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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 346 – Do not need benevolence Death Mage and Xun Fang silently took their leave. His Honor is definitely in a bad mood right now, and I heard that when His Honor is in a bad mood, he would threaten his subordinates to break up… “Brother-in-law, Ah Li was taken away by her mother.” Qing Yutong suddenly ran over. “I got it, she can do as she pleases!” Ye Hua shouted out gravely. “Erm… where is my big sister?” Qing Yutong asked feebly. “Both of them have left this home!” After finishing speaking, Ye Hua lighted up a cigarette as he went upstairs. While sitting on the office’s sofa, Ye Hua decided on a matter. I am going to let them see just how laughable that so-called benevolence of theirs is! In actuality, Ye Hua should be feeling glad. After all, Qing Ya merely discovered a small portion of Ye Hua’s secret. If all of Ye Hua’s secrets were to have been discovered, Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi wouldn’t have said that they will wait for him to think things through. However, that wasn’t important anymore. Ye Hua extinguished his cigarette butt, and his gaze began turning deep and eerie. I am going to make you all beg me to let you all come back home! Furthermore, I am going to let you all understand that benevolence does not exist in this world! Ye Hua waved his hand, and immediately, the office began distorting and gradually changing into another location. Not sure when, the sofa turned into a throne, and the throne was made using a pile of skulls. Amongst the skulls, there were the skulls of humans, skulls of beast men, skulls of rare elves, and even the skulls of gigantic dragons. The skulls intertwined together and formed into a frightening and sinister looking throne. Currently, Ye Hua has already changed out from his corporeal body and revealed his most original form. However, very quickly, a seven-colored mystical lights hard armor appeared on his body, and the surrounding darkness was lit up by the mystical lights. The mystical lights lingered around the surrounding like surging raging flames, the auras that were being emitted out from the mystical lights seemed as if it was going to swallow the heavens and earth. Meanwhile, when the surrounding was illuminated by the mystical lights, the appearance of a palace appeared. This palace was Ye Hua’s previous meeting hall, the long passageway was extremely long, and the end of the passageway could not be seen. A bright red carpet was laid out on the floor, and the floor was made using the bodies of young ancient crystal dragons. The extremely long passageway was basically the result of slaughtering crystal dragons’ entire race. As for those huge pillars, they were the bodies of ancient pythons that had become petrified. Looking at those countless pillars, who knows just how many ancient pythons had died? The entire palace was built using various kinds of bizarre corpses, and an eerily cold aura was being emitted out from the palace. If a normal person were to come here, they would definitely get scared to death. Because, even though those mythological beasts have already died, their remaining might pressure was still present! Ye Hua sat on the skull throne, and his finger was tapping onto an elf skull. If I didn’t remember wrongly, this skull is an elf queen’s skull. “Wei Chang! Lie Gu! Jue Tian! Ye Zizi!” Ye Hua called out gravely. Upon hearing His Honor’s tone which sounded different from normal, the seven sins’ four sins didn’t dare to have the slightest bit of negligence and all of them quickly hurried over! Seeing that this time’s meeting wasn’t held at Leisure Bar’s toilet and was instead held at the palace, the four subordinates’ hearts sunk. Seems like His Honor has really been angered this time. “Subordinate pays respect to Your Honor!” The four sins didn’t dare to be careless in the slightest bit as they shouted out respectfully to Ye Hua who was sitting on the throne. Viciousness was subconsciously emitting out from Ye Hua’s body, and even when dead, those corpses seemed to be still afraid of Ye Hua. “Your Honor, please quell your anger.” The four hurriedly kneeled down on the floor and persuaded. For His Honor to be angry, it is definitely us subordinates’ fault. Ye Hua slowly let out a breath, “Originally, I thought that there would be a few days of good days to live, but I was expecting too much!” The four remained silent. After quite a while, Wei Chang said coldly, “Xiao Family has to take complete responsibility for this matter. If Your Honor allows it, subordinate will immediately go over and exterminate the entirety of