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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 336 – School is about to open Ye Hua let out a light sigh. I am only able to act cool in front of these two salted fish, just when will I be able to act cool at a big event? When the time comes where I am able to act cool at a big event, the scene is definitely going to be spectacular. All of those people, they think that they have everything under their control, but in actuality, they are merely playthings that are dancing around on my palm. I am really looking forward to when that day comes. I will remember this debt that Ye Family owes to me for now. I am a petty person, I will slowly make Ye Family pay for it in the future! Looking at the two people who seemed lifeless, Ye Hua lightly tapped onto the air with his finger, and right after, tree roots could be seen growing out from the two people’s legs! The tree roots grew out from their flesh, then pierced into the ground! “Ah!!!” “Ah!!!” Right after, branches and tree leaves began growing out from their entire bodies at an incredibly high speed. The tree roots, branches, and tree leaves were all transformed from their blood and meridians, the pain that they were suffering was totally unimaginable, but they were unable to faint from the pain, and instead, they were able to feel the pain very clearly. Afterward, Ye Hua slowly turned his body around. Since the two of you actually dared to try and lay your hands on my woman, I shall bestow the two of you with this extremely painful punishment! As Ye Hua’s body disappeared, there were now two more big trees in the venue. Ye Tai and Song Huang didn’t die. While looking at their surroundings, they wanted to scream, but they weren’t able to. This punishment that was given to them was even worse than dying. Every tree leaf that fell from their bodies, or every branch that ended up breaking was practically torture to them. After all, the tree leaves and branches were a part of their bodies. As long as the world doesn’t come to an end, they were going to have to keep on remaining at the exact same spot and suffer endlessly. Or perhaps, if a forest fire were to happen, they would be able to be freed from their suffering. …… Returning back to the bed, Ye Hua continued hugging onto the empress, and his hands began lightly rubbing onto the empress’s body. “Hmmm~” Donghuang Baizhi who was in her dreams let out a moan. Afterward, she turned her body around and leaned into Ye Hua’s embrace, then stretched out her hands and hugged onto Ye Hua’s body. Looking at the empress who seemed just like a kitty, Ye Hua laughed lightly, then hugged onto the empress and gradually fell to sleep. However, tonight, Ye Hua had an unpleasant dream. In his dream, he dreamt of his two women getting into a quarrel with him again. How is this possible? Where did they get the confidence from to quarrel with me? “Ye Hua… Ye Hua… Time to wake up!” Donghuang Baizhi’s voice rang out in Ye Hua’s ears. Ye Hua slowly opened his eyes, and the beautiful Donghuang Baizhi entered into his eyes. Today, the empress actually put on makeup! With Donghuang Baizhi’s looks, she looked beautiful even if she didn’t wear makeup. However, after putting on makeup, although the makeup didn’t add much to her beauty, it did indeed make her look a tiny bit more beautiful than usual. Donghuang Baizhi had a different kind of distinctive appearance when she had makeup on, and Ye Hua really liked it. Furthermore, the empress’s attire today was very mature-looking. She could be seen to be wearing a floral print dress which revealed her pure white arms, and her jet-black hair was tied to the back of her head. She was dressed up just like a married woman. Looking at Donghuang Baizhi, Ye Hua said, “Who are you preparing to entice by dressing up like this?” Donghuang Baizhi said petulantly, “Who else but you.” Music to my ears. Ye Hua aggressively pulled Donghuang Baizhi into his embrace, then pressed her onto the bed and began kissing onto her. “My lipstick is getting messed up!” Donghuang Baizhi pushed away Ye Hua and said while with her face red. “You can apply the lipstick again later on.” After finishing speaking, Ye Hua straightforwardly kissed onto Donghuang Baizhi’s lips. After a while, Donghuang Baizhi said, “Don’t mess around anymore, a strange matter happened last night.” Ye Hua stopped taking advantage of the beauty, however, he was still hugging onto Donghuang Baizhi. Ye Hua asked while already knowing what happened, “What happened?” “Last night was supposed to be the day where Voidless Realm announced the sixth aristocratic family, but a situation happened, and the situation is a bit thorny.” Donghuang Baizhi wanted Ye Hua to help her think about how to deal with the situation. After all, the situation was connected with an incident that happened very long ago. Furthermore, now that Donghuang Baizhi has a man to depend on, Donghuang Baizhi’s reliance on Ye Hua was a bit heavy. Ye Hua asked curiously, “What situation happened? And why is it a bit thorny?” Donghuang Baizhi began telling everything to Ye Hua, and Ye Hua finally understood everything. So