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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 342 – Family crisis incoming “I heard that this black robed even did an improper act to Cloud Sect’s sect master, causing Cloud Sect’s sect master to get chased out of Cloud Sect. Furthermore, the black robed was also present back then when an ancient godly item appeared in the south.” An improper act? Qing Ya’s expression turned grave. Not only did Ye Hua’s subordinate force a mother to death, but his subordinate also brought harm to a woman? Does this matter have anything to do with Ye Hua or not? Is it just his subordinate one-sidedly acting outrageously, or did that subordinate gotten Ye Hua’s permission to act as he did? Qing Ya would rather believe that everything was that black robed’s own doings, and Ye Hua was unaware of what the black robed had done! “I got it, you all can put your minds at ease, I will handle it.” Qing Ya appeared to have a lot on her mind, and after she finished speaking, she left the main hall. Xiao Yi hurriedly followed after Qing Ya and went to see Qing Ya off. At the gate, Xiao Yi was feeling very complicated as he watched Qing Ya drive off in her car. Xiao Yi really wasn’t sure if placing Xiao Family’s hope on Qing Ya was right or wrong, but in any case, Xiao Family’s fate was hanging on a thread once again. Qing Ya didn’t go straight home, instead, she went and bought a roast duck before heading back home. “Big sister, why did you take so long just to buy a roast duck, we are already about to starve to death.” Qing Yutong who was hugging onto Ah Li said mischievously. While looking at Qing Yutong, the two mothers shook their heads. This child is already this big, and yet she still behaves like a child. “Aunt Qing, Ah Li’s stomach is about to shrivel from hunger.” Donghuang Li rubbed onto her small stomach and giggled. Qing Ya laughed, “Come, let Aunt Qing touch Ah Li’s stomach and see if it’s true. There was a traffic jam just now, that’s why it took a bit long.” Qing Yutong rolled her eyes at her big sister, “The traffic jam went on for 2 hours? You didn’t go and secretly met up with your secret lover, right?” Qing Ya knocked onto her sister’s head, “Go and eat your roast duck.” On the other hand, Zi Han’s eyes lighted up. Could it be that, she went and met up with Chen Xuanzong? Upon returning home, Qing Ya appeared very normal and there wasn’t any peculiarity in her behavior. And that was because Qing Ya currently felt that Ye Hua was wrongly accused. She knew that Ye Hua wouldn’t do such a thing like that! However, she didn’t dare to go and directly question Ye Hua, she was afraid that she would receive a different answer, and at that time, she really wouldn’t know just what she should do. Just like this, time went by one day after another. In the blink of an eye, a week had passed. Ye Tai and Song Huang still haven’t been found, no one knows where they ran to, it was as if the two of them just disappeared completely from thin air. This caused Ye Family’s family head to feel a bit uneasy. Meanwhile, Voidless Realm issued the outcome, they will be allowing Tang Family to join in on the aristocratic family election, and this caused Bai Family to go mad with anger. In order to prevent casualties from happening, Voidless Realm warned both Tang and Bai Family that before the result comes out, both families weren’t allowed to get into any fights, whichever family that dares to go against their warning will get withdrawn from the aristocratic family election. To Tang Family, that was a good thing, but to Bai Family, that warning practically made their situation become even worse. As for Qing Ya, originally, she said that she would return home after a week, but even after a week had passed, she still hasn’t returned home. Qing Yutong had even urged Qing Ya a few times to return back home, but Qing Ya would always say, “Let’s stay for a bit more and accompany our parents.” But in actuality, it was because Qing Ya didn’t dare to go back home. Recently, Ye Zizi has become a lot more well-behaved. She hasn’t been late to school and also hasn’t caused any trouble at school. This caused Ye Hua to become rather happy as he thought to himself, “Ye Zizi has grown up.” However, Ye Hua was currently feeling a bit gloomy. This Qing Ya, she doesn’t even intend to come back home anymore after she went to her parents’ house. However, with Donghuang Baizhi there to accompany him every day, Ye Hua’s mood was able to become slightly better. Just that, their plan to have another child still hasn’t been carried out yet. Right now, Ye Hua didn’t feel that urgent to make another child, but Donghuang Baizhi, on the other hand, was starting to feel urgent. Within a day, she would at least ask Ye Hua two times, “Ye Hua, when are we going to start making another child?” And Ye Hua was very cocky as he looked at the empress who was requesting to make a child, “I’m precisely going to take my time and make you feel urgent.” During this day, Ye Hua really couldn’t take it anymore and he took his phone and gave Qing Ya a call. “You have to come back home today, or