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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 347 – Won’t forgive easily “Alright, you two who have the brains can slowly discuss with each other on what to do, it will be better for me to go back home and be a hero in bed instead. If there is any big movement, feel free to notify me.” After finishing speaking, Lie Gu disappeared from the palace too. It sure is nice to return back to this familiar place, the bloody smell here sure is addictive, just the smell alone is making me become restless. Only Wei Chang and Jue Tian remained in the empty palace. “Oh yeah, if you all need manpower, feel free to tell me.” Lie Gu was very magnanimous. Recently, Long’an City’s demons and ghosts have more or less been cleared up by Ye Hua’s subordinates, and Lie Gu’s women were currently extremely free. Jue Tian replied, “Alright.” “The mission that His Honor has given us this time is very hard, you are going to have to pay more attention to things.” Wei Chang couldn’t help but advised. Jue Tian also knew that His Honor’s plan was going to be difficult to execute, “You can be at ease, have you forgotten what I used to do back then?” Wei Chang laughed lightly. That’s right, in the past, Jue Tian’s job was to bring despair to the humans, just that, this time’s targets were actually the madams. His Honor is really serious about giving the madams a lesson this time, I hope that the two madams will be able to get over this crisis that will be coming to them. “Alright, I will be taking my leave now, I still have classes to teach tomorrow.” Jue Tian said faintly. Wei Chang teased, “There should be quite a number of beauties in Zijin University, right? Not going to consider chasing after any one of them?” “I’m not interested in women.” After finishing speaking, Jue Tian left. Jue Tian’s cold temperament was even colder than Ye Hua’s cold temperament, Jue Tian could be said to be a true aloof prince charming. Wei Chang laughed. In the past, I was also not interested in women, but after coming into contact with Tang Wei, my way of thinking changed. Ye Hua was currently standing by the window and smoking a cigarette. While looking at Long’an City’s night sky, coldness was being emitted out from his gaze. “Brother-in-law?” Qing Yutong knocked on the door and called out lightly. Ye Hua silently took a look at his sister-in-law, then turned his gaze away and looked toward the night sky again. Qing Yutong pursed her lips. I feel that brother-in-law seems to have reverted back to that state he was in back then. During this past period of time, with great difficulty, brother-in-law managed to change a bit, and I was able to even see him smile from time to time. From now on, I reckon that it is going to be very hard to be able to see brother-in-law smile. “Brother-in-law, why not tell big sister and Baizhi your identity? They will definitely be able to understand.” Qing Yutong naturally didn’t want to see her big sister and brother-in-law fight with each other. After all, they were all a family, what was there to even really fight about? Even if there were disagreements, wouldn’t it all be fine if both parties gave in a bit to each other? Ye Hua said coldly, “My identity? So what if I told them my identity? If I were to bring them out with me, I would practically be throwing my face away!” “Isn’t big sister just merely being affected by her blood vessels?” “Humph! Blood vessels? Even without those blood vessels affecting her, she would still be the way she is, softhearted!” Ye Hua extinguished his cigarette butt, then sat on the sofa. Looking at him, his face was filled with coldness. I definitely won’t let them off easily this time! Qing Yutong sat at Ye Hua’s side, then said attentively, “In the past, big sister has never come into contact with this kind of stuff, and she only knew how to do business. Only after getting together with you, then did big sister learned of some stuff. Everything has to have a course of events, right?” “Right now, I am precisely going to give them a course of events, a course of events that they will never forget!” Qing Yutong didn’t want her big sister to have to go through massive suffering, and she pulled onto her brother-in-law’s arm and began acting cute, “Brother-in-law~ You know that big sister still loves you~ As the bigger person, just give big sister a small punishment will do~” Ye Hua turned his head around and gazed at his sister-in-law, then said gravely, “Do you want to experience the course of events with your big sister?!” “Aiyo, I forgot to turn off my computer! Brother-in-law, do rest early, treat it as I did not say anything.” After finishing speaking, Qing Yutong ran away. Big sister, don’t blame me, I have already tried to plead for you, but this time, you have really pissed off brother-in-law. However, Qing Yutong was aware that her brother-in-law wouldn’t harm her big sister too much. After all, all her brother-in-law wanted to do was to make her big sister understand some things. Although it was a bit cruel, it was going to be beneficial for her big sister. If Qing Ya was half as sensible as her little