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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 332 – Risking life “Young Master Ye, looking at you, you are still as vigorous as before.” Song Huang was neither servile nor overbearing, and he also had no intention of fawning upon Ye Tai, after all, he was here to make a deal with Ye Tai. Ye Tai smiled faintly as he lighted up the cigar, “Sage Doctor Song, let’s get to the main point, is what you said just now true?” “Of course, it is a pity that Young Master Ye didn’t show up at the auction, or else you would have been able to see just how beautiful those two women are.” “Haha, after all, what is there to see in a boring auction.” Ye Tai came to Yuanlinglong together with his father, and upon arriving at Yuanlinglong, Ye Tai immediately snatched over a beautiful-looking woman. Ye Xiao knew his son’s moral conduct, which was why he said to Chu He that his son only knew how to indulge in sensual pleasures. Song Huang didn’t drag the conversation and straightforwardly quoted his price, “Young Master Ye, I, Song Huang, naturally wouldn’t introduce you to those two women for free, 50 spiritual stones for a woman, 100 spirituals stones for both of them!” “50 spiritual stones for a woman? Sage Doctor Song, your appetite sure is big!” Ye Tai was a bit dissatisfied, and his voice raised slightly. Song Huang persisted on the price that he had in his mind, “Young Master Ye, you will understand once you have seen those two women with your own eyes. However, Chu Bo is with those two women.” “Chu Bo? That man who likes cucking others?” “That’s right. As long as you are able to make that Chu Bo back away, you are going to be in luck with two very beautiful women.” Ye Tai laughed lightly, “This Chu Bo will naturally give me face and back away. Alright! I, Ye Tai, will go and take a look at those two women that you are talking about. Sage Doctor Song, do not deceive me, although you have a good reputation amongst a lot of people, I, Ye Tai, am not someone who can be messed around with easily!” “Naturally!” A trace of maliciousness flickered in Song Huang’s gaze. I, Sage Doctor Song Huang, am able to bring the dying back to life with my left hand, and make people suffer unspeakable misery with my right hand! Even when your father came across me, he also has to be polite to me, and yet you actually dare to threaten me?! At the other side, Qing Ya, who was carrying onto the asleep Donghuang Li, was intending to leave the venue, and Qing Yutong was following along with her big sister while feeling giddy. Chu Bo who was walking behind them wanted to go over and lend a supporting arm to Qing Yutong, but he didn’t dare to. His intuition was telling him that, if he were to touch Qing Yutong, it would be GG for him. The few of them walked over the stone bridge, and the other family heads could be seen leaving in their cars while with a happy expression on their faces. Today, those family heads could be counted to have broadened their view. “You can leave already.” Qing Ya said faintly. The words that Qing Ya just said were for Chu Bo, and the latter was currently thinking about other things and didn’t hear what Qing Ya said. Qing Yutong said giddily, “Youngster, you can leave already, if you continue to follow us, you are going to be done for.” Chu Bo came back to his senses. With the sound of a swoosh, Chu Bo opened his folding fan. After all, his chance has finally arrived. “Ladies, I, Chu Bo, am Ah Li’s underling, so naturally, I have to follow along with Ah Li. Moreover, this place is very far from the urban district, so just let me give you all a ride. Guaranteeing that you all are able to safely arrive back home is something that an underling should do.” While swaying his folding fan, Chu Bo said courteously, and what he just said does make sense. The three of them came to Yuanlinglong by Song Huang’s car, and right now, that Song Huang was definitely not in the mood to send them back home. Of course, Qing Ya could just teleport back home, but as someone who wants to live an ordinary life, unless she had no choice, she didn’t want to anyhow use her powers. Seeing that Qing Ya and Qing Yutong weren’t speaking, Chu Bo knew that they agreed with what he said, and he said with a smile, “Please wait for a moment, I will go and drive my car over.” Looking at the giddy look that was on her sister, Qing Ya shook her head. After waiting for a while, a Benz G-Class drove over to them, and Chu Bo got out of the car and opened the door for them like a gentleman. Qing Ya said thanks to Chu Bo, then entered into the car. Chu Bo didn’t expect that Qing Ya would be so courteous. What a truly gentle woman, women like her are very rare in this world. Chu Bo set up his GPS according to the address that Qing Ya provided to him, then began driving towards the destination. “Are you sure that this is the correct path?” Qing Ya asked confusedly. When that Song Huang drove us over to Yuanlinglong, the road to Yuanlinglong was smooth, but the road that this Chu Bo is currently driving on is very bumpy. Chu Bo was very