else I will come over and capture you back home!” Ye Hua issued an irrefutable order. It has already been half a month since he last saw Qing Ya, and he was sort of missing Qing Ya already. Upon hearing Ye Hua’s familiar voice, Qing Ya said tenderly, “Alright, alright, alright, we will come back home today.” “That’s more like it. We will be eating crayfish tonight.” Qing Ya, “……” After keeping away his phone, Ye Hua laughed lightly, evidently being in a good mood. I will watch the television for a bit, then head over to the airport to pick them up. Donghuang Baizhi walked over to Ye Hua’s back, then stretched out and placed her delicate hands on Ye Hua’s shoulders, “Is Qing Ya preparing to come back home?” “En, if she still doesn’t come back home, I would be personally going over to capture her back home!” Ye Hua said with a faint smile. Donghuang Baizhi said tenderly, “Alright, I’m feeling jealous now~” “Oh? The empress is feeling jealous? Let me take a look, I want to see just how the empress looks when she is feeling jealous.” “Annoying~” While speaking, Ye Hua embraced the empress and began caressing the empress. Meanwhile, the empress was very vexed. This Ye Hua, he keeps on igniting my flame, but doesn’t extinguish the flame that he ignites, he always stops halfway… When Donghuang Li found out that they were going to be going back home, she appeared to be very happy. She has been staying at Zijin City for quite a while already and she misses her daddy and mommy. Both Zi Han and Wang Muqing were helpless toward the fact that their daughters were going to be returning back to the south. Zi Han and Wang Muqing saw their daughters off at the airport and they were very reluctant to part with their daughters. After all, the next time where their daughters would come back home would probably be during the new year. At the other side, Ye Hua and Donghuang Baizhi came to Long’an City’s airport to pick up Qing Ya and the others. When Ye Hua saw Qing Ya, Qing Yutong, and Ah Li walking out of the airport, a light smile appeared on his face. It has been half a month since I last saw Qing Ya, and she is still as pretty as usual. Her stomach is slightly bulging now too. “Daddy~ Mommy~” When Donghuang Li saw her parents, she dashed over like a superheroine, then jumped directly into Ye Hua’s embrace. While hugging his daughter, Ye Hua asked lightly, “Has Ah Li been obedient during this half a month?” “En, Ah Li has been very obedient.” While speaking, Ah Li kissed onto her father’s cheek, then stretched out her hands toward her mother. Donghuang Baizhi carried over her daughter, and the two began chatting with each other. Meanwhile, Ye Hua looked towards Qing Ya. Aren’t you going to come over to my embrace yet? Qing Ya slowly walked over to the front of her husband, then hugged onto her husband and said tenderly, “Ye Hua, I missed you so much.” This was most possibly the longest time the two had been separated from each other. While hugging lightly onto Qing Ya, Ye Hua said tenderly, “I missed you too.” Listening to Ye Hua’s tone, Qing Ya felt a bit more at ease. After all, a man who possesses love wouldn’t be able to do such a horrible thing. Qing Yutong, who was standing at the side, was feeling very unhappy. Why isn’t anyone welcoming me? They are being too heartless. Seeing that his sister-in-law was sulkily standing at the side, Ye Hua let go of his lovely wife, then opened his arms to his sister-in-law. Don’t misunderstand, this is just merely a brother-in-law’s concern and care towards his sister-in-law. I, the Supreme Overlord, never lie. Qing Yutong became exulted. My butt didn’t get beaten by brother-in-law for nothing. Immediately, Qing Yutong hugged onto Ye Hua. Ye Hua observed the expressions of the surrounding men, then sneered in his mind, “My luck with women is not something that you all will be able to enjoy.” The surrounding men were very envious of Ye Hua. Those two beautiful women are being hugged by the same guy, god is truly unfair! “Let’s head back home.” With his left hand holding onto Qing Ya’s waist, his right hand holding onto the empress’s waist, and his sister-in-law following behind him, Ye Hua began to head back home. I, the Supreme Overlord, am precisely a winner of life. If there is anyone who doesn’t agree with me, feel free to step up. I, the Supreme Overlord, should teach you how to behave in mere minutes. When they returned to Leisure Bar, it was already 7 pm night. Because Ye Hua knew that Qing Ya was going to be returning home tonight, the bar wasn’t opened for business tonight. Tonight, they were going to have dinner together and properly enjoy this reunion. When Qing Yutong saw Ye Zizi who was wearing a school uniform, she immediately began teasing Ye Zizi. Looking at the cocky look on Qing Yutong’s face as she teased Ye Zizi, even Ye Hua couldn’t help but want to give Qing Yutong a smacking, so let alone Ye Zizi. Various kinds of Great Desolate Beasts’ meat, adding on with crayfish and cold coca cola, it was truly a wonderful dinner. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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