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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 334 – Cigarette smell Right after Qing Ya snapped her fingers, the entire world seemed to have turned quiet. Whatever biting cold killing intent, whatever surging spiritual energy, all of it disappeared completely. All that was left were the two people that came to a freeze within the air. Qing Ya said faintly, “Don’t wake up Ah Li.” Chu Bo who was standing behind Qing Ya had his mouth opened wide, and at the least 20 ham sausages could be stuffed into his mouth. She defeated Ye Tai and Sage Doctor with just a snap of her finger. And yet, just now, I actually… Ah, this is embarrassing! No, wait a moment! If this beautiful woman herself is already this powerful, just how formidable is her husband? My god! My god! Qing Yutong, who was at the side, let out a sigh. Big sister is starting to act cool again, she really doesn’t give me even the slightest chance to act cool. In the future, I won’t be playing together with big sister anymore. Furthermore, big sister even learned from brother-in-law to snap fingers. What, is it a big deal that you possess the power of blood vessels? When there comes a day where brother-in-law is in a very good mood, I will ask brother-in-law to help me to obtain blood vessels too. It was fortunate that the seal of the ring that Qing Ya was wearing on her finger had not been removed, otherwise, the snap of her fingers would contain even more might. Ye Tai and Song Huang were currently unable to remain calm anymore. She merely snapped her fingers, and the spiritual energy that is within my body immediately dissipated! This is impossible! “Just who are you!” Ye Tai asked gravely, he didn’t possess the calmness that he possessed just now anymore, and instead, he was currently feeling very panicky. Qing Ya said faintly, “I am merely an ordinary woman. Just that, I am pretty, I have money, and I have an adorable husband.” Qing Yutong covered her ears. I can’t hear… I can’t hear… Big sister is really too good at acting cool. Even Chu Bo also felt the same way as Qing Yutong. Acting cool was contagious. Thinking to back then, Qing Ya was such a pure girl. But ever since she had been taken by Ye Hua, she has gradually become depraved and likes to act cool. Ye Tai and Song Huang struggled with all of their strength, but it was to no avail. “Do you know just who I am! If you dare to touch even a single finger of mine, you will be done for!” Ye Tai had a panic look on his face. This woman’s strength is extremely frightening. After being in this trade for 20 years, today, I have finally stepped onto a nail. Qing Ya brushed her hand onto the air, and a piece of tree leaf slowly floated up from the ground, “I know that you are the son of an aristocratic family, and he is a Sage Doctor.” “Since you know that, quickly let me go!” Qing Ya shouted out coldly, “Just now, you actually dared to insult my husband! For you, death punishment may be avoided, but corporal punishment cannot be avoided!” “You!” Ye Tai stared at Qing Ya, and he completely did not have the cockiness that he had just now. The tree leaf could be seen emitting out a green light, then immediately struck towards the two people. The green light turned into a flowing green light as it danced around in the pitch-black night sky. Slash, slash, slash. The tree leaf was currently just like a sharp blade, opening wounds after wounds on the two people’s bodies. “Ah!!!” “Ah!!!” Ear-splitting screams rang out in the venue and looking at the wounds that were deep enough to the point that bones could be seen was enough to make one feel a chill running down their back. “Qing Ya! Stop! I just saved your grandma today!” While enduring the pain, Song Huang hurriedly shouted out. The tree leaf came to a stop, and not even a drop of blood was on the tree leaf. From this, it could be seen just how fast the tree leaf was. “Heroine, I won’t dare to do such a thing anymore! I really won’t dare anymore, please spare my life!” Ye Tai gave in and begged for mercy. This kind of torture is too painful, I would prefer dying a quick death than to suffer this kind of torture any longer. Chu Bo said in a low voice, “Lady Qing, you will be put into a rather troublesome situation if you were to kill this Ye Tai.” Qing Ya's brows became slightly wrinkled. My parents are still living in the north, and in the end, I will be going back to the bar to be with Ye Hua, I won’t be able to stay by my parents’ side for a long period of time. If I were to kill this person, it would be very troublesome when Ye Family begins to carry out an investigation. Of course, there won’t be any problems if I were to just exterminate Ye Family. However, I can’t exterminate Ye Family just because of one scum, the other people from Ye Family are innocent. Right at this moment, Qing Ya’s decision was being affected by her blood vessels, and she couldn’t bring herself to be ruthless. While looking at Ye Tai, Qing Ya said faintly, “In the future, if you dare to snatch women by force again, I will definitely not let you off this easily!” “Heroine, you can be at ease, I won’t dare to do bad things again anymore.” Right now, all Ye Tai could do was to beg for forgiveness, and he was willing to promise to whatever conditions that Qing Ya brought up. Qing Ya looked towards Song Huang, and faced against Qing Ya’s deathly glare, the latter