Xiao Family, then present their skulls to Your Honor!” Ye Hua took a look at Wei Chang, then said gravely, “No! My target this time isn’t Xiao Family, instead, it is Voidless Realm!” The four sins were startled, not being able to understand just what His Honor meant. “Your Honor, Madam Donghuang is Voidless Realm’s empress, and Your Honor’s target is Voidless Realm?” Jue Tian still didn’t know what happened and he was currently still confused. Lie Gu and Ye Zizi didn’t say anything, they were afraid that they would say the wrong things. Ye Hua snorted coldly. And Jue Tian immediately bowed to express his apology. “The two madams still do not understand just how deep the water of this world is. Since that is the case, I should properly give them a lesson!” Ye Hua’s tone was just like the springs of hell, causing one to have one’s hair stand on its end. “Originally, I was intending on letting the north and south fight with each other, but since the south has suffered great losses, I have a new plan!” The four sins’ eyes lighted up, especially Ye Zizi’s. Ye Hua said coldly, “I will make all of north’s powers willingly to go and attack Voidless Realm!” Lie Gu hurriedly said, “Your Honor, are we going to go on stage and show off our acting skills again?” “No! This time, we will stay still!” The four were immediately stupefied, they were unable to understand just what His Honor’s intention was. “I am going to let them understand one thing, which is that, no matter how good they treat others, for the sake of benefits, others would still take a bite off them! That so-called benevolence of theirs is nothing in front of benefits!” Jue Tian finally understood His Honor’s intention. The madams are definitely people who are kindhearted, and their kindheartedness has angered His Honor. Therefore, His Honor is thinking of giving the madams a lesson and make them understand the true meaning of blood. “Your Honor, leave this matter to subordinate.” Jue Tian bowed and said, willing to be the leader of this time’s plan. Ye Hua was able to put his mind at ease with Jue Tian leading the plan, “Jue Tian, you can have no qualms when leading this time’s plan! Let them know what cruelness is! What betrayal is! And just what human nature is!” “Subordinate understood!” Jue Tian decided that he was going to lead this time’s plan well and make His Honor become pleased. Ye Hua said faintly, “We will begin from Xiao Family! I want Qing Ya to take the initiative to exterminate the entire Xiao Family!” “Also! Go and check on the case regarding Dongfang Aristocratic Family that happened 100 years ago! I want to see just how many people they are going to be able to protect!” Ye Hua was serious this time. If there was one thing that Ye Hua has learned, it would be that women shouldn’t be spoiled too much. This time, Ye Hua’s intention was very simple, but executing it would be very difficult. For example, if Ye Hua wants Qing Ya to take the initiative to exterminate Xiao Family, there had to be a reason for Qing Ya to have to do that, right? Also, various details and relations have to be thought thoroughly through. Not only was this a lesson for the two wives, but this could also be counted as a test for Ye Hua himself. “Subordinate should solemnly follow with Your Honor’s order!” Ye Hua slowly stood up from his throne, then reminded, “Don’t treat them as madams! Whatever that you have to do, do it! I won’t allow them to throw their temper around anymore!” “Understood!” “If they aren’t able to even get over this bit of difficulty, it would mean that they aren’t fit to be madams.” After finishing speaking, Ye Hua disappeared from the palace. After Ye Hua left, the four sins looked at each other. In the past, our targets were enemies, and this time, our targets are the two madams. Furthermore, we are going to have to make the two madams have a taste of various kinds of feelings, the difficulty of this time’s plan is rather hard. “I still have to go to school tomorrow, so I will be going to sleep already.” After finished speaking, Ye Zizi disappeared. Lie Gu let out a sigh, “His Honor has really been angered this time.” “That’s right, and this time’s plan is going to be harder than putting on a performance.” Wei Chang let out a sigh too. Jue Tian’s expression didn’t have much change as he said indifferently, “His Honor’s decision is correct, the two madams’ benevolence is basically them being cruel to themselves. Furthermore, we do not need madams who are benevolent!” Wei Chang and Lie Gu nodded their heads, expressing their approval of Jue Tian’s view. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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