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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 335 – Threatening me, the Supreme Overlord? Ye Tai and Song Huang’s expressions tightened up as they slowly stood up from the ground. Looking at the shadowed figure, Ye Tai shouted out, “Just who is it acting all mysterious over there! Quickly come out and show yourself!” Song Huang didn’t speak, but his eyes were tightly fixed onto the shadowed figure. The shadowed figure who was standing within the forest slowly walked out from the forest, and a cigarette could be seen to be in the man’s mouth. The two people were sizing up the man who was standing in front of them. The man had a calm look on his face as he smoked onto his cigarette. He wore silk nightclothes that had flower patterns imprinted on them, and on his legs were actually a pair of Peppa Pig edition slippers. “Who are you!” Song Huang asked gravely. After taking a puff of his cigarette, the man said, “I am the stupid fool that you two were talking about!” That’s right! This person was precisely Ye Hua! In actuality, Ye Hua immediately sensed it when Donghuang Li asked for help in her own mind, and after leaving a mirror image on the bed, he appeared at Yuanlinglong. I want to see just who is it that dared to provoke my child! But who knew, Ah Li was completely fine, and she was just merely competing in poems with another person. Even more, Ye Hua discovered that his underlings were helping Ah Li to cheat. Cheating in games is fine, but to have to resort to cheating when bullying others, that definitely won’t do. In the future, I have to properly teach Ah Li that it is wrong to cheat. However, Ah Li indeed didn’t throw my face away, she should be praised when the praise is due. Afterward, Ye Hua decided that he might as well continue staying at Yuanlinglong till the auction ends. When he saw Xiao Yi, overall, he felt that Xiao YI knows how to conduct himself well and has performed rather well. Of course, he also saw Chen Xuanzong, and when he first saw Chen Xuanzong, his first thought was to kill him. However, Qing Ya’s attitude made Ye Hua feel very happy, and thus, he decided to not kill Chen Xuanzong. During the auction, Ye Hua didn’t discover anything interesting. However, something interesting did happen. Originally, I thought that after Xiao Yi withdrew from the competition, Bai Family will naturally be able to promote into an aristocratic family, but who would have thought, Tang Family actually cut into the competition. However, that isn’t the main point, the main point is that there seems to be a story behind Tang Family’s dagger. I have to find a time to ask Baizhi about that dagger, things have seemed to become interesting. Originally, after the auction ended, Ye Hua wanted to head straight back home, but he was a little worried that Qing Ya and the others may get into trouble, and thus, he trailed after them. And as expected, an incident happened. As the incident unfolded, Ye Hua stood quietly at a side and watched his wife act cool. It must be said, the words that Qing Ya said made Ye Hua feel very great. This Qing Ya, when she says the word “husband”, she says it so sweetly. However, when she is at home, she doesn’t call out to me sweetly like that, and all she does is call out to me as “Ye Hua”. Only when she is acting cute to me, then would she call me darling. However, Qing Ya is still not decisive enough. There is no need to spare this kind of people as their nature will never change. If you let them off once, they will think of a way to continue harassing you, and the troubles will keep coming endlessly. More importantly, these two actually dared to insult my wife and sister-in-law! Just this crime alone is enough for them to die over a thousand times! Furthermore, to actually dare to call me a stupid fool! Since Qing Ya is benevolent and isn’t willing to kill them with her hands, I should stand in for her and help her kill them! This was basically a situation where the wife was at the front letting off people, while the husband was at the back killing the people that had been let off. Upon hearing Ye Hua’s words, the two were confused for a moment. Soon after, Ye Tai said while feeling surprised, “You are Qing Ya’s husband!” “I am naturally her man. After all, only such a woman like her is worthy enough to be the wife of someone so outstanding like me.” Ye Hua let out a puff of smoke, and an unordinary aura was being emitted out from his entire body. The aura of narcissism. Looking at Ye Hua acting cool, both Ye Tai and Song Huang understood why Qing Ya was so good at acting cool. From the looks of it, it was all thanks to the man who was currently standing before them. “What do you want?” Song Huang asked coldly. Ye Hua extinguished his cigarette, then said, “What do I want? Do you foolish humans not have the slightest idea in your own mind?” The two began to slowly move backward, and Ye Tai hurriedly said, “Your wife has already let us off! You cannot make her go back on