this ancient godly item is connected to the incident that happened a hundred years ago! Interesting! This is really interesting! This Tang Family has piqued my interest! Since that’s the case, I should give this Tang Family a chance and let them properly act out a show for me! “Baizhi, it is fate that Tang Family was able to obtain the ancient godly item. Furthermore, it has already been a hundred years since that incident happened, this generation shouldn’t have to shoulder a mistake that was done by a generation of the past.” Donghuang Baizhi raised her head and looked at her husband, then asked tenderly, “Ye Hua, you are saying that I should let Tang Family join into the competition?” “Since your Voidless Realm has already said that anyone who possessed an ancient godly item is allowed to join the competition, if you don’t allow Tang Family to join the competition now, your Voidless Realm would basically be going back on its word. Other people wouldn’t care about the origins of the ancient godly item, and all they would care about is that your Voidless Realm actually went back on its word.” There was nothing wrong with what Ye Hua said, and just based on his words, one would come to the conclusion that he was concerned for Voidless Realm’s prestige, but in actuality, Ye Hua was preparing to secretly help Tang Family. Donghuang Baizhi felt that what Ye Hua just said made a lot of sense. What Ye Hua just said is true, Voidless Realm can’t go back on its word. “En, I got it.” Donghuang Baizhi smiled tenderly. “Aren’t you going to thank me?” Ye Hua held onto the empress’s chin and said faintly. Donghuang Baizhi charmingly rolled her eyes at her man, then pressed him down onto the bed and kissed forcibly onto him. Haha, I precisely like how dominating this woman is. After being lovely with each other, the two walked out of their bedroom. Right now, Ye Hua has already broken away from being restricted to crutches. Looking at him right now, he seemed to have already "healed" completely. Just now, Ye Hua saw the message that Qing Ya sent to him, and when he saw the message, he laughed lightly, then replied “Love you too” back to Qing Ya. Of course, he also saw the videos that Qing Yutong sent to him. Today was the day that Ye Zizi was going to report to school, and Ye Hua and Donghuang Baizhi were going to accompany Ye Zizi to her school. Ye Hua wanted to accompany Ye Zizi to school because he was worried that Ye Zizi would cause trouble, while Donghuang Baizhi wanted to accompany Ye Zizi to school merely because she was concerned for Ye Zizi. After all, Ye Zizi was her husband’s cousin. Knock, knock, knock! Ye Hua knocked onto Qing Yutong’s bedroom door. Knock, knock, knock! After knocking for quite a while and seeing that there was no response, Ye Hua's brows became wrinkled. This Ye Zizi couldn’t have run away, right?! Ye Hua straightforwardly pushed open the door and entered into the bedroom. When Ye Hua saw Ye Zizi who was lying down on her bed, he let out a breath of relief. If you had run away, I would have made sure that your butt gets beaten till it becomes swollen! Ye Zizi was very sad. Last night, she saw the videos that Qing Yutong sent to her, and she felt extremely envious of Qing Yutong. They are all able to go outside and act cool, and yet I have to suffer going to school… “What time is it already and you are still in bed?!” Ye Hua shouted out gravely. Donghuang Baizhi pulled onto Ye Hua. “What are you shouting at a child for, sleeping in is a normal thing to do.” While speaking, Donghuang Baizhi went over to wake Ye Zizi up. “Hmmm~ Hmmm~ Hmmm~ I don’t want to get up from bed, I don’t want to go to school, I want to go out and play~ I want to play computer games~” Ye Zizi was merely pretending to be asleep, and when she sensed that Donghuang Baizhi was walking over to wake her up, she began throwing a tantrum and flailing her four limbs. Donghuang Baizhi hurriedly walked over and said, “Zizi, going to school is something that everyone has to experience in their life.” “Big brother himself has never gone to school before in his life!” Ye Zizi said while panting with anger. Wei Chang and the others don’t have to go to school, so why do I have to go to school? Ye Hua’s gaze turned cold as he shouted out gravely, “You are going to have to go to school today no matter what, or else, you can scram!” Ye Zizi immediately began crying out loudly as she hugged onto Donghuang Baizhi, “Sister-in-law, look at brother-in-law, he’s bullying me again…” Donghuang Baizhi rolled her eyes at Ye Hua. However, since Ye Hua is acting as the bad guy, all I have to do is to just act as the good guy. “Alright, your big brother means well for you. Come on, let’s get up from the bed.” Ye Zizi knew that she wasn’t going to be able to escape from having to go to school unless she scrams. However, she didn’t want to scram, thus, she had no choice but to go to school. “Big brother, get out, I’m going to change my clothes!” Ye Zizi didn’t hesitate to use her identity as His Honor’s cousin to be rude to His Honor. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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