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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 340 – Qing Ya’s questioning During those two days, Qing Ya and her sister have been accompanying their mothers and didn’t go outside. As for Chu Bo, during that night, after sending Qing Ya and the others back home, he immediately returned back home and reported Ye Tai and Song Huang’s scandal to his family. Immediately, Chu Family became furious, they didn’t expect that Ye Tai would actually team up with Song Huang to try and kill Chu Bo. Naturally, Chu Family was definitely going to seek justice for Chu Bo. However, Chu Family wouldn’t just blindly completely believe in everything that Chu Bo said, therefore, Chu Family sent people to search for Ye Tai and Song Huang… And up till now, they still haven’t been able to find either one of them. Qing Family’s villa, Qing Yutong was currently hugging onto Donghuang Li and watching Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf. It was fine if Donghuang Li was the only one focusing on the show, but Qing Yutong was actually also focusing on the show. From time to time, Qing Yutong would discuss about the show’s plot with Donghuang Li and guess which goat would get eaten first. Qing Ya was sitting at the side and pondering about something. “Yutong, have you been keeping in touch with the Sage Doctor?” Wang Muqing asked. Qing Yutong laughed, “Mom, how would the Sage Doctor possibly fall for me, he has already stopped contacting me.” “Foolish child, you can take the initiative to contact him if he doesn’t contact you.” Qing Yutong immediately became speechless. This mom of mine sure is materialistic. Zi Han, on the other hand, asked Qing Ya, “Ya’er, have you got in contact with Chen Xuanzong?” Qing Ya was still pondering about something in her own mind and didn’t realize her mom was talking to her. “Ya’er?” Zi Han called out. “Mom? What’s the matter?” Qing Ya asked as she came back to her senses. Zi Han let out a light sigh, “What were you thinking about on your mind?” “Oh, nothing, what’s the matter?” “Have you met with Chen Xuanzong?” Zi Han asked Qing Ya wrinkled her brows. Seems like my own mom still has her eyes on Chen Xuanzong. “Mom, I am already someone who has a husband, is it really good for you to act like this?” Zi Han let out a sigh helplessly. The two moms took a look at each other, and their eyes were filled with gloominess. Standing up from the seat, Qing Ya said lightly, “I will be going out for a while to buy roast duck. Yutong, want to tag along with me?” Qing Yutong was not interested in going out to buy roast duck, “I’m not going, you can go ahead and go by yourself.” “Ah Li, do you want to tag along?” Qing Ya asked. Donghuang Li replied, “Ah Li doesn’t want to tag along.” “Alright, since the two of you don’t want to tag along, I will go by myself.” Qing Ya appeared to be sulky, but in actuality, she was laughing in her heart. This move is known as using retreat as advancement. Those two are after all Ye Hua’s eyes. Just now, if I were to straightforwardly say that I was going to go out, Yutong would definitely be suspicious of what I am going out for. Therefore, I tried to lower her guard first by asking if she wants to go out along with me, and as expected, it worked! Qing Ya didn’t bother changing clothes. While wearing a short-sleeved shirt and jeans, Qing Ya casually took a car key and went out. Qing Yutong did not properly do her duty as a spy. Qing Ya was intending on paying Xiao Family a visit, she really wanted to know why Xiao Yi would suddenly pay the money that he lost from the bet. In actuality, Qing Ya has been perplexed about this question for a very long time, and when Xiao Yi acted so respectfully towards her during the auction, she became more curious about the question. Since Ye Hua isn’t willing to tell me, I will go and ask Xiao Yi myself. Because of Qing Yutong’s negligence, Ye Hua’s peaceful family was going to experience another round of storm. While driving a BMW 740, Qing Ya straightforwardly head towards Xiao Family. 40 minutes later, Qing Ya parked her car outside of Xiao Manor. Looking at Xiao Manor, Qing Ya felt rather shocked. This manor sure looks imposing, Ye Hua is much more low-profile compared to this Xiao Yi. Qing Ya misunderstood Ye Hua, Ye Hua was merely used to living a high-profile life, and thus decided to try living a low-profile life. “Miss, what matter do you have here?” The guard who was guarding Xiao Manor’s gate asked. Qing Ya said faintly, “I’m here to look for Xiao Yi.” “May I ask for your name?” “Qing Ya.” “Please wait a moment.” After finished speaking, the guard went to report to Xiao Yi, and without long, Xiao Yi himself came out to welcome Qing Ya. “CEO Qing.” Xiao Yi greeted with a smile. “CEO Xiao.” Qing Ya said with a gentle smile. Xiao Yi hurriedly began leading Qing Ya into the manor, and as they walked within the manor and listened to the sound of the flowing stream nearby, Qing Ya said, “CEO Xiao, your manor’s environment sure