confused too, “I’m just following the GPS, perhaps this is a shortcut.” It was indeed a shortcut, but it has already been ages since anyone has ever bothered taking this path. However, this gave Ye Tai and Song Huang an opportunity! Suddenly, the car came to a sudden brake. Qing Ya hurriedly stable herself, and Ah Li even almost knocked her head onto the car seat. Meanwhile, Qing Yutong’s head knocked onto the car seat, and she was currently rubbing onto her head. Qing Yutong was currently about to fly into a rage. Is your driver's license picked up from the ground?! “Why did you stop the car!” Qing Ya asked gravely. Chu Bo pointed to the front and said, “There are two people in front blocking the car's path.” Qing Ya and Qing Yutong took a look, and there were indeed two people. Furthermore, one of the two people was Song Huang. “Big sister, seems like there’s trouble.” Qing Yutong shook her head. Qing Ya sighed. As expected, this Song Huang is indeed not a good fellow! For him to actually come and block our path, it is obvious just what kind of a person he is. The three got off the car. Song Huang said towards Ye Tai, “Young Master Ye, what do you think, are they worth 50 spiritual stones each?” Ye Tai’s gaze was tightly fixed onto Qing Ya and Qing Yutong. I didn’t expect that there would be such beautiful women in this world. If I have them, what would I even need other women for? Other women are nothing but background characters when compared to them! “Yes, they are indeed worth 50 spiritual stones each!” There was excitement in Ye Tai’s voice, and greed was flickering in his eyes. I must take these two women for myself. In the future, I won’t need to look for other women anymore. Chu Bo opened his folding fan, then said with a smile, “And I thought who were blocking my path, so it is Ye Tai and Song Huang.” “Young Master Chu, it’s been a few years since we last met and you are still as dissolute as ever.” Ye Tai greeted with a smile. Looking at them, it felt as if Ye Tai and Song Huang were here to reminisce about the past with Chu Bo. However, Qing Ya was able to sense that Ye Tai and Song Huang harbored ill intentions. Even more, she felt that Chu Bo was together with those two. After all, Chu Bo was the one who drove the car to this place. Chu Bo had a relaxed look on his face, “Young Master Ye, do you not mingle in bars anymore? When did you get into robbing other people? Furthermore, you are even teaming up with Sage Doctor Song to rob people. Tsk, tsk, tsk.” Ye Tai stretched out his hand and rubbed onto his forehead, “What fun is there in mingling in bars. Once I have those two women behind you, I, Ye Tai, will start being a neet and stay at home all day!” Upon hearing what Ye Tai said, Qing Ya and Qing Yutong’s gazes turned cold. Chu Bo didn’t have any intention of backing away, “Young Master Ye, this wish of yours is not going to happen, I advise you to go back home and wash up, then go to sleep, you shouldn't continue staying here and throw your face away.” “Chu Bo! If you leave now, we will take it as nothing has ever happened, how about it? Even more, I will prepare a big gift for you.” Chu Bo’s expression changed slightly. From the looks of it, those two are determined to carry out what they are here to do! However, this is a good opportunity for me to act as a hero and save the beauties! “Ye Tai, who do you take me for! I will say it here and now, if you want to lay your hands on them, you are going to have to get through me first!” Chu Bo kept away his folding fan and said heroically. Meanwhile, Chu Bo was thinking to himself, “Those two beautiful women behind me must be touched by what I said, right?” However, both Qing Ya and Qing Yutong were considering Chu Bo as a suspect, and they didn’t feel touched by what he said at all. Right now, all Song Huang wanted was to gain back the spiritual stones that he lost, and he didn’t care about anything else. Compared to beautiful women, Song Huang cared about his own strength more. Ye Tai snorted coldly, “Chu Bo, do you intend on spoiling the relationship between Ye Family and Chu Family?!” “Ye Tai, I truly have to give it to you, to actually have the face to do such a thing like snatching away women by force. If not for your father, you would have long been killed by others!” Ye Tai let out a deep breath, “Since you don’t intend to back away, I have no choice but to kill you!” “Oh? You dare to kill me?!” Chu Bo was a bit surprised, he didn’t expect that Ye Tai would actually go to such lengths for beauties. Song Huang was a bit stupefied too. Kill the son of an aristocratic family? If such a matter were to be found out by others, he would be done for! Ye Tai clenched his fists tightly, and immediately, a substantial amount of spiritual energy surged into his fists. Right after, Ye Tai jumped towards Chu Bo and struck his right fist towards Chu Bo’s head! Song Huang was really startled by Ye Tai’s action. This Ye Tai is actually risking his life for those two women?! https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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