became startled and didn’t dare to raise his head. “Let’s go back home.” Qing Ya let out a breath. Qing Yutong cried out in surprise, “Big sister, you are going to let them go just like this?! Just now, they were actually intending to…” “Alright, Yutong, let’s go back home.” Qing Ya said tenderly as she patted onto her sister’s shoulder, then entered into the car. Qing Yutong looked towards the two people who were confined within the air. The two of you are lucky that big sister is benevolent. If it was me, I would have cut each of you up into 100 pieces! Chu Bo continued assuming the role of a driver and began driving the three people back home. However, his heart still wasn’t able to calm down even after a long while had passed. These two women that are behind me are too frightening, I don’t even dare to anyhow speak anymore. Ye Tai and Song Huang were still hung within the air, seemingly just like two kites. After quite a while had passed, the two came to a free-fall and fell onto the ground. Looking at the wounds that were on their bodies, although the wounds were all just flesh wounds, the pain that was coming from their wounds wasn't light at all. “Song Huang! Your guts sure are big, to actually dare to set me up!” Ye Tai shouted out angrily at Song Huang. Originally, I was having a great time with a woman on my bed, and suddenly, this Song Huang gave me a call and told me that he had two high-quality women. That’s right! Those two women are truly high-quality women, high-quality to the point that I can’t afford to offend them! Song Huang also didn’t expect that those two women would be so strong, “Ye Tai, how would I know that those two actually possessed that kind of strength!” “F**k, not only did I not obtain the two women, but I also ended up suffering injuries, and my reputation has been ruined too!” Ye Tai punched his fist angrily onto the ground, he practically suffered a double loss while winning nothing at all. “My spiritual stones?” Song Huang asked. Ye Tai looked at Song Huang and laughed, “You actually still have the cheeks to ask me for spiritual stones? Do you even have any shame?!” “Ye Tai! The reason that you weren’t able to snatch over those two women for yourself is because you are not capable enough! And yet, you are actually blaming me? Do you not know that I was risking my life with you too!” “You were risking your life?! Before you gave me a call, I was having a great time with a woman on my bed! If not for you, would I have ended up in this state? Once that Chu Bo tells others of what happened here, where am I going to place my face at?!” The more Ye Tai spoke, the angrier he became, and all of a sudden, he punched his fist towards Song Huang’s face. Song Huang dodged Ye Tai’s fist, then said coldly, “Ye Tai! I will forget about the 100 spiritual stones, but you have to give me 50 spiritual stones no matter what! This will count as my mental damage fee.” “50 spiritual stones? I won’t give you even a single spiritual stone!” After Ye Tai finished speaking, the two seemed as if they were going to get into a fight anytime soon. However, after quite a while, the two didn’t end up getting into a fight with each other… The atmosphere was currently a little awkward. And the reason the two didn’t fight was because the two had wounds on their bodies, and the wounds hurt very much. “Just who is that woman’s man!” Ye Tai sat down on the ground as he couldn’t endure the pain anymore. After sitting on the ground, he began to slowly recover his spiritual energy. Song Huang did the same too. Upon hearing what Ye Tai said, Song Huang said, “I don’t know, but her man seems to be a formidable person.” “Then, how did you come to know the two of them?” “I met them when I was treating their grandma’s illness at their home today. I brought them to the auction to have fun, but I didn’t expect that I would get set up by them and end up losing my spiritual stones.” Ye Tai sneered, “After being set up by them, you actually came to set me up! Very good! Song Huang, I will remember you!” “Humph, don’t blame me just because you are incapable.” “Oh, and you are capable? In the end, you still ended up being played by those two women!” Right after Ye Tai finished speaking, the two began cursing out at each other, and while cursing out at each other, they ended up pulling onto their wounds, which made them feel painful to the point that their tears even came out. Immediately, the two stopped talking and focused on recovering their spiritual energy. After all, right now, whoever finished recovering first would have the upper hand. A light breeze blew over, and Song Huang suddenly wrinkled his brows. Why do I smell a cigarette smell? “Ye Tai, you are smoking?” Song Huang asked coldly. Ye Tai shouted out coldly, “I smoke your sister! How would I have the f**king mood to smoke right now!” “Then why is there a cigarette smell in the air?” Song Huang said confusedly. Upon hearing that, Ye Tai sniffed a few times. There is indeed a cigarette smell in the air. Where is this cigarette smell coming from? The two began looking around in all directions, and suddenly, their gazes were attracted by a red light. That should be where the cigarette smell is coming from! Someone is actually smoking within that forest! And yet, I didn’t discover that up until now! https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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