is unique.” “This masterpiece of an environment is thanks to my wives.” Xiao Yi was following by Qing Ya’s side, and if one were to look attentively, they would discover that Xiao Yi was acting like an escort instead of acting like the owner of the manor. Even Qing Ya was able to sense that. “CEO Xiao sure is fortunate to be able to have so many wives.” Qing Ya said with a smile. Ye Hua, on the other hand, was not as fortunate as Xiao Yi. Xiao Yi said, “I am indeed fortunate to be able to obtain their adoration. CEO Qing, how about we head inside and have a cup of tea?” Qing Ya nodded her head. Soon after, the two arrived at the main hall. Shu Nan personally boiled a pot of tea and brought over the pot of tea, and when Xiao Yi’s wives found out that Qing Ya came over, they went over and greeted Qing Ya. The topics revolved around family trifle matters, and Xiao Yi was curious as to why Qing Ya suddenly paid him a visit. Looking at Yu Qi’s bulging belly, Qing Ya said towards Xiao Yi, “Congratulations, CEO Xiao, you are going to be a father.” Xiao Yi was of course happy about that, “Haha, this child is extremely mischievous.” Qing Ya rubbed onto her own belly, and Qing Ya’s action was spotted by Shu Nan, “CEO Qing, are you pregnant?” Qing Ya appeared to be very happy as she slightly nodded her head, “That’s right, it has been a few months already, and it is only recently that there are some big reactions coming from the baby.” “Congratulations, CEO Qing. I wish that you will be able to give birth to a noble child.” “Same to you, same to you.” Qing Ya said courteously. Speaking up to here, everyone appeared to be a little awkward as they do not know what other things to talk about. Meanwhile, Qing Ya discovered a strange thing. Why is Nangong Xinyi not here? “CEO Xiao, where did Madam Nangong go to? Why don’t I see her?” The moment Qing Ya finished speaking, Xiao Yi and his wives’ expressions froze for a moment. Qing Ya was currently very sensitive, and she immediately discovered their peculiarity. Could it be that, something happened to Nangong Xinyi? Suddenly, a maid brought over a child to the main hall. “Daddy, let’s go and play soccer.” The child was precisely Xiao Yi’s son, Xiao Yun. Xiao Yi revealed out an affectionate smile on his face, “Yun’er, there is a guest at our house right now. Come over, this person over here is Aunt Qing.” Xiao Yun was very polite as he shouted out towards Qing Ya, “Hello, Aunt Qing.” This child looks rather good. With a smile on her face, Qing Ya asked, “Whose child is this?” Shu Nan said with a smile, “This is Big Sister Nangong’s child.” Qing Ya beckoned at Xiao Yun, and Xiao Yun walked over to the front of Qing Ya. This aunt is so pretty. “Little fellow, where did your mom go to?” Qing Ya asked curiously. Xiao Yun’s small face sunk, “Daddy said that mommy went out on a business trip and it’s going to take a very, very long time till she is able to come back home.” After finishing speaking, Xiao Yun immediately began missing his mommy, and thus he threw himself into his father’s embrace and said, “Daddy, Yun’er misses mommy, can you bring me to go and meet with mommy now?” The corner of Xiao Yi’s mouth twitch slightly, and the expression on his face looked very abnormal. “Yu Qi, bring Yun’er to his room.” Xiao Yi said gravely. Xiao Yun immediately began bawling and shouting out that he wants his mommy. Only after a few maids came over, then did they manage to carry Xiao Yun away from the main hall. However, Xiao Yun’s bawling could still be heard coming from afar. Right now, Qing Ya was absolutely certain that something happened to Nangong Xinyi, and furthermore, Xiao Yi sealed off the information on what happened to Nangong Xinyi. “CEO Xiao, in actuality, the reason I came over here today is that I have a question that I want to ask you.” Qing Ya told Xiao Yi her intention. Xiao Yi nodded his head. Qing Ya asked faintly, “That 500 million from back then, why did you suddenly decide to pay up?” Why did I suddenly decide to pay up? Everyone from Xiao Family recalled what happened that night. Faced against that incomparably formidable skeleton, what other choice did they have? Not only did they have to pay up, but they also even had to pay a human life as interest! To Xiao Yi, the blow that he suffered from that night was too heavy even for him. My beloved was forced to death by the other party, but what is laughable is that I actually went and begged them, and even ended up working for my enemy! Thinking of this matter, Xiao Yi clenched his fists, and spiritual energy which had the aura of anger gradually began emitting out from his body. “Cough, cough, cough!” Shu Nan let out a few light coughs, reminding her husband to pay attention to his actions. Although we do not know who the mastermind is, if the mastermind is actually really that Leisure Bar’s boss, that means even more that we can’t afford to offend this Qing Ya. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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