her word!” “Within my home, only what I say counts, and what they say doesn’t count.” Ye Hua said faintly. Ye Hua wanted to smoke another cigarette, but after checking his pockets, he couldn’t find any more cigarettes. The number of cigarettes that he could smoke in a day had been limited to a certain number by Donghuang Baizhi. While looking at Ye Hua’s action, Ye Tai suddenly had a bright idea and he immediately took out the box of cigarettes that he had on himself, “Big brother, please have a stick of cigarette!” “Not bad, you know how to act.” Ye Hua took over the cigarette box, took out a stick of cigarette, then placed the cigarette box into his pocket. After igniting the cigarette and taking a puff of the cigarette, Ye Hua’s brows wrinkled slightly. Taking a look at the brand of the cigarette, the brand was Hetianxia. “I prefer smoking Furongwang’s cigarettes more than Hetianxia’s cigarettes, therefore, you still won’t be exempted from your crime!” While speaking, Ye Hua took in another puff of the cigarette. This cigarette tastes pretty nice, just that, this cigarette is a bit more expensive compared to the cigarettes that I normally smoke. Right now, my funds are being controlled by my wives, and I am only given 100 rmb to spend every day, I can’t afford to smoke expensive cigarettes… This fellow actually dares to brag in front of me, this can’t be forgiven! Ye Tai and Song Huang were both people that were smart. If that Qing Ya is already that formidable, as someone who is her husband, this man is definitely even more formidable. “Big brother, I really didn’t mean to do it, everything happened because of him. I only did such a foolish thing because of a moment of impulse.” Ye Tai pointed at Song Huang and shouted out. Song Huang said while feeling upset, “Ye Tai, I didn’t drag you over here by force, you came here willingly by your own will!” Ye Hua waved his hand and said faintly, “Alright, don’t argue anymore. You should focus on enjoying your final moment in this world.” Ye Tai shook his head. I am still young, I don’t want to die. “You cannot kill me, I am the son of an aristocratic family! If you killed me, my father won’t let you off, and Voidless Realm also won’t let you off too!” Ye Tai couldn’t help but threaten Ye Hua. Right now, only by doing this, then would I perhaps be able to have a slight chance of surviving. Ye Hua let out a breath and said faintly, “I forgot to tell you, I have another wife. She is called Donghuang Baizhi, and she is precisely Voidless Realm’s empress. Just now, I was even hugging her while sleeping.” Ye Tai and Song Huang opened their eyes wide, and both of them had a look of disbelief on their faces. How could the empress be this man’s woman! “Therefore, don’t use that puny Ye Family of yours to threaten me. I could exterminate your Ye Family with just a flick of my finger.” Ye Hua said as he flicked away his cigarette ash. Song Huang suddenly recalled what happened tonight! It is no wonder that those people were so respectful towards Qing Ya! It is no wonder that those people from Voidless Realm wanted to sit beside her! If the empress is this man’s woman, it is only natural that Qing Ya knows the empress! Thinking up to here, Song Huang’s entire body became powerless. After finishing smoking the stick of cigarette, Ye Hua extinguished the cigarette, then said, “Alright, what else do you have that you want to threaten me with?” “Even if the empress is your wife, you are unable to dominate over the whole Cultivation World! Within the south, there is still Ying Family!” Ye Tai bellowed. Ye Tai wanted to give himself some confidence by bellowing, but it was completely no use. Ye Hua said faintly, “Ying Family’s Ying Jingshan is already the subordinate of a subordinate of a subordinate of mine. For Ying Family to dare to attack Voidless Realm, do you think that they would dare to do it without my permission?” Looking at Ye Hua who was speaking leisurely, Ye Tai really didn’t want to believe in what Ye Hua said, but deep in his heart, he believed everything that Ye Hua said. This man actually let his subordinate attack his wife’s power! This man is practically inhumane! “The Cultivation World’s tendency is controlled in my hands, what else do you have to threaten me with? I will bestow you the chance to continue on threatening me!” Ye Tai lost his stable and fell onto the ground, “Fake! Everything that you said is fake!” Right now, Song Huang’s brain was buzzing continuously. If everything that this man said is the truth, the entire Cultivation World is indeed really controlled in his hands. “Well, there is no harm in bestowing you with another piece of information. Ji Family was exterminated by me!” Upon hearing that, both Ye Tai and Song Huang didn’t have the strength to struggle anymore. Both of them lied down on the ground, and there wasn’t any light within their eyes, it was as if the two of them were corpses. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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