sister, Ye Hua wouldn’t need to have such a headache. Seeing that his sister-in-law left the room, Ye Hua leaned on the sofa and began pondering. I have to make Qing Ya and Baizhi understand that their benevolence will only end up being used by their enemies. “Wei Chang!” Ye Hua called out. Very quickly, Wei Chang’s figure appeared within the office. “Subordinate pays respect to Your Honor.” “Remove the control over Xiao Family!” Although Wei Chang was very confused, he didn’t dare to ask too many questions, “As you bid, subordinate should immediately go and pass over your message.” After Wei Chang left, Ye Hua lighted up another stick of cigarette, “Since Xiao Family took advantage of your kindheartedness, I should let you see Xiao Family’s true colors!” Xiao Yi hasn’t had a good sleep in the past few days as he was afraid that something bad would happen. Sitting at the pavilion that was situated in the courtyard, Xiao Yi who was wearing high-quality silk nightclothes was currently drinking tea. “Brother Xiao, still haven’t slept?” Shu Nan leisurely walked over. Standing behind Xiao Yi’s back, Shu Nan began massaging Xiao Yi’s shoulders. Xiao Yi let out a light sigh, “Was what I did wrong or right?” “Brother Xiao, what has happened has already happened, there is no point in thinking about whether it is right or wrong anymore.” Shu Nan said tenderly. It has to be known that, Ye Hua used Xiao Family because he felt that Xiao Family had a bit of use to him. With that, it also meant that Xiao Family obtained Ye Hua’s protection. Just how much of an honor was it to be able to obtain the Supreme Overlord’s protection? Unfortunately, Xiao Family didn’t want to be in a lower status, or perhaps, they didn’t want to be controlled by others. The consequences of Xiao Family’s action were going to be very grave. Right when the two were chatting about this matter, the void began distorting. Xiao Yi and Shu Nan’s expressions sank, and Xiao Yi hurriedly stood up from his seat. A lump of black fog appeared in front of the two. Right now, Wei Chang really wanted to just straightforwardly behead the two people who were in front of him. Back then, these people came over and plead with us, and yet, they actually have the audacity to stab His Honor in the back! These people really ought to die! Shu Nan pulled onto her husband, and Xiao Yi helplessly kneeled on the ground. “I merely came over to pass over a message. From now on, I won’t care about Xiao Family’s matters anymore, best of luck to you all!” Upon hearing that, Xiao Yi and Shu Nan immediately became very surprised. It really worked! Could this lump of black fog actually be Qing Ya’s husband? The boss of that Leisure Bar? And right now, he is just merely unwilling to show his face to us? They thought too much, Ye Hua disdained coming over to pass the message to them. However, no matter what, Xiao Family has achieved their goal. Xiao Yi said gravely, “Thank you!” Wei Chang stretched out his palm, and Xiao Yi immediately sensed a movement within his body. A thread of black fog could be seen coming out of Xiao YI’s body and merged into the lump of black fog. After finishing doing that, Wei Chang left. Whatever that His Honor gave to you, His Honor can take it back too! Xiao Yi suddenly propped his hands on the ground as his complexion turned pale, and his breathing became rapid. When that thread of black fog came out from my body, I immediately felt a lot of strength leaving my body. Right now, my strength has dropped back to my original strength. “Brother Xiao!” Shu Nan held onto her husband. Xiao Yi said weakly, “It’s fine. At the least, we don’t have to be in others’ control anymore.” Shu Nan remained silent. However, Shu Nan felt that Xiao Family has done a very foolish thing, has a strong power to rely on, and yet chose to separate from the strong power. Within Voidless Realm, Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi were sitting in Ah Li’s courtyard. Both of them had a grievance look on their faces, seemingly just like a wife who left home, and yet their husband actually didn’t come and chase after them. Both of them have indeed gotten a bit cocky, they thought that because Ye Hua cared a lot for them, Ye Hua would continue spoiling them no matter what, and would change for them. Even more, they believed that, after they left home, Ye Hua would come over and fetch them back home in no time. Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi have already thought of what to say when Ye Hua came over to fetch them back home. However, after waiting for two hours, Ye Hua still hasn’t come over to fetch them back home. “Mommy~ When will we be returning home?” While dripping with sweat, Donghuang Li who was playing at the side ran over and asked. Donghuang Baizhi smiled tenderly, “Soon, daddy will come over and fetch us.” “Alright, Ah Li will play for a bit more then. Ah Li’s body is full of sweat, Ah Li has to go back home and take a shower.” Donghuang Li said while pouting her small mouth, then went and play with the maids. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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