fan that her brother-in-law gave to her and immediately fanned the fan rapidly at herself, “I feel hot to death.” It was fortunate that Ye Hua sealed the powers of the two fans, otherwise, with how Qing Yutong was currently fanning the fan, a huge disaster would have happened. “Qing Yutong, do you have something that you are hiding from me?” Upon seeing her little sister took out the fan from nowhere, Qing Ya asked curiously. Qing Yutong pouted her mouth and said, “Humph~ Who doesn’t have a few tricks up their sleeves?” From the looks of it, this little sister of mine has been hiding her strength from me. Well, this is a good thing, lest I have to keep worrying about her. Chu Bo already does not know just what to say anymore. They… they are really people who others, including me, can’t afford to offend. The auction was still going on, and everyone placed their gazes onto the second auction item. When Qing Ya and Qing Yutong saw the second auction item, they couldn’t help but look at their own fan. Why are today’s auction items so similar to the things that I use! The second auction item was a fan! The elderly man could be heard saying unhurriedly, “The name of this fan is called ancient comb, and it is personally made by Family Head Ye. The feathers that are used belong to the feathers of a spiritual beast, and the framework is made using the skeleton of the spiritual beast. This fan has the effect of creating a cool breeze and making one’s mind become relaxed. Furthermore, this fan itself is a spiritual tool and can be used in combat! The starting bid of this fan is one spiritual stone.” The two sisters took a look at their own fan, then continued fanning their own fan. Spiritual beasts are nothing at all, back then at Voidless Realm, I have even seen before an ancient godly beast. Furthermore, these two fans are made using the parts of great desolate beasts, and great desolate beasts are existences that are even more powerful compared to ancient godly beasts. Towards the fan that looked nice and was a spiritual tool itself, the family heads liked it a lot and they immediately began bidding for the fan. However, to Bai Family, this spiritual tool was only so-so. After all, Bai Family already has the ancient godly item, Nine Demons Pagoda. As for Xiao Yi, he possessed the ancient godly item, Xuan Yuan Sword. Therefore, he also wasn’t interested in the fan. Thus, in the end, a family head won the bid for the fan with 15 spiritual stones. The auction was still going on, but Qing Ya and Qing Yutong were already feeling bored. “Big sister, let’s go back, I’m feeling tired already.” Qing Yutong said as she let out a yawn. Qing Ya was also feeling a bit tired already. This auction is really boring, I don’t understand what they are getting all excited for. It was only natural for the family heads to be excited, after all, the items that were being auctioned were all rare items, and this kind of auction was only held once a year. In order to raise the strength of their families, the family heads were giving it their all in bidding on the auction items. However, right when the family heads were ardently bidding over a magical tool, an empty space within the air suddenly began distorting, and everyone raised their heads in confusion. Qing Ya and Qing Yutong also looked curiously at the distorting space, and they seemed to intend to stay for a bit more and see what was going on. When three figures walked out from the distorting space, the family heads were very confused, but Ye Xiao and Chu He immediately became startled and they could be seen hurriedly standing up from their seats and shouting out while with their hands cupped, “This humble one pays respect to Voidless Realm’s envoy!” The venue immediately turned silent for a moment, no one expected that Voidless Realm would show up here. Soon after, everyone hurriedly cupped their hands and shouted out, “This humble one pays respect to Voidless Realm’s envoy!” Qing Ya was very surprised, she didn’t expect that Voidless Realm would show up here. I have come across this person once, he seems to be the one who evaluates the aristocratic families. Back then when Baizhi summoned him, I was present at the scene too. His position in Voidless Realm is just below of Yuan De and the other elders. Three figures, an elderly man and two youngsters, were standing within the air. The elderly man’s hair was white, and he was wearing a white moon robe. Although his eyes were squinted, shrewdness could be seen to be contained within his eyes. The two youngsters who were standing behind the elderly man were most likely bodyguards, they were wearing white color armor and were currently sweeping their eyes over everyone while with a cold look on their faces. While Yu Quan was increasing his prestige by sweeping his eyes over everyone while with a cold look on his face, his eyes swept over someone who he shouldn’t have swept over, and he almost lost grip of the crutch that he was holding onto. It is actually the empress’s sister! Just now, I actually swept my eyes over her while with such a cold look on my face, that was simply unforgivable of me! I must go and pay my respect to her right now and implore for her forgiveness. Qing Ya seemed to know Yu Quan’s intentions and she hurriedly transmitted over to him, “Pretend to not know me, you can go on and continue with whatever that you have to do.” Qing Ya didn’t want her identity to get revealed, and it was mainly because she was afraid that others would fawn upon her father, and with how her father was, her father wouldn’t realize it even if he got sold out by others. Upon receiving Qing Ya’s transmission, Yu Quan was able to finally put his mind at ease. If the empress were to blame me for what I just did, the punishment that I would get would definitely not be light. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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