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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 331 – Fly into a rage The sudden change of event made all of the family heads turn silent. However, they were very excited that they were able to see the appearance of an ancient godly item. Today, not only did I meet with people from Voidless Realm, but I was also fortunate enough to be able to see the appearance of an ancient godly item, this trip had been truly worthwhile! Right now, even both Ye Xiao and Chu He also had a surprised look on their faces. When did this Tang Wushuang obtain an ancient godly item? Furthermore, to join into the competition right when the victor was about to be announced, isn’t he practically slapping Bai Family’s face? Originally, promoting to an aristocratic family was already definite for Bai Family, and yet, in the blink of an eye, everything was ruined by this Tang Wushuang. I reckon that this Bai Cixin most probably wants to kill Tang Wushuang now. Looking at the ancient godly item, Mound Pierce, which he was holding in his hands, Yu Quan had a gloomy look on his face. This ancient godly item can be counted as a lost exhibit, however, a hundred years have already passed since the incident happened, and who knows how many hands this ancient godly item had been passed around. Standing at an impartial viewpoint, since Tang Wushuang possesses an ancient godly item, he is indeed qualified to join the competition, I cannot remove his qualification to join the competition just because of the incident that happened a hundred years ago. “Old Chu, don’t you feel that this dagger seems very familiar?” Ye Xiao’s expression was grave, and his gaze was tightly fixed onto the dagger that Yu Quan was holding onto. Chu He had the same thought, and upon hearing Ye Xiao’s words, Chu He said gravely, “Could this dagger be… that dagger?” “If I didn’t guess wrongly, that dagger is precisely Dongfang Family’s missing dagger, Mound Pierce!” Ye Xiao said while with his brows wrinkled. Things are starting to become strange, why does Tang Family possess Dongfang Family’s ancient godly item! “Could it be that, Tang Wushuang is a descendant of Dongfang Family?” Chu He cried out in surprise. Ye Xiao shook his head, then looked towards Gui Chengren, who was sitting beside Tang Wushuang, and said, “On the contrary, I feel that that man who is sitting beside Tang Wushuang seems more like a descendant of Dongfang Family.” “But, back then, Dongfang Family’s males were all executed, and it was the same for even the male babies!” Ye Xiao laughed lightly, “Did you see it happen with your own eyes?” Chu He’s expression froze. Indeed, the people who carried out the execution were the people from Voidless Realm, and only those people from Voidless Realm know if Dongfang Family’s males have all truly been executed or not. “Furthermore, back then when Mound Pierce went missing, it was definitely a plot plotted by Dongfang Family themselves. Dongfang Family definitely hopes to restore their title, and perhaps, they may even be trying to search for evidence. After all, setting up an aristocratic family is as big as the crime of owning more than one ancient godly item!” Upon hearing Ye Xiao’s deduction, Chu He immediately felt a sense of danger. From the looks of it, the appearance of this dagger is a plot targeted at us north’s five aristocratic families, I must be on my guard! Right at this moment, Bai Cixin could no longer just continue to remain seated. After standing up from her seat, “Respected envoy, to join the competition right when the result was about to be announced, isn’t this not right?” After hearing what Bai Cixin said, everyone began discussing in a low voice. “It indeed doesn’t seem right for Tang Wushuang to join in the competition all of a sudden when the result was just about to be announced. However, there isn’t a rule that particularly says that one can’t join in the competition right when the result is about to be announced.” “In any case, it all depends on what Voidless Realm says, after all, Voidless Realm is the big power, not us.” Everyone was waiting for Yu Quan’s answer, the two families’ future was resting in the elderly man’s hands. Qing Ya didn’t intend on interfering in Voidless Realm’s matters. This is after all Baizhi’s own matter, if I were to interfere in this matter, Baizhi may think too much. Our family’s harmony is much more important, therefore, it is best that I don’t interfere in this matter. “Tang Wushuang, where did you get this ancient godly item from?” Yu Quan didn’t straightforwardly give his answer, and instead, he asked Tang Wushuang where he got the ancient godly item from. Tang Wushuang said respectfully, “Responding back to envoy, I got this ancient godly item by chance at a normal antique store.” Antique store!!! All of the family heads weren’t able to remain calm. Something like that actually happened? This is practically the simplest way in all of history to obtain an ancient godly item! The family heads feel that they should also go to an antique store and try their luck, and perhaps, they may be able to obtain an ancient godly item by chance, and at that time, it would mean that their family will be able to soar! Yu Quan let out a light sigh. This matter is not a matter that I can make a decision on, I have to report this matter to the empress! After keeping away the Mound Pierce, Yu Quan said gravely, “This is a matter of great importance. For now, I will be temporarily safekeeping this ancient godly item. This matter will be determined by the empress herself.” Tang Wushuang bowed and shouted out, “Thank you, envoy! Thank you, empress!” Towards Voidless Realm temporarily safekeeping his ancient godly item, Tang Wushuang was not worried at the slightest bit, after all, Voidless Realm wouldn’t throw away their dignity for just an ancient godly item. “Envoy!” Bai Cixin was in disbelief, and she could be seen to have lost her composure as she shouted out in surprise. Yu Quan said indifferently, “Bai Cixin, do you intend to go against Voidless Realm’s decision?!” The latter’s body trembled, and a feeling of powerlessness raised from the bottom of her feet to her head. “I wouldn’t dare!” Bai Cixin said after letting out a breath. However, only Wang Dabao knew that his wife was currently already on the verge of flying into a rage. Everyone didn't dare to go against such a colossus like Voidless Realm, and all they could do was to comply unconditionally with whatever that Voidless Realm said. Even Ye Xiao and Chu He also had no other choice but to lower their heads and comply with whatever that Voidless Realm says. Yu Quan had to return back to Voidless Realm and call for a meeting. After saying their goodbyes to Qing Ya, Yu Quan and the two bodyguards stepped into the void and disappeared from the venue. After Yu Quan left, everyone let out a huge breath. After all, when Voidless Realm was present at the venue, everyone felt extremely pressured. However, right now, killing intent permeated the venue, and the killing intent was being emitted out from Bai Family. From the looks of it, Bai Family and Tang Family were going to get into a fight. Meanwhile, Xiao Yi was very relaxed right now, and he felt as if he had gone back to when he was still an immortal emperor where he was always in a calm-minded state. From the looks of it, after rebirthing, I have started to become extremely impatient and restless. Withdrawing from the competition is perhaps a good thing for me. “This concludes today’s auction!” After finishing speaking, Ye Xiao left while with a load on his mind. The matter that happened back then must not get exposed! Chu He also understood that point. This Tang Family has to be eradicated! Meanwhile, Chen Xuanzong was preparing to pay Tang Wushuang a visit. And Song Huang was currently gazing at Qing Ya and Qing Yutong. My spiritual stones are all gone! You two have to return back those spiritual stones of mine even if you two have to go and sell yourselves! However, looking at Chu Bo who was standing behind Qing Ya, Song Huang felt that he should find a helper, furthermore, the helper has to be someone who was able to force Chu Bo to leave! Suddenly, a candidate appeared within Song Huang’s mind. Chu Bo would most likely give some face to this person, and furthermore, this person would most likely be able to give a high price for those two women. If one of those two women is worth 50 spiritual stones, two of them would be 100 spiritual stones! My breakthrough is near at sight, I must gain back the spiritual stones that I lost no matter what! Immediately, Song Huang took out his phone and gave the person a call. Soon after, Song Huang became exulted. I didn’t expect that this person would be present at Yuanlinglong too, just that he didn’t bother to show up at the auction. Song Huang hurriedly left his seat and went to find the person. The person was called Ye Tai, and he was Ye Xiao’s eldest son. Ye Tai was an extremely dissolute guy, and he wasn’t able to be happy without women. Although that was the case, Ye Tai’s strength was not something to belittle, after all, no matter what was said and done, he was still Ye Family’s eldest son! Song Huang came to a lounge that was located at Yuanlinglong’s side hall and knocked on the lounge door. “Come in!” A man’s voice rang out from the lounge. Song Huang pushed open the door. There wasn’t anyone in the living room, and instead, the sounds of people panting were ringing out from the bedroom. Song Huang let out a breath, then sat on the sofa and began waiting silently. After quite a while, a tall and robust man who was wearing nightclothes walked out of the bedroom. Looking at Ye Tai, he didn’t seem to look like the kind of person who lives a life of debauchery, a superior aura was being emitted out from his entire body. Song Huang had dealings with Ye Tai before, and he knew that Ye Tai was indeed a formidable person. Ye Tai was someone who was collected and reserved, but deep within the surface, he was basically a man who likes women. If one didn’t really know Ye Tai, one would think that Ye Tai was a young and promising eldest son of an aristocratic family. Different from Chu Bo, when Ye Tai came across a woman that he likes, he would just straightforwardly snatch the woman for himself, he has no bottom line at all. “Sage Doctor Song, long time no see.” Ye Tai sat on the sofa, then took out a cigar from a cigar box. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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